The Womanizer Duo is the latest model from the well known manufacturer, specialist in clitoral stimulators by Pleasure air technology! Since the arrival of Womanizer sex toys on the market, new models have been released nearly each quarter. Sometimes a bit too much elsewhere. This time, it’s the Womanizer Duo that arrives in love shops, but what does it propose this time? The latest was the Womanizer Liberty, small, compact and transportable, but this Womanizer Duo, what are its novelties? That’s what I’ll tell you in this Womanizer Duo Review!

Womanizer Duo packaging

We start with the Womanizer Duo box! This one is very close to the Womanizer InsideOut box, but with the Liberty design. This is a big square cardboard box that opens from the side. Like the Womanizer Liberty box, the Womanizer Duo lets you see the product before opening through an open and visible plastic window. I find it is less classy than a closed box, but more convenient to let people see the product before buying it.

The box content

On the box contents, there are not really any changes. We find an identical content to the Womanizer I&O.There is also a USB Magnetic Charging cord, an additional stimulating head (size L) and a user guide in 11 languages. In addition, we find the same type of cover as the InsideOut model. This is a quality satin storage pouch with straps such as a mini-whip at the closures and a Womanizer coin to dress it all up.

What’s more ?

Otherwise, you can find directly on the manufacturer website, a more complete usage manual available in 15 languages. Yes, Womanizer understood that its product worked well on our planet, so we have a manual that covers a large number of different languages. Also know, like all Womanizer in the market, that it is guaranteed for 2 years! On the other hand, no adapter for to plug it directly to a power outlet as it was the case for other models, in particular the I&O. That’s not really nice. But why remove something that was present in the previous model?

Womanizer Duo physical details

Yes, it must be said, the Womanizer Duo looks way too much like the Womanizer I&O! Frankly, just put the two beside to realize it! The buttons are a little different, the G-Spot rod is still better made to stimulate the G-spot, but otherwise, there are few visual changes. It can be seen that the outer rod takes up the important elements to correctly stimulate the G-Spot. The curvature seems well studied, the head of the stem is more imposing with a hollow to stimulate the G-Spot efficiently and with a hard material to make pressure on it.

It is true that, on the InsideOut model, the G-Spot rod had been made without really thinking about G-Spot stimulation. In any case, it was not studied to stimulate the G-spot, but to stimulate the vagina as a whole. Moreover, the I&O rod model was ok, but it was not transcendent. So, we’ll see if this model corrects the shot.

Womanizer Duo size

Since the I & O model is very similar to the Womanizer Duo, the dimensions should be the same. Here, the Duo model is 20.3 cm of total length (8 inches) with a rod for the G-Spot up to 7.62 cm (3 inches). The G-Spot rod diameter is 3.17 cm (1.25 inches). And the diameter of the Womanizer at the widest is 11.98 cm (nearly 4.75 inches). If I look at the InsideOut model, we can see that they are not exactly the same. Indeed, the I & O model is 19.2 cm total length (7.50 inches). The complete diameter is 8.2 cm (3,25 inches). The insertable rod of the I & O is 12 cm (4.75 inches) over a diameter that goes from 2.4 to 2.8 cm (so at maximum, a bit more than 1 inch). But there was actually 8 to 9 cm insertable (between 3 and 3.50 inches), once in place on the clitoris.

The Womanizer Duo model is a little bigger and longer than the I & O model, except for the rod, which is shorter but wider than the model it borrows. This is not a pocket size womanizer, but rather a Womanizer to use when you’re at home. If you want a Womanizer for your travel, the Womanizer Starlet, the Liberty or the Womanizer 2GO (if you like it) will be more optimal.

Others visual details on the Womanizer Duo

What I can tell you more about this Womanizer Duo is that it has the same small details as the I & O model. We find the golden border at the bottom of the product. This model is available in two colors, black and Bordeaux. We can also note, as on the model I & O, the stimulating head displays the same color as the product. It’s always prettier than a white tip that could be found on several other models.

One can also realize that there have been changes in the buttons. Certainly, there are more of them, but they are mostly bulging now, which makes it easier to spot them when you’re using it. I will come back later to tell you a little more about that. As for Weight, it’s about the same as for the I & O model, maybe a bit heavier.

