It’s once again a product from Lelo, it’s the Sila Cruise! Lately, we have had the opportunity to review a lot of Lelo sex toys, including the Ina 3, the Ina 2 Wave, the Ida Wave, the Enigma Cruise and others to come. It’s true that the Sila Cruise has been out for a while now, but we now have it in our hands to tell you more about it.

As we have seen on the Enigma Cruise compared to the Enigma, there is a good chance that we will find ourselves once again in front of a product that has changed very little and evolved, because the big novelty is simply the contribution of the “Cruise Control”, which allows to keep 20% of power in reserve, when changing pressure on the clitoris!

The Sila is basically a softer version of the Sona from Lelo, which is considered powerful and quite crude compared to a Womanizer Classic 2 for example. It is therefore basically a sonic stimulator that adapts to the most sensitive clitoris, but here we have the “Cruise Control” in addition. We will therefore try again with the Sila Cruise, to see if this addition changes things, because it is true that Kitty, during the review of the first model was left hungry by the lack of power of this model! Here is our review of the Lelo Sila Cruise!

Lelo Sila Cruise packaging

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 1

The front of the box

Let’s start directly with the box, which we know more than well by now. It is always a black and cardboard box, protected by a fabric film. On the front part, we have a windowed area to see the product before opening the box. Two stickers must be removed before having access to its contents.

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 2

The back of the box

We then find the Sila Cruise, housed in a mold, with just beside it, a compartment that hides the USB charging cable, the famous Lelo storage pouch and a warranty card. We also have a small manual that indicates to download the full version on the manufacturer’s website and we also find a sample of Lelo lubricant!

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 3

The Sila Cruise, in its mold

It’s crazy not to mention it on the Lelo website! It’s always a win-win situation. Anyway, the box has not really changed, everything is the same! So you won’t be lost when you open the box, especially if you’ve already bought a Lelo sextoy, each of them still looks the same, with some exceptions.

Sila Cruise physical details

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 4

And here’s the thing!

Well, we are not going to repeat the whole description of this sonic stimulator, it is the same as the first model! It is true that at the base, we do not find it really sexy. As we mentioned, it is a kind of shell, a snail with a big mouth, a mixture between the Sona 2 and the Ora 3, to a certain extent. Obviously, we haven’t changed our mind, it’s still the same impression we have when we see it.

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 5

The Sila Cruise and the complete contents of the box

To be more precise, it is a kind of oval, with a large hole with a thick rim. This is the place where your clitoris will be stimulated. On each side of the Sila Cruise, we have a golden part with the Lelo logo. This is what was found on the Lelo Insigna line. I must admit that I prefer the “pink rainbow” effect of the Enigma. We have as usual, the same three buttons present. There is a “+” button, a “-” button and a “()” button. These are the same as the Smart Wand 2 Large, the Soraya Wave or the Lelo Hugo remote control. And finally, at the back of the Sila Cruise, we have the place to come and plug the charging cable when necessary.

Size of the stimulator

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 11

Same shape, same dimensions

No change either on the dimensions of the product, the new or the old, it’s the same sign! It is a rather small and compact stimulator. It measures, placed vertically, 7.5 cm (2.95″) high, 8 cm (3.14″) long and 3.5 cm (1.37″) thick. Again, it is the same product, no change to note.

Other details

To finish on this part, 105 grams is its weight, so it is really light, as much as the first model, too. And on the side of the colors, surprise, we have the same versions as the previous model. Same observation as for the Enigma Cruise, we would have liked other colors, because here we have again a “Aqua”, “Lilac” and “Pink” version. This time, we opted for an “Aqua” version instead of “Lilac”.

Sila Cruise materials

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 7

Once again, silicone and ABS plastic

Come on, big change, the Sila Cruise is made of aluminum! No, I’m kidding, it’s made of sand! Well, ok, it’s silicone and ABS plastic again, what a surprise! Well, we know very well, Lelo doesn’t change the game in this respect and it’s not bad, because on this side, they are rather good! Indeed, we have ABS plastic that represents the golden part that we can see on both sides of the Sila Cruise. For the rest, it is silky soft silicone, without phthalates or latex. Of course, it catches some dust, but you have a storage pocket to avoid leaving it in the open all the time.

