I am happy to review this Doxy butt plug! Indeed, it’s a butt plug that I wanted to try for a long time already, since I saw it for the first time. So yes, you will tell me that with all the butt plugs we had the opportunity to review on the website, why this one? Simply because it is the English brand Doxy, a brand that we like here, because we know that it always offers quality products with robust materials and therefore, it must be a good butt plug! By the way, maybe this one will enter the top of the best butt plug?

Doxy is a great brand! If I tell you about the Doxy Massager, the Doxy Die Cast Edition or the Doxy Number 3 and Doxy Die Cast 3R, it should tell you something! These are great clitoral stimulators, so we thought, why not a butt plug? Even though I love the Rosebuds range, like the RoseBud Medium or Rosebuds Large that we reviewed a while ago, I really wanted to try this model! Because yes, it is myself who will test this butt plug, Kitty is not yet used to it and moreover, it is a model rather adapted to the initiated! Anyway, let’s not waste more time, here is the review of the Doxy aluminum butt plug !

Doxy Butt Plug packaging

Doxy Butt Plug - 1

The front of the box

To begin with, let’s talk about its box! To tell the truth, this box is rather basic. However, it hides beautiful things! As you can see, it is a cardboard box, black, with the butt plug on the front that gives envy! We find the name of the brand too, at the top.

Doxy Butt Plug - 2

The back of the box

On the back of this box, we have information about the butt plug, like the fact that it is made of aluminum, hand polished in England! And that it has a great brushed aluminum tube to store it. In addition, we also have information about its diameter, its insert size, its length and its weight!

Doxy Butt Plug - 3

The tube!

Indeed, as soon as we open the box, we discover a beautiful tube! It reminds me of the one of the Doxy Die Cast 3R, in smaller of course, but it is a little the same concept! And I admit that it is really classy. We also have a flyer that comes with this tube.

Doxy Butt Plug - 4

In brushed aluminum!

We find the letter “D” written on the top of the tube, which once unscrewed, to allow access to the Doxy butt plug! Frankly, on the packaging, it is luxury! And I really love this tube system! It’s as practical as it is beautiful!

Doxy butt plug physical details

Doxy Butt Plug - 5

By opening it, we already discover the brake of the butt plug!

As soon as we open the tube, the first thing that we will discover, it is the brake of the butt plug! Under this last, we can find again, the letter “D”, the one of Doxy, engraved in the aluminum, it is really class, once again! Then, once taken out completely, we discover this beauty!

Doxy Butt Plug - 6

A beautiful ogive shape!

As you can see on the pictures, it is really a very nice butt plug! Its shape is ogive, without point, because we see well that it is rounded, then we arrive on a big narrowing, with a stem which joins the brake of the butt plug. This brake is besides magnificent, with the Doxy logo, engraved on its base! It is on that, we cannot say that we do not find the quality of the English firm, it is really beautiful work! It clearly competes with the handcrafting of Rosebuds, like the Rosebuds Large model that we reviewed some time ago.

Butt plug size

Doxy Butt Plug - 11

Not too small, not too big

We can say it, the Doxy butt plug is neither too big nor too small nor too thin! It is rather a good in-between, with 11 cm (4.33″) of total length for 7 to 8 cm (2.75″ to 3.14″) insertable (10 cm (3.93″) until the bottom of the brake) and a diameter of 3,5 cm (1.37″) at most! The brake, to talk about it again, has a diameter of 3.7 cm (1.45″), which is sufficient, neither too big nor too small. Moreover, the brake rod is only 0.8 cm (0.31″), which is quite thin.

Other details

Doxy Butt Plug - 8

The brake is really great!

What else can I tell you? As you can see, I think it’s beautiful! But that’s not all! Its weight is really well balanced, with 155 grams well distributed, it’s a little pleasure that you feel just by lifting it!

Doxy butt plug materials

Doxy Butt Plug - 16

Comparison with Rich R19 butt plug

Once again, the materials used for this butt plug are of the highest quality! It is aluminum, but not just any aluminum! Indeed, unlike the Rich R19 butt plug which was also made of aluminum, here, it is solid and full aluminum! That’s why the first one is very light and the second one, much heavier.

