I wanted to review the Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt! As soon as I saw the name of this signature sleeve, I immediately contacted our partner to get a copy! I don’t know much about the actress Emily Willis, but I’ve already seen her in a few videos. That didn’t stop me from being primarily attracted by the name of the sleeve! Squirt! I must admit that I expect a lot of it!

As you know, I know a lot about Fleshlight masturbators! I have reviewed more than 30 models to date! The latest reviews to date include the Fleshlight Adriana Chechik Empress, the Mia Malkova Lvl Up, the Lana Rhoades Karma or the Lisa Ann Savage! These last four models were really top and they joined the classification of the best masturbators reviewed on the website! Anyway, I can’t wait to review this new Fleshlight, so here is my opinion about the Emily Willis Squirt model !

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt packaging

At Fleshlight, there are no surprises. It’s always the same discovery of the same packaging! Once again, we have a cardboard box, rectangular, white and gray, with a windowed part to see the masturbator. Of course, on the other side, we discover the actress Emily Willis on a large part as well as on one of the slices of this box. We also have information about the actress, like her measurements! On the other side, on the other slice, we can discover a cutout of the masturbator’s sleeve. And finally, on the top part of the box, we have two seals to guarantee that the product has not been opened.

Inside this box we have the usual elements that make up the contents of a Fleshlight! There is a small marketing booklet that presents the range, a sample of Fleshlube lubricant and of course, the masturbator. Good surprise, I got two samples instead of one!

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt physical details

No, no surprises when I discovered the Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt masturbator, it’s the same concept I’ve been using for years! Yes, it’s once again a masturbator in the shape of an electric flashlight! At the same time, it is the trademark of a Fleshlight! So we have a white, pearly shell, surrounded by a lid on one side and a cap on the other. Inside, when we remove the lid, we discover the sleeve, a signature sleeve, unique to this model! Once again, the same process is used, a mold of the actress’s intimate parts! So we end up with the actress’s pussy, but a fake vagina! Don’t imagine that the inside of the sleeve corresponds to the inside of her vagina! If it was the case, Emily Willis would have quite a problem.

On the shell, you can see the Fleshlight logo, which also serves as a grip for a better hold of the masturbator in hand. We can also see that the sleeve has a signature of the actress, the trademark of a Fleshlight too! Finally, you have a plastic tube inside the sleeve that allows the material not to stick to itself. You will have to think about taking it out before using your masturbator.

Masturbator dimensions

Once again, don’t expect a surprise, this Fleshlight has the same dimensions as the other models of the Signature range! It’s the standard size! Of course, you have more compact models, like the Go Surge, the Quickshot Riley Reid or the Torque, but here, it is the most common model. It is therefore a masturbator that measures 25 cm (9.84 inches) in total length with a maximum penetration length of 22 cm (8.66 inches). The diameter of the shell is 9.5 cm (3.74 inches) while the sleeve has a diameter of 6 cm (2.36 inches). And finally, the opening measures about 1.5 cm (0.59 inch), but it does extend to get your penis inside.

The other details

To conclude this part of the review, you should know that there is an “anus” model for the actress, which is called “Smash” and this masturbator weighs about 800 grams. This is the same weight as the other models in the Signature range, quite heavy in hand, but not too heavy either.

A word about Emily Willis

To tell you a little more about the actress Emily Willis, she was born in December 1998 in Argentina. She moved to Utah as a child. She then moved to San Diego, California to work as a delivery girl, before starting her porn career in October 2017. Emily Willis measures 1.65 meters tall and weighs 52 kilos. She is a brunette with natural breasts who has been in more than 380 movies! She is known to have won an AVN Awards for best anal sex scene! And by the way, she is known for her ability to obtain female ejaculations during anal penetration! That’s why it’s called “Squirt”!

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt materials

Again, I said there would be no surprises to discover! And this is again the case for the texture! For a while now, Fleshlight has been using an improved SuperSkin material, the Real Feel Superskin! But also, ABS plastic, today more pearly than at one time.

Plastic and RF Superskin

As I just mentioned, the masturbator’s sleeve is made of Real Feel Superskin, a patented material that is even softer and seeks to be quite close to the effect of the skin. It is a healthy material for the body, containing no latex or phthalates, but is porous. In short, it is not recommended to share this masturbator with a third person. And as for ABS plastic, nothing to fear either, it is a rather resistant, rather rigid and always healthy for the body.

The squirt sleeve

As always, I’m trying to decipher the inside of the sleeve! Because it is above all that which changes from one model to another! As soon as you enter, you can see a shape that could suggest a kind of corkscrew. Then, one arrives on a second chamber with as first part, small pimples which line the sleeve, placed according to several different angles and small bumps in points on the sides.

The second part of this second chamber narrows very slightly with a kind of lozenge that forms bumps and a diameter that increases and decreases like a kind of wave, with undulations on the walls. And finally, the last chamber which consists of vertical and horizontal striations and ridges on the side before ending its course on a small area which consists of small balls agglutinated to each other on the top and bottom of the sleeve, but also on the sides.

squirt sleeve

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt use

We’ve seen a lot of the masturbator, but not really how to use it yet. Once again, it is a masturbator that is used by hand, without function, nor motor, I will not give you a lecture on the subject! But you can still do a lot of things with a Fleshlight and there are a few things you need to know to use it in the best way.

How to use it?

I know, it’s so simple that I shouldn’t even have to explain to you how to insert your penis inside this masturbator. But since I know that some people may find themselves reading their first review of a Fleshlight masturbator, my role is to provide you with the necessary elements to make good use of it. To use your Fleshlight, simply lift the cover. Once this is done, you need to remove the tube from the sleeve, add a little bit of lubricant to the inside and/or glans of your penis.

