Yes, I wanted to review the KIIROO Onyx + masturbator! I know that Kiiroo masturbators do not necessarily have a very good reputation. In fact, I’ve read several reviews of early models that didn’t really praise them. Either the shaft was too wide or too small, so I’ve read a little bit about them. So when I saw that the third generation of Kiiroo sextoys had been released, I figured this was still a good opportunity to try one! You never know, it’s possible that many improvements have been made and it’s also my job to review as many products as possible so that you can buy the right ones.

I also wanted to review this connected and interactive masturbator, as I’ve already had the opportunity to review other models of this kind. For example, the Handy masturbator or the Fleshlight Launch. Not to mention automatic masturbators like the Kyo Piston or the Autoblow A.I. so I had to try my luck with the Kiiroo Onyx +!

KIIROO Onyx + packaging

Let’s start with the packaging, I don’t see why I would do otherwise! So it’s a big white cardboard box. On the front of the box we have the Kiiroo Onyx + masturbator in the picture, the Kiiroo logo and the fact that it’s an interactive sextoy! On the back of the box, we find explanations in several languages and information about the product and its capabilities. On one of the slices, we can see some logos that inform us that this masturbator uses body-friendly materials, contraction technology and that it can be connected to another compatible sextoy or to interactive content for people over 18 years old! For the last slice, we find the Kiiroo, with the emphasis on the contraction technology present.

When we open the box, we first uncover the sleeve, flattened and under a kind of plastic sleeve. If we lift the black lid next to it, we can access the contents of the box. You will find the Kiiroo Onyx + masturbator, with a USB to micro-usb charging cable and several manuals, warranty card, and a card to get 1 month free on FeelXvideos.

KIIROO Onyx + physical details

I don’t really know how to describe this tube full of technology! Luckily I take a lot of pictures in our reviews, because it’s not always easy to describe a product to you. So it’s a big and long black tube with a part at the bottom that can be removed to access the place where you will have to insert the received sleeve. You have at the bottom of the tube, a “Power” button and a small hole just above that acts as an LED. On the part above the button, you have a kind of touch panel with a kind of button with arrows that go down and another one above with arrows that go up.

At the other end of the tube, you can see a gray part with the Kiiroo logo. It is also on the back of the tube that there is a small tab that allows access to the micro-usb port to connect the charging cable when needed. And just above this tab, a few logos and a note about the fact that it has Bluetooth in particular. When you remove the cover, you can see a kind of white plastic inside. This is the part that will hold the sleeve as previously indicated.

The size of the Kiiroo

Honestly, It’s ok, I thought I’d end up with a bigger connected masturbator than I imagined. Indeed, this one measures 26.3 cm (10.35 inches) in total length for a width of 8.9 cm (3.50 inches) and a height of 7.9 cm (3.11 inches). The insertable length present in the sleeve is 16.5 cm (6.49 inches). Regarding the diameter of the sleeve, it has a size of 4.5 cm (1.77 inch) by 4 cm (1.57 inch). This is quite reasonable.

Other details

For other details, I can tell you about its color! It is only available in black, but it has a soft touch and a slightly “glossy” look, quite classy, not much. On the other hand, on its weight, it is still 1.3 kg that we will hold in our hands. It’s not too heavy either, but it’s not too light either.

KIIROO Onyx + materials

The Kiiroo Onyx + is composed of two main materials. The first one is ABS plastic, but a slightly different ABS plastic that the manufacturer calls “ABS Soft Touch Plastic”! What is it? It is actually a softer ABS plastic than usual. You can actually feel when you touch it that this plastic has a kind of silky layer. However, the downside is that it keeps fingerprints. If you handle it a little bit, you will find that it marks a lot. In fact, on the pictures, you will be able to see it!

What is POM plastic?

For the rest, it’s the sleeve! It is a POM sleeve! What’s this! We know silicone, TPE/TPR, but POM is something else! Indeed, the POM material, also called acetal, is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It offers a very good mechanical resistance and a quite high rigidity. POM offers good sliding properties and good wear resistance, while having low moisture absorption. It is also a material that has good deformation stability and is highly resistant to high wear and tear.

