It is the moment to review the Lovense Diamo cockring! Why do I tell you this? Simply because lately, we try to review all the Lovense range and especially, the products that we did not have yet the opportunity to try! Indeed, Lovense offers very good products for adults and we have already reviewed a lot of them! You could discover the review of the connected vibrating eggs Lush 1, Lush 2.0 and Lush 3!

Yes, we are already at the third model! We also review the rabbit Nora and the Max masturbator. But also, the Domi and Domi 2, the Ambi, the Osci, the Hush buttplug, the Edge prostate massager and even the clitoral stimulator for panties, the Ferri, which is coming soon. All these connected sex toys are really good and we hope that this connected vibrating cockring, Lovense Diamo will also be up to the mark.

The last connected cockring we reviewed was the We-Vibe Verge, but since then it’s been a bit of a blank. I’m pretty intrigued and can’t wait to try it out. Given the reputation of the Lovense brand in the world of connected sex toys, I expect a lot! So we’re going to offer you a review of the Lovense Diamo to tell you what we think!

Lovense Diamo packaging

I’m not going to surprise you by saying that we’ll start with the box! Just like the Lush 3 and the Ferri, there has been a bit of an aesthetic change on this one. We find the Diamo by Lovense on the front, with once again, this wave that goes from blue to pink, which reminds us of its vibrant side but also, the mode of use via the connected application that you can use with a finger.

But otherwise, it’s still the familiar box. It is rather rectangular, white and with fairly rigid cardboard. On the back of this box, we have several pieces of information about the product to know what to expect. When we open the box, we discover the Lovense Diamo in a foam mold. Underneath, we have access to a complete manual and another one that allows us to use the cockring quickly, without too many details.

Then, there is also a storage pocket, something quite new, even if it is quite basic. Finally, there is always the small compartment that hides a magnetic USB charging cable to take care of charging the internal battery of our sextoy.

Lovense Diamo physical details

As you can see on the pictures, this is not a usual cockring, in the sense that it is not simply a round ring. It is a ring with a central part a little oval, with a part in the shape of point. Indeed, it is a kind of appendix that will stimulate either the perineum or the clitoris, depending on the way it is placed.

It is therefore a smooth ring, to facilitate its prolonged wearing, in order to guarantee stronger and more durable erections, while delaying the orgasm but increasing, in general, its intensity. This part intended for the clitoris or the perineum presents small spikes. And we find on the side, a button. We also have the magnetic part, for charging the ring. The design is made so that the ring is “concave” or “convex”, again, depending on how to wear it.

Dimensions of the ring

It’s a funny cockring! Well, let’s say it’s not a simple round or oval. It is a model with a part for the perineum or the clitoris depending on its positioning. However, it is not very big, since it measures from one end to the other, 13,3 cm (5.23″) of length. The internal diameter of the cockring is 4,45 cm (1.75″) whereas the external diameter is 6,47 cm (2.54″). And to finish, the vibrating part, intended for the clitoris or perineum is broad of 3,28 cm (1.29″)!

Other details

Don’t look for another version of the Lovense Diamo, it only comes in black! This is one of the colors that we usually find at Lovense. For a cockring, it’s quite classic, so it’s not really a concern. And for its weight, it is light, since it weighs only 86 grams! However, there is still a motor, a Bluetooth system, but it is not for all that it takes grams more!

Lovense Diamo materials

Regarding the materials used for the realization of this Lovense Diamo cockring, it is of course silicone! It is a rather soft silicone, matt which remains of quality, like the other products of the range. As a reminder, silicone is a healthy material for the body, containing no latex or phthalates! Moreover, it is hypoallergenic, in short, you begin to know it by reading our reviews!

Lovense Diamo use

To use a cockring, there are some points to know! Especially when it is vibrating and connected! But to give you the basics, know that a cockring is used before being erect. You need to insert one testicle at a time, not both at once, plus slide your penis through the ring. If you are already excited, it is much more difficult and you should not even try to do it. Also, it is advised not to use a cock ring for more than thirty minutes at a time. Sometimes you can keep it on a little longer, depending on how you use it, but when you’re erect, be careful not to keep it on too long.

How to charge the Diamo ?

Before playing with your vibrating cockring, you should not forget to charge it properly. To do this, simply clip the magnetic charging cable to the Diamo and the other part to an AC adapter or directly to a powered USB port. When charging the cockring, you will have an indicator light that will stay on while charging. When the cockring is fully charged, the red light will turn off. You can also check the status of its battery directly in the Lovense Remote app which I will echo below.

