Last model I received from the famous masturbator, the Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable! Yes, I love to review Fleshlight masturbators, it’s not a surprise for you anymore! I can’t count the number of models I’ve had the opportunity to review and once again, it’s always a pleasure to discover a new model with a unique sleeve! This time, it is the actress Kissa Sins who played the game to propose us a model which is called “Insatiable”! It promises! I have to admit that I did not know this actress at all before choosing this model.

As you know, I have already reviewed many models! Recently, I published on the website, the Fleshlight Adriana Chechik Empress review, the Emily Willis Squirt and the Dillion Harper Crush ! But you could also discover others, like the Mia Malkova Lvl Up, the Lisa Ann Savage, the Lana Rhoades Karma or the Quickshot Riley Reid ! None of them disappointed me! So let’s see if this Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable will also make its entry in the best masturbators reviewed on the site! Here is my review!

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable packaging

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 1

The Kissa Sins masturbator box

No surprises again, Fleshlight is quite constant in the packaging and even in the realization of their masturbators. Indeed, it is always a cardboard box, white and gray and rectangular in shape. We have on the front, a transparent windowed part to see the masturbator.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 3

The windowed part of the box

On the other side, we discover the actress Kissa Sins on a very big part of this face with the masturbator in hand, it is the photo souvenir! We can also discover information about the porn actress, including her measurements. And on the other side, on the other edge, we can see the cut of the sleeve, the main element of a Fleshlight masturbator! And finally, at the top of this box, two seals are present to guarantee that it has not been opened yet. So it’s a very classic Fleshlight box!

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 4

Number one? Maybe

Once inside the box, we have a small piece of cardboard that holds the product in place. We can see the masturbator, but also a small promotional booklet of the Fleshlight range. And finally, you have a small sample of Fleshlube lubricant that you can use for your first use.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 6

The mystery card!

In short, no surprises compared to what you usually find in the box. But in fact, there is a surprise! I had inside, a kind of small golden card, Fleshlight VIP! I haven’t looked at what it was for yet, but I have a feeling it’s promotional! There’s a QR code to flash to find out the site behind it.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable physical details

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 5

The Fleshlight and the contents of the box

I’d love to tell you that there’s something new, but there isn’t! It’s a Fleshlight Girls signature, all the usual stuff! It’s still a masturbator in the form of a fake flashlight! That’s the concept by the way, Fleshlight plays on the pun with “Flashlight”.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 8

The Fleshlight Girls logo is engraved on the shell

The masturbator consists of a white shell, rather pearly, less yellowish than in the past, which is surrounded on one side by a lid and on the other by a cap. When you lift the lid, you can see the inner sleeve, it is the Insatiable sleeve as you have already understood.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 14

Kissa Sins’ signature is on the sleeve.

So we find the intimacy of the actress, molded and with her signature on the side. On the other side of the shell is the cap, which allows more or less air inside the sleeve. No more, no less.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 9

The masturbator cover

On the shell, you have the Fleshlight logo, which is handy for providing a grip, which will prevent it from slipping out of your hands. On the back of the sleeve, you have its name and inside the sleeve, you often have a plastic tube. It is there to prevent the sleeve from sticking to itself, so don’t forget to remove it before inserting your penis.

Size of the masturbator

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 7

Standard dimensions for this model

This is a standard Fleshlight with standard measurements to all Fleshlight Girls signature models. Some models at Fleshlight are smaller, like the Quickshot Vantage for example or the Go Surge. But here, it is a usual size. This masturbator measures 25 cm (9.84″) in total length for a penetration length of 22 cm (8.66″) at its maximum. The shell has a diameter of 9.5 cm (3.74″), while the sleeve has a diameter of 6 cm (2.36″). The orifice is around 1.5 cm (0.59′), but stretches so that your penis can be inserted.

Other details

Finally, regarding the weight of the masturbator, it is always a model that is around 800 grams! And as often, you also have an anal model for the actress! This one is called “Sinner”! I opted for the vagina sleeve this time, because it is necessary to vary the pleasures!

