The Womanizer Liberty will allow all the clitoris to free themselves from their everyday worries ? This is the bet of the Womanizer brand that tries again, to release a new model of their Air-Pleasure clitoral stimulator ! Yes, another Womanizer sex toy on the market ! It must be said that this type of sex toys in very popular for over 2 years, so it’s obvious to see several new models appears each year. However, with all those different versions, it’s not always easy to find the right Womanizer to use !

Good news, on my french version of 69desirs, all versions of the Womanizer brand sex toys have been reviewed ! So you could imagine that I have a certain capacity to be able to make a comparison with other models that we’ve reviewed with my girlfriend Kitty. I will tell you what this Womanizer Liberty has to offer compared to other models. Here the Womanizer Liberty review with feedback from my girlfriend Kitty and myself !

A bit of history about Womanizer

Let’s talk about Womanizer first ! Indeed, if you have never heard of this brand of sex toys, it is that you have missed a lot of things lately. In fact, Womanizer is the most famous brand and especially the first to have created one of the best female sex toys on the market. Yes, just that. It is a sex toy that works by a patented technology, which is called “Pleasure Air”. The concept is simple! This sex toy creates suction, even micro-suctions, on your clitoris.

Using a Womanizer, most of the time, brings you an orgasm very easily. But especially, knowing that the contact is not directly made on the clitoris, it is not numbed. And of course, this stimulation allows you to get multiple orgasms without much effort. I do not count the number of comments or messages I receive on this subject to thank me. In short, it is a sex toy that every clitoris must have, in any case, one of the existing models on the market. But let’s take a look at all the available models Womanizer has released on the market !

First Womanizer models and so on

Before talking about the latest model, the Womanizer Liberty, let’s do a little retrospective on the existence of this toy. The first model that came out on the market was the W100. It was a real revolution, a pavement in the market of sex toys. In a few minutes, you could easily discover a clitoral orgasm. It was a real tidal wave that upset the habits of women to have fun with a sex toy. Exit the famous Sex in the City’ rabbit, today, we talk about the Womanizer as the sex toy that release women. In short, after this first model, others have emerged. We had seen the W100 special Valentine’s Day model, then the Tattoo model, which was prettier to me than the w100 with its “bling-bling” leopard side that was not my taste.

Womanizer models that bring more power

After the W100 models wave, we could discover a new model, more compact, more powerful, the W500 model ! Again, this model has been much talked about. With a more pleasing design and a little diamond less “bling-bling”, this Womanizer W500 has enjoyed more than one clitoris. There was a first model, then a golden version, a bit more powerful.

Then we had the first Waterproof model, the Womanizer Pro 40! More affordable than the previous model, this Pro 40 was highly acclaimed by users. Indeed, using it under water, the stimulation is increased tenfold, thus provoking stronger sensations. This is a model that was difficult to find because Womanizer had stopped production. Then, a year or so later, Womanizer decided to relaunch the production with a model that is slightly different, but still powerful.

New models with new functionalities

After this Pro 40, it’s the Womanizer + Size that made him talk. A rather imposing model, but even more powerful. Despite some flaws, it is a very good model. Then we had the Womanizer 2GO, a sex toy in the shape of a lipstick tube and that had not managed, in my opinion, to be better than the previous models, although some appreciate it. We also had the Womanizer I&O release, who added a vibrating rod intended for the G-Spot.

Then the Womanizer Starlet arrived, the Womanizer smallest model. Very nice too. And finally, just a few months ago, it was the Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium that arrived. The Premium brings the Autopilot technology, to no longer use the buttons and let it work without doing anything and the “engine trigger” that activate the motor when the Womanizer was close to the clitoris. This in order to lower its sound volume.

Now, here the Womanizer Liberty

Today, it is therefore the turn of the Womanizer Liberty to arrive on the market. It is here to replace the Pro 40 model, because its production have been stopped. Yet Womanizer has to fight with other manufacturer on the market, Satisfyer. Yes, Satisfyer is the direct competitor of Womanizer. It’s like a war between them for a few years. At Satisfyer, the models come out regularly, but there are good and bad simulators. Satisfyer Pro 2 was not bad at all. The Penguin and Penguin Next Generation models, as well as the portable version, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler were nice. The Pro Deluxe was not so good. But here the Womanizer Liberty Review !

