The Kyo 7 Sins by Motsutoys is a big ass! That way, you’re already well aware of the product I’m going to review! Indeed, this masturbator from the Kyo brand, a brand created by Motsutoys, is a buttock-like masturbator. It’s a little bit the same principle as the masturbators Kyo Skirt Girl or Kyo Jeans Girl who are also part of this brand. But you may have read other reviews of this brand, like the Kyo Torso, the Kyo Piston or the Kyo Crystal mouth. Without forgetting the Kyo Bound Kukuru or Kyo Bound Kohai.

Here we find ourselves with a butt masturbator, weighing 7 kg! Yeah, that’s something! You could say it’s a big ass! The Kyo brand really offers quality products and I hope that this Kyo 7 Sins respects this credo! Why is it called Kyo 7 Sins? Of course, you don’t have to look very far, it refers to the 7 deadly sins! As a reminder, you have anger, greed, envy, pride, gluttony, laziness and lust! Will the masturbator Kyo 7 Sins make you a sinner? That’s what we’ll see in this review!

Kyo 7 Sins packaging

kyo 7 sins - 3

The front of the box

A big box, you can’t argue with that! When I received this package, as well as another one from the delivery man, I can tell you that I laughed inside when he told me “It’s heavy all this”! Of course, I wasn’t going to tell him it was a big 7 Kg ass inside.

kyo 7 sins - 2

The top of the box

When I opened the package, I discovered a nice box, all black with a nice logo in front. It’s a sort of mosaic of the 7 deadly sins. Just below this wheel, you can find the masturbator in small size, with the mention “7 Kg of pleasure”! We allready know what’s inside!

kyo 7 sins - 5

What you discover when you open the box

On the sides, we find again this wheel and the fact that it is a product made in China and imported by Motsutoys. Once the lid is lifted, we find again the fact that we have 7 Kg of pleasure and then, we discover a big piece of polystyrene attached with tape.

kyo 7 sins - 6

The masturbator wrapped in polystyrene

For once, it’s not plastic and it’s much better for the ecology! This is good news! Once the tape is cut, we can remove the first piece and discover the masturbator wrapped in a plastic bag.

Kyo 7 Sins physical details

kyo 7 sins - 8

And here’s what you see when you remove the first part of the polystyrene

Once the masturbator is removed from its packaging, it is clearly a 7 kg ass that we discover in front of us. It is a hips type masturbator, in short we have a vulva, an anus, buttocks, part of the thighs and part of the body that goes up to the navel. So we have the hips.

kyo 7 sins - 9

Kyo’s 7 Sins in its plastic pocket

So it’s a bit like the masturbators Kyo Jeans and Kyo Skirt, the Seda T Brute, the Meiki Cherry 2 or Meiki Cherry Evolution, except that here, it’s really the biggest I’ve reviewed so far on the website! The Kyo 7 Sins is really above the others, in size but also in details. As I said, there are two openings, the vulva and the anus, with a certain realism. The vulva is still a little too red in my opinion but it is quite realistic.

kyo 7 sins - 10

And here’s the masturbator in full datails.

You can see the labia majora, the labia minora, the clitoris, its hood, the vaginal entrance, the folds of skin, it’s really not bad at all! For the anus, it’s also rather well done. You can see the most of the anus, which is not necessarily found on other masturbators of this kind where you only have a simple hole without details.

kyo 7 sins - 12

Detail of the vulva and anus

There is also the navel and the shape of the hips can be clearly seen. Then there is also a small hole above the masturbator, which allows air to escape and makes cleaning easier when it is necessary to pass water inside to remove the remaining lubricant and semen.

Size of the masturbator

kyo 7 sins - 14

A masturbator on a scale of 1 : 1

On this point, we can’t say that Kyo 7 Sins is not a realistic size! It’s really a 1:1 scale! You don’t feel like you have a little girl’s ass like you can sometimes feel on smaller scale masturbators like this. Here we have a masturbator that is 34 cm (13.38′) wide and 27 cm (10.62′) high! Might as well tell you that you have something to play with!

Other details of the masturbator

kyo 7 sins - 17

The small hole for the air to escape and cleaning

Finally, the last detail I have left to give you is its weight, but you already know it! Indeed, this one weighs 7 Kg, which once again increases the impression of realism. I can tell you that if you carry it with one hand at arm’s length, it gives you muscles. And when you hold it with two hands, there is really this feeling of weight that comes into consideration and gives this certain realism to the whole.

