Now, let’s move on to the Panzer Girls Yukari onahole which is also part of the Premium series of the XTC Japan brand! In addition to being based on the anime Girls und Panzer, features a different material that I could see on the other model received, the Panzer Girls Kay. And since I’m a very curious person, I’m eager to see the differences between the two models. So once again, it’s a masturbator from a Japanese anime, just like the Demon Slayer Nezuko masturbator. Except that here, it is not a torso but a small model of the Onahole type.

If the first model I reviewed was based on the Captain of the Saunders team, this time it’s Yukari Akiyama, one of the five main protagonists of the series and she plays the role of “loader” in the Anglerfish team. Again, I don’t know the series (and I didn’t make the effort to start watching it between the two reviews) but I’ll do my best to tell you about the masturbator first! Here is my review of the Panzer Girls Yukari onahole!

Panzer Girls Yukari onahole packaging

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 1

The front of the box

Of course, this review is going to be quite close to the other masturbator of the Panzer Girls series! And it’s already the case on the packaging! Just like the other box, we have a design that will surely please the fans of the series.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 2

Overview of product dimensions

On the front, we can see Yukari, who holds a shell between her arms, marveling at flowers, sunflowers it seems! We can already feel the difference between Kay and Yukari, one was more comfortable, more sexy, while here, Yukari is a fragile girl. It is not the same concept.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 3

An XTC Japan sticker is present

On the edges, we find again information and details about the masturbator, but in Japanese. Well, with the pictures next to it, it allows to be more or less understandable, but without being on a certainty. We can also see the masturbator, its interior, with once again, a “camouflage” pattern on the whole box. On this box, we also find a seal to ensure that the product has not been opened yet.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 4

You can see the details of the sleeve under the box

And it is in the back that we can find even more details about this model, such as measurements, details of the sleeve, in short, nothing that I can translate, but the photos will help you better understand what I am indicating.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 5

And here is what you will find inside

There too, when we want to access the contents of the box, we can see that there is still this system of flaps and information about the material used for its realization. The masturbator is contained in the box and in a plastic mold, without anything else! There is no sample of lubricant as a gift. Again, the packaging is not bad, but it is not the one I prefer. It will be there to store the product.

Panzer Girls Yukari onahole physical details

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 6

Upon arrival, the masturbator is protected in a plastic pocket

You can imagine that between the Kay model and Yukari, we will have a lot of common points! And that’s the case! It is again an “Onahole” masturbator, which means that it is a sleeve with an entrance that also acts as an exit. So it’s quite different from a masturbator such as the Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks for example.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 8

The entrance and the exit!

To tell you more about the details of this masturbator, I am not really a fan of its visual! Indeed, the orifice of this masturbator looks more like a coin slot than a pussy to fuck. It’s a particular effect, lips that are called “Camel toe” but to me looks more like a slot surrounded by two imposing lips. It looks like a very young girl’s pussy actually. It’s not ugly, but I’m not a fan, that’s for sure.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 10

On the other side, it looks like deli meat or something like that

We can see that the clitoris (visible part) is present, but a bit rough, with a simple “button” to represent it. This is not the same level as the Ereshkigal Cherry masturbator, the Kyo 7 Sins or the Britney torso! On the other hand, just like the Kay model, we can see that the inner sleeve is made of two different colored materials, with a thick red inner material, which tries to resemble the membrane that covers the vaginal muscles.

Size of the masturbator

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 11

It’s more of a pocket model (a big pocket though)

Kay or Yukari, do we have the same dimensions? Well yes! Indeed, this model also measures 16 cm (6.29″) in total length with a penetration length of 13.5 cm (5.31″). As for the diameter of the sleeve, we have 7.5 cm (2.95″) for a 2.5 cm (0.98″) stretch hole. Only the external design and the internal tunnel change!

Other details

And finally, in terms of weight, this Panzer Girls Yukari onahole model is a little bit lighter than the Kay! Indeed, there is a difference of 10 grams between the two! It’s not much actually. The Kay model weighs 390 grams, while the Yukari weighs 380 grams, so it makes sense. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that there is another model, unless you didn’t understand until now!

What is Panzer Girls?

I already mentioned this subject in the first review of the masturbator related to this anime but as a reminder, it is a series called Girls und Panzer (or GUP), made by Actas studios in 2012! For the rest, I invite you to read the review of the Kay model or to go to fansites that deal in length, in width and in breadth of this one.

Panzer Girls Yukari materials

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 12

Foldable, stretchable, the texture is really flexible

If you haven’t read the Panzer Girls Kay review, I’ll remind you what you need to know about the material used for this masturbator. It is TPE, but a little more qualitative and especially a multi-layer TPE. Indeed, its texture is made of thousands of small air bubbles that are captured inside the TPE. And this system makes it possible to obtain a more extensible, softer, more marrowy material.

Premium material

In addition to that, there is no particular smell, or even a greasy and oily side that we can see on some models. I think for example of the Yandere masturbator. This is for the outer layer, the one that is rather light pink, close to the color of a Caucasian skin. But inside this masturbator, we also have a darker, redder, elastic material, but more resistant, more adherent and especially quite thick. Usually the inner layer is quite thin on masturbators that use this multilayer system. But here we have a thicker material, hence the fact that it is a Premium TPE.

