Here is the Yandere XTC Japan onahole! Yes, a funny name for a masturbator! And yet, when you know a little more about this field, you can imagine that it is a masturbator like no other. Indeed, a Yandere is a popular archetype of the hentai and anime universe. A kind of devoted, affectionate, intense woman, but above all deranged and obsessed, ready to do anything to have you! And once in her clutches, she won’t let you escape.

It may sound scary like that, but in reality, it’s just a masturbator. Don’t worry, this one is not alive! It’s sure a change from the “nicer” masturbators like the Panzer Girls Kay or the R-18. I’ll be careful, you never know, she still has a knife! Anyway, here is my review of the Yandere XTC Japan onahole !

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole packaging

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 1

The front of the box

We find ourselves in a first time, with a box, typically Japanese! It is a small rectangular box, quite solid, where the red predominates on the rest. On the front, we can see a young woman, a schoolgirl, stained with blood, a knife in her hand! You understood it, she represents a “Yandere”. We can also see the front of the masturbator to discover what its orifice looks like.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 3

On the edges, many details are present

On one side, we also have a diagram that shows us a cutout of the masturbator. This allows us to see the internal structure of the sleeve and its construction. We also have its weight, indicated on this same side.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 5

We find the dimensions on the box, its shape, its weight, from the opening of the flap

In short, overall, it is a nice box, with a good staging, however, inside, we can see oily traces, which suggests that the masturbator has spilled these while staying stored in its box. We can even see that on its plastic pocket, before opening it, traces are also present.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 6

You can see the stains on the box

I think the picture above is quite telling in this case. You can see the traces of the packaging sticking to the masturbator in some places and the presence of stains on the box, especially on the lid, on the sides and in the center. Nothing too serious, but it’s true that the box will not be like new.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole physical details

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 7

The masturbator, still packed in its protective pouch

As you can see, the Yandere XTC Japan Onahole looks like a miniature body shape, with a small chest, shapely hips, a slim waist, a not too badly detailed vagina, where you can see the lips, the clitoris (part of it), in short, a small model. However, I find it still small, well too miniature. It looks like the body of a young child, but with a big pussy!

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 8

A problem of proportion?

It’s a bit confusing all the same. The whole is disproportionate, it does not give very desire. Moreover, we can see that the lips of the masturbator are actually painted, which means that in time, the paint will leave. It’s a pity, but it’s quite rare that it is directly a pink TPE, as on other models. In short, a bit strange design, but it’s not a big deal, just ignore it.

Onahole size

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 13

A compact but large masturbator

Again, this is a small model, a little longer than the Panzer Girls Yukari for example. Indeed, the total length of the Yandere XTC Japan Onahole shows 15 cm (5.90″), for 14 cm (5.51″) insertable. We have a total width of 11 cm (4.33″), a hole that can open quite easily given the material. For my part, I have no worries on this point, my penis fits completely inside.

Other details

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 10

It doesn’t look like it, but this masturbator weighs 695 grams

What more can I say? Oh yes, one important point! It is a masturbator that weighs! Indeed, it displays 695 grams on the scale and honestly, compared to its size, it’s still far from being light. Usually, it is almost half as heavy. We will see a little further why!

The onahole tunnel

To give you a little more information, I’m going to tell you about the construction of the internal tunnel! To be honest, it’s a pretty simple tunnel but it seems to work. The beginning of it has a subtle texturing, with a tightening afterwards that moves down the shaft to guide you to a double bump system (like a double G-spot). Then, after that, there are numerous rings, which are composed of small bumps to stimulate the glans.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole materials

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 19

Comparison with the Gokusai uterus duo model

Like other Japanese masturbators on the market, we have a masturbator that uses a double layer system! It’s TPE, with a soft layer on the outside, a fairly soft material that you can twist, squeeze, soft, but as I mentioned above, is greasy. I strongly recommend that you clean the masturbator before using it for the first time. On the other hand, there is no unpleasant odor, except at the beginning, but this disappears with time.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 9

Clean the masturbator well before the first use

Then, on the other hand, we have an internal material, less flexible, more adherent, which tries to imitate the vaginal mucous membranes, with thicker walls and logically, more stimulating. On the other hand, we can see that the lips of the masturbator are painted, which means that they will lose their color with time. If I compare with the Panzer Girls Yukari or Kay, it’s a little bit lower in quality.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole use

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 12

The masturbator, seen from the back

Once again, using a onahole is not difficult! It’s simple, intuitive, but be careful, we’re talking about the Yandere XTC Japan onahole! I remind you that the lady is holding a knife on the box! We’ll be careful how we use it, it would be a shame to get slashed.