Womanizer Duo materials

To tell you a little more about the Womanizer Duo materials, there are the same as for the Inside Out model. The sex toy is made of ABS plastic, completely covered with a layer of silicone. This is a very soft silicone and medical grade. For information, silicone is a healthy material for the body. We find it nearly everywhere in the sex toys market. Silicone does not contain latex or phthalates. It is not porous and is hypoallergenic. It is therefore a very good choice in terms of materials chosen for the realization of this Womanizer Duo.

Womanizer Duo usage

How to use this sex toy that uses the “Pleasure Air Technology”, this technology patented by Womanizer that is all its charm? As you may know, every Womanizer works the same way. Yet, there are always small things that change from one model to another. We will see, first, the differences between all models of Womanizer on the market.

Comparison between the Womanizer Duo and others models

To tell you the differences between the Womanizer models available on the market or at the end of life for a while, here is a large comparative chart! With that, you have a very good overview of the models offered by the manufacturer.

PremiumClassicDuoI&OLibertyStarlet2GO+SizePro 40W500
Color(s)Gold & golden
Red & golden
White & silver
Dark purpleGold & golden
Bordeaux & golden
Gold & goldenRed wine
Pink Rose
Light blue
White and silver
Magenta and silver
Black leopard
Black and golden
Etc ...
Pleasure Air technologyYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
External / Internal stimulation ExternalExternalExternal & InternalExternal & InternalExternalExternalExternalExternalExternalExternal
StimulationClitorisClitorisClitoris & G-SpotClitoris & G-SpotClitorisClitorisClitorisClitorisClitorisClitoris
Smart SilenceYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Intensity levels12812 / 12
(10 vibrations)
12 / 1264612612
Water resistantWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofSplashproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproof
FunctionA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motorTwo powerful and silent motorsTwo powerful and silent motorsA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motorA powerful and silent motor
Control panel4 buttons3 buttons6 buttons4 buttons2 buttons1 button1 button3 buttons3 buttons3 buttons
Power button

power button

power button

power button

plus button

plus button

rounded button

rounded button

plus button

plus button

diamond button

MaterialsMedical grade siliconeABS plasticMedical grade siliconeMedical grade siliconeABS plasticABS plasticABS plasticABS plasticABS plasticABS plastic
Stand-by modeYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
AC AdapterNoNoYesYesNoNoYesYesNoYes
Power charging time120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes60 minutes30 minutes120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes
Usage time240 minutes180 minutes120 minutes120 minutes120 minutes30 minutes120 minutes240 minutes240 minutes240 minutes
Stimulating head2 sizes (S & M)2 sizes (S & M)2 sizes (N & XL)2 sizes (N & XL)2 sizes (S & M)1 size (N)2 sizes (N & XL)2 sizes (N & XL)2 sizes (N & XL)2 sizes (N & XL)
Stimulating head on the womanizerMMNNMNNNNN
Power-on indicatorWhite LEDWhite LEDWhite LEDGreen LEDWhite LEDRed LEDRed LEDRed LEDRed LEDRed LED
Charging indicatorWhite flashing LEDWhite flashing LEDWhite flashing LEDGreen flashing LEDWhite flashing LEDRed flashing LEDRed flashing LEDLED rouge clignotanteRed flashing LEDRed flashing LED
Charging USB cord YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
PouchQuality satin pouchQuality satin pouchQuality satin pouch with straps and Womanizer coinQuality satin pouch with straps and Womanizer coinQuality satin pouchNo pouchNo pouchQuality satin pouchQuality satin pouchQuality satin pouch
Guaranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years

As you can see, there are sometimes big differences from one model to another. Now, you can see more clearly, the Womanizer that will suit you best according to your needs and your budget!

How to power charge the Womanizer Duo ?

Like all Womanizer on the market, to charge your model, you need to use its magnetic USB power cable. Just clip it on the back of the Duo and wait before it is loaded. The charging time is 120 minutes for an average usage of 120 minutes. So it’s a 1: 1 ratio, which is really good and rather optimized.

