I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large is finally on the market! Indeed, at the moment, Lelo offers many new versions of their already released products, improving them. Not long ago, the Sona 2 replaced the Sona. Then, the Sona 2 Cruise came to replace the Sona Cruise. There was also the Lelo Soraya 2 replacing the first model. But also the Lelo Ora 3, erasing the errors of the first and second model. Knowing that Lelo’s wand, whether it is the Lelo Smart Wand Medium or the Smart Wand Large, is a very good wand, it was normal to see a new version of this one coming and here, the large version!

What does this new version really bring? Is it more powerful, easier to handle, quieter? That’s the purpose of this product review! With my dear and sweet Kitty, we are going to review this Smart Wand 2 Large to see what it’s worth on the field! It must be said that it is not the only wand on the market, released a short time ago. Indeed, you also have the We-Vibe Wand, the Lovense Domi and the Doxy Number 3 that we had the opportunity to review not so long ago. In short, here is our review of the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large!

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large packaging

smart wand 2 large lelo - 1

The front of the box of the Smart Wand 2

No more packaging with a woman using the wand for her neck or back! We end up with a packaging very similar to the other products of the range! Here, it is a large hard cardboard box with a large windowed part, allowing you to see the wand before opening it. Another change is that this box is all white, which is different from the black boxes of other products like Sona 2 or Soraya Wave.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 2

A rather classy and rigid box, while having a windowed part.

Once the two small stickers have been removed, you can access the inside of the box in which you can see the Smart Wand 2 Large of course, lying in a mould. Then on the left, a USB charging cable to Jack female to charge the Wand. By the way, it’s the same cable for the Soraya Wave or the Smart Wand 2 Large. It is often this cable that is used at Lelo.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 3

All the juicy information is on the back of the box.

Underneath the mould, you can discover a satin black storage pouch, then a 2-year warranty card. The other items we can find are the Lelo lubricant sample, a small manual to tell us to download the full version from the Internet and another small booklet for warnings.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large physical details

smart wand 2 large lelo - 4

The wand still in its mould

Smart Wand Large or second version, are there differences? That’s what we’re going to see! Actually, no, there’s nothing to see. The Smart Wand 2 Large is identical to its predecessor. So we find this famous curved shape, which I had rediscovered in a different way on the O-Wand.  We still have a part of the gold ABS plastic handle for a luxurious side and three buttons on it to control the wand.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 5

Here’s everything we have in the box!

For the head, it’s always the same! However, I find that the head of the Smart Wand 2 Large is more flexible than that of the first version. With the two next to each other, it’s easy to notice. Finally, at the end of the handle, you have the place to recharge your wand.

The size of the wand

smart wand 2 large lelo - 14

No difference in size between the old and the new

There is no difference between the Smart Wand Large and its upgraded sister. It is still 30.4 cm (11.96′) in total length with a stimulating head with a diameter of 6.04 cm (2.37′)! So it’s the same thing. The handle is 3.02 cm (1.18′) wide at the thinnest and 5.41 cm (2.12′) wide at the widest. It is therefore a long wand, even if its curvature allows it to be more compact than we can imagine. It is therefore longer than a Doxy Number 3 or the Domi 2.

The other details

What do I have left to tell you? Not much, but it would be forgetting two things. The first is the weight of the wand, which weighs 383 grams, which is a very light. So it’s a tiny bit lighter than the first Smart Wand Large, which weighs 395 grams.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 7

We find the same neck and head shape

Finally, the second point is the colour of the wand. The one we received is in “Deep Rose”, a rather dark pink! So it’s the two other colors that we didn’t receive, the black version, the one I received for the first model and the turquoise one. It’s perfect, because the Smart Wand Medium I have is in purple, the Large version in black and the Smart Wand 2 Large in pink. Last but not least, I noticed that the ABS plastic part is now more golden than on the first model.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large materials

At Lelo, you can’t say that the materials are of low quality! This is one of the points where Lelo is really good. Indeed, this new Smart Wand uses the usual materials of the firm, with a medical grade silicone, very soft, silky and hypoallergenic.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 9

The neck of the wand is sufficiently flexible

Again, you won’t have any phthalates or latex in there. It’s a healthy material for the body and attracts very little dust. For the rest, the golden part is ABS plastic. Here too, it is a healthy material for the body. Again, I have nothing negative to say on this level, it’s very good materials that make up this new version of Lelo’s wand, on this side, there are no modifications.