Lelo Sila Cruise use

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 8

Easy to use ?

No, you don’t need to stick your ear in the hole of the Sila Cruise to hear the sound of the waves to make it work. It can be placed in an aquarium with fish, it is waterproof! But otherwise, it is still on your clitoris that will be the most interesting. Come on, we explain you some points about it to make use of it.

How do I charge the Lelo Sila Cruise?

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 13

Charging is done through a proprietary cable at Lelo

Even if it looks like a strange shell, it is still a sextoy that contains a battery. And for this stimulator to work, it must be charged. This makes sense. For this operation, you have a USB charging cable at your disposal. It is a proprietary cable, do not lose it. The cable will be connected to the bottom of the Sila Cruise, the other part to a powered USB port or to a power adapter.

When it is charging, an LED flashes. Don’t worry, it’s charging. When this LED stays steady, it means charging is complete. And when it starts flashing all over the place, it’s time to charge the battery again. For the time of charging, it is necessary to count two hours for an autonomy of two hours also. In “Stand-By” mode, that is, without using it, the battery will be empty in 90 days.

How to handle the Sila Cruise?

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 12

The three buttons of the Insigna range

Same buttons, same principle! We find here, the same buttons, those of the Insigna range that I have already mentioned. At first, instead of getting angry on the buttons that do nothing, you should check that the “Travel-Lock” mode is not activated. By holding down the “+” and “-” buttons for a few seconds, you can disable or enable this lock mode. A light will come on when it is unlocked.

Then, three buttons are present. To turn on the Sila Cruise, just press the “+” button. If you press it again, the intensity of the mode used will increase by one notch. The same thing, but in reverse, by pressing the “-” button. To change the mode, the “()” button must be used. And to turn it off, you will have to keep this button “()” pressed for a few seconds.

What are the available sonic wave modes?

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 9

The same modes and intensities are present on this Cruise version

I won’t talk about the fact that Lelo doesn’t offer any more schematics for its vibration and sonic wave modes. Anyway, these are the same modes as on the version without “Cruise Control”, you won’t have any surprises! Constant mode with variable intensity, mode with jerks, ups and downs, these are rather soft modes, without big variations, nothing crazy, but sufficient on the whole. At the same time, it is often the constant modes that are used.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

If you choose the Sila Cruise, you have a rather sensitive clitoris. In this case, to have even more comfort and less friction, you can use a water-based lubricant. It will be necessary to use some around the mouth of the stimulator. A sample of Lelo lubricant is available. After that, you’ll need to use your own or get one of your own.

How to clean it?

We have already told you that it is 100% waterproof, so there is no reason not to clean it properly under warm water with a little soft soap to make it beautiful! Be careful with the ABS plastic part, especially if you rub it a bit to remove fingerprints for example. Take a soft and non abrasive cloth. Otherwise, nothing special to take into account on this essential step, all the same.

Lelo Sila Cruise efficiency

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 14

The Sila Cruise next to the Womanizer Premium Eco

Same observation as for the Enigma Cruise, this Sila Cruise brings only one new thing, the “Cruise Control” function! It’s simply the fact of keeping 20% of power in reserve to deliver it when you press strongly the clitoral tip against your clitoris! But apart from that, there is nothing new on the horizon. The first Sila was not to Kitty’s taste. Although it had some good points, its power was not there. But it is important to understand that the Sila and here, the Sila Cruise are versions for the most sensitive clitoris. A Sona 2 (or Sona 2 Cruise) and the clitoral part of the Enigma Cruise are still more powerful than this one. So we will see if it makes a difference to have 20% more power in reserve!

The handling of the Sila Cruise

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 15

Classic 2, Sila Cruise or Premium 2?

As you already know, whether it is the Sila or the Sila Cruise, on the ergonomics or on its handling, nothing has changed! But we refresh your memory! First of all, its shape is small, very easy to handle, with a good size. It’s a bit like the Lelo Ora 3, but with a slightly slimmer shape, while keeping the placement of the buttons of the Insigna range identical. Even if we are not fans of the Insigna controls, the buttons are easily accessible, it’s not that complicated to use them, even if you have to get used to the fact that turning off the Sila Cruise requires holding down the “()” button instead of the conventional “-” button.

