We are back to talk about Biird, with the 2 in 1 clitoral stimulator, which is called Namii and still with its concept of ambient light! Remember, some time ago, we told you about the Cuddly Bird, later renamed Obii, a kind of small bird that serves as a bedside lamp and of course, as a clitoral stimulator. Here, it’s something else again that the Dutch company offers us, with a double stimulator, but which also makes light on your bedside table! Soon, we will be able to launch a sex toy nightclub with all these models that make light in the dark!

For each Namii bought, a tree is planted, once again with One Tree Planted, as at Love not War, we told you about it in the review of the Maya stimulator in particular. Moreover, the version we received of the Namii is a little bit particular! It is a version in collaboration with “Jouissance Club”, the Instagram account of Jüne Pla. You surely want to know if we liked this new toy, especially if Kitty likes it, it is still her who gives of her person in the background. So here is our review of the Namii Dual Stimulator!

Namii from Biird Packaging

Namii x Jouissance Club - 1

The front of the box

It’s a nice box that we have here! It is indeed a rectangular box, rather small and rigid. On the front side, we have an illustration of a hand holding the Namii, with the presence of an acronym, guaranteed 5 years of satisfaction and the fact that it is the special version “Jouissance Club”.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 3

The back of the Namii box

On the back, we have details about the product, to explain us a little its concept. But it is especially when we open it that we realize that it is a special version. Indeed, inside, we have a lot of illustrations that explain us the concept of the sextoy, but also the conception of a clitoris. It is really well done and fun.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 4

At the opening of this one

Inside, we have of course the Namii, it did not fly away during the transport! We find it in a small part, in its charging base. Underneath, we have a small box that contains several things that I will detail. And we even have a quick-start present on the opening flap. So we find a charging cable, the Namii in its base, but above all, a whole bunch of goodies, especially for this version.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 5

And here is Namii in its base

Indeed, we have in addition to its pocket, a sticker of Namii in the shape of fish, but also a metal bookmark, artistic prints, a guide to pleasure, by Jüne Plã, author of the book Jouissance Club: A map of pleasure, book. We even have a necklace that takes the shape of the hand, two fingers raised, as for the G-spot masturbation.

Namii from Biird Physical Details

Namii x Jouissance Club - 6

The stimulator and all the contents of the Jouissance Club version

I don’t know how to say it, but this Namii Dual Stimulator looks like a kind of fish, a dolphin maybe, what do I know? You can see on the pictures that it is not ordinary in its shape? Indeed, it could be described as a kind of heart with one side bigger than the other or even a very small chair the size of a barbie doll. In any case, one thing is certain, its shape is strange and not usual. However, is it a problem? We’ll see that later. Basically, the Namii has a part (under it) for magnetic charging, with on its bottom part, a small “B” logo, in reference to the “Biird” brand.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 9

A dolphin in relax mode?

On its surface, we can see 4 stripes more or less big and long on the vibrating part. The charging base of the Namii is open and not closed like on Obii, it makes me think of a kind of baby in a cradle or a stroller when we see it like this. I almost forgot to tell you about the buttons! Just like the model we already tested, the buttons are under the Namii, they are buttons, but also magnetic points for the charging with the base.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 12

The charging base

To finish, to speak to you a little more about its charging base, we have on this one, a button, to switch on or switch off the lamp and this one is provided with a plastic part, to dress Namii. As much on Obii, the base was closed with a bell, as much there, it is open. It’s aesthetic, but for the dust, it’s less nice. It is on this base that we will connect the charging cable and not directly on the Namii.

Namii size

Namii x Jouissance Club - 17

Small and compact

Well, it is a sextoy of an unusual shape, it is a bit complicated to give you the right details about its size. This one measures 8,92 cm (3.51″) in height, for a width of 8 cm (3.14″) maximum and a depth of 5,4 cm (2.12″) at the level of the head. In addition, the hole for the clitoris measures 1.2 cm (0.47″). Regarding the loading base, it is 8 cm (3.14″) high, a little less than the Namii itself, for a length of 9.1 cm (3.58″) and a width of 6.9 cm (2.71″). It is a small stimulator, which fits rather well in the hand.

