Here the R-18 Onahole from ToysHeart! Yes, it’s still a Japanese masturbator and this one is a bit different from the others! As you may know, I’ve already reviewed a lot of Japanese masturbators on the website! You have for example the Puni Virgin 1000, the Utensil Race Meiki or the Ondo! Nupu. But that’s not all, because you also have the review of the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 or the Meiki Zhang Xiaoyu! And this is only a small part of those you can find on the website!

Here, the R-18 Onahole is a masturbator created to improve endurance! A bit like the Fleshlight Pure I’ve already reviewed. Its full name is the R-18 Onahole Endurance Trainer! Indeed, ToyHeart offers this masturbator to help you improve your endurance through an Onahole, a masturbator with one entry but no exit. The concept is a bit particular. In terms of its story, you arrive in an imaginary world and you discover a woman in the mushroom forest! She wants you to remember the training she will offer you, even when you are back in your world. Train well and don’t disappoint her! Here is the R-18 Onahole review!

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole packaging

R-18 onahole - 1

The front of the box

The first thing I need to talk to you about, of course, is the box. Indeed, it’s the first thing you find out about a sextoy. But here, it’s a Japanese product and I must say, their boxes are really complete. It’s full of many details that only the Japanese know how to do.

R-18 onahole - 2

The back of the box with the sleeve detail

So we find ourselves in front of a rectangular cardboard box with on the front part, the girl from the mushroom forest. She is sitting on a big mushroom, with her big chest, stockings, a mini skirt and a smile on her face. Then, on the side of the box, we discover a kind of cute pink blob (kawai) with explanations about the training proposed by the mushroom forest girl.

R-18 onahole - 3

The slice of the box with the little story in Japanese

Behind the box, we have the inside of the sleeve in the form of a diagram that shows us the inside with lots of explanations in Japanese. Then, on the last slice, we have the dimensions, the weight and explanations on how to use and clean the masturbator. We can also note the mention “Safe Skin”.

R-18 onahole - 4

Then the usage information and its characteristics

When the box is opened, the R-18 onahole is placed in a hard plastic mould, wrapped in a plastic bag. And right next to it, a 12 ml sample of lubricant labeled “Vanessa & Co” by ToysHeart.

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole physical details

R-18 onahole - 5

The R-18 onahole in its plastic mold

Visually, this masturbator isn’t really sexy. It’s kind of, again, like the Fleshlight Pure and its donut shape. So we find ourselves in front of a straight sleeve, with a few ripples on the outside of the sleeve which represents the rings to pass during training. The hole is a simple hole, nothing more.

R-18 onahole - 7

A very basic design

It is primarily a masturbator to increase stamina, not to make it visually sexy. At the back of the masturbator, there is no exit, no small hole to make the air escape, it’s an Onahole.

Onahole size

R-18 onahole - 16

This is the R-18 in my hand

Now, let’s talk dimensions. Indeed, on the pictures, it is not necessarily obvious to realize its size, even if I take several pictures to show it to you at best. Its total length is 15 cm (5.90′) for a tunnel of 12.5 cm (4.92′). Indeed, it is a masturbator of the Onahole type, so you have an entrance, but no exit. For its total width, it displays 6 cm (2.36′). But on the inside of the tunnel, we are on an entrance of 2.5 cm (0.98′) with 4 cm (1.57′) in the inner sleeve. It’s a material that stretches, so you can go up to 5 cm (1.96′) easily.

The other details

R-18 onahole - 11

The orifice of the masturbator, a hole

Compared to everything I’ve already told you about this masturbator, the last thing I have left to tell you is its weight. This Onahole weighs 303 grams, which is very light. You won’t feel it too much in your hand, you won’t have cramps when you use it.

Sleeve construction

But I forgot the most important thing, the construction of the inner sleeve. You could see it on the pictures of the box at the beginning of the review, the sleeve is composed of internal striations big enough at each passage from one area to another so that the penis slides over it. It’s a fairly basic sleeve, but designed to increase endurance by getting your penis used to continuous but not intense stimulation. Each time the ring is passed through, there is a narrower area and at the end of the sleeve there is a heart-shaped nodule.

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole materials

R-18 onahole - 10

It folds easily

For the texture of this masturbator, it is TPE. It is a TPE that I find less greasy than other masturbators that often arrive with a slightly greasy layer that leaves at the first wash. Here, the TPE is really soft, even after cleaning. It doesn’t catch dust, even if it will probably stick a little bit, like most TPE/TPR masturbators. In any case, it is a healthy material for the body, which does not contain latex or phthalates. However, it is a porous material, which means that bacteria can become embedded in the material. Therefore, a TPE masturbator should not be shared with another person.

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole use

R-18 onahole - 15

A whole training program

Now we’ll see how to use this masturbator! Of course, there is nothing complicated to use a sextoy as simple as that! But beware, you’ll have to respect the rules of the mushroom forest! Here’s what you have to do!

How to use this masturbator?

R-18 onahole - 9

One way in, but no way out, that’s the Onahole concept.

As I said at the beginning of the review, it’s an endurance training masturbator! This girl that sits on a mushroom on the packaging is here to offer you a workout! And it looks like there’s a law to follow in the mushroom forest. Yes, we don’t mess with the law!

The first level

Here is the training program to be followed to the letter! You have the first level, which requires you to do 180 back and forth in a single day and to tap the bottom of the heart-shaped nodule at each pass. Fortunately, you can do this by taking breaks and using lubricant.

