Today, we’re going to deal with the Lelo Luna Beads Plus geisha balls! After the Luna Beads Classic and the Luna Beads Mini that we have not reviewed, it is a new version of the Lelo Kegel balls that is born! These are the first balls for Kegel exercises from Lelo that we will review on the website, but we have already reviewed several models of geisha balls on the site! Indeed, the last two models were the Delta Kegel balls and the Sigma vibrating balls! But you have many other models to discover on the website!

Why use Geisha balls? How to use them? What is the purpose of using them daily? This is the mission we have in testing these balls! And once again, it’s my dear and sweet Kitty who is going to do some exercises with them in order to tell you good or bad, according to her feedback! Here is our review of the Lelo Luna Beads Plus!

Lelo Luna Beads Plus packaging

Not to change, we will start with the product box! Once again, we have the same packaging as other Lelo products such as Soraya 2 or Lelo Sila. It is a beautiful black cardboard box with a windowed area on the front to see the product before opening it. Once you remove the stickers, you can open the box on top to discover the interior. You can also see the details of the product on the back of the box.

Inside, the balls are neatly arranged in a mold. There is also a small satin storage pouch and a warranty card. In addition, there is a sample of Lelo lubricant and a manual that tells you to download the full version from the Internet.

Lelo Luna Beads Plus physical details

Now, I’m going to describe you a little bit these Lelo Luna Beads Plus geisha balls! As you can see on the pictures, they are 6 Kegel balls or should I say, 3×2 balls, since each time, depending on the configuration, we will use 2 balls at the same time. We can see that there is also, a white silicone sleeve, which allows to maintain the balls and to connect them. Each ball contains a rubber ball, more or less heavy, which will produce soft vibrations linked to the movements you will make while wearing them. The goal will be to make your perineum contract when the ball hits the plastic shell.

On each ball, there is an area with ridges, which will allow you to see where the silicone sleeve will fit and make sure that it does not move. The balls are slightly transparent, so you can see the rubber ball. And finally, a fine withdrawal cord is present on three of the six balls to facilitate this step.

Size of the balls

Let’s talk about the size of these balls! Each ball measures 3.5 cm (1.37″) in diameter and once inserted in their sleeve, the total length will be 8.9 cm (3.50″)! These are pretty standard sizes in the field, not too small, not too big! Just right!

Other details

You understand the concept, you have 3 sets of balls, with 3 different weights! The lightest balls are the petal pink balls, they weigh 28 grams each. Then you have the powder blue colored balls that weigh 37 grams per ball and finally, the amethyst purple balls, 60 grams each.

Lelo Luna Beads Plus materials

Regarding the Lelo Luna Beads Plus geisha balls, they are made of ABS plastic and have a nylon thread for the withdrawal cord. Then you have the shell to attach two balls, which is made of silicone. Silicone is qualitative, hypoallergenic and does not contain phthalates or latex. It is again a perfectly healthy material for the body.

Lelo Luna Beads Plus use

Geisha balls are not “french petanque” balls! If you feel like throwing them after a “piglet”, with a glass of “pastis” in your hand, you can do what you want! But geisha balls are not for that. Nowadays, there is more and more talk about these balls, so something tells me that you already know how to use them. Even so, we’re going to take a little tour of the question to let you know what they’re for!

How to use Lelo Luna Beads Plus?

Geisha balls allow you to do your Kegel exercises! This is the primary purpose of the balls. As for their use, you can already start with a single ball, the lightest, to keep in your vagina for 30 minutes while standing and moving. When you are used to this first ball, when it does not bring you any more discomfort and no difficulty to maintain it in place, you can pass to a ball a little heavier and redo your exercises. Then, use the heavier ball afterwards. If you feel that you need to make a slight effort, your muscles are working. You have a pull cord to make it easier to remove.

After that, you can repeat your exercises 3 to 4 times a week for three weeks. I suggest you start with the lightest ball, do a one week session and see if you want to move up to the next weight. As the weight increases, the harder it is to keep them in place and the harder your perineal muscles will work. But there is still more you can do! There’s a reason these balls are called Luna Beads Plus!

What can we do with it and more?

As you have seen, with this set of 3×2 balls, you also have a silicone sleeve! This sleeve allows you to put two geisha balls at the same time! And in addition to that, you can mix the balls and thus mix the weights! You have 9 possible combinations! You might as well say that you have here a set that allows you to evolve easily between the beginner and advanced level. In addition to using two balls at a time with the help of the sleeve, you also increase the length of the set! This will allow you to build up the deep perineum and the more superficial one at the same time!

When you wear the geisha balls, you can continue your activities! Walking, reading, cooking, shopping, jogging, yoga – as long as it’s not an intensive sporting activity, you can do your exercises at any time and in almost any situation.

Why use geisha balls?

