What’s more obvious than talking about the Sona 2 Cruise review? It is true, after the Lelo Sona 2 review, it is the turn of the new version of the Lelo Sona Cruise that I’ll do. I see that you may already be lost. Not long ago, you have read the Sona 2 review!

Sona 2 is a new and improved version of Lelo Sona. And by logic, the Sona 2 Cruise is the new version of the Lelo Sona Cruise! Now that the presentations are made, we will be able to tell you about this Lelo’s new model, a model identical to the Sona 2 but with the “Cruise Control” technology, just like the first one. If you do not know what Cruise Control is anymore, this is your chance to catch up with the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise review!

Sona 2 Cruise packaging

Surprise, another box, identical to the first one! At the same time, there is no reason to change the box from one model to another. The only difference is that on this box, there is the product name written on it, which is obviously not the same. So again, a nice black cardboard box, the same as for the Sona Cruise. The front part has a windowed area to let the future person who wants to buy this Sona 2 Cruise to see it without opening the box.

Once we open the box, same thing! We have the Sona 2 Cruise that lies in a foam mold with a small part that hides a USB charging cable, a Lelo lubricant sample and a user manual. There is also the registration card for the product warranty, but also a black and satin storage pouch. Again, the manual is a quick-start, it will need to download the manual on the Internet directly!

Sona 2 Cruise physical details

If I tell you that Sona 2 Cruise is visually identical to Sona 2, do you believe me? At the same time, it was already the case between the Sona and Sona Cruise, why do differently? In short, it is the product inside that changes and not much the outside. It is therefore always a small stimulator, compact with a wavy shape and a golden part with a mirror effect. We find again the same buttons on the inside of the stimulator.

Of course, the change brought on the Sona 2 is also there, I speak, of course, about the stimulating head, wider, more comfortable, more suitable for a maximum of clitoris size. Same thing though, the head is still not removable. It’s a Lelo choice, just like We-Vibe Melt.

Sona 2 Cruise size

Since this is the same outer shell, the Sona 2 Cruise is the same size as the Sona Cruise and therefore the Sona 2 and Sona. As a reminder, this stimulator measures 9.9 cm total length (3.89″) over a width of 5.6 cm (2.2″) and 8.7 cm high (3.42″). It is one of the clitoral stimulators of its kind to be the most compact, with the same power level.

Regarding the size of the tip, same observation, no difference between the two models having the Cruise Control option. If the first Lelo Sona Cruise had a stimulating head with a diameter of 1.1 cm (0.43″), here the Sona 2 Cruise has a head of the same size, but the tip is really different from the first model.

Other details on the Sona 2 Cruise

What else can I tell you about it? Already, let’s talk a bit more about its stimulating head. Of course, it’s the same as Sona 2. Its shape is now closer to the Womanizer stimulating head, with more adaptability, a softer texture, and a shape that helps you get more accurate clitoral stimulation. In terms of weight, the Sona 2 Cruise weighs 125 grams, a few grams more than the Sona and Sona 2.

As you can see, I received the black version of the stimulator, but know that there is a purple and gold version or a pink and gold version. The first Sona model I received was fuchsia, the Sona Cruise was pink, now I have a black Sona 2 Cruise and a purple Sona 2. Perfect to distinguish them.

Sona 2 Cruise materials

Never change a winning team! Again, this new version is made of the same materials as its model without the “Cruise Control”, that is to say, silicone and ABS plastic. This is of course medical grade silicone, with a soft, silky feel that grips very little dust.

The part with the mirror effect is made of ABS plastic and the rest of the body is covered with silicone. For information, both materials are healthy for the body and contain neither phthalates nor latex.

sona 2 cruise - 10
sona 2 cruise - 11

Sona 2 Cruise use

Now, we will make again an inventory on the use of this stimulator! Rest assured, there is no difference between the first and second model, but also with the Sona and Sona 2. However, let’s make a tour to remember the basics of this clitoral stimulator using in sonic wave pulsations, it will not hurt anyone.

How to charge the  Sona 2 Cruise?