As this sleeve will be inserted into the Kiiroo Onyx + and will rub on the internal system, it is a good choice. Moreover, to wash it, it will keep less water and will also resist deformations. On the paper, everything seems to be fine for this sleeve. On the other hand, it is very powdery and it arrived crushed in the packaging. I say this because in order to put it in the masturbator, it will have to wait until it regains its shape a little so that it is well maintained by the closing system. But I’ll tell you more about that later.

The POM sleeve in more detail

This sleeve has small bumps along its entire length. Once inserted, it will be surrounded by 10 rings that contract from top to bottom with a maximum of 140 movements per minute. You will see a little further down, it is not really a system of up and down movements as on other masturbators of the genre. Here, the sleeve doesn’t really move, it’s the rings of the device that will move and that changes things quite a bit. We’ll see below what this gives in terms of sensations.

KIIROO Onyx + use

A product like this requires some explanation. It is a connected, interactive system with a particular operating system, it is important for me to tell you what there is to know to use it properly. So let’s take a look at the important things you need to know to use the Kiiroo Onyx +!

Charging the battery

Obviously, such a system requires recharging the internal battery. It is therefore not a power supply directly from the AC power, but a battery to be recharged. This charging is done by a micro-USB to USB cable and requires a 4 hours charge for an autonomy of one hour! Yes, it’s not great! But it’s still better than the charging time of the Fleshlight Launch compared to its use, which is quite frustrating. You also have a small LED that is present to inform you about the charging status of the Onyx +, it’s convenient.

How to put the sleeve in the masturbator?

This is an important step because the sleeve must be well fixed in the masturbator. To do this, you first have to remove the cover. Then, you have a fastening system that you have to remove. A kind of cover with a hole. Then you have to place the sleeve inside with the edges well positioned on the top. It is the system that has just been removed that once put back in place (you will hear a click when it is well placed in the notches) to hold it well.

That’s why I told you that the sleeve that arrived crushed had to regain its shape a little. I was a little skeptical about this system, because I thought the sleeve would go away at the first use, but if you placed it correctly, it will be well maintained by the system.

How to handle the Onyx +?

To use your Onyx +, there are already the control buttons you need to know! On the front part of the masturbator, there is a “Power” button which, by keeping it pressed for 4 seconds, will turn on the masturbator. A flashing blue LED will activate to indicate that the Onyx + is in Bluetooth mode. If you press the “Power” button once again, the LED will turn purple and blink to indicate that the Onyx + has just switched to manual mode. And if you press the same button again, the LED will turn purple but constant, to indicate that the automatic mode is activated. Finally, if you want to turn off your masturbator, you will need to press the “Power” button for 4 seconds.

What modes are present?

On the Onyx +, you have three ways to use it! Either you use the manual mode, the automatic mode or the interactive mode! The first mode is to use the two arrows on the front panel manually. You might as well say that this is not the best mode. You’ll see it a little further down when I’ll tell you how my experience with this mode went.

Then you have the automatic mode, which consists of 4 modes! You have the “Full Stroke” mode, which performs a simple back and forth movement along the entire length of the penis. Then you have the second mode, “Power Up”, a model that climbs up to the maximum speed, then slows down before starting again on the highest intensity. For the third mode, it is called “handjob” and offers a model that is designed to mimic the movements of a hand masturbation. And finally, you have the “Storm” mode, a model that massages the penis from top to bottom before suddenly applying stimulation to all sides of the penis.

And finally, the interactive mode, to synchronize the movements of the Kiiroo Onyx + with a pornographic video, but not only, since we will be able to go a little further, especially with a synchro to live videos of cam-girl and cam-boy.

How do I connect it to the FeelConnect application?

To connect the Onyx + masturbator to the application, it must already be downloaded. The application is available on Android and iOS. Once inside, the application allows you to pair with the masturbator via Bluetooth! It’s the same principle as for the Fleshlight Launch!

With which other sextoys is it compatible?