You should know that it will take 70 minutes to fully charge the Lovense Diamo, then you will have an autonomy of 2.5 to 3 hours continuously. If you leave it aside, in stand-by mode, without turning it off, you can keep it up to 120 hours.

How to use and handle it?

The Lovense Diamo is a bit special! Indeed, there are 4 ways to wear it! And even more if you have imagination! As you can see on the diagram proposed by Lovense, you can wear it with the engine, under the testicles, but also with the latter at the level of the perineum. Then there is also the possibility of placing the engine up, forward, to stimulate the clitoris. Or in the same way, but with the motor towards the body. Here, I am a little more skeptical for the last way of wearing it.

As a reminder, to put on a cock ring, you must first pass one testicle, then the other and finally, bend your penis at rest to pass it through the ring. It is the best way not to be hurt.

Manual way of use with the button

If you don’t have a smartphone or compatible device or simply want to use it without the connected part, you can. You have only one button on the Lovense Diamo, which allows you to turn it on or off. You have to press it for three seconds to turn it on or off. When it turns on, it will vibrate for a short second to indicate its status. Then, by pressing once on the button, you will be able to change modes, quite simply.

How to use the Diamo in short distance connected mode ?

At short range, you will simply have to connect it to a compatible smartphone, tablet or PC with the dongle, for example. But it’s mostly to a smartphone that it’s easiest. Then, once connected, you can use the Lovense Diamo at a distance of 12 meters from the smartphone by being placed in front of the wearer. At the back of it, the range is 9 meters. And finally, in a sitting position, the range will be 5 to 6 meters. This is not bad at all for playing in public, even a little far from each other.

The use of the Diamo in long-distance connected mode

For its long-distance use, it is somewhat the same principle, except that here, it must in addition, once your smartphone connected in Bluetooth to the Diamo, send an invitation to your contact, too, on the Lovense Remote app, so that he can accept it and take control of your vibrating cockring. It is quite simple to do, the application is really well thought out in this regard.

Lovense Remote app

The Lovense Remote application is not to be introduced anymore! Compatible with devices that support iOS 10 and above as well as Android 4.3 and above, with support for Bluetooth 4.0, but also with Mac and Windows, through the Lovense Bluetooth dongle, it is an application that allows a lot of things!

You can control the vibrations to reduce the noise level generated by the Diamo. You can create as many patterns as you want and use the ones shared by the community. You can also use the music synchronization mode, allowing you to vibrate the cockring to the rhythm of the music. There is also a mode that activates the vibrations according to the ambient noise. A manual use with the finger is also possible, in short, it is a very complete application, one of the most complete on the market.

To program the Diamo through the Lovense Remote application, once the sextoy connected to the application, press the “Program” button. Then we can adjust the levels, to play with the first three basic levels. Then we will save the predefined model by pressing “Create a new pattern”.

We can therefore adjust the “low”, “medium” and “high” levels to meet our needs and even reduce the noise of the sextoy, to use it in quieter environments, to remain discreet. Up to 10 patterns can be stored in the Diamo.

Diamo - wear example

What modes of vibration are present?

So even if we have only 3 stable levels of vibration by default, you should know that at Lovense, it is possible to program its own modes. And that’s not all, because we can integrate them into the sextoy! And here, we can have up to 10! It is through the application that we can create or use those already existing, shared by the community. The three stable levels are “weak”, “medium” and “powerful” in terms of intensity.

Which lubricant to choose with this cockring ?

If you ever need to use a little lubricant, although I don’t see much use for it, unless it’s to make the ring slide a little more against the perineum or, depending on the position, against your partner’s clitoris, you’ll have to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the latter. At the moment, I use Goliate long-lasting lubricant or Sliquid Organics Natural.

How to clean it?

Good news, the Lovense Diamo is IPX7 rated. Basically, when you need to clean it, you can run it under warm water with a little mild soap without worrying about damaging it. You can then air dry it and wipe off any water marks with a soft cloth. You can also use a sex toy cleaner, like Sliquid Shine, which is my favorite cleaner.

