Introducing the Arcwave Pow masturbator! Yes, another masturbator from Arcwave following the review of the Arcwave Ghost masturbator! Admittedly, the Ghost is considered more of a masturbation sheath, rather than a masturbator. But this time, the Pow brings something new, at least, elements that allow me to consider it as a masturbator and not a sheath. I was again curious to see what Arcwave could offer in this area. As I mentioned in the Ghost sheath review, I had liked the Arcwave Ion, even though it wasn’t unanimous. And I also liked the Arcwave Voy, quite basic, but effective.

For those of you who are new to the business, Arcwave is the penis line of WowTech, which owns the Womanizer brand. So beware, these are not “Womanizers” for penises. But given their competence in this field, we can expect something interesting. However, I can already tell you that the Arcwave Pow does not offer anything revolutionary. But as they say, it’s in the old pots that the best soups are made. Is the Arcwave Pow a good masturbator? What do I think about it ? To find out, I invite you to read the rest of this review!

Arcwave Pow packaging

To begin, let’s talk about the packaging of this masturbator. As you can see on the pictures, it is a cardboard tube, just like the Kyo Crystal Mouth for example, with here, the Pow in picture. We can see a kind of blue swirl, which could let us think that it is an innovative air or ventilation system. You will see that in reality, there is not what to swirl. We find on this tube, the name of the brand “Arcwave”, as well as a sticker that tells us “Soft CleanTech Silicone”, the specific silicone that Arcwave uses for its sex toys.

At the bottom, we discover the name of the product and that it is a silicone masturbator with suction. A small visual detail that I like, the tube is slightly cut at the bottom, revealing a turquoise blue color that gives it some style. We also have stickers that seal the product. On the back, we can see the features of the product. Once we open this tube, we discover the Arcwave Pow inside, then under it we have a safety instruction manual, another one of use and a kind of rounded flyer, just like the two manuals. Finally, this tube will allow to store the product.

Arcwave Pow - 1
Arcwave Pow - 2
Arcwave Pow - 3
Arcwave Pow - 4
Arcwave Pow - 5

Arcwave Pow physical details

At first sight, the Arcwave Pow looks like a tube, like many masturbators that have a shell. Here, I find that this shell has a certain style, partly taken from the Arcwave Voy. We have on one side, a cover, which has a silicone tab that can be “unclipped or reclipped” to play with the air supply in the inner sleeve. At the level of the shell, we have vents so that the air can go out and the sheath can also breathe a little. On this tube, we can also see twisted stripes that provide a comfortable grip, soft but also gripping. On this part, we also have the Arcwave logo, as on the other sex toys of the range.

Further down on this tube, we can also discover a QR Code and the fact that its construction is made in Berlin. And on the other side of the tube, we have yet another lid, this time without a tab, but with vents on the sides, again, to allow the accumulated air to escape. When we open the lids, we realize that it is a dark blue double entry sleeve. On one side, we have a rather open, round area, which lets us see inside, the beginning of a sheath composed of small bumps. It is in reality the narrowest zone.

On the other side, we have more like spikes, which can be scary, because it looks like a kind of “chopper” to turn and is the least narrow. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s pretty telling in the pictures. Finally, we can take the sheath out of its shell. Once out, it looks like a small alter, allowing us to see that there are two entrances with a narrow area that allows to link the two.

Size of the masturbator

But how big is this masturbator? As you can see, it is longer than the Arcwave Voy, but also narrower. In fact, its overall length is 18 cm (7.08″), for a penetration length of 16 cm (6.29″). Again, there are two entries, so we are not limited to its penetration length. If your penis is longer, it won’t be a problem, your glans will come out the other side. Its external diameter (shell) is 7 cm (2.75″), the sheath at the widest, at the level of the entrances is 4.4 cm (1.73″), while the internal sheath has a diameter ranging from 2.7 cm to 3.7 cm (1.06″ to 1.45″), but stretchable.

Other details

To finish on this part, you should know that the Arcwave Pow exists in three versions or rather in three colors. We have a black version, another dark blue (the one we received) and a turquoise version. Concerning its weight, it is 380 grams, which is rather light, without being too much. It is about twice as light as a Fleshlight masturbator to give you an idea.

