Spring is over, but the Lovehoney Rose stimulator puts it back in the spotlight! Indeed, Lovehoney has released a clitoral stimulator using pulsed air in the shape of a flower, a rose to be more precise, hence its name! It follows the review of the Lovehoney Pearl, also a clitoral stimulator using the same technology. This is far from being the first stimulator of this kind that we review, you know it as well as we do! Between the Cuddly Bird, the Womanizer Starlet 3, the Pro 2 Vibration, the We-Vibe Melt or the Sona 2 Cruise, these are only a few of the pulsed air/pressure waves sex toys we had the opportunity to review.

Does it make a difference to have a stimulator of this kind in the form of a rose? That’s what we’ll find out in this review! Grab your watering can, some potting soil, a shovel and a rake, we’re going to take a tour of the pleasure garden! We already have a cucumber dildo and a cactus dildo, that will make a very nice sexual green space! Anyway, here is our review of the Lovehoney Rose clitoral stimulator!

Lovehoney Rose packaging

Lovehoney Rose - 1

The front of the Lovehoney Rose box

Although it is a clitoral stimulator in the shape of a rose, it is not delivered in its pot or a flower box! As usual, it is in a box that we will discover this one. As for the Pearl, we have a new design! Finished the white with a little pink, orange or blue, place to a more colorful box and in the air of time!

Lovehoney Rose - 2

The back of the box

It is a cardboard box, rectangular, with a mixture of pink and purple. On the front we have a drawing of the stimulator, the Lovehoney logo and some indications. On the back, we have a presentation of the toy, on one side, some details about its use and on another, pictograms telling us its assets and characteristics.

Lovehoney Rose - 3

The pictograms on the edge

Once we remove the sticker, we have access to its contents! Just like the Pearl, no more plastic molds, here it is a grip bag that contains our stimulator! It is really a good idea and it is a nice surprise, once again.

Lovehoney Rose - 4

And here are the complete contents of the box

And we also have, with this stimulator, a USB magnetic charging cable, but also a small booklet for safety instructions, and a small “Quick-Start” to start using Lovehoney Rose!

Lovehoney Rose physical details

Lovehoney Rose - 5

And here is our rose!

I didn’t lie to you, this clitoral stimulator looks like a rose! Of course, we don’t have its stem, but at the same time, we don’t need it! What we are interested in, like bees, is its nectar, its flower and that’s what we have! As you can see on the pictures, it really looks like a rose, not quite open and with a hole in the center.

Lovehoney Rose - 6

The flower is really well made!

So it’s a rose, with two buttons on the front, one more bulging and the other, more depressed. It should be noted that this is a button. Under the Lovehoney Rose, we have a golden part, a little convex in shape, but which holds in place when the stimulator is placed vertically. And we have at the back, two magnetic points to come and recharge the internal battery.

The size

Lovehoney Rose - 11

A rather small, but still rather large stimulator

Let’s face it, the Lovehoney Rose isn’t very big. In fact, it fits very well in the hand, just the right size. In fact, I calculated the size myself and this is what I got! When it is put vertically, that is to say, on its golden part, it measures 7,5 cm (2.95″) long or height, put so. And concerning its width, it shows 5.72 cm (2.25″) at its maximum. To finish, the hole where your clitoris will be lodged presents a diameter of 1,5 cm (0.59″).

Other details

Lovehoney Rose - 8

The back of the stimulator has a gold/silver section

To finish this part, you can imagine that this stimulator is only available in red! There is no pink, yellow or white version, like the different colors of pink that exist, but I must admit that the choice of red is the most obvious. And regarding its weight, this stimulator weighs only 119 grams, which makes it light.

Lovehoney Rose materials

Lovehoney Rose - 12

A silicone coating is present!

We would have liked this stimulator to be made with plant-like materials, but I don’t think our Lovehoney Rose would have made it through a summer like this! Despite the existence of the Womanizer Premium Eco, we are not yet on an organic sextoy! However, we do have a silicone coating on the entire product! It is a rather soft, matte and body friendly silicone.

Then we also have ABS plastic, present under the stimulator! This is the gold/silver part, convex shape that we also find at Lelo in the Insigna range. This part marks a little, especially the traces of your fingers for example. Otherwise, it is a healthy material, no worries about that.

Lovehoney Rose use

Lovehoney Rose - 9

Using this stimulator is easy!

No need to plant it in your garden to get a rosebush, but I’m sure it can generate some very nice shots! No need to water it either, even if the Lovehoney Rose is waterproof, that’s not how it will make you cum! It’s just a clitoral stimulator like the others, in the shape of a rose, you will see that its use is quite basic.

How to charge this stimulator?

Lovehoney Rose - 14

Magnetic charging of the stimulator

Just like the Pearl from Lovehoney, you’ll need to charge this sextoy before use! But good news, for that, you have a magnetic USB charging cable! And with a little tab on it, containing the Lovehoney logo! That’s pretty handy when you’re looking for the right cable to plug in! As I mentioned, the charging is done through two magnetic tips, and then the other part of the cable will need to plug into a powered USB port or even an AC adapter.

Regarding the charging time, no information is given by Lovehoney! Either on their website or even directly in the manual! I have not calculated the time needed to complete a full charge, but it will take one to two hours in my opinion. During the charging, an LED is present which flashes to indicate that the cable is well connected. On the other hand, the announced autonomy is 65 minutes, but it will also depend on the intensity or mode selected.

