Another heated vibrator to review with the Lora DiCarlo Sway! Yes, another one, because a short time ago, we proposed you the review of the Lora DiCarlo Drift vibrator, which, as you will see, is close to this other model! This is our third sextoy of the brand Lora DiCarlo, since the first one was the Osé 2, a model that frankly did not convince us, then the Drift, which you have surely already read.

This time, we find ourselves with a double head vibrator, in the shape of S, which you will see, takes the shape of the Drift and on the other side, the shape of Tilt, the next sextoy of Lora DiCarlo that we will review! We hope that this model will be at least at the level of the Drift, but something tells me that it will be even better. Here is our review of the Lora DiCarlo Sway!

Lora DiCarlo Sway packaging

It is a Lora DiCarlo product, so we have the right to the same box as for the Osé 2 or the Drift, with the only thing that changes, its size. We have a big white box with yellow slices. On the side of the front part, we can see the Sway vibrator and that it is also there, a heated sextoy. At the level of the edges, we have details on the product, but it is at the back that we will be able to read the functions that it is capable of using and its characteristics. All this is on the sleeve that we will have to remove to have access to a tab with a magnet system to open the box.

Once we open the box, through the center, we discover inside two distinct areas. On one side, we have the Sway vibrator and on the other, the user manual, with a small cardboard box underneath. This one contains the storage pouch made of recycled plastic from the oceans, the USB magnetic charging cable and the warranty card.

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 1
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 2
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 3
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 4
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 5
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 6
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 7

Lora DiCarlo Sway physical details

If the Lora DiCarlo Sway looks strangely similar to the Drift, it is not by chance! Indeed, on this model, we can see two distinct parts, with a rod on each side, for two different uses. On one side, we have a part more dedicated to the G spot! It is the part which looks very much like the Drift, with its curved head overhung by a kind of bump and on the other, a part surely more adapted to the stimulation of the P spot, but not that, since the use on the A spot will be also possible considering its length and its shape.

It is therefore a double vibrator that takes the shape of an S, with a shallow curvature. In each end we will find a motor with a different head on each side, as previously announced. On the one hand, we have a head in the shape of a flattened hook with a bump, which will be suitable for your G-spot, but also your clitoris that you want to have fun so. And on the other hand, we have a head that is identical to that of Lora DiCarlo Tilt, another sextoy in the range that we will present later. So we have on this part, more subtle undulations, with a progressive taper at the level of its neck. This end will be more interesting for the P spot, but also, by its finer point, slide to the A spot.

As for the buttons, we have 4 of them! There is the famous “LDC” button, another with three wavy lines and the other two, marked with a circle to play with the motors at each end. It’s a beautiful device, a sextoy of a less usual shape, even if we have already seen this shape, as for example with the Desire G-Spot steel dildo from Lovehoney that we reviewed a little while ago, even if we are not on the same dimensions. Last point, we have two magnetic points to charge the vibrator.

Dimensions of the vibrator

If I tell you that this double vibrator measures 22.25 cm (8.75″) in total length, you will tell me that it is too long! In reality, we will not put it all on, since we will use one head or the other to play with. By the way, speaking of the latter, the one with a flat head and a bump, rather for the G-spot is 2.69 cm (1.05″), just like the one of Drift. And on the other side, for the tapered head for the P-spot, its maximum diameter is 2.99 cm (1.17″). A long vibrator, yes, but not huge in terms of its diameter, in the end.

Other details

What else can I tell you? Maybe tell you about its color, a green/blue that I find rather nice. And the other point is its weight, since it weighs only 167 grams. If we compare it to the Drift, which is only 92 grams, it’s still a bit more, but again, this one is very light for its size and the fact that it has two motors.

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 8
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 9
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 10
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 11
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 15

Lora DiCarlo Sway materials

Like the Drift, the Sway is made of silicone and ABS plastic. In fact, it is mostly covered with a layer of silicone, which makes it a rather rigid sextoy, unlike a full silicone sextoy, like a dildo. On the other hand, the silicone is of high quality, really soft, and doesn’t catch dust very much. Whether it is silicone or ABS plastic, they are both healthy materials for the body. On this point, nothing to complain about, Lora DiCarlo offers good materials for the design of this double vibrator.