Once this is done, you can move back and forth with and modify the opening and closing of the masturbator cap to create a suction effect. This allows you to play with the sucking sensation and the accumulation of air inside the sleeve. The sensation will be more or less different, notably tighter and more compact with the cap closed and more open and slippery with the cap open.

What more can you do with it?

In addition to simply going back and forth with it, you can go a little further! At Fleshlight, you can find a suction cup fastening system. There is also what is called Dakimakura pillows, I reviewed one several years ago. You can also use it with the Fleshlight Launch in manual mode or connected to a VR porn video and of course, ask your partner to handle it for you to play together and have a little more surprise in the movements.

Which lubricant to choose with?

To get started, you get a free lubricant sample! It’s always a nice thing! But for the next step, you’ll have to buy and choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the masturbator’s sleeve. For my part, I used Motsutoys Tyo, Sliquid Satin and Organics Natural.

How to clean this masturbator?

Before and after you use this masturbator, you will have to clean it! As always, it’s a boring step, but not complicated, nor very long. So you will have to take the sleeve out of the shell and put it in warm water with a little soap! Then I use a cleaning stick to remove the water inside the sleeve. I put it back in the shell and wait several hours for the water to drain without closing the lid or the cap. Then, once it’s dry, I check with a finger and if it’s ok, I close the lid and the cap. You can also use a cleaner like Fleshlight wash. Then, from time to time, a little regenerating powder or corn powder.

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt efficiency

Now let’s see what this Fleshlight does in action! It’s always a pleasure to discover and test a new Fleshlight, because each time I discover a new sleeve! And as I’m curious, it’s even more a pleasure to do it! Is this model a tribute to the actress? Here is my opinion!

The structure and details of the sleeve

One thing is certain, this sleeve is well made! I still remember the time when Fleshlight sleeves were all the same, from one model to another and worse, that the sleeve itself had a looped pattern along the whole length. It was the time of the Forbidden, Lotus or Mouth sleeves! Nowadays, we really have more and more worked sleeves! And as soon as we see the construction of this one, we feel that we are dealing with an interesting sleeve! 

Even if we can see that this Squirt sleeve is not very tight, we can see that it is constructed in such a way as to offer a wide range of variations. Already, no matter the size of your penis, you will be able to take advantage of the variations it offers for it! Between the corkscrew-shaped entrance, the little spikes that fill the sleeve and fold as the glans passes through, the bumps, the ridges and especially the round lozenges that I am not used to seeing, it is a good sleeve and this even before I tested it, I knew it.

Stimulation of the sleeve

I’ve tested this Fleshlight a few times because I’m good at it, but also because it was a bit disturbing. I must admit that it is quite difficult to analyze because the stimulation is very particular. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. Indeed, depending on the amount of lubricant, I find that the stimulation is not the same. With little lubricant, just enough to insert the penis, I find the sleeve quite tight, without being too tight either, stimulating, pleasant, but not incredible.

With plenty of lubricant, it’s better

On the other hand, as soon as I used it with more lubricant, to really get an almost perfect glide, this Squirt sleeve takes off! Contrary to the Smash sleeve, it also for the actress Emily Willis who seems to me uninteresting considering her cut, here, the key words are the variation, the fineness of the stimulation of the glans and a certain realism! Indeed, the entrance is really worthy of the sensation of a vagina! And this is rare enough to mention it! 

More details

While using it, I noticed that the first part of the sleeve, once the corkscrew entry is passed, is pleasant to gently stimulate the glans. But it is especially the second part of the chamber with the lozenges that is really well done. The lzenges come to rub the glans from all sides, with a kind of pulsating effect on the glans, especially on small fast back and forth! Your glans will be overexcited by this area.

Then, the next part comes to destabilize the sensations, with a big variation. Along the whole length, when going back and forth, you can feel a kind of compression in the middle of the shaft of the penis that adds more stimulation while bringing a tighter side. It’s really a versatile sleeve that can be used in many ways.

Overall, what can be said?

By tapping on the bottom, you get a very good overall sensation on the whole penis, but always oriented towards the glans, despite the certain stimulation of part of the shaft. The sleeve as I was saying is not too tight, just the right amount, less than an anal sleeve, but a a bit tight though . The orgasm can come fairly quickly depending on how you use it, but you can also play with the orgasm plateau area, resisting the stimulation of the glans for a while before letting go under the pressure of the pleasure it gives. No doubt about it, it is a sleeve success on many points!


Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt - 17
Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt - 18

Fleshlight Emily Willis Squirt final thoughts

What more can I tell you? Once again, it’s a very good sleeve! If you are fans of the actress, you can go there with your eyes closed! If you like variations, there too, don’t hesitate! On the other hand, if you prefer a very tight sleeve or with a lot of suction effect, you will have to look for another model! At the same time, it is not the Fleshlight sextoys which miss on the website!

Definitely one of the best Fleshlight masturbators I’ve reviewed on the website! I confess that I prefer the Lvl Up model of Mia Malkova, surely by the abrupt transitions of this last one and my gaming spirit, but frankly, this Squirt model is a very beautiful model which makes honor to the actress!


  • A sleeve for Emily Willis!
  • A sleeve structure that varies
  • Well built
  • The signature of the actress and a mold of her
  • Interesting for all penis sizes
  • The lozenges are really great!


  • Still this screw thread of the cap that could be improved
  • Cleaning is more annoying and time consuming than on other models.
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