Other details

Namii x Jouissance Club - 7

Overview of the gift necklace

As you have noticed, the Namii we received is mint color ! This is the color of the special version of Jouissance Club ! But if this color doesn’t suit you, you should know that this stimulator is also available in two other colors, but outside the “Jouissance Club” version. You will also find it in peach or lilac, depending on your taste! And finally, it is a fairly light stimulator, since it weighs only 181.5 grams! This is still a little higher than the Obii which weighs only 133 grams.

Namii materials

Namii x Jouissance Club - 19

Good silicone is used to make it

Silicone, silicone and more silicone, but still some ABS plastic! Like the Obii, the Namii is also entirely made of silicone! Of course, the control buttons are not made of silicone, fortunately, because they are also used to charge the internal battery. And it is true that the charging base contains ABS plastic. But for the rest, it is silicone! It is a good quality silicone, very soft, and even quite flexible, safe for the body, because it contains no latex or phthalates. It is again a nice surprise, just like the previous model we tested.

Namii from Biird Use

Namii is a sextoy that vibrates, but also offers “Pleasure Waves”, which are waves that stimulate your clitoris, but without direct contact on it. This is something you should know by now, as it is the same principle (with a few differences) as a Lelo Sila, a Satisfyer Pro Traveler, a Womanizer Classic 2 and of course, Obii. We’ll explain it all a little more!

How to charge it?

Namii x Jouissance Club - 11

Charging is done only via its base

In order to charge Namii, you will have to go through its charging base! It’s a bit of a pity, because if the base doesn’t work anymore for some reason, you don’t really have the choice to charge the internal battery. Well, you just have to be careful not to lose the base, but I’m pretty sure you can still charge Namii, using a magnetic charging cable with the same charging characteristics in this case. Just like Obii, this charging base acts as a bedside lamp, as it lights up while charging, which is quite noticeable in a dark room.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 8

And here is the metal bookmark!

To charge Namii, you have to put it on its charging base, the light will turn on and off continuously during its charging. On the back of this base, there is a button which allows to control the intensity of the brightness, which is a nice novelty, because I found the light of the Obii, not powerful enough in some cases. As for the charging time, it takes 2 hours for a full charge!

Namii x Jouissance Club - lamp

The effect of bedside lamp or rather of atmosphere of Namii

And on the side of its autonomy, you have a battery that lasts on average two hours in “aspiration” mode and three hours in “vibration” mode. Using both, you’ll get a little less. Oh yes, of course, you have a USB charging cable for the base! It has to plug in somewhere, it’s not a magic cradle either!

How to use it?

Namii x Jouissance Club - 16

Two buttons are present under the sextoy

To use your Namii stimulator, you don’t need to read a long manual, it’s quite intuitive! Already you have understood that there is a vibration part and a pressure wave part. These two functions can be controlled independently. But before you can use them, you have to check one thing. This is the lock function. You have to press the “O” and “double wave” button until the red light flashes for a few seconds. And it’s the same principle to lock it again.

Once unlocked, you have two buttons at your disposal! The round button is for pressure waves and the other one is for vibrations. Just keep the button pressed on either one to activate its function. Then, by pressing once on the button of the activated motor, you change levels of intensity or modes. And to turn off a motor, you hold down the appropriate button for a few seconds. You can even use it in hands-free mode, once you have selected the desired mode/intensity, you can hold it between your thighs. And last but not least, as I already explained, on the charging cradle you have a button for the light management.

Which modes are present on the Namii ?

Namii x Jouissance Club - 13

5 wave levels and 2 vibrating modes

As mentioned, Namii is able to vibrate and make pressure waves! On the side of the waves, we have 5 levels of intensity! And for the vibration part, there are 3 intensity levels available, but also 2 vibrating modes. It is not huge, but it is also necessary to remember that it can vibrate as well as deliver a clitoral stimulation by wave.

What lubricant to use with it?

If you want to use a little lubricant, especially for the vibrations perhaps, you’ll have to choose a water-based lubricant! On our side, we don’t use any lubricant for a sextoy like this one. To tell you the truth, nothing goes into the body, everything is outside, it’s not a vital need. But in case you need it, you’ll have to take a compatible lubricant and especially a water-based one, because Namii is made of silicone, just to remind you!

How to clean Namii ?

IPX yes, but to what standard? Indeed, a product is not necessarily waterproof. It can simply be splashproof. Here, the Namii is IPX7, which allows it to be immersed in water or used in your bath. But we must admit that we do not really use sex toys in the shower or in a bath. On the other hand, for its cleaning, that allows us to pass to water without any risk. You just have to put it under warm water, add some soft soap and rinse it well before drying it. Do not use its base to dry it, but wait until it is dry before putting it back on its base to charge it again if necessary.