The great thing about Kiiroo products is that they are compatible with each other and even with other brands! Indeed, the Onyx + is compatible with the Kiiroo Pearl (first and second model), but also the Kiiroo Onyx 1, 2 and the + model! But that’s not all, because the Onyx + is also compatible with the OhMiBod Fuse, the Esca (1 and 2) and the Fleshlight Launch! But what does it consist in? It’s simply the fact of being able to synchronize the movements of the Onyx + with the sextoy that will be used by your partner! I admit that I have not tested this part, because it is not really in this context that we use it. Once again, everything happens in the FeelConnect application!

What lubricant should be used with?

With a POM sleeve, there is no need to take any risks. Therefore, water-based lubricant should be used! So you can use the water-based lubricant you want, for my part, I used the Sliquid Satin lubricant as well as the Tyo from Motsutoys during my tests.

How to clean the Onyx +?

The Onyx + is not waterproof! It is especially the sleeve that we will clean. For this one, I use lukewarm water and a little bit of soft soap. Then, I make sure to remove the water from the sleeve to dry it in the open air. For the Onyx +, I just use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean the outer shell, especially for fingerprints that tend to stick to the controls, but also to the whole shell. Furthermore, I strongly advise you to clean the sleeve before using it for the first time. This one is all powder! If you don’t do so, you will end up with white marks on the penis, due to the agglomeration of the sleeve and the mixture with the lubricant.

KIIROO Onyx + efficiency

I must confess that I had already heard some things about Kiiroo masturbators in general and not in a good way. I don’t think I’ve read a single positive review about it! I might as well tell you that I wanted to see this for myself and above all, try this tube that seems to be almost evil if you stick to certain comments. So I sacrificed some of my free time to offer you the review of this Kiiroo Onyx +! Of course, I reserve the surprise of my opinion, I’m not going to tell you everything before having explained you what I retain from it! It’s time to give you my verdict on the Kiiroo Onyx + !

The insertion of the penis into the sleeve

This first step is not the easiest. Even though the sleeve is barely enough for my penis, I had to use a good amount of lubricant to slide it completely inside. It takes time, it’s not as straightforward and simple as inserting your penis into a Fleshlight sleeve. I find that the attachment system of the sleeve leaves something to be desired. I must admit, however, that the sleeve remains securely in place despite my initial intuition. In fact, to remove the fixation system, you have to force it a little the first time. To sum up, it takes time to completely insert your penis inside so that it is well in place!

The manual operation mode

If there’s one mode I didn’t like at all, it’s the manual mode! Indeed, you can make the Onyx + work by sliding your finger on the tactile part! You have two arrows on this tactile area and the goal is to switch from the low arrow to the high arrow to make the Kiiroo Onyx + move its rail. That way, you might think it’s a good idea.

In reality, I find this mode of control really bad. Indeed, on the Fleshlight Launch, we controlled the speed of the back and forth, whereas here, we do the back and forth movements of the internal rail. And as soon as you can speed up the pace, I feel like I’m scratching with my finger. The more I want to make the rail move faster, the more I have to rub my finger on the tactile part. Can you imagine the trick? Clearly, I really bothered with this mode, for my part, I won’t use it in the future, it’s useless.

The automatic mode

There, it’s already better! I don’t need to play the DJ with my fingers, it moves by itself! Of the 4 available modes, the Handjob mode remains my favorite. This is the one I find the most enjoyable, but I also like the “Full Stroke” mode to stimulate the whole penis in a constant way. This is clearly the mode you will choose if you don’t use the connected part. The manual mode is really too soporific!

The connection with the FeelConnect application

Here too, it works very well. At the same time, I already know the application, since it is the same as for the Fleshlight Launch. Once the Kiiroo Onyx + is Bluetooth connected to the application, you can launch a video in synchronized mode. For the first tests, I went through Pornhub Premium which offers several videos compatible with the Onyx + and it works quite well. The internal rail moves well according to the video and the actress, as you can find it on the Launch or the Handy!

The system of contracting rings

That’s really the particularity of this connected masturbator! Most other sextoys of the kind that use this ring system use one or more rings, but never as much as here. I think for example of the Autoblow 2 or the Autoblow A.I.