Kyo 7 Sins materials

kyo 7 sins - 21

TPR with a fairly realistic effect

Now let’s talk about its texture! It is, as with most masturbators, TPR! It’s a healthy material for the body, which contains no latex or phthalates, but is porous. In short, by using it, micro-organisms can mix with the material and remain incrusted. Therefore, a TPR masturbator should not be shared with another person. This is not the case with silicone for example. On the other hand, be careful, the the red color from the lips on the vulva tends to rub off on the material. This goes away with water of course, but the colour will fade as you use it.

The density of the TPR

We find a TPR that gives an impression of having a “skin” effect, it is supple, pleasant, a little soft, but really good for this type of product. For example, if you give a slap on the masturbator’s ass, you can see that the material moves, which is not the case with denser TPR. On the other hand, the texture is a bit greasy on arrival, which is often the case with new products of this kind, but it remains light. Once cleaned, this layer will no longer be present.

The two tunnels of the masturbator

kyo 7 sins - internal tunnels

Diagram of the two masturbator tunnels

Already, it is necessary to know that with the dimensions of the masturbator and the size of the masturbator, the walls of the internal tunnels are thick. This reinforces the impression of realism and changes masturbators with thinner walls. For the vaginal tunnel, you end up with curves that go up and then down and aligned with dozens of small nodules that will rub on your penis as it moves back and forth, giving a quite realistic and surprising sensation. What’s more, the vaginal tunnel is very long, you can go as far as you want and tap the bottom of the vagina, if you like.

kyo 7 sins - materials

Overview of the interior and the different textures

The anal tunnel starts with a narrow entrance, then a ridge-lined tunnel that narrows and widens several times, allowing for very realistic stimulation. I’ll tell you more about this later.

Kyo 7 Sins use

kyo 7 sins - 11

Easy to use

Now that we’ve seen a lot of the masturbator, I’m going to tell you a little bit more about how to use it. Of course, you can use it any way you want! However, there are still a few points to respect if you want to keep your Kyo 7 Sins as long as possible!

What can we do with it?

kyo 7 sins - 15

The realism is still there

Of course, you can penetrate it, it’s still the base! You can also slap it on the buttocks, press it to penetrate it more vigorously or use it as a pillow. It is also possible to heat its orifices before using it to increase the impression of realism even more. You have small sticks that you recharge in USB that allow this. I had actually reviewed the USB Warmer Hot on the french website.

kyo 7 sins - 13

Several positions can be practiced with

You can also put some lingerie on her! A thong, panties, it’s also possible. This allows you to change things and your habits a little. And if you feel like it, you can give it an anilingus or a cunnilingus! On the other hand, clean the masturbator well beforehand.

The simplest positions

kyo 7 sins - 20

Doggy style, it’s possible

In terms of the positions that can be made, some are simpler than others. One can of course place it on the buttocks, as a missionary, on a flat surface at the right height to use it this way, whether for vaginal or anal entry. The butt is made so that both openings are easily accessible in this position.

kyo 7 sins - 26

As a missionary, both holes are accessible…

Another simple position, doggy style! Here too, with the Kyo 7 Sins’ thigh, it holds it very well and you can easily fuck its pussy or ass. It is also possible to use it standing up and grasping the hips to hold it well and penetrate the vagina or the anus as well, whether it’s missionary or doggy style, again.

kyo 7 sins - 23

And in a seated position, it’s quite possible, too.

In sitting position, the amazone or reverse cowgirl is also very simple! The hips make it easy to hold it in place and bounce it off the penis. There are still other possible positions, but I’ll let your imagination take over.

What lubricant to use with?

As always, with a masturbator, only water-based lubricant should be used. This is a must! On the one hand so that it slips off during penetration. Otherwise, it’s going to be very complicated to get there. And on the other hand, so as not to damage your masturbator. Indeed, TPR and silicone-based lubricant don’t mix well at all. You can use the water-based lubricant you like the most!

kyo 7 sins - 25

Only water-based lubricant

However, I recommend the Tyo lube from Motsutoys, which is perfect for this! Otherwise, you have the timeless Sliquid H20, the Sliquid Organics Sensation, to add a hot/cold effect or the UnisX vegan lubricant.

How do you clean it?

To clean this Kyo 7 Sins masturbator, we might as well tell you that it’s not especially a piece of cake! But, it’s important to take care of it! It would be a shame to find yourself with a moldy masturbator. Since it’s a continuous tunnel with entrances and exits, it’s always simpler than an Onahole masturbator. So make sure to pass warm water with a little soap inside the two openings, so that the water cleans the inside. You can also use a cleaning stick, but this will be used mainly to clean a part. I advise you to pass water several times.

kyo 7 sins - 16

Simplified cleaning thanks to the small hole above

If you have a bathtub, it’s even better to clean it properly. Once you’ve cleaned it properly, you have to wait for it to dry. Be careful, the TPR, once wet, slips a lot! So be careful when you wash it, hence the inside of having a bathtub so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands. In a sink, it’s still complicated. Then you can put a soft cloth over it to dry it a bit faster. Then, from time to time, use a little corn powder or Fleshlight powder, so that it regains its soft side. TPR can get a little sticky as you wash it, so it’s best to keep it in the best possible condition to enjoy it every time.