The vaginal tunnel

Obviously, this is one of the differences between the Yukari model and Kay! Already, the beginning of the tunnel, so the opening, gives the impression to have in front of us a young girl’s pussy, which would not even be major. I’m not a fan, but it’s a question of point of view. Regarding its construction, we have small grooves at the entrance, but the whole is still quite smooth, but then we have several bumps with a tunnel that closes to take us to spiral reliefs, which contain several small bumps. And finally, at the very end, a series of several rings, with fins, then small bumps before a larger area at the end.

Panzer Girls Yukari onahole use

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 13

The opening which shows us the first internal reliefs of the sleeve

It’s a masturbator, it’s simple, it’s practical, it’s within everyone’s reach, but it’s an Onahole masturbator! If it’s your first one, maybe this part will interest you! For the others, you can already go to the next section!

What can we do with it?

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 17

Comparison with the R18 model

Same principle as the Kay model, its main purpose will be to accommodate your penis, with lubricant in the inner tunnel so you can go back and forth inside. It’s basic! But it’s a masturbator that you can also use with the Kyo Plush or the Handy masturbator.

Which lubricant to choose ?

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 18

The Yukari model next to the Ondo! Nupu

As long as you choose a water-based lube, you’ll be fine! If you’re looking for a suitable lube, I can recommend thicker lubes, like Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu, Peace from Rends and also Motsutoys Tyo.

How to clean it?

This is, as always, the least glamorous part, but it is the essential step to keep your masturbator in shape and to avoid bad surprises, like the development of fungus inside! This is an Onahole model, with an entrance, but no exit, which means that you will have to take care to rinse the whole internal tunnel with warm water. Afterwards, either you have a cleaning stick or one that captures the remaining water, or you will have to dry it in a position that will allow the remaining water to drain properly.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole efficiency

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 9

That’s not all, but you have to test it now!

With the Panzer Girls Kay onahole, I was off to war, in my tank! Well, almost, because in reality, I stopped on the way to fuck Kay. But this time, it’s Yukari who wants me to join her! And that’s what I did in order to tell you more about this other model and to tell you the differences with the first model reviewed. Is this Panzer Girls Yukari onahole better or worse than the Kay model? That’s what I’m going to tell you right now, with my opinion on this version!

Double texture, again?

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 19

Comparison with the Bocca de la Veridad model

Like the Kay model, we have on this Yukari model, a double texture system in TPE. On the outside, the texture is rather soft, very elastic, notably by the imprisonment of small air bubbles as I mentioned. This makes the texture more malleable, stretchable, with more aeration of the material. Then, inside, the material is redder, more resistant and hangs a little more on the passage to have a little more sensations than a more classic sleeve, without double layer.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 16

Comparison with the Gokusai Uterus Duo model

But be careful, the two materials are not welded together! As a result, it is possible that the redder material detaches from the rest. For my part, the sleeve stayed well stuck to the rest, but I have the impression that depending on the way you use it, the inner sleeve can come off. Take it easy, rather than going in like a brute.

When using the onahole

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 14

The Kay and Yukari model, side by side

So yes, the fact of having a second internal sleeve of a different material offers much more pleasant sensations than a softer sleeve. Indeed, we feel better the structure of the sleeve, without being too strong on the glans penis. That remains soft, with lubricant. At the level of the tunnel, the first part, there are rough ribs, which are a little bit particular, but once you get used to them, they are very pleasant. Then on the rest of the tunnel, it is quite balanced, between the feeling of being tight, of subtle sliding on the raised elements and this, even over time.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 15

Comparison with the Yandere model from XTC Japan

For my part, it is rather a model that requires to go slowly, to enjoy what it is offered to us, without penetrating it like a savage. Again, this is the best way to end up with the sleeve coming off the inside. When I used it, I rather slid it, gently, to stimulate the glans of my penis, just like the Kay model. Its penetration length is not very long, that’s why I consider this Onahole masturbator as a sleeve to stimulate the glans, more than the shaft and therefore, the whole penis. It is also compatible with the Kyo Plush, since it is the same size as the Kay model. And another point before finishing, the texture is absolutely not greasy at the arrival and it is rather appreciable.

Panzer Girls Yukari onahole final thoughts

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 7

Pretty good, but more for the glans than your whole penis

To conclude, this Panzer Girls Yukari onahole offers different sensations than the Kay model, with a tighter sensation, but really interesting at the end of the stroke for the glans. The materials are of good quality, even if it’s a shame to have this double texture that can come off if you’re not careful or if you go more energetically. I still find the tunnel a bit short, but this is the case on a lot of Japanese masturbators. It is not the same size as European or American masturbators where the penetration length is much longer.

Panzer Girls Yukari Onahole - 20

On the face of it, Yukari had a good time

Do I recommend it? Yes, because it’s a nice model, quite good, but it still requires some precautions to keep it intact. If you want a more durable masturbator, this is not really the model I would recommend. But if you like to play with the sensations on your glans, then you can enjoy it!


  • The packaging is not bad (the outside)
  • Correct price
  • Stimulating double layer tunnel
  • No greasy side
  • Soft, supple material
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • A plastic mold in the box
  • The tunnel is a little short (13.5 cm) (5.31″)
  • Maybe a bit too soft
  • The external design is not very sexy
  • Beware of the detachment of the internal tunnel
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