Before you start to have orgasms with the Sona 2 Cruise, because yes, you will have orgasms with it, it is almost sure at 100%, it will need to charge its battery. Here, same observation, the new model could be charged the same way. Connect the USB cable to a PC or AC adapter and the Jack part of the sex toy. Then you have to wait for it to charge, with 120 minutes to fully charge it and use it on average for 60 minutes. Its “Stand-By” mode allows it to stay 90 days without being used, like the previous model.

How to use it?

You have on the Sona 2 Cruise, some buttons! You have three with a “+” button to increase the intensity, the “-” button to lower it and the “(o)” button to find the mode you like the most. The rest is automatic, including the “Cruise Control” function. So it’s not hard. Oh yes, the principle is to place it on your clitoris, around it, to stimulate it. But that, you probably already know it if this is not your first contactless clitoral stimulators.

A reminder of the wave pulsation system

To clarify things a little bit, the Sona 2 Cruise works with sonic wave technology. It’s not aspirations or vibrations, but waves. It can be seen by power on it, a small internal membrane oscillates inside. It is waves that strike the clitoris and spread at the roots of it for deep stimulation.

What about the “Cruise Control” mode?

It’s the same principle as the previous model! The “Cruise Control” technology makes it possible to not lose in stimulation intensity when you pressed it against the clitoris. On other models, we lose intensity, while here, the “Cruise Control” makes sure to keep 20% of its power to not feel power loss when we stimulate the clitoris with it. So it’s the same thing as before, no change by Lelo on that point.

What are the available modes?

As with the Sona 2, the new Sona Cruise has the same intensity levels and the same modes. As a reminder, the first Sona Cruise has 8 modes, while its new version contains 12. Just like the Sona 2, more modes do not necessarily mean more power. This is the same principle here, since in reality, the intensity range is wider.

Same as for the other model released at the same time at Lelo, we have constant modes as well as alternative modes. We still find the weird mode where we do not really know what the stimulator does, but yet it is a very nice mode, because it really surprises in its intensity changes. Similarly, at the heartbeat, we are still on 120 Hz. But, it is not certain, since this model is less powerful.

Which lube to choose?

As long as it is a water-based lubricant, everything will be fine! It is not mandatory to use lubricant, but it gives you a better comfort. My favorites are Sliquid H20, Sliquid Satin, but also Sliquid Organics Sensation or Sliquid Buck Angel’s. You have a lot on the market to choose.

How to clean the Sona 2 Cruise?

Like all waterproof sex toys, that is to say with warm water and a little soap. The Sona 2 Cruise is waterproof, there is no risk, as long as it is not submerged more than one meter deep. In addition, the fact that it is waterproof allows you to use it underwater for an even stronger stimulation! Indeed, the waves propagate better in the water than in the air. Of course, you can also clean it with a toy cleaner, like the very good Sliquid Shine!

Sona 2 Cruise efficiency

Since I’ve received the Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise at the same time, I’ve tested both at the same time to see the difference with the classic model and the one using Cruise Control. For this occasion, I tested this model with my dear and tender Kitty! So I charged a classic Sona Cruise and the new one to compare both, like the Sona 2 compared to the first Sona that I already made, there is a good chance that the result will be the same. Let’s see that!

New head, new stimulation?

I’ve already talked about on the Lelo Sona 2 review, one of the big changes in this new version is the stimulating head. Once again, it’s the same head as the Sona 2, it’s obvious. It looks more like a Womanizer’s head, but can’t be removed. It is also thicker than the Womanizer Classic head, although it is softer than the first model.

Kitty made exactly the same remarks, it is easier to place the head on the clitoris since it’s better adapt to the body shape. And again, the stimulation is softer. So yes, softer than the one proposed by the first Sona Cruise. Indeed, with the Cruise Control, we still feel a difference with the Sona 2. Anyway, this new head seems to reduce the power generated by the stimulator. Again, I think that the head depth is involved. But it is a good thing for the longest clitoris, we will explain again why a little further.

New modes and intensity levels

Of course, Sona 2 or Sona 2 Cruise it is the same thing. The constant mode will be the same. With 12 levels, one might think that the new model is more powerful than the first one. But when we tested the Sona 2, we noticed that there was a difference. Again, between the old Cruise model and the new one, the stimulation is softer. It’s much less brutal. The first level is still very soft, much like the Super Soft mode from Womanizer, except that here is a bit lighter, especially by the Cruise Control. But hey, the first level is really for those who have never put a contactless clitoral stimulator on their clitoris.