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 12
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 14

Lora DiCarlo Sway use

You will see, whether it is the Sway or the Drift, the two vibrators of Lora DiCarlo are used in much the same way! If you know one, you will not be lost with the second. We will still make a small overview of how to use it!

How to charge the Sway?

The first thing you need to do before having fun with the Sway is to charge its battery. To do this, you have a magnetic USB charging cable that you simply clip onto the vibrator, then plug the other part into a powered USB port or AC adapter. For the first charge, it should take 1 hour, but in general, it takes more like 2 hours for a full charge with an average of one hour of autonomy.

When charging, the Sway has an LED at the LDC button that will change state depending on the charge of the battery. You will see it change to 25%, 50%, 75% and then 100%. However, when the Sway runs out of battery, the circle in question will start to flash to let you know that you have only 5 minutes left to enjoy! If you forget to turn off the Sway after use, if the vibrations or the heating effect are not activated in the last 5 minutes, then the vibrator will turn itself off. And if you have left the heating function active, without anything else, it will turn off after 15 minutes, without any action on your part.

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 17
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 16

How to handle it?

Do you remember the three buttons on the Drift? On the Sway, we now have 4! But is it more intuitive? Good question. First of all, you have the LDC button, which allows you to turn the Sway on or off with a 1.5 second press. After that, you have a choice! You have a button with three wavy lines, which allows you to activate or deactivate the heating effect of the Sway. It is not instantaneous, you have to wait a little.

Then, you have a “round” button per motor, knowing that they are placed opposite the vibrating head it controls. Then, to navigate through the modes and intensity levels, you just have to press the button once. You will have to cycle, like the Drift, to go back to a previous mode or use the LDC button by pressing it once, to go back to the first level. On the other hand, be careful, you also have a “Travel-Lock” mode which can be activated or deactivated by pressing for 3 seconds on the “LDC” and “vibration” buttons.

What can we do with it?

The Lora DiCarlo Sway double vibrator has a double utility that we can see instantly! Indeed, it has two sides, one more suitable for the stimulation of the G-spot. I speak of course, the same side as the Drift. You can also use this side to stimulate the clitoris! And on the other side, the second head is more adapted to the anal stimulation, but also, to the stimulation of the P spot! So it’s a versatile sextoy, but it’s not the only one in this case either. But actually, the flat head can also be used for vaginal stimulation. It depends on your preferences.

What are the vibrating modes?

Same principle as for the Drift, the Lora DiCarlo Sway also has 3 vibration modes and 7 levels of intensity. Basically, the first 7 levels are constant with a more or less strong intensity, while the last three are modes with a precise pattern. And this is for the two motors, but we will talk about these two motors.

What about the heating mode?

Like the Drift, again, the Lora DiCarlo Sway has a heating feature. It’s called WarmSense™ technology, and it provides quick and even heating. The temperature reaches 40° C, a temperature just above that of the body, in order to increase blood circulation, some relaxation (since we have a warm object rather than a cold one) and at the same time, excitement. It is always more exciting when it is hot than cold in general. Logically, the effect will be identical to that of the Drift, but we will see that a little later.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

You must know this by now, otherwise there must be something I missed. When you have a silicone sextoy, in order not to damage it, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. This way, you won’t have any worries about the material of the sextoy and the lubricant mixing. As is often the case, the use of lubricant is not mandatory, it all depends on your natural lubrication and the level of comfort you want to obtain.

How to clean it?

Good news, the Lora DiCarlo Sway is waterproof! This means two things, one is to allow use in your bath or shower and the other is to allow easy cleaning. Indeed, you just have to wash it in warm water with a little mild soap. Once this is done, simply air dry it. I sometimes take care to remove the last drops of water with a soft cloth so as not to leave any traces. You can also use a sextoy cleaner if you prefer, this is possible!

