Yes, we’re going to review the Lelo Soraya Wave! The return of Lelo’s Wave range ! To tell you the truth, I wasn’t really expecting it. Indeed, after a very good Soraya 2 that Kitty liked very much, I didn’t think that a Wave version was going to come out ! And I find the same way of acting as at the time, when I saw the release of Lelo Loki and Loki Wave ! The two products followed each other in terms of their release date, so I have a feeling of déjà vu with the release of the Lelo Soraya Wave!

However, I expect everything! Indeed, you will surely remember the release of Mona Wave, a disaster that came to harm the Lelo Mona 2, which remains to this day, an excellent G-spot vibrator! Fortunately, the Ina Wave had managed to be more convincing. As a result, I’m really curious to have Kitty test the Lelo Soraya Wave so that she can tell me what she thinks about it compared to the Soraya 2!

Recently with Lelo, we could review the Lelo F1s, which is really good, despite the flaws of its application, but also the new Smart Wand 2 Large, Lelo’s famous wireless wand which has been updated! And of course we had the right to the Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise! But let’s come back to our main subject, the review of Lelo Soraya Wave!

Lelo Soraya Wave packaging

No surprise, the packaging of Lelo Soraya Wave is the same as for the Soraya 2. We have a large black rectangular box with a small windowed part to see the rabbit before opening it. Once the stickers are removed, we can open the box and discover the Soraya Wave lying down.

Next to it, there is a small compartment in which you will find the charging cable packed in a small superfluous plastic pocket. Then underneath the foam mould you have a small 2-year warranty card. But you also have a small manual that tells you to download the full version from the Internet. There is also another small information paper, a sample of Lelo lubricant and a satin storage pouch!

Lelo Soraya Wave physical details

No or few changes between Soraya 2 and Soraya Wave ! We find a shape specific to this model of Lelo’s sex-toys. Indeed, it is a vibrator in the shape of a rabbit, which has two parts, one vaginal and another clitoral. The shaft is slightly curved so that it can apply G-spot stimulation, then the clitoral branch is also in this same case, to come and stimulate the clitoris. This part is always flexible to adapt to the morphology. It is the same inclination as on the Soraya 2.

The insertable head is sculpted for G-spot stimulation but is not flexible. However, it will be able to move with the help of a motor and its Wave technology. You still have three buttons to control it. And there’s also the Jack plug at the end of the handle side to charge the internal battery. Finally, you can see that the Lelo Soraya Wave still has a handle that looks a bit like the Loop handle from Fun Factory. On the other hand, there is a small change in design between the Soraya 2 and the Soraya Wave! There is less ABS plastic, the golden part. This is especially the case on the shaft. Now it is only on a part of the vaginal branch.

The Soraya Wave dimensions

Now let’s talk about the dimensions of the Lelo Soraya Wave. This one measures 21.8 cm (8.58′) total length with 11.5 cm (4.52′) insertable. So it’s very similar to the Soraya 2. On the other hand, the insertable diameter of the vaginal part is a little larger on the new model. This one is 3.8 cm (1.49′) at the widest, compared to 3.5 cm (1.37′) on the number 2. And finally, the clitoral stem is also a little wider on the Soraya Wave. The two products are slightly different, but there is very little difference between the two models.

The other details

To finish on its visual appearance and other details to tell you, know that the Soraya Wave is available in three colors. You have a black, fuchsia pink and midnight blue version. In fact, these are the same colours as the Soraya 2. If we had received the Soraya 2 in black, for the Soraya Wave, we would have been entitled to the blue version! That makes two different colours, it’s easier to spot them, even if we’ve already seen the small visual differences between the Soraya 2 and Soraya Wave.

And finally, small difference in weight between the Soraya 2 and Soraya Wave ! The first weighs 175 grams while the new Soraya weighs 185 grams. A very small weight gain, probably compared to the engine of the wave technology! In short, it doesn’t change much. For a difference of 10 grams, you won’t really feel it when you use it.

Lelo Soraya Wave materials

As always with Lelo, we find very good quality materials for the design of this Soraya Wave! First of all, you have medical grade silicone, containing neither latex nor phthalates. The silicone is very soft, silky and catches very little dust. It’s really nice to run your hand over it. For the rest, it is ABS plastic which is used for the gold parts. Either way, both materials are of high quality and healthy for the body.

Lelo Soraya Wave use

You want to use your Lelo Soraya Wave? You don’t know how to do it yet ? First of all, before using it, you will have to wait during its first charge before taking advantage of the double stimulation it is ready to offer you!

How do you charge it?

Of course, it doesn’t recharge with solar panels. Besides, it would be a concept! Lelo Soraya Wave can be recharged using the cord in the box. You have on one side a Jack plug to be plugged on the rabbit and on the other side a USB plug that you can plug on a USB port of a computer or on a power adapter. It will take about two hours of charging time for two hours of autonomy! That’s less autonomy than the Soraya 2!

But we have extra features, including vaginal shaft movement! You can’t have it all! At the same time, two hours of charging time for two hours of autonomy is very correct. You can keep it in stand-by mode for 90 days. All in all, if you don’t use it for 3 months, the battery will be completely discharged.