How to control it?

Lovehoney Rose - 13

You have two buttons to use it

The Lovehoney Rose stimulator has only two buttons! You have the button that is a bit bulging and the one that is a bit depressed. To use your stimulator, you will need to make sure that the travel-lock mode is not active. You have to keep the button pressed down for 3 seconds for the Rose to vibrate, indicating that it is unlocked or, on the contrary, blocked. Moreover, when charging the stimulator, the “Travel-Lock” mode is automatically deactivated.

Once unlocked, pressing the bulging button will start the stimulator on the first level. Pressing the button down will change the intensity or mode, while the other button will not be used for anything. It simply turns the stimulator off. This means that you cannot return to a previous intensity or mode. You will have to cycle back to the first level.

What are the available intensities and modes?

Regarding the modes and intensity levels, we have 4 constant modes with more or less intensity and 6 alternative modes, with different patterns, such as up and down, a mode that looks like tapping and some others at disposal. By the way, if you read the user manual, you can see that Wow Tech appears, which leads me to believe that Lovehoney uses Wow Tech to use the pulsed air technology.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Honestly, lubricant is far from being mandatory with a stimulator like this one! But I know that some people who have a too sensitive clitoris, prefer to add lubricant, for a question of comfort too. If this is your case, you should choose a water-based lubricant. As Lovehoney Rose is made of silicone, it is preferable not to use a lubricant with this same base. As for the choice of lubricant, there is no need to look for a particular lubricant, water-based will suffice!

How to clean the Lovehoney Rose?

If I had any doubts about it, I could see that this stimulator was indeed waterproof! This is good news, because apart from the fact that you can use it in your bath if you wish, you can also clean it easily without the risk of damaging it. As is often the case, I recommend cleaning it with warm water and a little mild soap. Be careful to clean the hole well to remove any residue, and then air dry it, rather upside down, to evacuate any accumulated water.

Lovehoney Rose efficiency

Lovehoney Rose - 10

The size of the hole seems quite large, with another smaller hole inside

It seems that this sextoy has met a certain “Hype” on Tik Tok! Well, not this one, but a slightly different version! I must admit that I was not aware of this before writing this review! But all in all, someone would have tested a product very similar to this one indicating to have cum in less than 80 seconds! Anyway, it’s just someone who was discovering for the first time the pulsating air sextoys, I guess! Because in reality, when you are already familiar with this sector, you will see that this clitoral stimulator from Lovehoney is not as “hyper” as that! But to explain this to you, we tested this one a few times and came to a conclusion! Here is our review of the Lovehoney Rose!

Handling the stimulator

Lovehoney Rose - 17

Lovehoney Rose Stimulator next to Womanizer Premium 2

Regarding the handling, one could think that the stimulator is beautiful, but not practical. However, the opposite is true. The rose shape allows you to hold the stimulator in the palm of your hand, in a very natural way. The buttons are easily accessible, you can recognize by touch, the button bulging or pressed and you can even hold it between your thighs. From this point of view, the Lovehoney Rose is well designed. Kitty finds it very practical and you can easily target your clitoris with it.

Air pressure quality

Lovehoney Rose - 15

The Classic 2 next to the Lovehoney Rose Stimulator

Then, it is not the same thing. We clearly feel that the Lovehoney Rose is intended for beginners who have never used this type of stimulator. And that’s the concept of the thing, which is a hit on social networks. Why? Because it’s a rose and sometimes you don’t have to look elsewhere. When Kitty used it, it was just after the Lovehoney Pearl with which she played several times. We could see the difference between the Pearl and the Rose, the latter is less powerful. It is a stimulation by pulsed air rather soft, less than the Pearl and even less than the stimulators from Lelo or Womanizer. And we noticed that it was a bit noisy when empty, but less than the Pearl. Once in place on the clitoris, the noise is muffled and does not disturb more than that.

General Stimulation

Lovehoney Rose - 16

Comparison with Premium Eco and Classic!

For her stimulation in the broad sense, Kitty remains on her position, this stimulator is not powerful enough for her. As much as with the Pearl of Lovehoney, she was able to cum several times (despite a lack of power) as much here, the exercise is much more difficult. For her, it is not powerful enough to reach orgasm. But I remind that Kitty is used to this kind of sex toys, between the Liberty Lily Allen, the Premium 2, the Sona 2 Cruise and many others, it’s not the same.

However, there is one mode that caught his attention. Indeed, among the 6 alternative modes, one mode looks like a moving ball effect, a kind of tapping, which is really excellent, but again, lacks power. The other modes are more common compared to this one and of course the continuous mode. Unfortunately, the Lovehoney Rose stimulator is not suitable for Kitty, but will be for beginners who will test this type of sextoy for the first time.

Lovehoney Rose final thoughts

Lovehoney Rose - 7

Good for beginners and first times

In the end, even if the Lovehoney Rose stimulator is beautiful, it is not for everyone! It is absolutely a first time model, for those who want to discover the sensation of pulsating air on the clitoris! Because if you already have another stimulator of this kind, you may be a little disappointed about its power. However, it is a good stimulator if you are the right audience!


  • The grip bag
  • The design is pretty cool
  • Very good for beginners
  • Buttons recognizable by touch
  • The tapping mode
  • The ergonomics of its grip


  • Autonomy a little too light
  • No charging time indicated
  • Power to be reviewed
  • Not suitable for experienced users
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