When Lovehoney decides to release a budget clitoral suction stimulator, you get the Lovehoney Pearl! It’s no more complicated than that. In fact, it’s not the only such stimulator in their range, but we’ll keep it a bit of a surprise! Indeed, Lovehoney has already proposed this kind of sextoy, but more through a partnership! I think for example the Womanizer Pro 40 x Lovehoney. But this time, it is a model from their creation, but which still resembles other clitoral stimulators without contact present on the market.

So what can we say about this stimulator? How is it different or similar to other models? Why does it look like the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe or the Pro 2 Vibration? And why am I talking about Satisfyer when we are on a Lovehoney sextoy review? We have to find an introduction and this time, apart from telling you that it’s yet another non-contact clitoral stimulator, I don’t have any ideas! But don’t worry, as usual, we will test this product as it should be in order to give you our verdict! Here is the review of the Lovehoney Pearl!

Lovehoney Pearl packaging

Lovehoney Pearl - 1

The front of the Pearl box

We start with the Lovehoney Pearl box! Yes, this is not the most exciting part, but nevertheless, we have something new and not the least! First of all, we find ourselves with a packaging that has evolved, since it no longer uses the usual colors, like pink, blue or orange. Here, it is a more recent design, more up to date, which uses shades of blue and green that I like.

Lovehoney Pearl - 2

The back of the box

On the front of this rectangular and cardboard box, we have the Pearl as an illustration, then on the back, a presentation of the product as well as the different social networks occupied by Lovehoney. On one side we have the characteristics of the stimulator and on the other, a quick explanation to begin its use.

Lovehoney Pearl - 3

Overview of one of the slices of the box

Ok, but so far, apart from the color of the box and a different design, what exactly is changing? Well, everything is revealed inside the box! Once we remove the sticker, we can open the box from the top and we find the product! Again, nothing much different from the other times!

Lovehoney Pearl - 4

The full content

However, when we look a little closer at its contents, we already notice a small user manual (usually present on the box), a small safety guide and a charging cable. But it’s mostly the fact that there is no more plastic! Well, almost, because I don’t know what this grip bag is made of, but it’s already much better than the big plastic molds or the basic pouches. Here, we have a resealable, opaque grip bag and believe me, it’s a great progress! Knowing moreover that it is the first time that I meet this type of internal packaging!

Lovehoney Pearl physical details

Lovehoney Pearl - 7

And here is the Pearl of Lovehoney!

As you can see, just like me, the Lovehoney Pearl reminds me strangely of the first models marketed by Satisfyer. Indeed, we find this “copper” side which is very clearly linked to the Satisfyer Pro 2, Pro Deluxe and Pro 2 Vibration. It is a kind of clitoral stimulator with an oval shape, with a stimulating nozzle, like many stimulators of this kind. On this white nozzle, we can find the Lovehoney logo.

Lovehoney Pearl - 5

The control panel with three buttons

And on the side of the part that we will hold in hand, we have an edge with an oval part for the controls containing three buttons! We have a “+” button, an “o” button and a “-” button. These last ones are very slightly bulged, what will also allow to locate the symbol on it just by passing his thumb on these last ones. Below these three buttons, we also have a part to connect the charging cable, mentioned by “DC”. Apart from that, nothing more, it is a fairly basic sextoy, whether on its appearance or its buttons.

Size of the stimulator

Lovehoney Pearl - 12

It fits in your hand!

The Lovehoney Pearl is not a big stimulator! In fact, it is even quite small in the end! Indeed, this one has a length of 10 cm (3.93″) for 3 cm (1.18″) wide on average. You can see it on the picture, it fits perfectly in my hand and I don’t have a big hand.

Other details

That’s one thing you can’t miss, its copper color! It is a lighter color than the one used on the first clitoral stimulators of Satisfyer, but not only! Indeed, for me, this color makes me think of the Eroscillator 2 Deluxe, a funny stimulator very powerful. In short, it is a color that gives a steam-punk look. Regarding its weight, it is very light, it weighs only 119 grams.

Lovehoney Pearl materials

Lovehoney Pearl - 16

The Pro 2 and the Pearl

As for the materials that make up this Lovehoney Pearl, we have two! On the one hand, ABS plastic that occupies most of the product’s surface, but also silicone, especially on the stimulating head. The quality is standard, correct and sufficient. And the materials are healthy for the body, without phthalates or latex.

Lovehoney Pearl use

If you have already used a clitoral stimulator of this kind, such as the Cuddly Bird, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise or the Premium 2, you will not be lost with this one! The concept remains quite similar, as you will simply have to place the tip on your clitoris and enjoy the different stimulating intensities! But before all that, it is necessary to prepare it and that passes by its initial charging.

How to charge the Lovehoney Pearl?

Lovehoney Pearl - 13

This is where the cable should be connected

Before using your new toy, you’ll need to charge it up! For this, you have a USB charging cable to charge the internal battery. Good news, the charging cable has a little tab with the Lovehoney logo, handy to find the right cable quickly, when you have lots of them lying around! When the Pearl is charging, an LED is activated and flashes during the charging time. Once the battery is charged, this LED will turn off.

Regarding its charging time and autonomy, it takes only 70 minutes of charging for a maximum autonomy of 3 hours! This is a very good ratio, of course, when using it at its maximum intensity, the autonomy will be reduced.

How to use this stimulator?