Arcwave Pow - 6
Arcwave Pow - 7
Arcwave Pow - 9
Arcwave Pow - 11
Arcwave Pow - 10
Arcwave Pow - 16
Arcwave Pow - 23

Arcwave Pow materials

This is the particularity of this masturbator, its sheath is made of silicone! This is quite rare actually, because the majority of masturbators are rather composed of TPR, more or less dense, or Real Feel Super Skin at Fleshlight. Here, it is the CleanTech silicone, developed by Arcwave. It’s a silicone that catches a little, but rather soft (fortunately), which offers some resistance to penetration and a more intense stimulation. This silicone is safe for the body, it does not contain latex or phthalates and is not composed of bisphenol A.

For the rest, at the level of the shell, we have ABS plastic, but also some parts in silicone, like the tongue or the external grip present on the shell. ABS plastic is mostly used in the sextoy industry, especially in the realization of external element not intended to be introduced, like a shell, a ring, a cover, in short, you get the idea.

Arcwave Pow - 17
Arcwave Pow - 20

Arcwave Pow use

Even though we have a user manual, we can’t say that it teaches us much. It’s a masturbator that comes down to a shell, two butt plugs and an internal sheath. In the end, it’s not much different from a Fleshlight masturbator for example, although there are a few subtleties to note. In order to get it right, I’m going to tell you what you need to know about its use.

How to handle this masturbator?

To use the Arcwave Pow, you have two choices. Actually, you have a little bit more, but I’ll break that down for you to see. First thing, you have two lids. And therefore, two different ports. So you can open one lid and get into the other side or you can open both lids and get into the hole you want. Of course, before you do all of this, you need to add some water-based lubricant to make it easier to penetrate and glide. This is really necessary on this masturbator, because the silicone grips when the penis passes through and it will be much easier to go back and forth afterwards. But you can also use it a little differently, by opening or closing the tab to have more or less suction effect.

But that’s not all! As you can see on the pictures, we only have a tab on one of the covers. It is possible to modify this, in the sense that you can take the sheath out of its shell and replace it upside down, in order to take advantage of the other hole, while having access to the tab. Otherwise, in general, it can be used alone, with two people, with your partner, or just use the sheath without its shell, so that you can press the sheath back and forth and apply pressure to the desired area.

Arcwave Pow - 14
Arcwave Pow - 21
Arcwave Pow - 19
Arcwave Pow - 22
Arcwave Pow - 24

Which lubricant to choose with ?

With the Arcwave Pow, you don’t get a sample of Pjur lube. I say Pjur, because this brand has been part of Wow Tech for a little while. Anyway, we don’t have a sample, so you’ll have to come up with a lube. Beware, we will not use any kind of lubricants with the Pow. Like all masturbators on the market, you have no choice, you will have to choose a water-based lubricant. You can choose a thick one, more liquid, it depends on your preferences. As long as it’s water-based, you won’t have any problems. For my part, I used the lubricant Sliquid Organics Natural, but you have the choice to use the lubricant you prefer! Just look at the composition of the lube to make sure it’s water-based. It’s simple, most of the time, it’s mentioned on it and the main ingredient is water.

How to clean it?

To clean it, you have two techniques! The first is the quickest, the one you will use most of the time. And the second is a more thorough cleaning. To do this, simply remove the two covers, then rinse the silicone sheath directly under tap water at medium temperature (lukewarm). You can also take a quick swipe of sextoy cleaner around the outer parts of the holes. Then, just let it air dry with only one cover on and upright, allowing any remaining water to fall down.

The second way to clean it, which we will do less regularly, is to remove the sheath completely from its shell. Then, you can turn the sheath on itself (be careful with your nails) and then twist it while running it under water. And for the shell, you can clean it with a soft soap or soak it in water and rub it a little. Once this is done, you can wipe the inside of the shell with a cloth to remove any remaining water and leave the sheath out to dry thoroughly, before putting it back in its shell.

