The Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator? But what is it? Just by seeing the name of this vibrator, I immediately thought of the “Cha-Cha” vibrating mode from We-Vibe. In reality, it has nothing to do with We-Vibe, since it is a G-spot vibrator created by Lovehoney and the company Agent Provocateur. If like me, you have a vague idea of what this company does, I can tell you that it is a British lingerie company, which was founded by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees, in 1994. Their original concept which is still the case to this day, offered lingerie, mostly black and pink, but to tell the truth, they do not only that.

Ok, it’s a partnership, but what does the Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator really offer? It’s a G-spot vibrator, yes, but does it do anything else? What does it offer for its price? And how does it stack up against the competition? So many intriguing questions we’d like to address. Good news, we have the ability to do so! We warn you right away, this is not a cheap vibrator. It’s even a luxurious vibrator. Lately, we’ve been reviewing some G-spot sex toys, including vibrators. I think of the Drift of Lora DiCarlo, but also the Sway. There was also, the Lelo Gigi 2 or even the Soraya Wave. In short, we will not list them all. Want to know more about this vibrator? Here is our review of the Cha-Cha-Cha G-spot vibrator from Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney!

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney packaging

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 1

The front of the box

To begin, let’s talk about the product box! It is a cardboard box, quite thin and rectangular in shape. On the front, we can read in the center “Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney” which informs us that this is an exclusive collaboration between Lovehoney and the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. Then, at the very bottom, it says “Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator: The Cha-Cha-Cha”. Otherwise, nothing else is present on the box, except for the pale pink background that occupies most of the box.

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 2

On the back, some information about the vibrator

On the back, we have a diagram of the vibrator, with three key elements of the product, then a presentation of it, with several details about it. Then, on one side, we have 5 icons, with the fact that the Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator has 3 levels of intensity, 7 modes of vibration, it is waterproof, recharges via USB and has a “Travel-Lock” mode. And finally, on the last slice, the name of the product in several languages. In short, a neutral external packaging, which is all-purpose.

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 4

A very nice storage case

But what do we have inside? That’s the most interesting part! Well, it’s pretty classy, because we have a black storage case, with a zipper and the Agent Provocateur logo. The zipper is on top of that “pink-gold”, which gives it a very good look. Inside this case, we have the Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator housed in a foam mold, with a USB charging cable and a user manual.

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur X Lovehoney Physical details

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 6

At the opening, a vibrator, a charging cable and a manual (hidden on the picture)

Visually, it is pink! That, we can not say otherwise! But apart from that, it’s mostly a vibrator! This one is curved, with a head a little wider than the shaft. This head contains inside, on the curved side, wavy stripes to stimulate even better your G-spot with at the very end, a handle, quite strangely made by the way. Let’s just say that it doesn’t have a common shape. It almost looks like another stimulating head to use, if the control buttons were not there.

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 7

And here are the complete contents of this storage kit

Indeed, it is a handle that has a flat face, where the two buttons are located. Before the latter, we have directly engraved in the silicone, the logo “Agent Provocateur” which is located above the oval that contains two buttons, without indications on them. This part “command” is reminiscent of “Rose Gold” as what can be found on the vibrator Le Wand Massager for example. This gives it a rather classy side! In addition, the two buttons are also the part that will be used to recharge your vibrator. Indeed, they are also magnetic to clip the USB cable for recharging the internal battery.

Dimensions of the vibrator

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 13

A good size vibrator

Let’s talk about size and dimensions now! In order to have figures as close to reality as possible, I calculated them myself. I was able to get a total length of 19 cm (7.48″), for 13 cm (5.11″) insertable. We can go further, but we’re starting to get to the level of controls. And on the diameter side, we have at least 2.54 cm (1″) and at the largest, 3.5 cm (1.37″), especially at the head.

Other details

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 8

A rather pale pink color

There is one thing you can’t miss, it’s the color of this vibrator! Personally, I find it really beautiful! Fortunately, because it is a luxury product, just like the Agent Provocateur brand. It’s a rather pale pink, highlighted by the “Rose Gold” which gives it a nice shine. If you don’t like this color, unfortunately, you won’t have much of a choice but to choose another vibrator on the market. There is no lack of them!

Concerning its weight, it’s difficult to say and I didn’t check if the manual indicated it. But I can tell you that it is light, maybe a little too light, even if it is not really a concern when you use it, we will talk about it later.

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur x Lovehoney materials

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 14

The Cha-Cha-Cha is really flexible

With its rather imposing price, I must say, you need some choice materials! And in this case, it is indeed the case. However, I did not really expect this. It is therefore silicone that we have, but liquid silicone, which allows it to have a very good flexibility in its curvature to fit the G-spot. But, the latter seems to me too flexible. We can really easily bend it, forward, backward, on the sides, it is a daring bet!