Lovehoney Pearl - 11

The three buttons on the Pearl

As you can see in the photo above, the Pearl by Lovehoney has three buttons to manipulate it! You have a “+” button, a “-” button and a central round button. The three buttons are not convex here, but rather concave, so you can guess which button you want to press with your finger, if you are in the dark for example.

First of all, you have to check if the “Travel-Lock” mode is present or not. You have to keep the “o” button pressed for 5 seconds so that the Pearl vibrates to indicate it, and the same thing in reverse. Then, you press once on the central button to turn it on. Pressing the “+” button will increase the intensity and pressing the “-” button will decrease the intensity. Once you reach the last intensity level, you stay at that level. There is no cycling of intensities. And finally, to turn it off, just press the central button.

What modes and intensities are present?

Lovehoney Pearl - 6

7 levels of intensity are present

On the Pearl from Lovehoney we have 7 intensity levels. It is only a constant mode, you will not find on this alternative modes patterns and this is not bad, since the continuous mode is often the most used.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

If you need to use a lubricant with the Pearl, which you really don’t have to, you should choose a water-based lubricant. This is because some users can be very sensitive in their clitoris and adding lube offers some comfort that you might appreciate. It’s up to you, but in any case, don’t use a silicone-based lube.

How to clean the Lovehoney Pearl?

Lovehoney Pearl - 10

The Pearl is only splashproof!

Please note that the Pearl is only “Splashproof”! This means that to clean it, you will not have to immerse it under water. Knowing that the stimulating head is not detachable, you will have to deal with it. I recommend you to choose a soft cloth, very slightly wet to clean the stimulating head. Same thing for the ABS plastic. It’s a bit of a pity, but that’s the way it is, it’s a low budget product. Well, don’t worry, Kitty sank on it, this one is still alive!

Lovehoney Pearl efficiency

Lovehoney Pearl - 9

Is this little Pearl a good one?

Now we’ll tell you what we think! Kitty has already reviewed a lot of clitoral stimulators of this kind and is starting to be well awared on the subject! As you could see, it is a clitoral stimulator that works by air wave as many stimulators of this kind on the market, with a small budget and without frills. You’ll see that this little Lovehoney Pearl is worth a look! Here is our opinion on it!

Handling and ergonomy

Lovehoney Pearl - 14

The Pearl next to the Womanizer Premium 2

To begin with, let’s talk about the grip! Despite its less common shape, the Pearl is easy to handle. When I was holding it, I had no problem stimulating Kitty’s clitoris. I found that the precision of the head was not perfect compared to others. Well, let’s just say that when I’m at the controls, it’s harder to target the clitoris, because the head is quite different. But when Kitty was using it alone in front of me, she had no problem targeting the right area. The buttons are relatively well placed, accessible and easy to handle. On this point, we don’t really have any good or bad things to tell you, it is functional.

It’s just a pity not to allow the removal of the head, either to change it or to clean it more easily. And we appreciated the fact of being blocked at the 7th level of intensity, without that the Pearl does not go back to the 1st level, or even stop its activity. On the other hand, you can’t keep the “+” button pressed to go directly to the most intense level, you have to press the “+” button every time.

Stimulation quality and noise

Lovehoney Pearl - 15

The Pearl, between the Eco Premium and the Classic from Womanizer

Speaking of the Pearl’s noise, it can’t be said that it’s discreet. But it is not very noisy either. Let’s say it’s an in-between, neither silent nor very noisy. Regarding the stimulation and intensity levels, Kitty told me that the first three levels were of little interest to her and it is mainly the last intensity level that she uses. She would have liked to have even more levels, because we still feel that we are not in the presence of a Womanizer that sends much more intensity. The stimulation is quite good, but we noticed that it had a tendency to cover a larger surface than the targeted area. This isn’t really a concern in itself, though.

Experience feedback

Lovehoney Pearl - 17

The Pearl and Liberty Lily Allen from Womanizer

To give you a little more detail, we used the Pearl several times. Once, when I was in charge at first. Here, it took a little longer than the other times, which I will detail later. As I said, the placement in this frame is not the easiest, I think it is, anyway, easier to use it alone than with another person to place it correctly, but after about 5 minutes, Kitty managed to orgasm with it.

Then, without asking her, Kitty took over the Pearl a few minutes later! There she had fun with it, with a first orgasm that came in about 1 minute, then a second, a third and a fourth, which followed in quick succession, about a minute apart. On my side, I was watching with pleasure her moans at each orgasm. Then, about 20 minutes later, she took the Pearl again for another orgasm, this time, by flowing on it, it was all soaked. In short, in about 30 minutes, Kitty was able to cum 5 times with it! So, even if she would have liked more power, it’s more than enough to cum with!

Lovehoney Pearl final thoughts

Lovehoney Pearl - 8

A very good stimulator on a budget!

In the end, it is a good surprise! It is true that this is not the model that we will recommend to users who have already used a stimulator of this kind or who are already used to it. But for its price, it is a very good model of entry of range, very correct and which causes orgasms, even for Kitty who needs more. It has a good autonomy, its grip is good, it is not very discreet, but does its job! In short, a good little model if you are looking for an alternative to Womanizer, Satisfyer and others.


  • Small price
  • Copper plated
  • Good autonomy vs. charging time
  • 7 intensity levels
  • No cycling in the intensity levels
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Grip bag for pouch (no more plastic)


  • Not very quiet
  • Lack of power for those who like more
  • Non-detachable head
  • Only splashproof
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