Womanizer Liberty packaging

Your attention please, revelation of the day, the Womanizer Liberty box has changed its look! Yes, you’re right, there are no big changes. However, here is what we can say about this famous box. This is a rather resistant cardboard box with on the front, a windowed area to see the product. This is the first time that Womanizer offers packaging that let us see the product before purchase. That’s pretty surprising, but why not. the first thing we observe is that there is plastic. Whether it is the windowed part or the mold containing the Liberty, there is better to do to respect a little more the environment.

On the box, on the front, we also discover a city seen from above! I admit that by seeing this, I laughed a little. I feel like seeing New York, and of course it makes me think of Sex in the City. Inside the box, pulling the tab, there is a Quick-Start manual. But there is also a small cardboard compartment in which we find the magnetic power cable and an additional tip with a larger diameter. And you also have a small satin storage pouch. Also know that the Womanizer Liberty is guaranteed 2 years!

Womanizer Liberty Physical details

So what does this Liberty model look like? Once again, it looks like a contact-less clitoral stimulator that works by micro-suction. We find a part with the controls and another one with a hole in which you put your clitoris. Nothing complicated. However, we notice several things! First, it looks like the Classic and Premium model, but smaller. It is also quite close to the Starlet model. And it must be said, he clearly borrows ideas from his direct competitor, especially with his travel shell with magnetic closure! It is clearly a  Satisfyer Pro Traveler plagiarism who proposed this first. Well, at the same time, Womanizer copy on the other and vice versa. In short, it is a compact mode Womanizer !

Womanizer Liberty size

As I told you right before, the Womanizer Liberty is a compact model! It is intended to be used when traveling, in short at any time. It measures 4 inches total length, about 2 inches wide and a bit bigger than 1,75″ as diameter. So it is not a big one. Moreover, if I make a comparison between the smaller clitoral stimulator models of clitoral of this kind, we see that it is not the smallest or the finest!

Other details on Womanizer Liberty

Regarding the other details of the Womanizer Liberty, we can realize that it has two buttons. That it is also light enough, since it weighs only 90 grams. And finally, that it is available in 4 colors! Yes 4 color choices! It exists in blue, burgundy, pink and lilac. You will find a color that satisfies you! Other things I forgot to note, the silver edging around the suction head, finally just below. And the fact that the buttons are slightly curved. You can also see the Womanizer logo on the back of the toy, just like the Classic model.

Womanizer Liberty materials

In order to get into the budget Womanizer has set, it is important to use materials that do not cost an arm. Here, Womanizer has chosen to use mostly ABS plastic to make up almost all of its product. The outer shell is precisely made of ABS plastic, just like the Classic model, the + Size or the Starlet for example. Be aware that ABS plastic is a healthy material for the body.

But the tip is made of silicone, as for all other Womanizer sex toys models. This makes it easy to clean the head or change it. For the silicone, it is a healthy material for the body, hypoallergenic and containing neither phthalates, or latex. Remember, the I&O and Premium models were both predominantly made of silicone. However, it’s not the same price.

Womanizer Liberty usage

How are we going to use this new toy for your clitoris? No surprise, the Liberty takes the same path as its predecessors, we will not be lost. In addition to being guaranteed for 2 years, it still works with its “Pleasure Air” technology that delivers contact-less stimulation. In short, it does not numb your clitoris, so you can use the Womanizer Liberty just after an orgasm without effort! But let’s take a closer look at the few things you need to know to handle your new Womanizer.

How to charge the Womanizer Liberty ?

It’s still simple, since you need to simply clip your USB charging cable! But wait, is it a novelty again? Yes, you too have tilted, the Liberty model is the first … No, finally, this is not a novelty! Remember, the Womanizer Inside Out also had a magnetic charger! On the other hand, it is clearly the same principle as the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. We protect the sex toy by putting a shell, with two magnetic contact points above for charging!

Well, anyway, before using your new toy, you will need to charge it. For this you have a magnetic charging cable. Once clipped on the Liberty, simply plug the other part to your computer or an AC adapter for faster charging. It takes 60 minutes to fully charge the Lithium-Ion battery inside. Once charged, it is 120 minutes of average autonomy available, it is rather nice. Be aware that there is an LED type display to indicate its charge level.

How to use Womanizer Liberty ?

Rest assured, to control the Womanizer Liberty, you only have two buttons to learn. You have a “+” button and a “-” button. You can not go wrong, especially since the “+” button is a little bigger than the “-” button. To start it, simply press the “+” button for 2 seconds. Same thing to turn it off. Then, when its On, the “+” button will allow you to increase stimulation intensity while the “-” button will lower the intensity. Each time the intensity level is changed, the LED lights up. If you are already at the maximum level, the LED will not change. And of course, it’s the same thing when you decrease the intensity, the LED lights up to indicate it to you.

