This is Njoy Pfun, the Njoy prostate massager butt plug ! To be honest, I wasn’t sure that one day, I’ll be able to review this sex toy. No, not for physical reason, my buttocks are perfect to welcome the Pfun. But because it is a luxury product! Yet, the Njoy Pfun is there! We have already been very lucky to offer you the Njoy Pure Wand review and the Njoy Eleven Dildo review. It is therefore with great pleasure that I’ll review the Njoy Pfun prostate massager !

Njoy Pfun packaging

njoy pfun - 2

The Njoy Pfun box

Njoy offers luxury products, so the packaging is subject to the same requirements. So we end up with a nice box in which the Njoy Pfun is lying. This one is discovered on a piece of purple satin which makes its effect. It really looks like a box containing a jewel. Like a watch, for example, or a big ring.

njoy pfun - 3

Then we discover the black box

This black box is surrounded by a white sheath, sober and marked with the manufacturer logo. In short, everything is there, everything is beautiful, everything makes you want to try the Njoy Pfun! This box will be perfect to store the product and will play its protective role during transport.

Njoy Pfun physical details

njoy pfun - 4

The Pfun is clearly beautiful

It’s a beautiful object! Once again, we immediately notice the Njoy quality. Beautiful curves, a work on the tilt of the Njoy Pfun head, everything seems to be there in its place. But let’s take a closer look at this object.

Njoy Pfun size

njoy pfun - 5

Small but powerful

At Njoy, the dimensions are serious. It is still a couple of engineers who is at the head of the Njoy product design. So we have a prostate massager measuring 4,25 inches in length in total for 3,5 inches insertable. The head diameter is at most 1,25 inches. This head is a bit like the Njoy Medium plug in terms of dimensions. Of course, everything is different, especially with the rest of the shaft.

The shapes and details of Njoy Pfun

njoy pfun - 7

A shape not made just to be beautiful, but for being effective

It is clearly a luxury object with worked curves. Njoy Pfun presents two things. The first is his handle. It’s the same as the Njoy Small, Medium but also the Pure Plug 2.0. Note that the Njoy logo is engraved in the steel at the handle, as on all other Njoy products that have a handle. The tip of the Njoy Pfun is rounded to avoid prostate pain and the rest of the shaft is tapered for easy insertion. Finally, the Pfun weight is 310 grams, 635 grams with its box.

Njoy Pfun materials

njoy pfun - 8

A stainless steel sextoy

Quality, quality and still quality! The Njoy Pfun prostate massager is made of surgical steel. It is therefore an excellent material, robust, hard and that one can keep for life! Of course, it is hypoallergenic, it contains neither phthalates nor latex. Needless to say ! It is solid, polished and chromed surgical steel. In short, it is really an excellent steel quality that is nice to see!

Njoy Pfun usage

njoy pfun - 10

The Pfun head (end)

I’ll not lie, the Njoy Pfun is clearly oriented for men! In any case, those who have a prostate! It’s always nice to know that we, men, have the right to some exceptional toys!

Using as an anal plug

njoy pfun - 11

It’s possible to use it as a butt plug

Njoy Pfun is a prostate massager. However, it can also be used as an anal plug, but not as good as a prostate massager. Indeed, it has a handle that does not allow a sitting position. It can be kept in place while standing or walking lightly, but it is not really its main purpose.

Using as a prostate massager

njoy pfun - 12

The classic Njoy handle

Here, Njoy Pfun is used to stimulate the prostate. With its weight and shape created to offer the best possible stimulation, it can be used in manual mode with the handle or directly in “Hand-free” mode. The latter is the mode without the hands. Basically, we use PC muscle to move the massager inside. It’s like other manual prostate massagers of this kind, such as the Aneros Helix or the Nexus Glide. It will therefore be necessary to know the PC muscles contraction / relaxation techniques of the to take full advantage of them.

Using for temperature play

njoy pfun - 9

Stainless steel is perfect for temp play

Steel is perfect for that! By passing the Njoy Pfun in cold water or hot water, it will catch the temperature to keep it into the product for a period of time. Steel keeps the heat and the cold very well, that’s what it’s made for. The cold will help introduce the object more easily in some people. The heat will excite the areas when touches the skin.

Which lubricant type I need to use ?

njoy pfun - 13

You can use any types of lubricants with the Pfun

Here you have the choice! Whether it is a water-based lubricant or silicone-based or even plants, it is compatible. I still recommend using a silicone-based lubricant designed for anal to take full advantage. You will get a better glide, a longer lubrication and above all, a seamless compatibility with the steel.