The second level

Then you have the second level! This one reminds you that you have 4 magic circles that will stimulate the crown of your penis. You must therefore follow the instructions of the girl from the mushroom forest. You have to go back and forth 18 times to touch the first level of the masturbator ring. Then pause for 90 seconds.

Then, go back and forth 18 times to touch the second level of the ring. Then pause for 60 seconds. Slowly move back and forth 18 more times to touch the third ring of the masturbator and pause for 30 seconds. And finally, move back and forth intensively to completely tap the bottom after the third level to reach the heart before coming.

Which lubricant to choose with?

For this masturbator, you can already use the lubricant provided and present in the box. That’s what winning is all about! Afterwards, you can use the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys or the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu! At least you’ll be in the mood! But otherwise, a water-based lubricant will be enough! You have Peace lubricant from Rends or UnisX lubricant. But you’ve got a whole lot of lubricant on the market!

How to clean it?

To clean an Onahole masturbator, you have to be a little careful. Indeed, you have an entrance and no exit. You must therefore clean the inside of the canal with warm water and a little soap and rub the inside well. As for me, once I’ve cleaned the inside, I use a small cleaning stick that I showed you in the Ondo! Nupu masturbator review. Then use the drying stick that I showed you in the Kyo Crystal Mouth review.

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole efficiency

R-18 onahole - 17

The R-18 and the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro

Now I’ll tell you what I think of this R-18 onahole! Of course, in order not to disappoint the girl from the mushroom forest, I followed the instructions of her training to the letter! This forest is quite magical and the goal is to remember it, once back in the real world. Did I get lost in the heart of the forest or was I able to return to my world? Here is my feedback on the R-18 onahole!

Level 1 of the training

This is the basic level, but not necessarily the easiest to achieve. Indeed, you have to go 180 back and forth at the bottom of the sleeve during the day. The aim here is to get your penis and especially the glans to rub against the walls of the sleeve over time. For my part, I have not had any problems achieving this in one go. I still advise you to use a good dose of lubricant so that the sensations on your penis are softer and more subtle and to have enough lubricant and glide throughout the training.

R-18 onahole - 12

The R-18 next to the Ondo! Nupu

The feeling is pleasant, as you can feel the narrower and less narrow passages, right down to the small heart-shaped end nodule. Here, it is the repetition of the gesture without stopping that can lead you to come. This is not the primary goal of this masturbator I remind you. Here, it is necessary to hold on, otherwise the girl of the forest with mushrooms will not be very happy.

Level 2 of the training

Concerning level 2, we’re going to start playing with waiting and suction effects. Indeed, we’re going to start quietly with 18 back and forth on the first part of the sleeve. So the first ring. Here, the rhythm of the passage of the glans and the crown of the penis will be the element that will accelerate the stimulation.

R-18 onahole - 13

The R-18 next to the Mouth of Truth Perorin

Indeed, compared to level 1 which incites you to go back and forth on the whole sleeve without doing it like a horse, here the execution of the back and forth is faster. With the pauses between each exercise of level 2, it can also make the “edging” phase play when you find yourself on the edge of orgasm. Then, at the end of the training, your penis will be brought to touch the nodule at the end of the sleeve, which stimulates the glans in particular.

What I think in the end

To tell you a little bit more, here’s what I think in a little bit more detail. Already, with lubricant and considering the shape of the sleeve, the penetration is simple. You can see the rings on the outside of the sleeve to know your position. And you can see the heart-shaped nodule at the end of the tunnel. You just have to put a finger inside and go to the bottom to realize that there is indeed a small carved bump.

R-18 onahole - 6

The R-18 packed with the lubricant sample

At the level of the sleeve, it is quite tight, but not too tight either. In hand, the masturbator takes the shape of your hand, there is no risk of losing it or slipping it as with other larger masturbators. The stimulation is designed to increase your endurance, it is present, repetitive, quite gentle in the end, without ever being abrupt in its changes. He is a correct masturbator for what he offers.

I must also say that I find it less greasy than other masturbators of this kind. The surface is softer and doesn’t stick at all. As far as cleaning is concerned, it’s quite simple and quick because there is not a big internal construction in the sleeve. And finally, even if I go harder, my glans touches the bottom of the sleeve and creates a bump at its end, I can see my glans under the material, but it doesn’t pierce. What I’ve already seen with other masturbators.

ToysHeart R-18 Onahole final thoughts

R-18 onahole - 14

A masturbator creates for only one thing, the stamina of the penis…

All in all, this R-18 onahole is really designed to work on your endurance. Indeed, it is not necessarily very stimulating, but repetitive on the construction of its sleeve. The goal is not to make you come quickly, but to get your penis used to repeated stimulation in order to gain stamina and not to come too quickly.

On my side, the girl from the mushroom forest was happy with my training. I respected her instructions! Of course, you can come with such a masturbator, but much less quickly than with masturbators designed for more intense stimulation, variation and surprise. If you are looking for a small masturbator to get your penis used to repetition and thus increase your stamina in bed, this is a model to consider.


  • A sleeve built for endurance
  • A detailed Japanese packaging
  • Easy to handle
  • Resistant to its material
  • The fun training part
  • TPE is non greasy and less sticky than others.


  • Few variations
  • Visually, not so pretty
  • Less stimulation than other masturbators designed to make you come
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