You may fall for this Demon Slayer Nezuko body! Those who know the manga Demon Slayer, more than the others! I must confess that I don’t know this manga at all. I stayed with the old generation like Serial Experiment Lain or Evangelion. Anyway, I’ll tell you more about it later! It’s Seiraku who proposes this masturbator, the same company who took care of the Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass!

So I will be able to compare this Demon Slayer Nezuko body to other models I already had the opportunity to review! I think about the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal or Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan and even the Kyo Torso, of course! But also the excellent Britney from Tantaly! So you will be surprised to see a masturbator that takes the character of Nezuko from the manga Demon Slayer and on my side, I will tell you what I think! Is it a deal? Here is my review of the Demon Slayer Nezuko body masturbator!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body packaging

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 1

The box of the Demon Slayer Nezuko body

As with every review of the site, we will start with the huge box! As you can see on the pictures, the box is worked! We feel that there is work to represent Nezuko and to honor her. We can see on the front part, Nezuko, with her big chest and the fact that this masturbator weighs 10 Kg! It is not nothing.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 2

Overview of the internal skeleton of the masturbator

On one side, we are presented with the internal plastic skeleton system, which allows us to have a masturbator that holds in a sitting position, that does not collapse and allows us to have the impression that Nezuko has a rib cage, a spine, like a human person.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 4

Nezuko seems to need help!

On another slice of the box, we have Nezuko again, breasts in the air, who seems to need someone to give her pleasure! It looks like she is squeezing one of her breasts while masturbating.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 5

Details of the two internal tunnels

We can also see on another slice, some details of the two internal tunnels! Well, the information is in Japanese, so to understand all this, you’ll have to hang on. Anyway, we can see what the two tunnels look like. When we open the box, we discover the masturbator, installed in a plastic mold and packed.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body physical details

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 6

Hello Nezuko!

When it comes out, we have a good full bust, heavy and quite generously shaped! As you can see on the pictures, it’s an hourglass-shaped bust with a big pair of round and imposing breasts. Well, not as imposing as the Britney torso masturbator, but still quite big. It reminds me of the time when I had the opportunity to review the Bouncing Titties F from Kokos.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 9

An hourglass shape

If we look a little more at the shape of the bust, we can see that Nezuko has a rather thin waist, with wider hips and a very round and firm buttocks! At the level of the details of the body, we notice the shape of the belly, the muscles of the back, the navel, a whole which gives a certain impression of realism.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 18

Overview of Nezuko’s pussy and anus

A little lower, we have Nezuko’s ass and pussy! On the anus side, it’s quite rough, as often, with a hole without really any details. And on her pussy side, we see the labia majora and minora, with the clitoris. There are enough details on this part, even if I have to say that we are not at the level of the Britney masturbator’s pussy or Kyo 7 Sins!

Size of the masturbator

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 17

The Demon Slayer Nezuko masturbator as a whole

To give you a better idea of the size of this masturbator, let’s talk numbers! First of all, this torso is 52 cm (20.47″) long, when laid flat. So it’s a bit bigger than the Brtiney torso masturbator we reviewed. Then, on the side of its width, notably, from hip to hip, we have 27 cm (10.62″)! Then on the side of its chest, we have 68 cm (26.77″)!

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 14

A beautiful chest!

On the side of her waist, her circumference is 46 cm (18.11″) while the circumference of her hips is 72 cm (28.34″). And if I look at the side of the anal and vaginal tunnels, they are both about 15 cm long (5.90″). So we have a bust that is not completely full size, but still pretty close.

Other details

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 21

It is better not to store it like this to avoid crushing the breasts

To finish on the visual aspect of this masturbator, we can see that the skin color is light, close to the Caucasian skin color. I have not seen any other skin color available for this model. And for its weight, it is precisely 10,1 Kg! I might as well tell you that it is not light.

What is Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 3

An ultra famous manga!

Of course, as I didn’t know it, I had to look it up! Demon Slayer is mostly known in Japan under the name Kimetsu no yaiba. It is a manga series written and drawn by Koyoharu Gotōge. The story of this manga revolves around the journey of Kamado Tanjirō who is going to do everything to find a way to make his little sister Nezuko human again, after her transformation into a demon. But where I’m off is that Demon Slayer is the best-selling manga in Japan in 2019 and 2020! More than 150 million copies have been printed, not counting the animated series or even the animated movie, the biggest box office in Japan! I might as well tell you that it is a popular manga, if you don’t know like me.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body materials

