The Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug is perfect for going into space! Want to find out what’s hidden in the galaxy? You’re in the right place, or almost! This is the second sextoy of this range created by Lovehoney, since we have already reviewed the Galaxy dildo by Lovehoney, a really beautiful dildo, which we had never had the opportunity to see elsewhere and which is on top of that, practical and pleasant to use.

We’ve been reviewing a lot of butt plugs lately! Like the Rosebuds Large, the Galileo, the Rosebuds Medium, the Rich R19 or the Fun Factory Bootie! Plus, we’ve created a page to find your best anal butt plug, but only in French at the moment! Yes, we’re trying to do it right! This time it’s the Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug that we’re reviewing on the site, so let’s go on an adventure and hang on for the ride!

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug packaging

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 1

The front of the box

Concerning the packaging, it is a cardboard box that we are used to find with the range of Lovehoney products! We find the usual elements, with on the front, the photo of the product and some notes.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 2

One of the slices of the box

And on the back, descriptions about it. When we open the box, we discover the Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug protected by a plastic pocket. It’s a bit of a shame to find plastic, but well, you can’t eliminate it everywhere, even if more and more, it’s the case.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug physical details

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 4

Le plug dans un emballage plastique

Once the butt plug is in your hands, you realize that it is a small one, with a long and thin shape. It is really a small size that will be suitable for beginners who want to discover anal pleasure. For those who are used to it, it will be less interesting.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 14

The butt plug and the Galaxy dildo

It has of course, a flared base, quite wide and in addition to that, it has a suction cup. It can therefore be placed horizontally or vertically to use it without hands, if you wish!

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 5

A slim shape, practical for beginners

Its shape is therefore quite thin, with a rounded end, we also find the mention Lovehoney on it, engraved in the silicone. And of course, just like the Galaxy dildo, this one is enriched with glitter that gives it that stellar look! It is always a pleasure for the eyes!

Size of the butt plug

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 10

It fits in the hand, quite thin

The Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug is not really an imposing model, quite the contrary. It is actually quite small! In fact, I measured it to get the right information about it. It measures 11.5 cm (4.52″) in total length and has an insert length of 9.8 cm (3.85″). If I calculate its diameter, at the level of the head, it shows 2,2 cm (0.86′) maximum and in the middle of the shaft, at the widest, we have 3,18 cm (1.25′)! It is clearly a model for beginners. Finally, the diameter of the suction cup shows 5 cm (1.96′)!

Other details

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 16

It has a suction cup, like the dildo of the same collection

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find its weight, but it is very light. It must be said that it is made of liquid silicone, which has a lower density than a more standard silicone. And of course, you can see that it has glitter on it!

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug materials

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 11

It is very flexible, it is the liquid silicone effect

In terms of materials, there is only one, it is silicone! And I’ll even say, liquid silicone! So no, the butt plug will not flow on itself when using it. The liquid silicone allows certain things, including the embedding of glitter inside and have a greater flexibility than conventional silicone.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 15

An interesting texture

Indeed, the butt plug is quite soft. Usually, the silicone of a butt plug is more rigid, while here, you can slightly press on it. As well as the brake and suction cup part, which bends very easily. This is a kind of low density silicone! Again, silicone is a healthy material for the body. It does not contain latex or phthalates and it is hypoallergenic!

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug use

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 6

Easy to use

We won’t lie to ourselves, to use a butt plug, there is not much to say! It’s a bit like putting a cork on a bottle of wine to close it, except that here, it’s in the anus! We are not going to spend hours on it, but we are going to see some points to use it well.

How to use the butt plug?

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 12

The suction cup hangs well

I am not going to make you the affront to inform you on the use of a butt plug, it is rather obvious! However, you should know that it has a suction cup, with an important hollow, which allows to fix it on a flat surface. This one works very well and will allow you to use it without hands, while being squatted. The goal will be of course to stimulate your anus and a little more, either by doing back and forth on it or with it, or by titillating the prostate if its length allows it.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 8

For lubricant, water based only

As with any silicone-based sextoy, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to use a water-based lubricant! I hope you start to understand this when you read our reviews, because we mention it every time! Here, knowing that it is small, you can choose a multipurpose water-based lubricant. You don’t necessarily have to use a water-based lube specifically for anal! We have reviewed a good number of lubricants on the website, feel free to consult them to find one that suits you best according to your preferences.

How to clean it?

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 7

Quick and easy to clean

Here too, it is not complicated! To clean it, simply wash it in warm water with a little mild soap and dry it. You can also use a sextoy cleaner. But in itself, nothing very long or tedious.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug efficiency

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 13

What does this butt plug do in use?

Now that we’ve seen the basic points about this Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug, it’s time to tell you our opinion about it! As I mentioned, it’s a small butt plug, quite thin, but not necessarily very short! The fact that it is very flexible, will facilitate a little its use, at least for the beginners. And it has a very good suction cup! So it’s time to give you our opinion on this Lovehoney Galaxy butt plug!

Inserting the butt plug

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 17

Comparison with another butt plug

For the insertion, frankly, it is very simple! I was a bit afraid that its flexible material, more flexible than for the butt plugs we are used to review in silicone, would be a brake. Finally, it is not the case. The shape is adapted, perfect for beginners. It is not a conical shape that can be scary or intimidating. Here, the design allows for a smooth insertion, without having a big variation in length. I didn’t have any trouble inserting it to the maximum despite its flexibility which could have bothered me, but hey, on that point, it’s very good. Moreover, the brake does its job well, once the butt plug is in place.

Handling of the butt plug

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 18

The Galaxy butt plug next to the Sweet Caress one

For its handling, the suction cup is convenient to handle it during the insertion, then to have fun to make it move, to make some back and forth with, in short, to have fun with it. On the other hand, its suction cup does not really allow to use it without hands. Its size is too small. The only way to use it in suction cup mode is when this Galaxy butt plug will be suctioned on a vertical surface in order to move your butt on it. But in squatting position for example, its length is really too small in my opinion. Also, the suction cup is interesting to extract it later.

Anal use

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 19

Comparison with the Galileo butt plug from Glas

For a beginner butt plug, I must say that it is really not bad! We have a design that allows to go smoothly as I said, but also with an intermediate area, which spreads a little and then closes on the anus. Its shape is perfect according to me, we feel well this small passage which spreads a little the walls of the anus before closing on the part before the suction cup which acts as brake. We can then make it move easily, again, nothing to say. Well, it is small, you should not expect a big sensation of filling, but that, you suspect it.

Effectiveness on the prostate?

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 20

Comparison with the Icicles butt plug N°78

For the prostate effect, we can’t say that it is up to the mark. At the same time, it is a bit short, even if it manages to touch it slightly, offering a delicate titillation of it. But with its rather low density, you can’t really put pressure on the prostate.

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug final thoughts

Lovehoney Galaxy Butt Plug - 9

A good butt plug, flexible, very good for beginners

In the end, just like the Galaxy dildo, this little butt plug is perfect for beginners! Of course, its suction cup is not in a use, except if you want to use it on a vertical surface, but it is still quite small! Let’s say that the suction cup acts as a brake and that’s good!

Its size is perfect to start with, with a thin but interesting shape. It is far from the conical models that change diameter quickly. Here, you can use it at your own pace, without fear, it is really adapted to that! Moreover, its liquid silicone gives it a great flexibility, which is not negligible when you start in anal.


  • A butt plug to start with a small budget
  • A design that is different from the ordinary
  • Made of liquid silicone with a lot of flexibility
  • Shape adapted to beginners
  • It has a brake with its suction cup


  • The suction cup is not very useful
  • Plastic in the packaging
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