Doxy Butt Plug - 15

Comparison with the Galileo butt plug from Gläs

This is similar to the Tom of Finland aluminum butt plug, which is also solid aluminum! This adds considerable weight to the butt plug and it’s a good thing, because the weight plays on the stimulation. This is smooth, quality aluminum, frankly nothing to complain about! Moreover, the aluminum is healthy for the body, without phthalates or latex, it’s all good!

Doxy butt plug use

Doxy Butt Plug - 10

It is a butt plug, nothing very complicated in itself

Whenever I do this part of the review, I always think that some people are going to think I’m calling them a ham! “Like, we don’t know how to use a butt plug, Mogwai? Are you serious?” Well I’m just thinking about everyone! Whether it’s people who are just starting out or those who are more experienced! Again, I wish in my day, when I was discovering sex toys, I had this much information at my disposal. Anyway, here is some information on how to use the Doxy butt plug!

How to use this butt plug ?

Doxy Butt Plug - 9

But look at this beautiful base!

I don’t tell you anything more, you’re on your own! Well, okay! As you know, a butt plug is an object that will be used in your ass. You are free to use lubricant or not, here, with this aluminum butt plug, it slides rather well. But it all depends on your preferences and experiences in this field.

Since it is solid aluminum, you can also play with the temperatures. Either cool it down or warm it up, it allows you to change the sensations. After, the use of a butt plug, it is according to your desire! It can allow you to prepare yourself before a sodomy, to add an additional stimulation, either to be penetrated or to penetrate. In short, a butt plug is multi-purpose at this level. You have to insert it, up to the brake and keep it. It’s not complicated. Afterwards, you can play with it too, make it go out a little, come in, you see!

What lubricant to use with it?

The good thing about aluminum, steel, glass or wood is that you can choose the lubricant you like the most without limitation! Indeed, as soon as we talk about silicone, it is better to choose a water-based lubricant. But with aluminum, for example, you can really choose what you want! And in particular, a silicone-based lubricant which will allow to have a very good glide! And I admit that when it is possible, I like to use silicone lubricant!

Then certainly, silicone is more annoying to clean, it is necessary to use water and soap, otherwise it remains present on the skin or the sextoy. But apart from that, the sliding comfort is really different! So, with this butt plug, you can use Pjur Back Door lubricant for example! But you can also use a water-based lubricant, you have the choice!

How do I clean this butt plug?

In order to clean this butt plug without damaging it, I will advise you the following thing! Just pass it under tepid water with a little soft soap, we rub, we clean well, then we make dry. I pass a small soft cloth, not abrasive, in order not to leave water traces, which is rather ugly once it is dry. Of course, it can be cleaned in many other ways.

Doxy butt plug efficiency

Doxy Butt Plug - 12

Comparison with Rosebuds Large

What does this butt plug do when it gets into the buttocks? That’s one of the reasons why you are here too! I must admit, once again, that this was a butt plug I really wanted to try! Doxy’s reputation is well known and for once it wasn’t a wand but a butt plug, I jumped at the chance! Maybe Kitty will make use of it, we’ll see it a bit further down! Here is our opinion on the Doxy butt plug!

Inserting the butt plug

Doxy Butt Plug - 13

The Doxy butt plug next to the Rosebuds Medium

With steel or aluminum, you can’t say that you’ll have to force it to fit! The material is smooth, the sliding easy, with a little lubricant, it will be able to slip in without any problem. On my side, I even tested to insert it without lubricant, it is feasible and without really forcing, but it is always easier with a little help. When it is inserted, you don’t feel any blockage or difficulty at all. Its shape allows you to get in without any real difficulties in order to position yourself properly, once all the part is inserted, except the brake, of course. I already knew that it would be the case, but by trying it, I could really realize it! Anyway, for the insertion, this is really not where you’ll have any trouble, in my opinion.