How to clean the Njoy Pfun ?

To clean your toy, hot water and some soap will be perfect. But you can also use other cleaning methods. You can boil it or clean it with a toy cleaner like the Sliquid Shine.

Njoy Pfun effectiveness

njoy pfun - 16

The stimulating head looks like the same

As you know, the Njoy Pfun is Njoy’s sextoy dedicated to all those who have a prostate. For once, it’s not all bad news when it comes to prostate. I will try to get you the most detailed feedback about it.

The lubricant choice

njoy pfun - 15

The difference come from the shaft itself

When I decided to try this prostate plug for the first time, if we can name it that way, it was really a curiosity. Njoy being a reputable sex toy builder, I was impatient. If the Njoy Pure Wand could make squirt you, this Pfun can surely bring me same level sensations. So I grabbed the toy and choose a silicone-based lubricant. Yes, no hesitation for me when I can use a sex toy with a silicone lubricant. It’s so uncommon. So I choose the Pjur Bodyglide Original, a classic one.

The insertion phase and the first sensations

njoy pfun - 17

The handle is the same design but not the same size

The insertion is very simple. Admittedly, the Pfun is not tiny, but the head remains relatively small compared to other prostate massager. Quickly, we feel this cold feeling. Steel is a very good conductive material, it takes the temperature very well. This means that after two minutes, it will be at pleasant temperature and even warmth in my body. When it is touching the prostate, it feels good, but without being “fulfilled”. With its tapered shape, it adapts to the curves and apply very little pressure on the anal walls. We do not feel this stretching effect that we can have with a larger diameter like the Njoy Eleven. In any case, I speak for myself.

Feedback of using Pfun in a sitting position

njoy pfun - 18

Comparison between Njoy sextoys

Once inserted, I tried to sit down with it. With its handle, it is not really intended for that. However, you can sit down with it. It all depends on your ability to control the sensations of your prostate. But also, the place where you sit. Sitting in an armchair, the surface is soft, which prevents the Pfun from sinking too much. On a wooden chair, it’s not the same thing. Despite this, we do not take a day sitting with it. But, sitting in the chair, with porn video and pelvic movements back and forth, the prostate is stimulated. In addition to masturbation, the pleasure rises quickly and just let go to a big orgasm.

Feedback of Njoy Pfun when walking with it

njoy pfun - 1

Njoy family picture

Subsequently, I tried to use it while standing and walking. Always inserted, I put on a boxer. At least, if he begins to slip, I have less risk of falling to the ground. So I start walking quietly in the living room. Every step reminds me that the Njoy Pfun is there. Just make small jumps on the spot to feel it move and slide on the prostate. If you walk and one step touches the ground stronger than the other, it moves the object and almost bounce inside me. It’s really nice, stimulation sometimes happens when you do not expect it, one more way to use it. On the other hand, for a whole day, its handle is always a defect in this case.

Feedback about using it as prostate massager

This is where it becomes interesting. The Pfun is simply very well studied to carry out its mission! Stimulate the prostate and if possible, bring involuntary contractions for multiple micro-orgasm. When I used it in this setting, and despite the fact that I prefer the filling sensation of a dildo that prostate stimulation, it clearly does its job. To target the prostate, his head is devilish. It is a kind of homing missile to the prostate.

njoy pfun - 6

A real good prostate massager

When you insert it and it is in place, it ends up right where it is needed. By tightening the buttocks and relaxing a few seconds later, you can clearly feel the pressure on the prostate. If we continue like this over and over again, we can obtain involuntary movements of contractions and relaxation, bringing precisely this movement to take place automatically. Simply, by the body reflexes. There is clearly potential with the Pfun. You have to know how to be patient, not to be in a hurry and above all, not to make movies by thinking that it works by itself. But it could bring prostate orgasm for sure.

Njoy Pfun final thoughts

njoy pfun - 14

A lifetime piece of art

The last word, to end in beauty. The Njoy Pfun Prostate Massager is a gem for anyone with a prostate. I’m lucky, I have one. However, having one is not enough. Do not believe that by inserting the Pfun into your buttocks, you will have a prostate orgasm by magic. It is not the object quality and forms that bring pleasure. It’s above all the way you are able to use it. It is therefore a product that will be more oriented for initiates of prostate massage than beginners. You must already have experience to take full advantage of the Pfun. Otherwise, the investment will be a little too big to start. On the other hand, investing in such an object is investing for life.


  • Quality Stainless steel
  • Studied Curves
  • Temperature play
  • An exemplary prostate stimulator
  • A high quality product


  • The handle that annoys a little in sitting mode

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