A white LED is there to indicate if the Womanizer is charging. Check this one. It should flash during charging and stay steady once the battery is full.

How to use the Womanizer Duo ?

To handle the Womanizer Duo, you have 6 buttons. Well, rest assured, it’s pretty simple. First, the “Power” button located under the Womanizer, near the induction charging port, allows keeping it pressed for a few seconds, to power-on the Duo.

It will be in Stand-By mode, it will activate itself when it will be close to your clitoris. This is the “Smart Silence” mode. Then you have a “-” button and a button just above in the form of vibrations. The latter makes it possible to increase the vibrations of the G-Spot rod and the button “-” below, makes it possible to reduce the intensity of the vibrations. Below, a button with plenty of little round on can let you change the vibration mode.

And finally, there is a button in a suction icon, which increase the Pleasure Air stimulation and the button “-” below, reduces the intensity of this air stimulation. So we can control the vibrations and the air stimulation independently and that’s a good thing. Remember to turn off the Duo by pressing the “Power” button again for a few seconds.

What are the suction intensity levels of the Womanizer Duo?

On the Duo model, we have several intensity levels for the Pleasure Air technology! Indeed, there are 12 different levels. That is to say, the same number as on the Womanizer Premium model as well as others. Indeed, the model W500 or Pro 40 offers only 8 intensities levels. Compared to the models mentioned, you have two softer levels and two more powerful levels. This allows the Womanizer Duo to adapt more easily to those who want a softer stimulation than older models or, on the contrary, more powerful.

You have a level of intensity called “Super Soft” for very sensitive clitoris. And you have a level of intensity “Super Power” to get you off even faster.

What are the vibration modes of the Womanizer Duo?

Then you have the vibration modes! Yes, vibrations. Here is the G-Spot rod that will vibrate. Here, I’m talking about vibrating modes, that is, vibration patterns. There are 10 modes of vibration in all, including more or less stable/constant modes and jerky/random modes. Here are the modes found on the Womanizer Duo!

  • The “Vibrate” mode like some small waves.
  • The “Pulse” mode that plays with the peaks.
  • “Wave” mode in the shape of a bigger wave
  • The “Cha Cha” mode which makes important peaks, then small peaks before taking again to important ridges
  • A “Tease” mode, close to “Cha Cha” mode but in a different sequence
  • There is also the “Ramp” mode which makes a gentle but strong climb before going down at once.
  • The “Tempo” mode that go up in the form of a staircase then goes down in the same way
  • The “Massage” mode that performs continuous mini-waves
  • Then, the “Step” mode that is pretty the same as the Tempo mode, but without the gradual decrease
  • And finally, the “heartbeat” mode that looks like a heartbeat.

To give you more information about these vibrating modes, here is a graphical representation of these. It will be more meaningful for you to identify the different possibilities of vibration.

womanizer duo - vibrations

What are the vibration intensity levels of the Womanizer Duo?

Now, let’s talk about the part that concerns the level of vibration intensity! After the 10 available modes that we have just seen, 12 levels of intensity must be counted. This means that we can use the “Cha Cha” mode for example, with the 12 intensity levels. You will undoubtedly have a mode and an intensity that will suit you in all these possibilities!

What does the Smart Silence feature do?

The “Smart Silence” function has arrived with the Womanizer Premium model. This is a technology that allows the Womanizer to work only when it is a few millimeters away from your clitoris. This prevents it from running idle by generating a lawn mower noise. This will allow you to better focus on the sensations and be less disturbed by the noise it makes.

When you turn it on, it goes into “Stand-By” mode, indicated by a small white LED. This means that the Womanizer is turned on but not running. He power-off by itself after a moment. Convenient after an orgasm if you go to sleep.

In addition to this “Smart Silence” function, the Womanizer Duo engine takes up the noise reduction of the Premium model and the Womanizer Classic. It is now at a value of 40 dB against 42 dB on the previous generation, like the Womanizer + Size or the W500 model.

Which lube to use with the Womanizer Duo ?

