Here is a review that will please the amateurs of big breasts, it is the masturbator Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy! Indeed, this masturbator is actually a big pair of breasts, no more, no less! It’s the same concept as the Bouncing Titties F, the Ane Oppai Beautiful Tits 2.5D or the Real Titties from Rends! But I’ve seen a lot of pairs of boobs too, during my reviews of masturbators in the shape of torso!

I think for example of the Kyo Torso, the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal, the Britney masturbator from Tantaly, but also the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan or the Demon Slayer Nezuko! This is a type of sex toy that I like to review, at the same time, I get excited at the sight of a big breast, it’s not very difficult to satisfy me. This is a pair of breasts of the SSI brand (RealBody range), one of the biggest pair of breasts of the brand! I can’t wait to test this one! Without further ado, here is the review of the Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator!

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy packaging

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 1

The box on arrival

As always, I am a fan of Japanese packaging! As I already announced in other reviews, I find that they go to the end of things, without complex and it is appreciable. Because sometimes, packaging is important, especially for those who like to collect or who like the “object”.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 2

Overview of one of the slices

Here, it is a big box, rectangular and rather flat compared to a box of a buttocks masturbator or a complete torso. We have on the front side, an illustration of a young woman (manga type) that shows us her chest, which we can see directly through the transparent and windowed area even before opening it.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 3

The windowed part at the front of the box

We can see at once that it is a big pair of breasts, which shows 5 Kg on the scale and which is designed by RealBody, like the two torsos I have already reviewed. On one of the slices, you can have several information about this pair of breasts and especially the different possibilities of use.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 4

On the back, the dimensions of the product

On the back of the box, we can read the dimensions of the product, which quickly allows us to realize the size of this pair of breasts which is rather big actually! Then, on other slices, we have the details of the product’s design, especially with an internal part that looks like a kind of implant.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 6

On the other side, an explanation of the design

Unfortunately, since all the information is indicated mainly in Japanese, with hiraganas, katakanas and kanjis, which at one time was quite understandable with a book and my knowledge, today I will not be able to decipher it all.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 5

And more information on the other slice

In addition to what I have already mentioned, on another slice, we have more information about the design of the product and how to store the box before opening it, with some drawings that are always nice to see.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 9

At the opening, we have the product stored in a plastic mold

Once you open the lid, you discover the pair of breasts that is protected by a piece of plastic and that also rests in a plastic mold. This is not the best for the ecology, but it is practical to keep this pair of breasts intact during the transport and at the same time, to be able to store it afterwards.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy physical details

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 10

Once the protective cover is removed

As announced at the beginning of the review, the Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator is one of the biggest pair of breasts of the SSI brand! As soon as you open the box, you realize that this pair of breasts is far from being small! It is true that the dimensions indicated on this last one let us already think that it is a good pair of breasts, but it is really once taken out of its box that we can realize it better!

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 11

A big pair of breasts, no doubt!

As you can see, I didn’t lie, it’s a beautiful pair of boobs! Its base is completely flat and takes up the entire dimensions of the product. It is a base that will keep the product in place by placing it on a flat surface. For the rest, we have two breasts, voluminous, slightly pear-shaped and which give it an impression of realism!

Indeed, when I look at this breast, I feel like I’m looking at two natural breasts and not re-made. The shape is designed by 3D technology, without any channel between the breasts like on the Real Titties by Rends that I reviewed a long time ago. I don’t mind this, because at least it doesn’t distort the desired effect, which is to say, to make them as natural as possible in my opinion.

We can also see that the nipples are well represented, with two small pigmented areolas, just like the nipples. Here, it is not paint, but the material that is already impregnated with color. This means that over time, the color will remain. We can also note that when flat, the two breasts touch each other, which will allow, without any problem, to put pressure on the penis by squeezing them both.

The dimensions of the pair of breasts

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 12

Big ! Big !

As I mentioned, this is a big pair of breasts! Indeed, from the chest to the collarbone, in height, we have 27 cm (10.62″)! In width, from left to right, we have 33 cm (12.99″) and finally, in depth, from the nipple to the back, we have 14 cm (5.51″)! So much to say that it is really a good pair of breasts! And compared to other masturbators of this kind, I have to say that it is really the biggest pair of breasts I have reviewed so far.

Other details

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 16

A pair of 5Kg breasts

To finish on this Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy pair of breasts, I still have to tell you about its weight! As I said, but also, the mention on the front of the box, this pair of breasts displays 5 Kg on the scale! It is not nothing! It’s almost more than a butt/hip masturbator according to the different models I had the opportunity to see.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy materials

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 13

Soft, supple breasts made of 4 different materials

This is an important point, because it is a pair of breasts, so the texture and material must be perfect and suitable for the product. Already, you should know that this Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator is made from four types of materials, TPE, but of different density and type.

The 4 densities

On the one hand, we have a material that gives a soft skin effect, this is the outer layer that keeps the breasts soft and firm at the same time. Then we have a difference in material in the center of each breast, which looks a little more like a jelly, allowing the breast to bounce and give it a realistic feel.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 14

The harder but elastic material of the nipples

Then we have another density, for the nipples, with a more pink material, a little firmer than the skin that surrounds it, like a woman’s nipple. I would like to point out that this is a different material and not a simple coat of paint, sometimes used on some models, which indicates that the color should not go away with time. And finally, we have the base material, which allows to have a solidity to the whole so that everything holds in place.