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 12

Soft and a little firm at the same time

No big surprises, since we find TPE that we are used to find on masturbators, even more on models of this size! It’s a soft TPE, which doesn’t stick very much, quite qualitative actually! This material is soft, but with a little bit of hold, but especially helped by the internal ABS plastic skeleton allowing to have a masturbator that holds in place and does not sag. It’s a bit like if Nezuko had a spine, a rib cage, a pelvis, in short, everything that constitutes an internal skeleton of a human bust. This avoids ending up with a kind of “sexual pudding”.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 22

Soft TPE

Another particularity, the breasts of Nezuko! Indeed, here, in the breast, we have a specific gel that plays the role of implant allowing to have soft breasts and a little more resistant inside. We can also note the use of pigment, which unlike other models that I could review, is not simply painted, but are cast directly so, which allows the color of the nipples of the breasts to remain so and not to fade. Be careful, the TPE (especially the inner part) is not to be shared with other people as the TPE is porous.

The vaginal tunnel

Nezuko - vaginal tunnel

Tthe vaginal tunnel cut

For this tunnel, we have a narrow area, just after the vaginal lips, then a slightly wider area, with a series of rings that will slide over your penis and followed by a linear tunnel with doughnut-shaped spikes! But you can go even further, by arriving in your uterus, with the cervix that comes to surround the penis, accompanied by a flexible structure in the shape of a fin that will stimulate the glans.

The anal tunnel

Nezuko - anal tunnel

Tthe anal tunnel cut

And the other tunnel we have is the one for anal penetration! Here, the entrance is even narrower than the vaginal tunnel. There are several things like small lugs, wavy folds, a series of rings, all of which form a tunnel that looks pretty good, including, for the end of it, a small chamber that contains several large bumps that will take care of your glans.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body Use

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 13

A multi-tasking masturbator?

We won’t lie to ourselves, using such a masturbator is not complicated! It is actually very simple, very instinctive, since it is a bust, with a pair of breasts and two holes, everyone knows what to do with! However, we are going to see some elements and instructions of use in order to make good use of it and to keep it as long as possible with you to play with!

What can we do with it?

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 25

She’ s waiting for you!

With a masturbator of this size and shape, the possibilities are numerous! The first one is to penetrate her! Whether it is by her vagina or her ass, both are possible! Moreover, with its internal skeleton, it is possible to make multiple positions, without that this last is problematic to maintain in place. You can also give her slaps on the buttocks, on the breasts, free to let yourself go! Moreover, with its corpulence and its forms, it is possible to put underwear to her, if you wish to make the experience even more sexy.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 15

A pair of tits for a tits job?

Then, you can also introduce it in your couple games, depending on your situation to make a threesome! And you can even go further! Kind of like with Britney and Edward, who we used at the same time for a 4-way! And while I’m thinking about it, with a pair of boobs like this one, the tits job is quite feasible!

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 19

Use only water-based lubricant with this masturbator

This is almost the 400th time I’ve mentioned it, but that’s also what reviewing sex toys is all about, you have to say it again and again. In order not to damage your masturbator, the lubricant you use must be water-based! Otherwise, with a silicone-based lubricant, it will get into the material, mix and do some not very cool things! As for the choice of lube, it’s up to you (as long as it’s water-based, of course). For my part, I opted for the first one I could find, the Tyo from Motsutoys, but Sliquid Satin, Sliquid H20, Pjur Aqua and others will do the trick perfectly!

How to clean Nezuko?

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 7

The box and the plastic mold are convenient to store Nezuko, once dry.

Even if Nezuko seems to be a demon killer, she is a person in her own right and you will have to give her a bath or a good shower! Concretely, when a product is bigger than your sink, in order to clean it properly, a passage in the shower is necessary. On my side, I have a bathtub, so I place the masturbator inside, I take the water jet at warm temperature, I take some soap and I pass the water jet everywhere, either on the surface or in the holes.

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 8

Keep the packaging, you can use it!

Then I take the masturbator out of the bath and place it on a clean towel. I use cleaning rods that can be pushed into the holes to finalize the cleaning and sometimes, depending on the stock, I place a tube that absorbs the water to have as little as possible inside. I might as well tell you that cleaning is far from my favorite part, but that’s the game!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body Efficiency

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 16

Double tunnel = double pleasure?

I don’t doubt Nezuko’s abilities as a demon slayer! But when it comes to sex, is she up to it? That’s what we will see in this part! I have to say that I have had the opportunity to review several masturbators of this kind now, which allows me to compare the models and give you a full review! Apart from its fame, has Nezuko succeeded in fulfilling its mission to seduce me? Is it a good model of bust masturbator? Here are the answers to these questions in my review of the Demon Slayer Nezuko Body masturbator! Beware of demons though!

