Here is a new product in the Kyo range, the Kyo Crystal Mouth masturbator! Maybe you’ve seen this brand somewhere before? Indeed, I have already reviewed several products from the Kyo range of Motsutoys. You could read the review of the Kyo Torso masturbator or the automatic masturbator, Kyo Piston. But also maybe, the Kyo Bound Kohai and Bound Kukuru, two compact and narrow manual masturbators. Or maybe just the latest, the Kyo Skirt and Kyo Jeans Girl?

Anyway, today it’s the Kyo Crystal Mouth that we’re going to see in detail! It’s a masturbator that’s close to ONDO! NUPU, since it too has two openings for the same tunnel! So we’re going to see what the Kyo Crystal Mouth really offers and if this concept of double orifice for the same tunnel is a good idea or not! Here is the Kyo Crystal Mouth masturbator review!

Kyo Crystal Mouth packaging

kyo crystal mouth - 1

The cylindrical box of the masturbator

The first thing you can see is the box, cylindrical in shape, mostly dark and grey and slightly high-tech in its visual approach. It’s a relatively discreet box, you can’t see anything from the outside that might catch the eye.

kyo crystal mouth - 2

A Kyo brand product

When we open this box, we discover the masturbator wrapped in a vegetable bag type pocket, it’s good for the ecology. We find some information on the cylindrical box, but there is nothing more.

kyo crystal mouth - 4

Looks like a box for a candle or alum stone.

If you don’t like the box, you can also use the Kyo Toy Sack! What’s that again? It is a toy bag created by Motsutoys, with a size of 30 cm long (11.81″) and 15 cm wide (5.90″) to store a small masturbator. Finally, of average size rather. This bag uses cords to close it so as not to damage the texture of your masturbator.

kyo crystal mouth - 5

A “vegetable” type bag to store the masturbator.

It is a breathable fabric, with sealed edges, for better durability of the bag. It is spacious enough, so that the masturbator is not compressed inside and is protected from dust. You will find a button to buy this bag at the end of the review if you are interested, as well as another picture of the masturbator placed inside it.

Kyo Crystal Mouth physical details

kyo crystal mouth - 6

The whole Kyo Crystal Mouth

If there’s one thing certain about this masturbator, it’s that he’s transparent! It reminds me of the old masturbators I reviewed on the (French) site a long time ago! I think in particular of the reversible Double Oo sleeve by Dorcel or the Fleshlight Ice Crystal, the Peak Performa Dreamliner or the Quickshot Vantage. You can see your cock in it while you use it!

kyo crystal mouth - 13

The masturbator’s little teeth

But that’s not all! You have two entries on this model, just like the Ondo Nupu, it’s a model that looks a lot like it, without being identical. We find the two inner rings which are here in pink to locate them. A median zone, a little thinner, to get a good grip on it. It’s quite close, except that here, we can’t see too much details because of the transparent texture.

Oral entry

kyo crystal mouth - 12

Just squeeze the sides a little to see the inside.

Visually, it’s not as successful as the Ondu Nupu! Already, the pink color of the lips has faded a little in contact with the pocket. We can therefore see his mouth, but also his teeth, because in transparency, we can see them from the outside. Besides, I think it’s quite ugly, it’s very weird. We’ll have to make do with it. You can’t see the tongue, but as soon as you press your mouth, you can see it. Here, I prefer the oral entry of La Bocca della Verita Perorin and Ondo Nupu than the one of Kyo Crystal Mouth.

Vaginal entry

kyo crystal mouth - 9

The vaginal entrance is poorly detailed, you can barely see anything.

Here, it’s even grosser. We find a vulva with swollen outer lips, very thin inner lips and we can hardly see the orifice, neither in real life nor on the pictures. I did what I could to show you what it looked like. I am quite disappointed here too, I find the vaginal entrance of the Ondo Nupu, once again, much more successful.

Size of the Kyo Crystal Mouth

kyo crystal mouth - 8

A small masturbator, but of good length…

The dimensions of this masturbator are 17 cm total length (6.69″) for 17 cm insertion length 6.69″). Indeed, there are two openings, so they meet in the same tunnel. It is thus 2 cm less (0.78″) than the Ondo Nupu masturbator! For the width, it is a little smaller than the Nupu, we are about 7 cm in diameter (2.75″), with a channel that will be about 6.5 cm (2.55″).

Other details of the masturbator

To give you more information about this masturbator, you should know that it weighs 500 grams, which is big enough to hold it well, but not too heavy either to make it more pleasant to use over time.

Kyo Crystal Mouth materials

kyo crystal mouth - 15

Transparent texture, but not too much

Now let’s talk about its texture, the material used to make it. So of course there is TPR, a transparent TPR, but not too much, with soft TPR on the side, harder on the inside and even harder on the teeth. So there are two internal rings (visible in pink) to increase the narrowness of the sheath on part of the length. The texture of the teeth is a little harder than that of Ondo! Nupu, those of Kyo Bound Kohai and those of The Mouth of Truth Perorin.

kyo crystal mouth - 11

You can easily bend the sleeve

Thanks to this transparency, we can see a little bit of our penis during penetration. However, the transparency is not very apparent. We see relatively moderately well, I think. You can add mineral oil or baby oil to increase the transparency effect of the sheath, but clearly I haven’t tried it.

Tunnel oral version

kyo crystal mouth - tunnels

Diagram of the shaft tunnel

Now, let’s talk about the tunnel now, but from both sides. On the oral side, we start with a soft area, streaks on the palate (upper part) and a tongue (lower part) that will add a little effect. Of course, we also find the small teeth from the beginning. Then, we arrive in the tighter area, with a first ring that acts as a throat stimulation, also with small bumps and ridges and a second ring to arrive on a tighter area at the end.