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large use

Lelo’s Smart Wand 2 Large is not complicated to use. It is a simple and practical wand to use. However, we will still do a little tour of the owner to show you everything there is to know to use this wand properly! We’ll start by charging it.

How to charge the Smart Wand?

smart wand 2 large lelo - 11

We also find the same plug to charge the wand

To charge your Smart Wand 2, there’s nothing to worry about. Indeed, it is a wand that has a Li-Ion battery that you will need to recharge from time to time to use it. It is important to make a first full charge to increase the life of your battery. Charging time is 2.5 hours for a maximum of 4 hours. This is better than the first version which has a charging time of two hours for an autonomy of two hours. There’s something better between the first and second version.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 12

The wand being charged

Charging is carried out by a charging cable with a jack socket which is placed at the end of the wand. Then the other part plugs into a USB port or an AC adapter to speed up the charging time. During charging, the three buttons blink with a pink LED until the battery is charged. From then on, the LEDs will remain fixed. I should point out that on the first model, we had a charging block rather than a charging cable.

How to handle the wand?

smart wand 2 large lelo - 8

Three buttons that we are now familiar with

To manipulate your wand, if you are used to Lelo sex-toys like the Soraya 2, Soraya Wave or the Sona 2 Cruise, you won’t be lost! Already, you have the lock function during transport that you have to disable. To do this, you have to keep the “+” and “-” button pressed for three seconds. Then you have the “+” button to increase the intensity of the vibrations. If you press the “-” button, the intensity will decrease. Then you have the “()” button to change the vibration modes. And finally, to turn it off, you have to keep the “()” button pressed for 2 seconds. And if you press the “()” button for 5 seconds, nothing happens! Yes, the SenseTouch mode of the first model seems to have disappeared.

What can be done with?

smart wand 2 large lelo - 6

A wand to vibrate the back muscles of course.

Of course, everyone knows that a wand is used to relax the muscles of the body! It’s so much fun to see that! It was the case on the packaging of Lelo’s first wand by the way. But I must confess that it’s true! I use the Doxy Number 3 from time to time to relax the neck and cervical muscles and it works! So why deprive yourself of it? But let’s be honest, if you buy a Smart Wand 2 Large, it’s not for this main reason. It’s primarily to make your lips and clitoris vibrate! But know that you can also vibrate the glans of the penis and more precisely, the penis brake! It works very well!

What are the modes and intensity of this wand?

smart wand 2 large lelo - 15

Smart Wand Large or Smart Wand 2 Large ?

Do we have any change between the first and second version? Yes, there are two additional vibration modes that can be observed between the two models. On the first version, you have 8 vibration modes, whereas on this Smart Wand 2 Large, 10 modes are available. However, on the Lelo website or in the manual, we do not have information about the present modes with a diagram detailing them. It’s a pity, because there was a time when this was the case. On the intensity level, it seems that we still have 10 levels.

Which lubricant to use with?

I hope you know this now, because I often repeat myself on the subject. When you have a silicone-based sextoy, you should use water-based lubricant if you wish. It’s no more complicated than that. If you don’t do that and therefore use a silicone-based lubricant, your wand may not feel good. There are exceptions, but I’ve always found it’s like playing with fire.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 17

The stimulating heads of the two versions of Lelo’s wand Large

Therefore, if you want to use the Smart Wand 2 Large, I advise you to take a tube of water-based lubricant. There are far too many water-based lubricants on the market! I often recommend the Pjur, YES and Sliquid ranges. For example, Sliquid Satin which is soft and very pleasant. You can read the tests on the site to make your own opinion!

How to clean the wand?

How lucky you are, if, as you don’t know it yet, the Smart Wand 2 Large from Lelo is 100% waterproof! All in all, you can use it in the shower or bath, as well as clean it with water without worrying. A big part of today’s sextoys are waterproof, but not all of them! Some are only splashproof and some are not. So you can pass your wand under warm water with a little soap. Don’t use a too aggressive soap either. Then, you can also use a cleaner like Sliquid Shine that I often quote!