Kyo 7 Sins efficiency

kyo 7 sins - 19

Seven kilos of pleasure?

We finally arrived at the moment when I tell you everything about this Kyo 7 Sins! I can tell you it’s an experience! And it really reminds me of the one I got with the Kyo Torso when I tested it for the first time! Here, it’s a 7 Kg ass, it’s not nothing! Does it look good to me? Should I fall for this one? Is it up to be better compared to other models? Now it’s all going to play out! Here’s what I think of the Kyo 7 Sins!

The grip

There’s nothing wrong with the grip. It can be held in several positions, either with the hands or simply placed on a flat surface. Despite its weight, its shape allows it to be held securely without the risk of it falling. Of course, you still have to lift 7 kg, but its design prevents it from slipping out of your hands at the slightest opportunity. Moreover, its weight makes it possible to obtain a rather realistic impression. There is material and you can feel it when you press it against the pubis when the penis is inserted. It feels well when you go back and forth until the end, I must say that the shape is very well adapted to make it bounce like this, especially when sitting or standing.

It is also easy to switch from one hole to the other. When I used the masturbator, once the anus was penetrated, because it was still narrower and my cock was hard, I could easily go from the vagina to the anus without any problem. In fact, you can see that the masturbator is in a position where the (cut) legs are raised upwards, which gives easy access to the vagina and the anus.

The realistic side

kyo 7 sins - 22

The vulva is still quite realistic (except for the color a little too pink).

On the realistic side, same thing. Between the vulva which is detailed, the shape of the masturbator, its weight and even the anus, it’s one of the most realistic masturbators I reviewed on the website. It still feels like fucking a real ass! In doggy style, you can lean on your buttocks, it’s practical and reinforces this realistic side. That’s what I do when I take Kitty doggy-style and I must say that we find this impression quite well. Even though I have to say it, I much prefer to take Kitty like that and have her buttocks at my disposal. It’s still much better!

On the other hand, it is true that the vulva is a little too red. It’s a bit of a shame and this part rubs off on the first use. I had already seen this on other masturbators. It’s a kind of powder that wears off a little when you use it. It’s not bad, because the vulva becomes less red than when you receive Kyo 7 Sins.

The feeling

kyo 7 sins - 24

Two very stimulating tunnels

On the feeling side, it’s really good. For the vagina, this one’s pretty tight, but not too tight. You can feel the curves and internal nodules that make the whole thing pleasant to penetrate. It’s quite close to a real penetration, because the sleeve is not built in a totally whimsical way. And the fact that we have a lot of material reinforces this impression. Moreover, by being able to lean on it doggy-style for example and slap its buttocks, it increases the pleasure.

In the anal canal, this is often where it’s not as good, but this is not the case on the Kyo 7 Sins. Indeed, narrower, this canal is straight but presents small internal striations along the whole length. There is less air circulation effect than in the vaginal canal, which is more easily penetrated than the anal canal, but it is very stimulating.

I think there’s a difference between those two channels. Whether it’s the vaginal or anal tunnel, the stimulation is there. You can come very quickly with it, there’s no doubt about it! It’s a very good butt-shaped masturbator and you want to come back to it as soon as you’ve finished using it. It’s really one of the best asses, if not the best of the site that I had the opportunity to review.

Kyo 7 Sins final thoughts

kyo 7 sins - 18

An excellent masturbator, a favorite!

Now there’s a masturbator worthy of the name! I must confess I’m really surprised by this one! For me, it’s really almost perfect! Moreover, it is of the same quality as the Kyo Torso, if not a little more! It’s a bit of a peculiar product, I admit, but it’s clearly not comparable to a pocket masturbator or smaller. Here, realism is much more present and we can really believe it!

Of course, I prefer my dear and tender Kitty’s ass, it is irreplaceable, but I must admit that the Kyo 7 Sins is a very good product! Moreover, the cleaning is quite simple. I used a cleaning stick once in the water to properly clean both holes and it works very well. For me, it’s a favorite, it’s certainly one of the best masturbators reviewed on the website and it fits in the top sextoy as well! Try it, it’s adopting it!


  • 7 Kg of pleasure
  • A very present realism
  • Two tunnels of very good quality
  • Several possible positions
  • Quality TPR material
  • A good grip
  • Easy cleaning


  • The vulva is a little too red and rubs off on first use.
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