Arcwave Pow efficiency

It’s time to move on to the more interesting stuff, including where I’m going to tell you more about the Arcwave Pow, its use and stimulation. This is the fourth sextoy from Arcwave that I have had the opportunity to review! We’ll see where this one fits in my list and if it stands up to the other models. To learn more about this masturbator, here is my opinion after a few uses of it.

Handling and ergonomics

With Arcwave, it is true that the grip is often good. And it is true that this model is no exception to the rule. This tube is easy to handle, offering a good grip on its shell. Indeed, on this one, we have a twisted part, in silicone, or in any case, covered with a layer of silicone that clings well to the skin. The ventilation system is rather simple to use, because you just have to put a finger on it to cut the air outlet or on the contrary, leave a space so that it escapes at each back and forth.

The caps are easy to remove, although the first time, you might be a little afraid to break them. I found that putting back the caps (or lids) requires a bit of skill. The sheath is also easy to remove and replace. In this respect, Arcwave remains faithful to its previous models, offering quality products and easy to use.

Penis stimulation

As you could see, there are two penetrable sides that offer two different effects. First of all, you can use the air system by lifting the tab and placing a finger on it to play with the air accumulation and the suction effect. This is different from a screw cap system like on the Fleshlight masturbators which requires each time to tighten or not the screw to have more or less space for the air to escape.

For my part, I preferred to stay on the old-fashioned system, that is, to stay in one state, rather than play with my finger to bring more or less opportunities for the air to escape. All in all, I kept the tab in place, as I prefer the stronger, tighter stimulation it offers. However, I still used this masturbator with the tab removed, but I find that the back and forth is less percussive and you feel less of the sheath texturing.

But at the same time, I also like to totally remove both lids to have a smoother and faster penetration, without having anything that slows down the passage of the penis.

Two sides, two different sensations?

As I mentioned, you have two usable sides. Personally, I preferred the narrower side, with the little bumps at the entrance before reaching the area I call the “chopper” which comes to stimulate the glans rather strongly. The other side is not bad either, the penetration is less easy at the entrance, but you feel that the diameter is larger from the beginning. Whether it is on one side or the other, you can cum quite easily, but be careful when you cum, because if the cover is removed, you put some everywhere.

I found that the orgasms obtained are satisfactory. The sensation that the sheath proposes is rather strong, raw, it is less subtle than other masturbation sheaths or masturbators. The whole is rather good, but one feels also that the glans is rather quickly over-solicited as soon as one makes fast back and forth. I think it is better to do slower back and forth movements to focus on the sensations of the passage of the glans in the sheath.

Anything else?

To finish on this part, it is true that the sheath remains a little fragile, in particular it marks rather easily as soon as a nail slips on it. It’s mostly aesthetic, because it’s quite robust. The suction system is not as interesting as WowTech would like, but it is still well made, more than Fleshlight and their cursed caps to screw and unscrew. The penetration length is sufficient for most to stimulate the entire penis. You have to like strong pressure on it and not have a too large penis. For my part, it’s okay, but the pressure effect is really present, which doesn’t please everyone.

I also found that I needed quite a bit of lube to get the most out of it and to have less penis clinging to the sheath when going back and forth. I’m still a fan of TPE or Real Feal Super Skin from Fleshlight. At the same time, it is not necessarily the same budget either. It is also silent, we do not find ourselves with a masturbator that regularly emits fart noises. Let’s just say that if I had to classify the Arcwave models, I would stay with the Ion, then the Voy, the Pow and the Ghost. However, you have to take into account the budget you have at your disposal.


Arcwave Pow - 8
Arcwave Pow - 12
Arcwave Pow - 13

Arcwave Pow final thoughts

Arcwave Pow - 18
Arcwave Pow - 15

In conclusion, the Arcwave Pow is a good product. It is not my favorite in the Arcwave range, but its design and realization are of quality and the bet remains successful. Of course, it is a bit narrow depending on the size of your penis, some will like it, others, less. Its system to control the air is still better than other models, all on a reasonable budget.


  • Grip on the shell
  • Elegant design
  • CleanTech Silicone
  • Two holes
  • Suction system
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to reach orgasm


  • A little narrow
  • Rough sensation
  • Overstressing of the glans
  • Caps a little difficult to remove
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