Here is finally the The Realm Drago Lock on sword review! Don’t worry, the website does not turn into a laboratory of experimentation, nor into an armory. During the review of The Realm Draken dildo, I mentioned that an accessory could be used with this dildo. Some people undoubtedly made the connection between the two, but for others, the long-awaited moment has arrived! I must confess that this is a sextoys reviewer’s wish. It happens sometimes that I really want to review a particular product. With 900 erotic products reviews on the website, you have to find products that are different from the ordinary.

I know that this The Realm Drago Lock on sword will not really be the type of product you’re going to throw yourself at! But for me, I can tell you that it will serve me well! I’ll explain a little further on why. Anyway, I’m very happy to have the opportunity to review The Realm Drago sword dildo handle! Take out your dildo and let’s go for adventure!

The Realm Drago Lock on packaging

Once again, it is the same packaging as for the Draken dildo! And it’s still just as classy! As a reminder, it is a big cardboard box, quite rigid with a windowed part on the front side! We can thus see the handle of sword The Realm Drago without opening this one. We can also find the mention “The Realm Drago” at the bottom of the front face, as for the dildo, once again. On one of the slices, it is still the logo of the range that we can see, same thing on the other slice.

Behind this box is a product presentation, with information in several languages that tells us the key points of this accessory as well as how to maintain it. To open this box, there is a sort of drawer that can be opened to access the plastic mold that contains the sword handle! Once again, I find the design successful, it really looks like a product for fans of medieval universes.

The Realm Drago Lock on physical details

What a beauty! I’m really happy to review such an accessory! I find this Realm Drago sword handle to be a real success! We have a nice hilt with the rounded pommel, surrounded by a rather well made ornament. Then we have the fuse that forms with the pommel, the hilt. This one is quite wide, with fake leather patterns that intersect, as you could find it on a medieval sword. Then you have the hilt, composed of a shield-shaped pattern with two crossed swords inside and then two dragon heads that go out on the sides, with scales, teeth, etc… Really a beautiful guard! And to finish, we find a point, which will allow to fix a Vac-U-Lock compatible dildo! It’s really a very beautiful object, bronze color!

The dimensions of the handle

In my opinion, it’s a full-size handle! This is not a miniature model! Its total length is 29.2 cm (11.49 inches from the pommel to the Vac-U-Lock accessory) while from the pommel to the hilt (so below it) we have 15.87 cm (6.24 inches). The diameter of the handle is about 3.2 cm (1.25 inch) while the total width (including the guard) is 17.75 cm (6.98 inches)! I really think this is a real size sword handle!

The other details

I think I’ve done the tour on this The Realm Drago sword handle, but I have one more thing to tell you! It’s its weight! Indeed, one can really wonder if it is a rather heavy or light accessory! Well, it is rather light, but not completely! Indeed, this handle of sword weighs 354 grams! We feel it in the hand, but not too much either, because we should not forget that it will be necessary to add the weight of the dildo that we will fix on it to have its total weight, once equipped.

The Realm Drago Lock on materials

So no, this sword handle is unfortunately not made of solid gold or bronze, but of polyurethane! And of course, in solid and hard polyurethane! Because you have several types of polyurethane. You can see that it has been worked to give it an antique look, with marks of time! Visually, it is to be mistaken, but when you take the sword handle in your hand, you realize that it is not heavy metal, but polyurethane! In any case, I find it rather successful!

The Realm Drago Lock on use

To use this The Realm Drago sword handle, you don’t need to know how to handle a sword, a katana or any other weapon, you just need to have a compatible dildo! We will nevertheless see some details of sword fighting (or sword dildo fighting) in order to master the subtleties of this accessory. Before trying to make a sword fight with it, here’s what you need to know!

How to handle your sword dildo?

Already, it is necessary to know what composes a sword dildo! You have the pommel, at the very bottom of the weapon, then the handle to hold it. Just above, you have what is called the guard, which is really beautiful on this product. And finally, a blade. Of course, here, the blade will be replaced by a dildo, but the principle remains the same. So the dildo will have to be inserted on the pointed part, above the hilt of the sword. Then, put on your chainmail and go to the battlefield to deliver orgasms!

Which dildo is compatible with this handle?

Of course, this handle does not allow to be used with all the dildos on the market! Your dildo will have to be compatible with Blush Novelties’ Lock On system, which in my opinion is the same as Doc Johnson’s Vac-U-Lock system. What is it? It’s simply a hole under the base of the dildo. If it’s there, it’s compatible, most of the time. I know there are some dildos that have a hole under the base, but sometimes it’s the size of a vibrating bullet. This is the case, for example, of the Tantus Goddess dildo. By the way, this one is compatible with this handle! Indeed, it was already the case for the F-Machine Gigolo Pink!

But I have other dildos that I have tested that are compatible with this handle! For example, the Lampwick dildo from Mr Hankey’s Toys, the Dragon dildo from the same manufacturer or the Taintacle dildo! We also have the Vac-u-Lock Ultraskyn dildo, but, if you have read the review, did not hold our interest. And of course, I don’t forget the Brent Corrigan dildo, also compatible!

Anything else to say about this handle?

To use it properly, I still advise you to insert a little water-based lubricant in the hole of your dildo to fix it on the sword. In reality, it is mostly for the removal of it, because sometimes it is not very easy to do. The second thing is to clean the hilt. You can rinse it with water, but be careful not to use an abrasive cloth and do not rub too hard with it. A sponge will do the job, on the non-abrasive side of course.