And again, between the first level of the first Cruise and the Cruise 2 first level, you can feel the difference. This confirms that there is a change, either on the Sona 2 or Sona 2 Cruise, linked to the stimulating head but also, at the engine, less powerful.

The worry of the membrane that stops

It was a thing often mentioned on the previous model! With a greater depth and a head that fits better, the inner diaphragm no longer stops. This was not the case for everyone, Candy at the time did not have this concern, but for those whose clitoris was more imposing, it was still a problem. It is now fixed.

The Cruise model noise

Same thing about the noise, the Cruise version is less noisy than the first Lelo Sona Cruise and it is not a surprise. Once again, the head shape and its depth are responsible for it. Maybe Lelo has improved his engine, it’s also a possibility.

The sonic waves under water

Always the same thing, this new model is more powerful under water. This is a good thing for those who find this new model a little weak. It’s a bit like gaining power, without paying a penny more.

Alternative modes

There are no surprises, the Sona 2 Cruise modes are the same as on Sona 2. Again, there is a mode that seems to be completely random, surprising, this is the good side of this model . The modes remain varied, but the constant mode will undoubtedly be more appreciated.

The stimulator handling

The handling is no different from the Sona 2 and this is quite normal since they have the same shape and the same buttons. You can easily hold it in your hand and handle it with ease. The new head could be placed more easily, it’s really well done.

Stimulation and Cruise Control effect

Once again, the conclusion is the same. The new Cruise Control version is less powerful than the first Lelo Cruise Control. The delivered waves do not stimulate the clitoris in the same way as a Womanizer. It’s more like a kind of jackhammer than an aspiration. This is a more raw stimulation, but less strong than the first model. Everything will depend on what you are looking for and the sensitivity of your clitoris. Once again, for Kitty, the sensation is more like a clitoris tapping (like a jackhammer), than a slight aspiration.

The Cruise Control mode which keeps 20% of power allows not to lose power when this one is pressed against the clitoris. Is “Cruise Control” essential? Not really. Again, it’s a sensitivity question. The difference in price does not necessarily justify switching to a Cruise model. According to your budget, know that the version without the “Cruise Control” technology will be quite suitable for you.

In addition, it also depends on how you use it. If you’re the type of person to keep your stimulator against your clitoris like a crazy one, the Cruise model will be more suitable. Otherwise, a model without this technology will be good enough.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise final thoughts


Is the Sona 2 Cruise better than its predecessor? Before answering this question, I still want to mention one thing! Why the name of Sona 2 Cruise? Admit it’s very ugly to read and pronounce! Why not call it Sona Cruise 2? Honestly, it’s easier to pronounce and it’s even very logical. It’s a detail, but I wanted to point it out.

The Sona 2 Cruise is like the Sona 2, a new version that may be suitable for those who have a sensitive or more imposing clitoris. But again, the Lelo Sona Cruise is more powerful than its successor. Two years to have a version that does not bring as many changes, it’s a shame. However, this model remains quite in the top of clitoral stimulators. It’s a bit like the Zumio X and Zumio Caress. The first was considered too powerful, the second brought more sweetness, which may please some and less to others. This is the same case between the Sona 2 Cruise and its previous model.

Do not hesitate to check the Sona and Sona Cruise, to get a better idea. I hope that the Sona 3 and Sona 3 Cruise will be much more worked, especially with a removable head, which is already done by Satisfyer and Womanizer for several years. The Sona 2 Cruise is not a bad stimulator, far from it, it will still really nice for a large amount of clitoris. Again, my rating is based on the product itself and not on the first model comparison.

sona 2 cruise - 19
sona 2 de lelo - 21


  • A good handling
  • A wider range of intensity
  • A new, deeper stimulating head
  • A little more flexible stimulating head
  • The overall quality of Lelo
  • The WTF alternative mode
  • 20% additional power when you need it


  • Less powerful than a Sona Cruise (according to your tastes)
  • Still no removable head
  • You have to download the manual (Not yet available on Lelo)

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