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 21

It can even be folded on the sides, something very rare

Indeed, for the adaptation to the morphology, it seems to me to be a good thing. But to stimulate the G-spot, rigidity is generally more appreciated and effective. I am curious to see how Kitty will react when she uses it. It might be interesting. Otherwise, the silicone is of good quality, soft, not very dusty, but still a bit. And for the rest, especially the golden part of the controls, it is ABS plastic, but not completely, since the two buttons are used to recharge this vibrator.

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur x Lovehoney use

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 3

Pictos are on the box to indicate the characteristics

Now, we’ll look a little more precisely at the things you need to know in order to use this vibrator correctly. Again, with only two buttons, it should not be very complicated to use. Still, you need to know what each button is for! But I’m not just going to talk about that, I’m going to talk about everything you need to know to use it properly.

How to recharge the vibrator?

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 19

Charging is done by a magnetic cable

Before using The Cha-Cha-Cha, you will first have to charge it. To do this, you have a magnetic charging cable that plugs directly into a powered USB port or AC adapter, while the other side will plug into the two control buttons that also act as magnetic charging. During charging, a purple LED flashes and will remain steady once charging is complete. It takes 2 hours of charging time, for an autonomy of one hour, which is quite low as a ratio. We would have liked a little more autonomy for a charging time like this.

How to handle this vibrator?

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 12

Two golden buttons to handle it

Logically, with two buttons, controlling the Cha-Cha-cha should not be complicated. It is, but you need to know a few things. First of all, you have a “Travel-Lock” mode that you have to deactivate. To do this, you must press for 6 seconds before the vibrator starts to double buzzer, indicated by the two purple LEDs at the controls. Same thing, if you want to reactivate the locking mode during transport.

Then you have two buttons, one close to the handle, the other closer to the stimulating head. You have to press for 2 to 3 seconds the button closer to the tip to turn it on, and the same to turn it off. Then, by pressing again on this button, you can navigate through the three levels of intensity for each mode present on this vibrator. You can recognize the intensity chosen by watching the two purple LEDs flashing in function. Then, the bottom button, near the handle, allows you to change mode. And by keeping 2 seconds, this same button pressed, we return to the first mode, the constant one.

What are the vibrating modes?

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 15

The Lovehoney logo is present on the handle at the back

As I mentioned above, The Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator has 7 vibration modes (one constant mode and 6 patterned modes) and three intensity levels per mode. On paper, this doesn’t sound bad at all. The modes are quite classic, but relatively correct. Little surprise, each time you use a particular mode and intensity, two LEDS blink according to the intensity and the chosen pattern. It’s pretty cool, because you can see what the selected mode does, just by looking at the LEDs, but in the end, it’s a bit of a gimmick, even if in the dark, it can be useful.

What lubricant to use with it?

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 10

Water-based and only water-based lubricant

Unless you want to test the vibrator’s resistance to silicone-based lube (which I don’t recommend), I strongly recommend using a water-based lube. Granted, this type of lube evaporates faster than others, but they are also the most compatible with sex toys. If you’re interested in this vibrator, it’s because you have the budget to go with it, so you might as well get some really good lube. For us, it is the brand Sliquid that still remains in the lead! You have the Sliquid Organics Sensation, the Sliquid H2O of course or the Sliquid Satin! But if you do not want this brand, know that there are also many others that you can find on the market.

How to clean it?

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 17

Beware of grooves and residues

Since The Cha-Cha-Cha is waterproof, cleaning will not be complicated. However, as the control part is also used for induction, you will have to be careful when drying this part, especially if you rub it. Take a soft non-abrasive cloth. And another point to be careful with is the head, with its grooves where lubricant and natural secretions can get stuck. Apart from that, a quick wipe under warm water with a little mild soap will do the trick.

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur x Lovehoney efficiency

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 9

The famous stripes on the head

I have to admit again that I am very curious to get Kitty’s feedback on this G-spot vibrator. As I mentioned, it is really very flexible, maybe a little too much so, but maybe in the end it will be a revolution! However, I remain skeptical! As much, a partnership with a known manufacturer, like Womanizer and its Liberty Lily Allen model or even Lelo, with its Diesel partnership, I don’t see any concern, because it’s just a visual rebranding of the product. Here, it’s rather Agent Provocateur who has partnered with Lovehoney, a mastodon of sex toy distribution, but not only, to market their creation. At least, that’s how I understand it! Good or bad news, that’s what you will discover in our review of The Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator!