Vaginal version tunnel

On the other side, we start on a tighter, but soft area, then we arrive on the inner ring, with a slight striated curvature and with bumps. Then the second ring, which immediately gives on the teeth at the end of the stroke. It’s the opposite of the other side, in fact.

Kyo Crystal Mouth use

kyo crystal mouth - 10

The vaginal opening is small

What can be done with this masturbator and how to clean it, these are questions that I often get, and they are also questions about the use of a masturbator in general. So here is the part that concerns the things you need to know in order to use your masturbator properly.

What can we do with it?

kyo crystal mouth - 14

The tongue can be pull of the mouth

Apart from its classic use, i.e., going back and forth with it on your penis, you can also do a few more things. First of all, its shape allows you to twist it a little bit when going back and forth. By taking it from the middle of the sheath, a small twist is possible to stimulate the penis via a spiral shape. You can also rub the mouth of the masturbator on your glans. You can also press on the sides of the sheath to force the mouth open and the tongue to appear. You can easily press on an area to apply pressure to the penis.

Which lubricant to use with?

To add gliding effect in the sleeve, I recommend using a little lubricant and of course, water-based. For this, you can use the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys that I reviewed recently, perfect for masturbation. You also have the Rends Peace or a good old Sliquid H2O, very versatile! You have a lot of choices, as long as it’s a water-based lubricant!

How to clean this masturbator?

kyo drying stick - 1

A drying stick from Kyo

With two entrances present that form the tunnel, this masturbator will be easy to clean! By passing lukewarm water and a little soap, you can easily clean the inside. Moreover, with its transparent texture, you can easily see if there is any residue left inside. It will then have to be dried, which can take time. I have just something for you to speed up this step!

kyo drying stick - 2

Information about the drying stick

Indeed, I also received in the last package of Motsutoys, drying sticks for masturbator. What are they? It’s a diatomaceous earth stick that will absorb the water but also the possible internal moulds that can appear. With this stick, it takes 60 seconds to absorb the water from the sheath, without leaving dust, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and moreover, it is reusable.

kyo crystal mouth - 19

The stick in action

For information, this stick is 14.5 cm long (5.70″) and weighs 30 grams. Here, with a 17 cm tunnel (6.69″), the stick will be short, but enough to do the job. You can find this stick directly at Motsutoys. You will find the link to the product at the end of the review!

Kyo Crystal Mouth efficiency

kyo crystal mouth - 16

The vaginal opening is the best of the two.

Now I will tell you what I think of this Kyo Crystal Mouth masturbator and also compare him to the Ondo Nupu masturbator who is very similar to the latter.

Visually, it’s average

Kyo toy sack small - 1

The masturbator next to the Kyo Toy sack in small version

I have to say, on that point, Ondo! Nupu is much better. The transparency of the sheath loses some realism compared to the Japanese model. Here, it’s really less realistic, it’s less detailed, whether it’s for the oral or vaginal orifice. Moreover, the vaginal opening is almost without details and we see too little compared to this transparent side. As for the mouth, I saw that the pink was easily gone, so much so that there will be no more pink when you use it. In short, I’m really less fan of its visual aspect compared to Nupu.

The vaginal tunnel

Kyo crystal Mouth - 18

Comparison of the Vaginal Orifice of the Crystal Mouth and the Nupu

If on Nupu it was the oral canal I preferred, here it’s the vaginal tunnel. In any case, the vaginal entrance. Already, it is tighter, more difficult to penetrate, maybe a little too much by the way, but with its size a little less long, I can reach the small teeth on the other side of the sheath, just at the level of my penis head. The teeth being firmer than on the Nupu, the pressure I can exert in this way is stronger and it is not to displease me in order to stimulate my glans more and saturate it in intensity before succumbing to its power. One also feels the two inner rings more than on the Nupu. There are more possibilities to put pressure on the sheath, the canal is tighter in the absolute than the Nupu.

The oral tunnel

Kyo crystal Mouth - 17

Difference between the oral orifice of the Crystal Mouth and the Nupu

It is a correct canal in that sense, although I much prefer the vaginal entrance to take advantage of the teeth. Here I also prefer this oral canal than on the Nupu, but I find it quite close. On the Crystal Mouth, I find this canal tighter and with less air escaping through the curvature of the sheath. But for me, it’s really the other way around that’s worth the detour.

Kyo Crystal Mouth final thoughts

kyo crystal mouth - 7

Not perfect, but not bad.

I must say I’m not disappointed overall. I clearly prefer the Nupu on the visual side, but the Kyo Crystal Mouth on the stimulation side. So I would have preferred a mix of the two. If you are more attached to the visual aspect, I would advise you the Ondo! Nupu, but if it is the stimulation that you like the most, the Kyo Crystal Mouth is a little better in my opinion.

kyo toy sack small - 2

Almost looks like the mouth of a monkey, doesn’t it?

Let’s just say they each have their own little perks. I think it’s a shame that this model is transparent after all, because it takes away a certain realism and I don’t think it adds much in the way of realism. If you’re looking for a pocket masturbator, affordable and with two openings, this is a model that will please you!


  • A pocket masturbator
  • Good length
  • The vaginal canal to enjoy the teeth at the end
  • Good grip
  • The two inner rings for the narrower side


  • The not so transparent side
  • Visually, not so good
  • Pink of the lips that goes away
  • The teeth you can see through the sheath
  • Be careful to ejaculate while blocking the sheath
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