Namii from Biird Efficiency

Namii x Jouissance Club - 10

Good or bad this dolphin ?

Now let’s get down to business! Of course, it’s once again Kitty who has given of herself in order to propose you her feedbacks! But I also tested a particularity of Namii that I will explain to you too! We received the Namii several weeks ago and now that we have tested it well, we can give you our feedback on it ! Here is our review of the Namii dual stimulator from Biird!

Handling and ergonomics!

Namii x Jouissance Club - 14

The grip is good

The Namii offers a good grip! Its size is really made to fit in the palm, just the right size ! Its shape is really well studied ! However, again, the buttons are under the stimulator, which is not great, but they are still a bit hard! And they are a bit small too. It’s a small issue and not a big concern, but it’s a bit of a shame. Otherwise, as far as grip is concerned, you should know that you can hold it perfectly between your thighs!

Another point, I think it’s a pity to have to charge the Namii only by its base ! A magnetic charging cable directly on the butt of the Namii (in case of failure of the base) would have been welcome. And I must say that I also miss the bell of the Obii, which allowed to protect it from dust. Of course, it is more aesthetic for the Namii to have made a semi-open base, but it also brings this negative side. Finally, the silicone is really good, especially at the level of the stimulating mouth, which has rounded edges, allowing a certain comfort.

The quality of the vibrations

Namii x Jouissance Club - 15

A lack of power and depth

Let’s talk about the vibrations first! Two vibrating modes and three levels of intensity, that’s not much! But is it enough? Unfortunately, no. While using it, Kitty made me understand that the vibrations were not very powerful, but above all, were too superficial! They lack depth, you can feel that they don’t penetrate completely and that’s a pity too. Well, the vibrating part is according to us a plus, because it is also for its clitoral part that we are interested in it!

The pulsating part

Namii x Jouissance Club - 20

Namii and Obii

If the vibrations lack depth, and even power, it’s the same thing for the clitoral stimulation! With 5 levels of intensity, to tell the truth, it is quite weak! For Kitty, it also lacks power! At least 3 more levels are needed! Because despite her attempts, Kitty has trouble coming with it. She really needs to be in the right “mood” alone to achieve this, whereas other stimulators allow her to reach orgasm relatively easily.

Namii x Jouissance Club - 21

Different, but similar

For example, the Lovehoney Rose is more powerful than the Namii. And we don’t even talk about the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe which makes the Namii look like a beginner sextoy ! But to tell the truth, that’s what the Namii is! It’s not the sextoy for the advanced user who needs power and depth of stimulation. For Kitty, its power is really disappointing. On the other hand, it is silent and that is good. Announced at less than 50 dB, we can say that they respect them.

The bonus section

Namii x Jouissance Club - 18

A versatile sextoy

Since the Biird Namii is presented as being versatile (clitoris, nipples, labia, penis brake), I also tested an element that I don’t usually try. It can be used to stimulate the anus! Indeed, if you sit on it, with the part containing the stripes against the perineum and the mouth against the anus, you can stimulate two areas quite easily due to the design of the Namii. It is pleasant, funny, it can be a plus during a blowjob for example. We did not test it until now, but this point is a good surprise.

Namii from Biird Final Thoughts

Namii x Jouissance Club - 22

A good sextoy, but rather for couples and beginners

Despite the flaws we have raised, we can’t say that the Namii is not a good sextoy. For us, it is still a sextoy for beginners, but also for couples, because its versatility allows it to please everyone. For Kitty, it clearly lacks power compared to her needs and especially, everything we have already tested. It allows to have a 2 in 1 sextoy, for sure, but not at the same level of power as those who deal with only one thing.

And it must be said that its size does not allow it to have large engines inside to deliver more power. Even if in reality, we can make small and powerful, like the Domi 2 from Lovense. However, it is not the same use. Good ideas, good ergonomics, quiet, but still lacks power for those who want to climb quickly to orgasm.


  • Beautiful edition
  • Complete packaging
  • Good silicone
  • Well thought out design
  • Versatile
  • Not very noisy
  • Good grip
  • Double stimulation


  • Lack of power of vibrations
  • Lack of depth of vibration
  • Pulses for beginners
  • Open and mandatory charging base
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