Handling and ergonomy

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 18

Once again, its flexibility is really present

First of all, the grip! The Cha-Cha-cha vibrator is light, very light even, but it does not prevent you from handling it well. Indeed, the weight is correctly distributed, we do not have a part that is heavier than the other, it is well balanced. Then, concerning the handle, it is correct, but it is not the most practical thing! The shape is interesting, because you can take the handle in the palm of your hand, with your thumb juggling between the two buttons. However, as soon as you push this vibrator a little deeper, the handle becomes quite small and it is less convenient. Well, at the same time, it is a vibrator for the G-spot and not for the A-spot. So it remains a detail.

The buttons are a bit peculiar, especially because you don’t necessarily recognize them with the pad of your finger. Of course, there are only two, but in the heat of the action, to know if you press one or the other, you have to move your thumb to realize if it is positioned on the first or second button. Last point, the insertion is very simple, it must be said that the vibrator is very flexible, we can easily fold it and insert it as we want. In short, overall, it is satisfactory, without being extra-ordinary either.

Vaginal and clitoral stimulation

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 16

Overview of the soft side of the head

For our tests, I used The Cha-Cha-Cha on Kitty in two ways. One way was vaginal use, in conjunction with a cunni. And the other, as a clitoral stimulator. Already, the vibrator is really flexible, which brings rather little pressure on the G-spot. However, its flexibility allows you to move up and down (in lever mode) or back and forth, without the risk of hurting. This is the big difference with more rigid, or even completely rigid, sex toys, such as steel or glass, which are sometimes frightening. Here, The Cha-Cha-Cha twists so easily that to hurt yourself with it, you really have to go for it.

During a cunnilingus, I took the opportunity to make big movements up and down, which Kitty greatly appreciated compared to the back and forth and I can tell you that despite its power (which we will talk about a little further down), she had no trouble making her pussy flow, much more than other sex toys. And for the clitoral stimulation, it’s correct, without more, fun, but not from there to cum. The good thing about this vibrator is that it allows wide, soft and safe movements, especially for beginners. And on this point, I cannot say that it is not effective. On the other hand, to cum only with this vibrator, it’s more complicated, we explain that below.

Vibration power

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 20

It bends in all directions

Well, that’s not all, but we have to tell you about the power of the vibrations. Honestly, they are far from being crazy. In fact, they are rather weak. For Kitty, they’re not bad, but you can tell it’s not what she was expecting in terms of power. Still, they are not bad, but in terms of power, it is really to be reviewed. Is it the fact of having liquid and very flexible silicone that prevents a good propagation? No, this does not seem to be the primary reason. For us, it may be due to the internal motor. It doesn’t sound like it’s up to par with the brand and that’s pretty disappointing. For Kitty, the vibrations are not strong enough to achieve an orgasm with it. You’d need a clitoral stimulator as well, like the Maya from Love Not War, the Lovense Hyphy, the Tango X from We-Vibe or even a Womanizer Classic 2.

Other thing

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 5

The zipper has the Agent Provocateur logo

Well, it is true that the storage kit is very classy! But that’s not all! Nevertheless, as we mentioned, it is a vibrator that will still find its audience. Of course, it is not very powerful, but it will be enough for some users. Moreover, we have decided to stop talking about “overpriced” products. It is true that this vibrator is not available for small budgets, but is the price really a concern? Some people buy branded caps, gloves, bags, at exorbitant prices, while this is a cap! Don’t tell me that a big brand cap is a real game changer compared to a cheap cap. Sometimes you prefer this or that design, this or that brand and it’s not just about budget.

The Cha-Cha-Cha from Agent Provocateur x Lovehoney final thoughts

The cha-cha-cha vibrator - agent provocateur x Lovehoney - 11

A strange vibrator, but not that bad to start with

To conclude, yes, The Cha-Cha-Cha vibrator can be disappointing for those who are already used to using sex toys and especially, several kinds. It is true that Kitty has more than enough choice, between the competition clitoris air pulse system, a Fuck-Machine, huge dildos, big wands and so on, this vibrator is quite weak concerning its power. It does not allow a real massage of the G-spot with a pressure that can be exerted. However, despite this, its flexibility can be an asset for beginners who want to stimulate their vagina in all directions, without the risk of being hurt. As you can see, this is not the best vibrator, but it will still find its audience.


  • A very nice storage bag
  • Its color and its general design
  • Its flexibility is very present
  • The head has a soft side
  • Easy to use
  • It makes you flow, it looks like nothing
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Little pressure possible on the G-spot not big one
  • Lack of power for vibrations
  • Low autonomy/charging time ratio
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