A foundation to consolidate the whole

This more rigid base also ensures resistance to use so that it can remain in its initial shape. Of course, all this is TPE, with different densities and hardness. For my part, I find the whole really successful, because even if we feel the difference with a real pair of breasts, the realism is still really well done, we could believe it is a real pair of breasts.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy use

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 15

Between each breast, there is room for your penis!

But what can we do with a pair of breasts? How can we use this sextoy? You can imagine that there are no surprises on how to use it! But, however, there are a few things to know to make use of it in the best way and maybe, give you some ideas!

What can we do with it?

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 20

Example with the double density dildo from Strap-On Me in the middle of both breasts

The first thing you will surely want to do with this Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator is to stick your face between the two breasts! No need to hide it, I know you like it! I’m not hiding it! I love doing this with Kitty’s breasts. Another possibility is to practice the “Titsjob”! With the size of this pair of breasts, it’s perfect for this practice! That’s its main use!

But you can also simply have fun sucking on the nipples, cum on her boobs or even dress it up by putting a bra on it for an extra sexy touch! And if you don’t have a pillow, why not sleep on it? In fact, it is not advised, you will risk collapsing it. You can also slap them, to make them bounce, and believe me, the effect is really successful!

Which lubricant to choose ?

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 18

Water-based and only water-based lubricant

It’s very simple! Whenever I test a masturbator, the type of lube to choose is a water-based lube! That way, you won’t risk damaging your masturbator. Here, you can choose for example, the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu, the Tyo or even a Sliquid H2O depending on what you have in stock. You are free to choose the one you like, as long as it is water-based.

How to clean it?

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 23

Overview of the thickness of the base at the back

To clean this masturbator, it’s almost like washing your chest! The only difference is that you’ll have to run warm water over it, with a bit of mild soap to get it all clean. A sextoy cleaner can be used, but I must admit that for this kind of product, I prefer to put it in the bathtub, give it a good cleaning, and then simply air dry it.

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy efficiency

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 19

Big boobs, but that’s it?

It’s all very well to tell you about a pair of breasts, but maybe it would be even more interesting to tell you what I think, with my cock between the two big breasts of this masturbator? This isn’t the first time I’ve used such a masturbator, but I must admit that the last ones I’ve used are quite old. However, I’ll still be able to compare with the pair of torso-shaped masturbators I’ve had the opportunity to review lately. Here is my review of the Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator!

Smooth, soft, elastic, perfect?

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 21

Tits job !

I might as well say it, this pair of Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy boobs is my favorite pair of boobs now! I find the result really successful, both visually, but also to the touch. As I said before, the realization is really closer to a pair of natural breasts than a pair of “fake” breasts, which stand alone. Here, we feel that they have been designed not as two big balls, but as two subtle pears! Moreover, by touching them, we realize the big work of the brand, because we can absolutely notice the difference of material, density and softness between the nipples, the external surface, then the internal material.

When you hold them in your hand, you can really feel the change of material inside, which gives you the feeling of kneading natural breasts, without implants. I admit that between Kitty’s breasts and these, I still prefer Kitty’s, nothing replaces the feeling of the touch of the skin. But on the design, it is not a simple pair of cosmetic breasts, there is a real work on the realization so that the touch is as interesting as the visual. I am really pleasantly surprised at this level!

Perfect for Tits job?

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 22

They can easily be pressed together

This is also the main point of this Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator, the possibility to practice tits job! After my tests, I can tell you that they are perfect for that! Already, in terms of size, I can tell you that there is room for all sizes of penis, whether it is long, thick, small or thin, it will pass between the two breasts without any concern. Then, we can easily press the two breasts against each other, even with one hand, to make back and forth with!

To tell you more about it

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 24

The slightest shock makes them move

In order to go a little further, here is what I can tell you! As far as positions are concerned, there is only one really possible! It is when the masturbator is placed flat on its base! Indeed, I tried to use it while sitting, taking the masturbator between my two hands and it is not really possible to use it like that. The reason is simple, the base is soft, without internal armature, which gives us a “pudding” effect by holding it like this. This is not the case with the Bouncing Titties F masturbator in particular, but the breasts were not very natural.

Another point, to help you understand why this pair of breasts is really well made, is that even in the box, before opening it, the slightest movement of it made the breasts move accordingly. Once out, all you have to do is give one of them a little slap to see it move accordingly. When you have both breasts in your hand, you really feel your palms filled, they are really malleable, in short, they are really well done! The fans of big breasts will be at their best!

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy final thoughts

Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy - 17

A very good product for the fans!

I must admit, this Kiwami Namachichi Fantasy masturbator in the shape of a pair of breasts is a success! They are really top! Moreover, on arrival, we do not have a strange smell, nor a greasy texture, here, we just feel the layer of powder present to keep its softness on arrival, nothing more. Certainly, it is a very typical masturbator, very oriented, where the first goal will be the practice of the “Tits job” and play with it, but for those who are looking for a masturbator of this type, for my part, it is the best I have reviewed so far! Big boobs lovers, you know what you have to do!


  • A detailed packaging
  • 4 different densities of material
  • The nipples are not painted
  • A big pair of boobs
  • Natural effect
  • Fits all penis sizes
  • No smell
  • Not really greasy


  • Only one position can be practiced
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