To lubricate the Womanizer Duo, this is the same as for other models. Finally, almost the same. Indeed, for the “suction” part, the head is made of silicone, it will choose a water-based lubricant to avoid any surprises. And for the G-Spot rod, it will also be necessary to choose a water-based lubricant. In fact, what is changing is simply the fact that you have to lubricate the G-Spot rod in addition. But it is not an obligation, it is only for your comfort. I recommend choosing a quality lube such as Sliquid H2O, Pjur Aqua, Yes bio water-based or Sliquid Organic Sensations.

How to clean the Womanizer Duo ?

Already, before talking to you about cleaning your Womanizer, know that this one is with the IPX7 standard! This means that it is completely waterproof. Which brings me to two things. The first is that you can use it underwater. In particular, during your bath. The good news is that underwater stimulation is different and stronger. And the second thing is that you can clean it without paying too much attention.

However, be careful. Yes, I know, it’s not logical. I advise you to clean, especially the stimulating head, removing it before the toy. The head is removable, just detach it. Then put it in warm water with soap or a Toy Cleaner on it. Rinse it, dry it and put it back in place.

Womanizer Duo efficiency

In order to give you a feedback of what gives the Womanizer Duo in action, I try this one with my dear and tender Kitty so that she can tell me what she thinks about it and inform you of all this! Now we will see if the Womanizer Duo is a real innovation or a dispensable addition.

Kitty et Mogwai feedbacks

Kitty and I used the Womanizer Duo over the weekend to see what it gives. And I must say that it is frankly not bad. In fact, that’s a really good Womanizer !

The new G-Spot rod

As you can see, the vibrating rod is the big difference with the I & O model. And this is clearly the good point of this model. Indeed, the rod is much more flexible, adapts better to the body morphology and its shape is thought to stimulate your G-Spot. The only small drawback is that the rod is more flexible than the I & O model. This is interesting for positioning, but it applies less pressure on the G-spot. Finally, when comparing the I & O rod and the DUO rod, the DUO rod is more efficient despite its flexibility.

Alternate vibrations

Yes, it is also a novelty, even if it is not the most important. Now we have vibration modes, which was not the case before. If you like alternate vibrations, this is a plus, but generally, constant vibrations are more appreciated by users. In any case, it’s still good to have added.

General ergonomics

The change of buttons is also a good point. Indeed, here they are bulging instead of curved and it’s easier to recognize them by putting your finger on it without looking at the toy in action. The “Power” button is always well placed, you cannot press it by mistake. The grip is always good, as for the I & O.

Power and stimulation

Just like the I & O or the Premium, the Duo is also powerful on its suction part and the vibrations are of quality. It does not vibrate anyhow by making the hand vibrate more than the rod, no, here it is well located. As for stimulation, the Duo is damn good. I used it on Kitty with a pretty powerful first orgasm at a medium level of vibrations and air stimulation.

Then, in a few minutes, a second and third orgasm by increasing the level of vibration and suction, sometimes together, sometimes separated from each other. The G-spot is well stimulated, Kitty was soaked and the fun was really intense. Once the Womanizer Duo aside, Kitty was almost leached, a rest moment was necessary, although I was able to continue in cunnilingus thereafter.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Duo final thoughts

In the end, is this a good model? Honestly Yes. As much as the I & O really had gaps on the vibrating rod part, so far the improvement is visible. The question is still asked “why the Duo model did not come out before and why the I & O exists?”. Because in the end, the Duo is an improvement of the I & O, noticeable, but one wonders if the I & O did not come out too quickly?

It’s also a budget, I must admit. But this is a very good investment. A 2 in 1 Womanizer that works very well, it’s still good news. If you’re looking for a luxurious, flexible, G-spot and clitoral Womanizer at the same time, without even holding it, just wedging it between your thighs, then it’s a great model. We will see what the next will propose!


  • The vibration modes novelty
  • The vibrating rod adapted to the G-spot
  • Better adaptation to anatomy
  • Independent control of vibrations and aspirations
  • Overall product quality
  • The buttons easier to spot


  • No AC adapter
  • Onerous, it’s a budget, but it’s a wonderful sextoy
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