Here is a cute little clitoral stimulator, it’s the Lovehoney Daydream! When I discovered the name of this freshly released sextoy from Lovehoney, I immediately thought of the Radiohead band and their track Daydreaming, released in the album “A Moon Shaped Pool” in 2016, a track I particularly love. But hey, we’re not here to tell you about this wonderful music band, but about Lovehoney’s little stimulator! If at first I thought it was a kind of small vibrating pebble, like the We-Vibe Touch X, in reality it’s something else!

Lately, we have reviewed two new Lovehoney products, pulsating air clitoral stimulators with the Lovehoney Pearl and Lovehoney Rose, but this time, we go back to the field of vibrating clitoral stimulators and in a way, it is closer to the We-Vibe Wish than to the Touch! If you want to discover this small and cute sextoy, we invite you to read on! Here is our review of the Lovehoney Daydream stimulator!

Lovehoney Daydream packaging

Lovehoney Daydream - 1

The front of the Daydream box

Not to lose our good old habits, we will start with the Daydream box! Here, unlike the Pearl and Rose clitoral stimulators, it is an old generation box, the one we have known for a long time! It is a very small box, rectangular and cardboard, white, with a touch of pink to peach, on which we have on the front several elements.

Lovehoney Daydream - 2

The back and one of the edges of the box

At the top we have the Lovehoney logo, then the product in the picture and the words “Peachy Keen” which can be translated as “Passionate about peach”, but which actually means something very satisfying/good. It’s an English expression.

Lovehoney Daydream - 3

The complete content

On one side we have information about Lovehoney, about the product and a part “How it’s work” that indicates how to use this stimulator. This is in fact the user manual, although inside the box we have another manual, but for other languages. When we open the box, we discover once again, a grip bag, a USB magnetic charging cable with a tab to locate it, and then a user and safety manual.

Lovehoney Daydream physical details

Lovehoney Daydream - 4

And here is the Blender, well, the Daydream

If I tell you that this Lovehoney Daydream stimulator looks like a “beauty blender”, do you follow me? For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a kind of makeup sponge where you put your makeup and so on top to get a natural look. Well, you can imagine that this is not my field of knowledge, but Kitty, a little more, hence the fact that it looks like a “beauty blender”.

Lovehoney Daydream - 6

On the back, a single button and two magnetic points

It is therefore a pear-shaped clitoral stimulator, with a tip in the form of a point, the Lovehoney logo, placed discreetly on the bottom of the product and it is under the stimulator that we discover the “Power” button, the only button present on the latter, as well as the two magnetic points to recharge the internal battery of the sextoy.

Size of the Daydream

Lovehoney Daydream - 8

Small, compact, fits in the hand

Yes, the Lovehoney Daydream is tiny! Anyway, just by looking at the box, it can’t be otherwise. To give you more details, when placed vertically on a flat surface, it measures 8.89 cm (3.5″) in height/length with a maximum diameter of 4.64 cm (1.82″).

Other details

As you have noticed, the Lovehoney Daydream clitoral stimulator is peach colored, which seems logical! You will only have this color available. I think the peach color is a little too flashy, I would have preferred a peach color a little more matte and dark, but that’s a matter of taste. And concerning its weight, it’s difficult to have the information, but it’s rather light on the whole.

Lovehoney Daydream materials

Don’t try to eat the Lovehoney Daydream, despite its color, it’s not a peach! Especially since the silicone present is a bit special. Indeed, it is a stimulator that consists of a double layer of silicone! We have a less dense silicone outside, then firmer inside, which allows to have a product a little “squishy”, that is to say, a silicone a little soft on which we can make pressure!

Lovehoney Daydream - 14

Its texture is quite “squishy”.

It’s like the We-Vibe Wish that I’ve already mentioned or the Hera vibrating peeble which also offers a softer part at the tip of the product. It is quite pleasant to have a softer silicone for a clitoral stimulator, it changes the stimulators that have a layer of silicone on a firm core. Well, after that, it’s not a stress ball either.

Lovehoney Daydream use

Lovehoney Daydream - 12

A rather basic and not complete manual

Wake up and stop sleeping in the middle of the day! It’s time to explain to you how easy this clitoral stimulator is to use! So, surprise question, you are going to explain to me what the future buyers must know to use it. Well, ok, that’s our job and not yours! But I’d like a little more attention, gentlemen and ladies! Here is what you need to know about this sextoy to use it.

How to recharge the stimulator?

Lovehoney Daydream - 11

This is where the cable for charging the battery is connected

While growing peaches requires water, here you’ll need electricity! Don’t worry, you have a magnetic USB charging cable at your disposal! You just have to plug this one, under the Daydream, then the other part, on a powered USB port or a power adapter. Regarding the charging time, no indication is present. It’s hard to tell you how long it will take, I had the impression that two hours were needed to charge it to the maximum. On the other hand, for its autonomy, this one is 60 minutes, which is not enormous, but suitable.