Kitty doesn’t really remember things, which is pretty good for sex toy testing, as it allows me to see if she has the same reactions as when she first used the Sila almost 2 years ago. Again, I didn’t explain anything to Kitty and she was quick to turn it on, unlock the Travel-lock mode and play with the buttons! As far as handling it, Kitty told me it was as convenient to handle and hold as ever.

Noise or not?

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 10

A quiet stimulator

Where the Sila Cruise scores points, just like the first model, is in the noise it generates. It really is a silent sextoy, but you can hear it, so don’t expect a passing fly to be any louder. But we can tell you that it is less noisy than the Womanizer Liberty, which is a little smaller, but still in the same size. Clearly, the Sila Cruise won’t get in your head with a racket that would wake up a dead person. In another room, I can’t even hear when the Sila Cruise is on.

What about Cruise Control and the stimulation it offers?

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 16

Sila or Sila Cruise, can you tell the difference?

This is where we’ll see what the “Cruise Control” feature brings. As with the Enigma Cruise, I placed this one in its storage pouch after charging it, then placed it in the kitchen for Kitty to stumble upon. Once she spotted it, she looked at me and realized that she knew what it was, a sextoy certainly, but not necessarily the Sila Cruise. So Kitty hurriedly took it out and turned it on. At the level of the mouth of Sila, that is to say, the part that we place at the level of the clitoris, it is wider than other models proposing a little the same thing, it is rather simple to place it correctly. As soon as we put it in place, we feel a kind of light tapping on the clitoris, but once again, Kitty did not succeed in cumming with it!

On several occasions, she was not far from doing it, in addition to the fact that I was pinching her breasts at the same time. Just like the base version, this “Cruise Control” version, which keeps 20% of power in reserve, does not make the expected difference. However, it’s a little better than the first version, because Kitty was really on the verge of orgasm, whereas on the previous model, there was a real concern about the power, including at least one extra level for her to cum.

The “Cruise Control” part brings a plus, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t change the background, the Sila Cruise is clearly intended for sensitive people of the clitoris! This is not the case for Kitty, she needs a big stimulation when it comes to using a sextoy like this one. And there, even with the effort, to reach orgasm, it is still difficult for her. And I’m not even talking about the fact that you can’t turn off the “Cruise Control” function. It’s automatic, so take it or leave it.

Lelo Sila Cruise final thoughts

Sila Cruise - Lelo - 6

Lack of power for the regulars, good for the beginners

Once again, releasing a product with just the addition of “Cruise Control” which dates back to the first Sona by Lelo, is a bit of an abuse in my opinion! However, no one or very few people will say the opposite concerning the addition of this mode, it is interesting. But why make a version without this mode, then some time later, add it? We think it should be a standard feature. The Sila Cruise is not bad in itself, because it is in a category that is a little bit different, those who need this kind of stimulation, but softer than a classic clitoral suction toy.

Usually, users are rather looking for more power to enjoy even stronger, there, it is rather the opposite effect, to have a less powerful sextoy, precisely to reach the orgasm, which is not possible for those who are too sensitive, even at the first level of a Premium 2.

In short, if you are sensitive of the clitoris, the Lelo Sila Cruise (if you do not have the first one of course), will suit you. However, if you need more power, this is not really the model we recommend! There, you’ll have to go for the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, from this manufacturer. But otherwise, the Liberty Lily Allen or the Starlet 3 will do the trick, especially if it is a first model. It is up to you to see according to your budget also, there is not only the orgasms, there is also the aesthetic pleasure and the pleasure of the body that each person judges at its level.


  • Quiet
  • Quite compact and handy
  • 8 sonic modes
  • Wider mouth for a better overall fit
  • Lelo quality still there
  • Softer stimulation than others
  • The contribution of the Cruise Control


  • Not suitable for those who want a strong stimulation
  • A bit expensive compared to others
  • Still not a fan of its weird shell-like appearance
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