A word about Kissa Sins

As I do with most of the Fleshlight Girls masturbators, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the actress Kissa Sins! Born in 1987 in Pasadena, California, moved with her family to Toronto, Canada where she resided for 10 years. She started her professional life as a wedding planner and entrepreneur.

It was in 2014 that she met the actor Johnny Sins on Instagram and with whom she formed a romantic relationship and shot amateur pornographic scenes in Mexico that obtained some success. Nowadays, Kissa Sins has shot with many other actresses such as Abella Danger, Gina Valentina or Angela White. Currently, Kissa Sins has more than 340 films to her credit!

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable materials

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 19

The sleeve next to the shell

As far as materials go, it’s what you’d usually find on a Fleshlight these days! Back in the day, Fleshlight used a patented material called SuperSkin! Now, the manufacturer uses another material, still patented, the Real Feel Superskin! And we still find ABS plastic for the shell!

The Real Feel SuperSkin

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 2

Overview of the sleeve structure on the box

This masturbator is made of Real Feel Superskin, a material that is a little softer than SuperSkin and is meant to be close to the skin effect. This material does not contain phthalates or latex, it is healthy for the body, but it is porous. A porous material means that bacteria and others can get inside it.

That’s why it’s not at all recommended to share your Fleshlight masturbator with a third party or to buy a second-hand masturbator. Yes, it does exist! And next to that we have ABS plastic, a body friendly and rigid material that makes up, as I said, the shell, the lid and the cap.

The Insatiable sleeve

Now let’s talk about the Insatiable sleeve! It is a shaft that has four chambers of different sizes. Each chamber has a different structure. We have a spherical shaped chamber, a second one that is more conical in shape and two more classic chambers. The last two chambers have a ribbed transition between the two! It’s a liner that combines different diameters, large variations and it looks really interesting to test! That’s also why I chose this model.

 Kissa Sins Insatiable Sleeve

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable use

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 18

A classic Fleshlight!

Now that we’ve seen the basics about the look and construction of this Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable masturbator, it’s time to talk a bit more about its use. Again, this is a masturbator, easy to handle, having nothing complicated in its operation. Let’s have a look at the subject.

How to use a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 17

The cap allows you to play with the air in the sleeve

Sure, it’s simple, but there are some precautions to take! It is not enough to insert your penis into it. As I mentioned, before doing this, you need to remove the plastic tube inside the sleeve. Once this is done, I also advise you to clean it. This is because when you receive a Fleshlight, there is powder inside that tends to dry out. If you don’t do this cleaning beforehand, you will end up with white marks on your penis, which is not very hygienic.

What more can be done?

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 10

Why not use it with the Launch if you have one?

Manual use is the basic, because you don’t need any additional equipment. But you should know that there are several ways to use a Fleshlight. The first is to use it with the Fleshlight Launch, an accessory that has often been criticized and that I find very good. I hope that a new model will be released!

With this accessory, you can use it in automatic mode, but also synchronized with a porn video! You can even tweak it to make it compatible with many videos using scripts! You can even use VR porn! But it’s a bit more complicated and you need a headset.

There are also accessories at Fleshlight, such as a component that allows you to attach it to a suction cup. You can also use a Fleshlight with a Dakimakura pillow! And those are just a few examples. Of course, if you have a partner, you can have fun together so that one enjoys and the other controls the masturbator.

Which lubricant should I choose?

First thing, you get a sample that comes with the masturbator. For your first time, it’s not bad. After that, you’ll need to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the sleeve. I usually use the lubricants I have in stock, recently received, including recently, the Tyo from Motsutoys, but also the Sliquid Organics Natural and Sliquid Satin.

Cleaning the Fleshlight

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 12

Cleaning, the least interesting but necessary part

It is often the thing that nobody likes! It’s normal, it’s not very orgasmic! And it’s a bit of a long step, anyway, for the masturbator to dry. For my part, I take the sleeve out of its shell, I wash it with water, cleaning well the inside, adding a soft soap. Then, I put the sleeve back into the shell, but without inserting it, placing the cover underneath so that the water drains out. Sometimes, depending on the sleeve, I also use a cleaning stick for stubborn water. Once it’s dried well, I close the whole thing up. And from time to time, I use regenerating powder or cornstarch.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable efficiency

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 15

Private parts of Kissa Sins

Is Kissa Sins really insatiable? Can we satisfy her? That’s what this game is all about! Of course, it’s only a masturbator who takes the mold of her pussy! But you have to think outside the box when you test so many products, you have to be imaginative and above all have fun! So I’m going to tell you what I think of this model, here is my opinion on the Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable!