How to use it?

Lovehoney Daydream - 9

One button only to use it

With only one button present, you can’t say you can go wrong! However, I was almost fooled. Indeed, on arrival, we have a “Travel-Lock” mode that is activated. In order to unlock the Daydream, you simply have to keep the button pressed for 5 seconds before it starts vibrating to indicate that it is operational. Same thing, if you do this when it is usable, the “Travel-Lock” mode will activate again. Then, to turn it on, you press it once for 2 seconds to reach the first mode, an additional pressure goes to the next intensity or mode. Finally, by keeping the button pressed for 2 seconds, we turn off the stimulator. When you reach the last mode, pressing the button again will switch you back to the first mode.

What modes are present?

On the Daydream, you have 7 modes. To tell you more, the first mode is the continuous mode. And this one has 3 levels of intensity. Then, above that, we have 6 alternative modes, quite classic, with ups and downs, quick jerks, waves, in short, nothing very special.

What lubricant to use with it?

It’s a silicone sextoy, so if you don’t want to have bad surprises, I advise you to choose a water-based lubricant! For information, it is not an obligation, it is a sextoy for external use, which is not intended to be inserted. But some users prefer to use a little, for comfort. It’s your choice.

How do I clean this stimulator?

Since the Lovehoney Daydream is waterproof, cleaning it is a quick and easy process! I suggest you run it under warm water with a little mild soap and then rinse it. Then let it air dry and you’ll have a clean stimulator for your next use.

Lovehoney Daydream efficiency

Lovehoney Daydream - 13

What does this Daydream look like in action?

Will the Lovehoney Daydream make you dream during your day? Does it smell like a peach? Will the vibrations be of good quality? Did Kitty enjoy this one? Like many other questions, we’ll answer them! We’ve been testing the Daydream for a little while, before we were able to tell you what we think of it, and that time has finally come! So here is our review of the Lovehoney Daydream!

Handling and ergonomy

Lovehoney Daydream - 10

The grip is good

Admittedly, the Lovehoney Daydream is quite small, but that doesn’t mean it’s not handy. In fact, it’s a good thing that the button is located underneath it, because given its size, if the button was directly on the product, it would be much more difficult to activate it and change modes or vibration intensities. Since it is small, it can be held with two fingers, and even held in place by squeezing the thighs. It fits quite well, as I was able to stick it to Kitty’s vulva in order to stimulate it in its entirety. And of course, you can use the tip to target the area to be stimulated a bit more or use it in a wider way, as shown, by placing the Daydream entirely against the vulva.

Vibration quality and noise

Well, there, it is not the same thing! The vibrations are not very powerful, but correct, on the other hand, we feel clearly that they are vibrations of surface and which tend to become very “buzzy” on the third level of intensity. The first level is correct, but without more, with slightly deep vibrations, but from the second level, we pass to superficial vibrations only. For us, it is once again a stimulator intended for beginners. Another point, it is not silent! I would even say that for its size, it is rather noisy. That’s what it means to offer vibrations that go into the surface, it makes more noise. To compare, it is noisier than the Pearl and the Rose that we reviewed recently.

The rest of it

Lovehoney Daydream - 5

Can be used without hands

Another element to communicate to you, its LED! At the control button, under it, there is an LED that activates! When we used it, it was in the dark and I have to say that this LED is pretty handy and gives a fun atmosphere when using it. And it allows you to have a little light to use it better. Finally, a little explanation of one of the uses we made of it. I used the Daydream with Kitty, at the beginning, with the tip, but what turned out to be the most interesting according to us, is to press it against the vulva, strongly, because the stimulator being rather “Squishy”, it’s rather nice to use it that way.

Using it like this, with cunnilingus at the same time, despite the remaining space, Kitty soaked the Daydream. She even used it again afterwards to get it flowing again on her own. That’s definitely the upside for us, despite a stimulator that’s too superfical for us. But it’s like anything, depending on the budget, you can’t expect everything.

Lovehoney Daydream final thoughts

Lovehoney Daydream - 7

It is really a sextoy oriented for beginners

To conclude, the Lovehoney Daydream is once again a stimulator oriented for beginners. Its softness is interesting, its possibilities too, but it is true that the vibrations become too quickly superficial, which is a bit of a shame. Nevertheless, as you may have read, we had fun with it and yet, we have plenty to do beside it. We find here, a little bit the “Squishy” side of the We-Vibe Wish or the Hera Pebble, but on a more compact format, in the shape of a blender!


  • Grip bag
  • A vibrator in the shape of a beauty blender
  • Its “Squishy” side
  • Handy and usable without hands
  • Can be used with its tip or its entirety
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Autonomy/charging time a little low
  • Manual lacking in information
  • Mostly surface vibrations
  • Not suitable for experienced users
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