Lovense Diamo efficiency

Now that we have seen all the technical part, it is time to tell you what we think about this cockring! On our side, we have tested it mainly in short distance use and together with Kitty. We are nevertheless very often together, especially at the moment. But we still tried the long-distance connection part, which works in the same way as other Lovense products that we have already reviewed! Anyway, we will give you our opinion, be it mine but also Kitty’s of course! Here are our opinions on the Lovense Diamo cockring!

Its setting up

On this point, nothing to complain about. The cockring extends a little bit, which makes it easier to put on. That it is in a direction or another, I did not note any problem. I must admit that I am not interested in wearing the cockring with the shaft above the penis and pointing towards the belly. I haven’t even tried it. But for the other ways, you will have my point of view just after.

In short, once in place, it does not tighten too much, just what is needed. It’s not the tightest cockring I’ve reviewed, but it’s within the norm, without being too tight or too wide. And regarding the stem, it fits well, without being disturbing and this in several positions. But let’s talk about it, because the Diamo can be worn in several ways.

The Diamo against the perineum

To try this cockring, we tested 3 ways to wear it. The first one is when I had the part with the stem against the perineum. Kitty had fun with the microphone mode by making noise to make me vibrate. The sensation is pleasant, you can feel the vibrations, even if I find that this part is not enough against my perineum. I found that it lacked pressure. I must say that I also know what the P-Tab of an Aneros Helix Trident does for example, so there I was a little disappointed, without being too much either.

For the clitoris, but not only

Then I tried to put the Lovense Diamo on with the stem pointing down. So it was above my penis. Here, Kitty was vibrating the cock ring as I rubbed against her, part of my penis sliding over her big vagina lips with the small shaft of the cock ring vibrating her clit. Not bad at all, as I was also getting the vibrations in my shaft while vibrating Kitty’s clit.

Then I placed the cock ring, this time with the shaft forward, but down below my testicles. Here, too, Kitty was having a great time playing with the smartphone and the app while I had my penis in her mouth. My cock was vibrating slightly inside. Then I went back to sliding my cock over her pussy as she leaned forward doggy style to slide the shaft over her clit as I penetrated her. We even tried it the other way around, missionary style, this time with my cock penetrating her and the rod vibrating her anus! It is really versatile as an object.

It’s noise level

So to be honest, it is audible! Not so much, but in one room, when the motor went off while I had the mic mode on the app, Kitty was wondering what it was, she was hearing something while talking, but eventually focused on the noise and knew where it was coming from. In another room, no worries, but in the same room, it’s too audible. So yes, I was at the maximum level of intensity, but if you turn it down to a low level, you can be more unnoticeable, but honestly, knowing that the Diamo is external, you can hear it more than a Lush 3 for example, once it’s on.

The lovense app

A small flaw that I hadn’t really noticed, because I had gotten used to it, is the cut-off when you change modes. It was Kitty who noticed this when she was playing with the application. If you change from microphone mode to finger control mode, leaving one mode to go to another one, cuts the vibrations. It’s a bit of a shame, because the cockring could vibrate until you activate the new mode, but not when you leave the screen of the first.

To conclude?

I can admit that this is not the best sextoy from Lovense! It must be said that the Lush 3 is surely their best-seller! However, the Diamo is a satisfactory cockring. As you know, vibrating cock rings are not my cup of tea! I still like non-vibrating rings, like the Mystic Earl, the Fifty Shades Freed cockring or the JNaja from Velv’Or! But it’s true that for the moment, the Lovense Diamo is one of the best vibrating cockrings I’ve ever tried.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lovense Diamo final thoughts

When it comes to Lovense, it’s rare to go wrong! In fact, there are very few Lovense sex toys that don’t measure up. They are often bestsellers and that is understandable. For the Lovense Diamo, it remains a vibrating ring. And it is true that its connected side is still a bit of a gimmick depending on the case. However, concerning the vibrating cock rings that I had the opportunity to review, it is still above others!

Its powerful motor, its shape, its possibilities, the Lovense Remote application, which remains to this day, one of the best applications make the Lovense Diamo, a very good connected vibrating cockring. If you’re looking for a powerful, connected cockring in the vein of other Lovense products, the Diamo will surely be made for you!


  • Storage pouch is there
  • The Lovense Remote application
  • The quality of materials
  • Several ways to use it
  • A connected vibrating cockring
  • It fits a wide range of penises
  • An appreciable range for connected part
  • Not very noisy at low level
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set up


  • Vibration cut-off when changing modes in the application
  • At high intensity, it is more noticeable
  • The pressure on the perineum, less strong than other sex toys
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