Structure and details of the sleeve (first and second chamber)

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 11

The present tube to be removed and the name of the sleeve is visible at the back

The first part of the sleeve is this cone-shaped grid with fairly rough edges. It is a conical chamber of 5 cm (1.96′) long with a gridded area where ribs cross in rectangular spaces. The diameter of this area is quite small, I even want to say very tight from the beginning of this sleeve.

And I must admit that this first part is really good! We get a pleasant sensation of penetration, because we have to push a little in this chamber to enter. The stimulation of the glans and the crown of the penis is really extremely pleasant! We feel very well the glans to come to rub on the grid and this sensation of narrowing by the conical shape of this chamber.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 16

The Insatiable sleeve is really interesting

Then we arrive in the spherical chamber with bumps, also quite small since it measures 3 cm (1.18′) long and 2.5 cm (0.98′) wide. Here, the walls are covered with small round bumps, stimulating but not very intense for the glans. On the other hand, we feel quite well this effect of constriction from the entrance of this zone to the exit of this one.

Third cylindrical chamber and fourth chamber

The third chamber is quite long and extends over 6 cm (2.36″) with large structures inside. This area looks like a system of rollers and cylinders placed across the canal with 4 staggered rows leaving very little space. This part is really intense and tight, with a constant stimulation of the glans but also of the shaft. I like this part of the sleeve as well.

Then we arrive at the short transition, ribbed before the last chamber. It’s quite smooth as a passage, less than the previous area. But if you manage to wait for the last chamber, there are large ribs here that resist the passage of the glans, with spiral exits and a very intense stimulation. I halfway reach it and I can tell you that it is really intense.


So what can I tell you about this Kissa Sins Insatiable pattern? Well I like this model very much. When the cap is closed, I get a very tight sensation, with a rather present feeling of aspiration, a very pleasant stimulation and with a good resistance to the passage of the penis. When the cap is open, the sliding sensation is quite good and you almost don’t feel this tightness anymore and you don’t feel the penis suction sensation.

The stimulation of the sleeve

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 20

Comparison with another model, you guessed it!

If I had to summarize the stimulation of this sleeve, I would say that it is amazing. On the one hand, it is very varied, with quite a few changes in diameter, sensations of constrictions of the penis and wider passages, with a very good first part, a more intense central area and a tip that will have no trouble making you cum. The orgasm you get is quality, hard not to get it from going back and forth or even playing with the first chamber. I also feel that the front of the penis is more solicited than the back, in addition to the glans and the crown of it.

What more can I say?

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 21

The Insatiable model next to the Lvl Up for Mia Malkova

What I can tell you more, is that you can feel the sensation of a narrow passage to a wider one, especially at the end of the sleeve. Moreover, when you hit the bottom of the sleeve, you can hear a noise similar to that of a wet pussy. Of course, the lubricant helps in this case, but it is also its structure that works well to generate this noise. However, since the sleeve is made of wire mesh and has many ribs, cleaning will take a little longer than on a smoother liner.

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable final thoughts

Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable - 13

A well-built and pleasing model

In the end, it’s a nice surprise! This Kissa Sins Insatiable model has several interesting points that allow it to enter the selective top of the best masturbators reviewed on the site! With a very good first part, a tight sleeve, with variations and really stimulating passages, we can say that it is a very good model! And if you are a fan of the actress, it is one more reason.


  • A model for Kissa Sins
  • The signature on the sleeve
  • Quite handy with its grip
  • A varied sleeve
  • Tight enough for a vagina model
  • Very good sensations
  • A very good last part
  • The grid at the beginning of the sleeve


  • Longer cleaning time
  • The screw thread of the cap is always worth changing
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