Here we have a contraction of the rings, which move independently, but not really back and forth. Rather, it is a contraction of these 10 rings along the length that creates a kind of wave-like movement that stimulates your penis. And it’s clearly different from a back and forth movement along the length. Some people will love it, some will hate it.

The overall stimulation of the masturbator

So, in which category of users do I find myself? Well, I have to say in between! Indeed, I find that the rail system that contracts is nice, but you can feel that something is missing, the back and forth! You want to feel the rail moving up and down, but in reality, it only contracts the rings lengthwise. This creates a kind of similar feeling, but still different. It’s as if one element is missing from the whole!

It is actually another way of stimulating the penis, offering more of a kind of caress of the glans and shaft, rather than a stimulation that resembles hand masturbation, blowjob or penetration, that is, the back and forth that go with it. Clearly, I find that I have more fun with the Handy Masturbator or the Fleshlight Launch in connected mode via synchronized video than with the Onyx +! It missing something to come! Sure, I can do a little back and forth, but it’s manual and you can’t really do it, the Onyx + is not made for that! For my part, I find it frustrating!

The connected mode and other ways to use it

The good thing about connected sextoys is that you can push the concept by tinkering! That’s what I did with the SLR application that allows me to connect the Onyx + to my laptop via Bluetooth. Then in the SLR application, I can launch a porn video with a script to enjoy it in connected mode. The advantage is that you can play on many more parameters, such as the execution speed compared to the script!

On the other hand, to use the Onyx + in connected mode with an Oculus Quest headset and a VR video, synchronized with the masturbator, good luck! As much as I manage to make a connection between the Onyx +, the Feel Connect application and my Samsung Gear VR headset, as much with the Oculus Quest, I don’t see how to do it (yet). It comes back to the fact that my smartphone in my Samsung headset is the same device that is connected to the Onyx + via Bluetooth.

But for the Oculus, I don’t see how I can launch an VR porn video in my headset and connect it to the Onyx! I’ve spent some time on the subject, but I haven’t done enough research yet to get to the bottom of it! Anyway, it won’t change the deal about the stimulation that the Onyx + can offer!

The Onyx noise +

Now that’s a problem! The Kiiroo Onyx + is absolutely not silent! I’m not really bothered by the noise of a sextoy in general, but for this product, I still found it to be pretty noisy! Already, when it works, it really makes noise. For me, having a headphone is essential to use it with a porn video. Otherwise, you lose in immersion and you hear more than the masturbator.

In addition, at the sleeve level, since there is no exit, the air remains accumulated in it. Depending on the size of your penis, there will be little free space for air to escape. As a result, I end up with a masturbator who regularly makes “fart” noises. It’s not great! Headphone mandatory!


Kiiroo Onyx + image 25
Kiiroo Onyx + image 26

KIIROO Onyx + final thoughts

In the end, I’m quite divided! Certainly, this Kiiroo Onyx + is not as bad as what I read about Kiiroo sextoys! Well, it’s no coincidence that I decided to review one either, because it’s already the third model of the Onyx and I figured that the problems with the old versions were fixed. So I think that some problems are well fixed, but that doesn’t mean that the Onyx + becomes much better. It’s really a different stimulation, nice, but not strong enough for me. It missing something when I use it, the back and forth! Because on the Handy masturbator or the Fleshlight Launch, I don’t have this problem.

Of course, I’m not even talking about noise, because the Onyx + is clearly noisy, you know, without headphones, it’s a festival of mechanical noises and “fart noise” that you’re going to experience! All in all, I remain for the moment a supporter of the Handy and Launch, rather than the Onyx +! As I was saying, some people love this kind of stimulation, others hate it! I find myself between the two, I enjoyed using it, but I can’t necessarily cum with it! Too bad, because without the stated concerns and the addition of a real back and forth system, this Kiiroo Onyx + could have been much better!


  • Design and classy product
  • The possibility to change the sleeve
  • The automatic mode is not bad
  • It works well with synchronized videos
  • Different stimulation, as much loved as hated


  • Fingerprints on the shell
  • The POM sleeve that comes folded
  • The manual mode, uninteresting
  • Lack of back and forth
  • Noise not discreet and fart noises
  • Complexity for VR Headsets like the Oculus Quest
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