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 13
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 20

Lora DiCarlo Sway efficiency

You may have seen it, Lora DiCarlo Drift convinced us, despite the flaws we noted! But is the Sway better than the Drift in this area? Is it better or worse? That’s the question of this review! So we tested the Sway in several ways, including for its vaginal and G-spot stimulation, a little for the clitoris, but also for anal and prostate stimulation. Here is our opinion on the Lora DiCarlo Sway!

Still not enough buttons

Unfortunately, the problem detected on the Drift is also present on the Sway! With one more button, we think it will be easier to use, but it is not the case. As we have only one button per motor, we find ourselves once again with a button per motor to manage the modes and intensity levels. The problem is that if you want to go down a level, for example, you have to go through the other modes to get back to this one. But you can, as mentioned before, use the LDC button to go back to the first level and then go back to the mode that interests you.

A longer, more practical handle

It was a negative point (but not a deterrent either), the length of the handle! Here, the Sway is much longer, which allows a better grip, a greater range of motion and more possibilities! Indeed, we can here, make a leverage effect without worrying, make the Sway move back and forth without finding ourselves with a piece of handle that we hold at our fingertips.

Its intuitive side, still missing?

Yes, let’s say that with the Drift review we did a little while ago, the reunion with the Sway control system and buttons was less problematic. At least, that’s what we were hoping for! Already, the symbols on the buttons are still as obscure if you don’t consult the manual to know who does what.

As I said, the LDC button is the biggest one and it is the one that turns off the Sway. The two “round” buttons are there to control the motors and the modes. And the “triple wave” button, for the heating part. I will not repeat what I already said in the Drift review, but it is not clear. You have to read the manual to know what this or that button does, when you use it. Once you get used to it, it’s less confusing, it’s like everything else.

But the Sway is not a success

To tell you the truth, it’s disappointing! The Sway could have been very good, but either our model has a problem, or the Sway is very badly thought out! When you activate the motor on the G-spot side, it also activates the motor on the P-spot side! So, it could be good, but that’s all we can do! Basically, when you use the G-spot side, you will feel the vibrations in your hand and arm when you take it from the P-spot side! And it’s really unpleasant! Unless you leave it inserted and don’t touch it anymore, it’s really bad!

If the manual indicates that there is a button for motor A and a button for motor B, in reality, each button changes the mode of each motor! This is incomprehensible! In fact, it seems that the Sway vibrates so hard that the vibrations are also activated on the other side.

And we spent a good 20 minutes trying to find all possible ways to make each button control only the corresponding motor, it’s not possible! Since the manual doesn’t say anything about it, I’d like to say that it’s meant to be that way. And frankly, it’s hard to tell if one button activates both motors or if it’s the vibrations that spread so much that you get this impression.

It’s stupid, because it’s powerful

Yes, it’s stupid, because apart from this big problem, the vibrations of the Sway are powerful, of quality, but no, it’s not possible to have vibrations that are felt at both ends at the same time, without having the choice to deactivate one motor or the other. One should absolutely not feel as much vibrations on the other side of the head that one uses!

Kitty & Mogwai

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 21
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 22
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 23

Lora DiCarlo Sway final thoughts

Lora DiCarlo Sway - 19
Lora DiCarlo Sway - 18

To finish this review, I can tell you that Kitty was not happy. This problem of having two motors at the same time, which anaesthetizes the hand and the arm from vibrations, is not possible. There is no indication that the two motors of the Sway are really independent. So it seems to us that this is not a defect of our model, but a design defect of the product. To tell you the truth, Kitty was so unhappy that she took the Womanizer Premium Eco to make herself come.

So I don’t even want to try the anal side for the P-spot, the result will be the same since the effect will simply be reversed. It’s really a pity. Because if this problem was not present, the Sway of Lora DiCarlo could have been very good. For us, it is really too disturbing to feel so much vibration at the level of the head that we don’t want to use. It’s really a shame.


  • A complete and quality packaging
  • Soft and dust-free silicone
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Two sides (P and G spots)
  • The overall quality of the product
  • Buttons placed on the opposite side


  • Both motors vibrate at the same time
  • The vibration buttons control both motors at the same time…
  • It’s a pity
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