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large efficiency

smart wand 2 large lelo - 13

The Lelo wand and the O-Wand

Lelo offers good products in general, but sometimes there are some mistakes! And this is just the time to tell you a little bit more about it! Lately, Kitty and I have been happy by the O-Wand, but also the Domi 2 from Lovense! So this is the opportunity for us to check what this new wand from Lelo is worth! And I can even tell you what I think about it by comparing it to the first model of this wand released several years ago! Kitty will find herself with a wand between her legs, ready to make her clitoris vibrate, for the good cause! But also because she likes it! Yes, it’s a bit the reward of a sextoy review ! If you can get orgasms with it and big chain orgasms, that’s even better! So here’s our feedback on the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large!

Wand handling

Despite its size, the Smart Wand 2 Large is still quite easy to use! Let’s say that it’s not like the Europe Magic Wand or the Doxy Die Cast Edition which are longer and above all straight! Here, the curvature makes it easier to handle and use. You can even use it during intercourse, whether in a missionary position or doggy style! Moreover, the controls are intuitive, with embossed buttons that Lelo’s regulars know well. In all circumstances, the wand did not bother us when we had fun with it!

Vibration power and quality

As I mentioned, the SenseTouch technology seems to have disappeared, but we didn’t think it was a big deal, because the Smart Wand offers deeper vibrations when you press your head against the clitoris, for example. You get the impression that there’s a drop in power when in reality the vibrations propagate further inside the body as soon as the pressure exerted is a bit too strong!

When we tested it with Kitty, we found that this version was more powerful than the previous one! And I would even say that it has become a little quieter as well. Despite the presence of the modes, Kitty preferred the continuous mode, with a rather high intensity! The vibrations are of quality and propagate very well! A good news also to have fun vibrating the wand on the penis brake! Kitty had fun with alternating my tongue and the head of the wand! She got several orgasms with it!

Kitty is having fun with

Yes, I can tell you that Kitty had a lot of fun with it ! I loved it because for once she was in charge of the wand ! At the beginning, Kitty used it gently, without anything else, to make her pussy wet before removing the wand from her clitoris to let me lick it before taking it back! Then after a while, Kitty grabbed the Soraya Wave to stick it in her vagina, the clitoral wand on her clitoris and the wand in her hand! Yes, she’s a little crazy my Kitty ! Double stimulation and I’ll even say triple ! Indeed, while the Soraya Wave stimulated her G-spot and made her clitoris vibrate, she placed the Smart Wand 2 Large just above her clitoris, so that the two sextoys don’t clash! It still happened and Kitty told me that the feeling was very weird when it happened, but it didn’t stop her from having a few orgasms like that.

smart wand 2 large lelo - 16

You can see a slight difference in colour on the handle between the two.

A little later, on another try, Kitty asked me to bring her a dildo! There was the Le Wand Hoop dildo on the table, but it wasn’t practical or what she wanted! She asked me to bring back the Brent Corrigan dildo, but I opted for the Vixen Maverick which was not far away! Without losing time, Kitty grabs it and gently pushes it into her pussy, deep inside, before putting the vibrating head of the wand back on her clitoris! Between the back and forth of the dildo and the vibrations on her clit, Kitty got two orgasms this way!

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large final thoughts

smart wand 2 large lelo - 10

An improved version for a very good clitoral wand!

In the end, does Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large fit into the top of the best clitoral stimulators reviewed on the website? Yes, it does! It wouldn’t be nice if we didn’t consider it as a very good wand! This new Smart wand doesn’t change much compared to the previous one, but it is more powerful and quieter and has two extra modes! If you like the first version, you will be delighted with version 2! If you already like Lelo, but you’ve never tried their Smart Wand adventure, this is your chance again! It’s a very good wand if you’re looking for a quality one!


  • A fairly complete packaging
  • A design that still works
  • The quality of realization
  • Low noise level
  • The power and quality of the vibrations
  • 2 additional modes compared to the first model
  • Wireless
  • Waterproof
  • More flexible head than first version
  • Better battery life


  • Loss of SenseTouch mode
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