Of course, geisha balls will allow you to build up your perineum! But what is the point of doing this? When you muscle your perineum, it allows you to do several things. The first is to improve your vaginal sensitivity. The second is to bring you better lubrication of your vagina. But that’s not all! You can also improve the quality of your orgasms and bring more pleasure to your partner, if he has a penis, by contracting your vagina during vaginal penetration.

But apart from these aspects, the Geisha balls also help to avoid urinary leaks and organ descent! You will have understood, a perineum in good shape, it is an important subject to control regularly.

What lubricant to use with these balls?

To be honest, I don’t see any reason to use lube with Geisha balls. Except for one reason, which I think is not stupid. If you need it, in any case, you must use a water-based lubricant. The balls are silicone, the sleeve is silicone, so you can’t use a silicone based lube. For my part, if you use lube, I find that it increases the level of difficulty. With lubricant, the balls will slide more easily, more easily seek to fall, which therefore, requires to work even more your perineum.

How to clean them?

These are waterproof Kegel balls! This means that you can clean them without any risk of water infiltration! Several solutions are available to you! You can clean them with warm water and a mild soap. You can also use a cleaner like Sliquid Shine. And finally, why not sterilize them with PureSan!

Lelo Luna Beads Plus efficiency

To review these Lelo Luna Beads Plus Geisha balls, it takes time! Indeed, it takes several training sessions to see the results and test all the balls and their combinations. We have not tried everything, Kitty has already done these exercises recently with other Geisha balls. So we decided to go for a shorter and faster training mode to give you our feedback! Here is what we think of these balls after our tests with Kitty!

Back to the usefulness of geisha balls

So let’s make it short, because we have already mentioned the benefits of using this kind of device! Because yes, it is above all a device to tone your perineum, to do rehabilitation, but not only! Indeed, the Geisha balls are also there to increase your level of lubrication, to have more sensations and pleasure during an intercourse, either for you or for your partner.

You can feel the balls hitting each other

It’s been a long time since Kitty tried geisha balls! At the same time, I have to say that she doesn’t need them “yet”, her natural lubrication is already quite strong and her perineum is quite solid. However, this doesn’t prevent me from using them to strengthen her perineum even more.

We did not do full sessions this time, that is to say, full and regular sessions according to the needs, but rather ergonomic tests on the use of these and their effects. First thing, we can feel the balls clashing once they are in place.

When Kitty was doing any kind of movement, moving with it or just doing an activity, she could feel the balls banging against each other (we are talking about the little inner balls, not the geisha balls themselves). According to her, this allows a sort of signal to be sent to the perineum to contract at that moment. Without counting, the small pleasant effect of this sensation.

The various weights

She was able to feel the difference between the three weights available and even mix the weights, which allows to offer several possible combinations and to gradually increase it as the exercises and work sessions progress. This makes it even easier to adapt to the gradual increase in weight of the balls, without going from the lightest to the medium weight to the heaviest. By combining two balls of a different color, you can increase the weight without going directly to the next level.

The membrane system

Despite the membrane system that doesn’t fully protect the balls you place inside, they stay in place and don’t come off of it. It was a little my fear when I saw the system, but in the end, it holds. I am not sure, however, that during a penetration, with the balls in place, it holds. But it must also be said that it is not the primary purpose of practicing vaginal penetration with balls inside the vagina.

On the other hand, this silicone membrane is convenient to come and clean the balls after use, but also to maintain the withdrawal cord since it passes through the small hole provided for this purpose.

The withdrawal cord

As you could see, there is a withdrawal cord for each “pair of balls”. This one is made of nylon and is 5 cm (1.96″) long. This is a good choice from Lelo, because nylon is not only hygienic, but also resistant. This is the element that took Lelo the longest when the first Luna Beads appeared on the market. Indeed, the cord is often one of the points that we criticize the geisha balls. This one is reassuring for the users and the slightest problem with it can become a real problem.

You might as well say it, you will need a lot of strength to break it. Moreover, the nylon does not stretch at all, which allows it to remain intact after several withdrawals, knowing that it is a “loop” to facilitate the withdrawal even more, than a simple cord where the grip is much less good.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lelo Luna Beads Plus - 18
Lelo Luna Beads Plus - 15
Lelo Luna Beads Plus - 19

Lelo Luna Beads Plus final thoughts

To conclude, we can say that the Lelo Luna Beads Plus are a success! At the same time, these are not the first models that Lelo offers at this level! There were the Luna Beads at first, then the mini versions and now, the “Plus” model which allows you to have three sets of geisha balls, that you can mix, in order to have a greater spectrum of progression regarding the proposed weights.

These are geisha balls that will suit both beginners who need to re-educate their perineum or simply build up their muscles, but also more experienced women who want to increase their perineal tone even more and get even more pleasure with vaginal orgasms! It is a sure value and for once, we do not have much to say about this model and this product from Lelo.


  • Elegant packaging
  • 6 balls with a single membrane
  • Nylon pull cords
  • Balls that clash
  • Several weights that can be mixed
  • A system that works well
  • Quality materials


  • For once, well done Lelo
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