What can we do with it?

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 11

Disturbing this mini breast compared to the size of her vulva

It’s a onahole, you know what you can do with it! Of course, you can freak out your spouse by telling her that a woman wants to cut your penis off or that if you put your penis in this masturbator, chances are it will get cut in half. It’s fun, but 5 minutes. Otherwise, it’s for going back and forth inside. However, you can have fun getting the internal air out of the masturbator before inserting your penis to create a greater sucking effect. We will see what it gives afterwards!

Which lubricant to choose ?

It’s a masturbator, which means that only water-based lubricant is recommended! Otherwise, you will damage it. At this level, you have thick, water-based lubricants suitable for masturbation like Rends’ Peace, Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu or Motsutoys’ Tyo.

How to clean it?

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 18

Comparison with R-18 model

It’s always the same principle with masturbators, you have to clean the inside well! Again, this is an Onahole masturbator, with one entrance and no exit, which means that everything will stay inside. So you’ll need to wash it down well, to remove any internal residue. If you have a bathtub, I advise you to run a good jet of water (not too strong) inside. There are tubes adapted for this purpose that will make it easier to insert water into the masturbator. Then, it is necessary to dry it and preferably with the water which can escape from the orifice and the internal sleeve. You can also use a drying stick to remove the water more easily.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole efficiency

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 14

The opening of the masturbator

I might as well tell you, I am not confident! You’ve seen the box of this masturbator just like me, I don’t trust this young lady with her knife in her hand! But I’m going to take a chance on you to tell you if she seems more dangerous than she looks! Well by the way, I’ll also tell you if her pussy is interesting for my penis. If I don’t have a penis anymore, it will be your fault! Here is my opinion on the Yandere XTC Japan onahole!

Handling and use of the onahole

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 15

Comparison with the Panzer Girls Kay model

I had a little doubt on one point, the length of penetration of the inner sleeve. Indeed, we have 14 cm (5.51″), which is not very long, but sufficient. Indeed, the material is extensible, which allows to go a little further than the 14 cm (5.51″) announced, but it remains a little light all the same. With its impressive weight for a product of this size, it is quite heavy, but in a good way. Indeed, as it is not really big, nor really small, the addition of extra weight allows to feel more material, allowing even to use it with two hands easily.

What happens when you use it?

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 16

Comparison with the Ondo! Nupu

If we look at the internal tunnel of this onahole, it is actually quite simple and classic. If you use it like a classic Onahole, you will find it pleasant, with a stimulation that increases the pleasure slowly, with subtle sensations. You will even find it too soft, less aggressive than a Panzer Girls for example.

However, if you make the effort to continue your journey and that you empty the air well from the beginning, you will be able to feel this effect of aspiration, as if your penis was blocked inside and that the Yandere was trying to keep it inside her. To achieve this, you need quite a bit of lubricant and above all, you need to expel the air from the beginning. It is therefore discreet overall, softer than a double texture, but the suction effect, once mastered is the asset of this model.

What more can I say?

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 17

Comparison with the model La Bocca de la Veridad

I noticed a few things! First, be aware that the pink on the lips will come off pretty quickly. It’s a painted area and not a material that is cast that way. It’s a detail, because it’s not the most important thing, but it’s important to know. Another point, despite its size, its weight and thick texture inside gives the impression of having a bigger masturbator than it really is. This is good news.

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole Final thoughts

Yandere XTC Japan Onahole - 4

She seems happy !

In the end, this Yandere XTC Japan onahole model is quite good, despite its flaws. Indeed, for its price, it is a good purchase. The material is pleasant to the touch, soft, with a vaginal channel certainly, rather classic, but which well used allows to have this effect of aspiration which sticks well to the spirit of the masturbator. Easy to maintain and to handle, it is nevertheless greasy at the arrival and presents a smell which fades fortunately with time. It holds well over time and fans of Yandere will be delighted, but visually, it is quite strange, the pink from the lips fades quickly, but again, for its price, you can not have everything! Overall, it is still a good model for a good value for money.


  • Heavy for its size
  • Very good quality-price ratio
  • The vaginal opening is well made
  • We have some material
  • The suction effect of the Yandere (if well used)


  • Very greasy on arrival
  • An odor present that fades
  • The lips are painted
  • Quite classic
  • The design is rather strange
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