However, you had to know that the Womanizer Liberty has an automatic “Stand-By” function. Indeed, if the Liberty is powered-on, but you do not use it for 10 minutes, it will turn off alone to not empty the battery. It’s practical, if you fall asleep after using it.

Which modes i can use on Womanizer Liberty ?

On the Womanizer Liberty, you only have 6 intensity levels. It may not sound like much, but a Womanizer that it is as powerful as the Womanizer Premium. There is therefore half the intensity level and therefore the transition from one level to another is less smooth than on the Premium. Rest assured, with the six levels of intensity, you can still bring the pleasure quietly. Of course, the stimulation is constant, it is not a stimulation of jerky type.

Which lube I can use with my Womanizer Liberty ?

If you wish, you can use some lube. Since its a silicone tip, you had to use a water-based lubricant to avoid any nasty surprises. Indeed, according to the quality of the silicone of the toy and the lubricant, you can have surprises. For example, the silicone lubricant could starts to mix with the sex toy silicone. But when it comes to a very good silicone-based lubricant with a silicone toy, it can be compatible.

Nevertheless, to avoid taking risks, I always advise to choose for a water-based lubricant. You have very good water-based lubricants on the market. I like Sliquid H20, Sliquid Organics Sensation and Pjur Aqua. But there is also Yes bio or Yes WB. In any case, you can choose the water-based lubricant you like the most.

How to clean the Womanizer Liberty ?

It’s still simple! First, you have to know that the Womanizer Liberty is 100% waterproof! It means two things! That you can immerse it under water. And the second thing is that it will be even more effective under water because the “Pleasure Air” spread is not the same. But on top of that, it’s even easier to clean it. The Womanizer Liberty is therefore the IPX7 standard.

To clean it, it will be enough to remove the silicone head to pass it under warm water with a little mild soap. You can also pass it to the toy cleaner like YES Cleanse or Pjur cleaner for example.

Womanizer Liberty efficiency

Here is the long awaited moment! It’s always the most important part of a review! It is still necessary to know if this new sex toy works well and especially, if it can really give us orgasms. As usual, to tell you what he has in the belly, I tested the Womanizer Liberty with my dear and tender Kitty. Here is our feedback !

Kitty & Mogwai feedback

Let’s get right to the point, the Womanizer Liberty is a very good model of the manufacturer. As you understand it, it takes features of several models and the Womanizer Premium power !

Quiet, powerful and waterproof

What we can tell you is that he’s quiet. When I turn on a W100 model, we see that there was a lot of work on that side. For his power level, even if it has only 6 modes, it is as powerful as the last model of Womanizer released just before the Liberty. Since it is waterproof, it can be easily cleaned but especially using it in the water. The sensations are increased tenfold, it’s even better. Perfect use in a bathtub during a bath.

Handling and performance

With only two buttons to control it, the Womanizer Liberty is super easy to use. We can easily take it in hand and it will adapt to all sizes. Indeed, it is compact and easily transportable. This is not the + Size model, it must be said. It is just as powerful as the most powerful Womanizer models on the market. Kitty had no trouble taking over this model. It is still easy to get several orgasms in record time and without effort. Kitty already liked the Satisfyer Pro Traveler a lot, but the Liberty model is clearly good, even better.

In any case, it is a bit more practical, especially for using the buttons and the fact that we can change the stimulating head for larger clitoris. On the other hand, the stimulating head is less adaptable to each person’s body. And because of this, one feels that it is less powerful than a previous model.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Liberty Final Thoughts

It must be said, this Womanizer Liberty does not bring much new. In fact, I could even say that it brings absolutely nothing compared to other models or competition. But, it’s not worse. Because here, it is affordable, waterproof and takes advantage of improvements that have arrived on the market.

The Womanizer Liberty is a very good model of the manufacturer. It does not revolutionize the current market of contact-less clitoral stimulators, on the other hand, it works very well and has all the essential features. In short, if you want to buy your first Womanizer, the Liberty model will be perfect! And if you are looking for a compact Womanizer model for your travels, it is also there for that! Many orgasms in perspective!


  • Small, compact and transportable
  • As powerful as a Premium model
  • Waterproof
  • Two heads of different size
  • Easy to take in hand
  • Ultra-accessible orgasms


  • No AutoPilot mode or “Smart Silence”
  • A head that adapts less well to the body/clitoris

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