For Tits Job

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 10

Zoom on one of Nezuko’s breasts!

This is one of the possibilities with this masturbator, the practice of the tits job! For my part, yes, but it will still depend on the size of your penis. However, it should be noted that the breasts are quite firm, which does not make things too easy. But it is quite possible. Just hold both breasts together to surround your penis and then go back and forth. Still, I preferred the Britney masturbator breasts, which are less firm.

On the other hand, to the touch, manually, they remain firm, but you can still compress them, squeeze them, slap them, they bounce a little but we are far from the movement of a real pair of natural breasts. On the other hand, it is a good thing to have directly used “pink” TPE for the nipples. They are a little softer but above all, it is not a paint that with time disappears. There, the pink of the nipples will remain present in time. In short, Nezuko’s pair of breasts is very good, it’s not just a visual element, but a real playground.

General support

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 11

Inside, a skeleton is present!

Here too, it’s not bad at all! Indeed, with 10 Kg on the scale, you can imagine that if no internal skeleton is present, we would have a “Flamby” masturbator, like the Edward masturbator which folds up as soon as we lift it. This allows a lot of things, such as holding it vertically, but especially to have a better overall support and facilitate its handling.

For example, it will be possible to penetrate Nezuko while standing and holding her hips, placing her in a cowgirl position on her breasts, without them being completely crushed. You can feel the internal structure as you squeeze her, which can add a sense of realism, as if we have a real person with their bones, hips, etc.

This adds weight to the whole, but it is still much more pleasant afterwards, especially when practicing multiple positions. This was already the case on the Anna Kiljan and Maria Nordal masturbators, so it’s not a novelty. But again, I prefer the internal skeleton of the Britney masturbator, more solid than this one. Still, you have to be careful not to put all your weight on the internal skeleton part, it’s not made for that.

The possibilities available

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 20

Nezuko’s buttocks!

With such a model, you can do many things! In vaginal penetration, you can choose a large number of positions (again thanks to the internal skeleton) such as the little spoon, doggy style, missionary, cowgirl and many others. Its weight also provides good overall stability. It can also be used for anal penetration, the same principle as for vaginal penetration, you can practice several positions, grab her ass at the same time. We can test the Greek job, but it will be more the concept of sliding his glans on her buttocks than between the two buttocks.

It is also a masturbator that will be very well suited for VR porn! All you will need is a virtual reality headset, a VR porn and to believe in it a little more! You can lick her pussy, have fun fucking it with a harness & dildo for those who don’t have a penis. In short, it will also depend on your imagination and your equipment.

Solo use

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 27

A vaginal canal and an anal canal, both pretty good!

To try it, I used water-based lubricant, simply. First of all, the vaginal tunnel is not bad, even if it remains classic. The entrance remains narrow, but the tunnel widens quite quickly. I didn’t have any problem to slide my penis in, even if the texture of the orifice stretches to get there. When the penis passes through, at the beginning, you feel small soft pecks, then a straighter area, but it is the very end of the tunnel that is the most interesting in my opinion.

While on the anal canal side, we find a rather similar pattern, but less straight, with more air play inside during penetration. I must say that for once, both the vaginal and anal canal are interesting. Apart from that, we can grab Nezuko by her breasts, slap her buttocks on the way and all this without risk, we can still let go a little more without fear of hurting.

Use as a couple

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 28

The breasts are a little too firm for my taste

Even if we didn’t have the opportunity to try this Demon Slayer Nezuko Body masturbator with two people, it’s the same principle as for the Britney masturbator! You can have fun with a threesome, or even with 4 if you add Edward in the set! It is also possible to make “lesbian” games or to squirt on it so that your partner can lick the sperm. In short, it’s only your imagination that will restrain you!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Body Final Thoughts

Demon Slayer Nezuko body - 23

A very good model of masturbator!

In the end, this Demon Slayer Nezuko Body model is a success! Even if I find that the breasts are too firm, a little bit small for tits job and that the internal skeleton is less resistant and heavy than the one of the Britney masturbator, it is also a model a little bit cheaper than Britney. It is on the same level of quality, even if Britney is still superior. Let’s just say that compared to its price, it’s a good value. And if you are a fan of the animated series, it’s one more reason to crack! Anyway, it’s a very good model! A bit more qualitative than the ones from Real Body 3D, but less than the ones from Tantaly.


  • A beautiful packaging
  • The general aspect of the masturbator
  • A good pair of breasts
  • Darker and unpainted nipples
  • Two tunnels that are interesting
  • The possibilities offered
  • The presence of an internal skeleton


  • Breasts a little too firm
  • Less qualitative than Britney
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