The Realm Drago Lock on efficiency

Now, let’s get down to business! It’s time to tell you about the art of handling the sword dildo! So I went on a crusade to carry out my mission, to make Kitty come with a dildo attached to this sword handle! The fight was hard but we came out unscathed! Here is our opinion on this accessory which is out of the ordinary!

Attaching a dildo to the handle

For this point, fixing the dildo on the handle is really simple! Indeed, it is a Vac-u-Lock tip, a kind of small rod with changes in diameter. You have a first level, then a second one, to push the dildo on it. You have to force it a little bit, but each dildo we tested on it fits very well. Once in place, the dildo fits perfectly, it stays straight, but it also depends on the weight of the dildo. Indeed, on the biggest dildo models, it may be a little tilted. This is logical, since the stem part which is inserted is only 7 cm (2.75 inches) long! If your dildo is long enough, it will therefore tend to lean a little.

Nothing moves

When in use, the dildo doesn’t move, it doesn’t tend to want to come off the handle, and the Vac-u-Lock system has already proven itself. Kitty was wondering if the dildo would stay in her vagina when she goes back and forth, and despite the speed of the movements, nothing moves! On this point, the attachment works perfectly. The most complicated part is when the dildo has to be removed from the handle. Here, it is less simple because, as you can see on the pictures, the stem changes diameter and you get an important suction effect, especially because there is no more air in the hole of the dildo.

Two choices

You have two choices here, either remove it by hand, spreading the hole a little bit so that the air gets inside, which will make it easier to remove. Either you can before inserting the dildo, add some powder (either Vac-u-Lock maintenance powder or cornstarch which will make it easier to remove).

For my part, I don’t use anything and I use the first solution, even though it probably takes longer to remove it than if cornstarch had been introduced beforehand.

Use with a dildo for vaginal penetration

For our tests, I thus used it with Kitty and in particular initially with the The Realm Draken dildo of course! On the whole, it’s really practical. Most of the time, when I use a dildo with Kitty, I hold the dildo by its base with or without suction-cup. And according to the models, it’s more or less practical !

Practical according to weight or size

Here, I must say that having a handle to go back and forth is practical and simpler! Moreover, it works very well, because I really went hard at the level of back and forth, making very fast movements and over a wide range and at no time, I had difficulties to do it.

A habit to take

However, I noticed something a bit disturbing! Indeed, you can see that the hilt of the sword is imposing. When Kitty was lying in the sofa, legs apart, I used the handle with the dildo holding it horizontally. That is to say that the two parts of the hilt (the dragons on each side) took up space and if I wanted to push the dildo a little more into her vagina, the hilt tended to touch and rub on her thighs. So I paid attention to this point.

The solution to go deeper is to rotate the handle 90° so that the two parts of the guard are at the top and bottom, rather than at the sides (i.e. left and right). This makes it easier to make deep back and forth movements without risk.

Use with a dildo for anal penetration

Strangely enough, it’s not the easiest! Depending on the position, the fact of adding a handle increases the total length and therefore, it is not necessarily easy to go back and forth with it! For example, if I’m doggy-style and I use it alone, you still have to put your arm backwards to hold the pommel of the sword and be able to go back and forth with it.

A question of step

To make things easier, the dildo should be inserted first, in the simplest position, e.g. standing or slightly crouching, and then, once it is inserted for the most part, the handle can be used more easily! And now it works! And I find that it really adds a little bit, because the grip is really different than holding a dildo by its base! I find it very amusing!

Two is best

On the other hand, if you play together (with your lover), there, for an anal use, it’s really nice! One can hold the dildo sword and make jabbing strokes, all without getting lubricant on its fingers! In short, a very sympathetic accessory! On the other hand, with a too long dildo, like the Lampwick of Mr Hankey’s Toys, alone, it’s not even playable ! The size is close to the length of a real sword ! But with two, it’s more than playable, even if the weight of the dildo makes it lean down! Once inserted, the problem does not arise any more!

A short word at the end

Finally, please note that the handle is light. Despite its appearance, it adds little weight to the whole (handle + dildo). It is also an accessory that can be used by two! Alone, I find it doesn’t bring much and it’s often even less practical than using the dildo alone by holding it by its base. It’s not impossible either, but for us, it’s really an accessory to play with two!

And moreover, if you manage to put yourself in the mood, it’s an accessory that can really be fun for sex role-playing games! Just let your imagination run wild! A warrior eager to give orgasms, a dominatrix ready to torture her slave, in short, the possibilities are numerous if your sexuality is playful and uninhibited.

Kitty & Mogwai

The Realm Drago Lock on final thoughts

To conclude this review, I’m not going to tell you that The Realm Drago handle dildo sword is a must have. It’s luxury! Especially since its price corresponds to a certain budget! By the way, a big thank you to our partner for sending it to us, because it is not an accessory that should sell easily! It’s a gadget or almost! Indeed, it is all the same a very good accessory for an uncomplicated sexuality, fun and perfect for sexual role-playing games! 

Even if it’s polyurethane, visually, it’s really great! If you have Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos, maybe you will fall and become a ruthless warrior! For others, it’s the kind of accessory you wish you had for fun, but it won’t be affordable for everyone! In any case, for my part, I’m going back on crusade with it!


  • A magnificent sword handle for your dildos
  • Light
  • The fastening system works very well
  • Convenient and easy to use for two
  • Rediscover your Vac-u-lock dildos
  • A really classy design
  • Perfect for sexual role-playing


  • A certain budget
  • The removal of the dildo is not so obvious
  • Alone is less fun
  • Depending on the position, the handle must be turned 90°
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