Ergonomics, once in place

Doxy Butt Plug - 14

The Doxy butt plug next to a lower-end butt plug, the Anal Dream model from Hidden Eden

There too, I had no real doubts on this point, the Doxy butt plug is very ergonomic! Once inserted, the brake plays its role perfectly and is not disturbing afterwards. Some butt plugs, at the level of the brake, are not necessarily pleasant, here, it has the good size, does not bring any embarrassment, that it is in position upright, lengthened or still sat.

In fact, I sat with it for easily half an hour on a hard surface and I must admit that the brake was not a concern. I even find that it has its place in this way. With its size, it comes without worrying on the prostate and allows a stimulation far from being unpleasant. Sitting cross-legged for example, you just have to make small movements of your pelvis from front to back to feel the butt plug pressing on the prostate. In short, just like the Rosebuds butt plugs, once in place, it does not fall, does not disturb, on the contrary.

One could say that its brake is too thick, it is true, it is particular, but precisely, for my part, it is not a concern. Sitting or standing, once the first tens of seconds have passed, I almost have the impression that it is not there anymore. And finally, I must admit that in a sitting position, it is better than a Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 or even a medium version, while standing, some will prefer Njoy to Doxy! Honestly, I like both, even if sitting, my preference goes to the Doxy brand.

The prostate effect

Doxy Butt Plug - 17

The Doxy butt plug with the Fifty Shades Darker butt plug

As I said, the Doxy butt plug is not in nothing when it comes to stimulating the prostate! Already, its shape and its length allow to do it, which is not the case on all the models of the market. Moreover, the fact that it is hard, makes it easy to put pressure on it. Whether standing or sitting, you can play with the sphincter muscles and the perineum to make the butt plug move and press it against the prostate. It works very well, you can feel the pressure perfectly, which brings a delicious sensation! By playing with this mechanism of tightening and loosening the buttocks by the play of the perineum, we can easily make pressure on the prostate by jerks.

Moreover, as it is not pointed, but rather rounded, it does not press on the prostate in a too targeted way, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. I must admit that for my prostate, it fulfills its role very well, even if it is only a butt plug and not a prostate massager. It is obviously not the same level of stimulation, but once again, for a butt plug, its role is more than fulfilled on the subject.

What more can I say?

Doxy Butt Plug - 18

Some butt plugs from our collection!

I think I’ve already done a good tour of this butt plug, but I’ll tell you a little about other quality butt plugs compared to this one and made of the same type of materials. Indeed, in terms of its weight, it is still a light butt plug for its size. If I compare it to a Rosebuds, again, for the same size, it will still be 2 to 3 times heavier. If I compare it to the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0, it’s clearly a very light butt plug, but also compared to a Njoy Medium butt plug. It must be said that on one side, we have aluminum and on the other, solid steel. On the other hand, compared to some mid-range butt plugs, even at low prices, we feel that it is much heavier than those one.

Once again, the packaging is really top! You just have to see that there is a felted part inside, to avoid damaging the butt plug when you screw the cap back on. You should also know that there is another version of this butt plug, with three stripes on the bottom part of the butt plug, just before the brake. Here, it is a totally smooth version!

Doxy butt plug final thoughts

Doxy Butt Plug - 7

Quite simply, an excellent model!

I must admit that Doxy knows how to make quality butt plugs! Of course, they know how to make competitive clitoral stimulators, that we knew. But as far as butt plugs are concerned, I have to say that this is a first! And for my part, it is clearly a success! I place this Doxy butt plug at the same level as the Rosebuds butt plugs! Its weight is well distributed, neither too light nor too heavy.

You can put pressure on the prostate, without any difficulty, with a very good glide, once in place, it adapts very well to my body and does not bring me any unpleasant sensation. And to crown it all, aesthetically, it is really top, without counting its unique and really classy packaging! In short, I do not really see any defect in this model, it is a success! It’s still, according to me, a butt plug adapted to anal sex enthusiasts, who already have a minimum of experience, even if it remains quite easy to access. In short, a little marvel that I recommend you!


  • Top of the line packaging
  • A smooth model
  • Its shape is pleasant
  • Easy to insert
  • Stimulates the prostate
  • Good weight distribution
  • Comfortable and ergonomic


  • The brake, too thick for some people?
  • Otherwise, I don’t see, it’s great!
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