When charging, a blue LED will pulse to indicate that it is charging. And when it is fully charged, the LED will remain on but constant. When you run out of battery, a white LED will blink to let you know. On the other hand, the cable is still short, it’s a shame not to have a slightly longer cable.

How do you handle it?

First thing we’ll have to do is disable its travel-lock mode. It’s the same as on Soraya 2! You have to keep the “+” and “-” buttons pressed for three seconds until the LED lights up. From then on, you can start using it. At the buttons, if you press the “+” button, you will turn on the Soraya Wave. And if you press the same button again, you will increase the intensity of the vibrations.

Of course, by pressing the “-” button, the intensity of these will decrease. To navigate through the 8 available vibration modes, press the “()” button. And to finish, in order to turn off your rabbit, you will have to keep the “()” button pressed for a few seconds. You can do the same thing by keeping the “-” button pressed. You can turn off the Wave part, but not really either. In fact, out of the 8 available modes, there is only one mode that doesn’t use the WaveMotion part.

The WaveMotion technology

This technology, it’s the one that was present on the Mona Wave, the Ina Wave or the Loki Wave! The principle is to offer, in addition to vibration stimulation, movement. Indeed, the vaginal branch is now mobile! This part allows the head of the Soraya Wave to move in order to reproduce wave movements to stimulate the G spot. It’s a system that tries to reproduce the movement you can do with your fingers (sign “come this way”) which is very effective to stimulate the G spot. With the 8 different vibration modes, it allows you to mix the stimulation and offer more than the Soraya 2.

What are the vibration modes and intensities?

If we had 12 vibrating modes on the Soraya 2, the Wave model has only 8! This could be a regression! Yes, I don’t understand that only 8 modes are available ! When I look at the Mona Wave and the Ina Wave, both have 10 vibrating modes. On the other hand, on the Loki Wave, we do have 8 modes. So I think the Soraya Wave is based on the engine of the Loki Wave. However, the modes remain different from one model to another. We find modes that we’ve already seen on the Soraya 2 as well. On the other hand, Lelo doesn’t provide any more details about the present modes, it’s a bit of a pity because other manufacturers do it, like We-Vibe in particular.

So we have 8 patterns, including 1 that doesn’t use the WaveMotion part. On the other hand, the cycle of vibrations/patterns is really strange, not to say random. Let’s say that changing from one mode to another doesn’t really make sense. We can have a mode that goes from a continuous vibration to jerky for the clitoris, then a different rhythm in the shaft, then the shaft that no longer vibrates but only moves. In short, to find the right mode, you have to cycle through the 8 modes each time and it’s pretty boring. Basically, we advise you to find the mode that suits you and not to touch the buttons anymore.

Which lubricant to choose?

With a silicone sextoy, a water-based lubricant must be used! Everybody repeat after me! I think I’ve already written this sentence hundreds and hundreds of times since the site opened! It’s silly, but it’s important to avoid damaging a silicone sextoy. There are exceptions, but to be as clear as possible, keep in mind that a silicone sextoy is only compatible with a water-based lubricant.

First of all, you have the Lelo lubricant sample in the box. If you need a little bit of lubricant to facilitate the insertion of the vaginal shaft, you can later take some Sliquid Satin or Organics Sensation of the same brand for a warm/cold effect. But you know very well, you have a lot of water-based lubricant on the market.

How to clean this Soraya Wave?

Who says waterproof sextoy, says sextoy you can use in the shower! But it also means you can clean it without worrying about it. It’s safe! Finally, for water of course. Either you use a sextoy cleaner or mild soap and warm water.

For my part, I still use Sliquid Shine, which I like for its composition. But you have other cleaners on the market. You can also sterilize the Lelo Soraya Wave with PureSan. It just goes inside. Take care not to dry it with an abrasive cloth as well! Be careful, the ABS plastic part tends to keep the lubricant and secretions in the small interstices of this part. Moreover, one wonders why this choice!

Lelo Soraya Wave efficiency

This is everybody’s favorite part! And I have to say that it’s also the moment we prefer with Kitty! Because a sextoy is all the same made to please us with good stimulations and orgasms! The goal is not that a sextoy is stored on a shelf to look nice! It’s nice for the decoration of your living room, but it’s still a shame to come to this!

As we have tested with Kitty the Soraya 2, a little while ago, we will be able to tell you what the Soraya Wave brings more or less. And especially if the “Wave” part works well ! Here is our opinion on the Lelo Soraya Wave!

Handling of the Wave model

As for the Soraya 2, we find this particular shape for the handle! With this handle, you can easily hold it in place with only two fingers. Once you have chosen the mode that suits you, on the intensity that suits you, you can simply hold it like this! Even better, you can use it without your hands! Indeed, this was the element that could be missing from this model, because that’s what happened with the Mona Wave.

But no, the design of the Soraya Wave allows it to move using WaveMotion technology, without holding it! Kitty has experienced this on her own! She slipped the Soraya into her pussy while giving me a blowjob with one hand and her mouth and the other on my testicles, without holding the rabbit and it moved perfectly stimulating her G-spot at the same time.

Concerning the buttons, they are the same and they are located in the same place as the Soraya 2, so there are no changes on their accessibility and ergonomics. Whether to handle it alone or with two people, it remains easy to use and without any headache.

The Soraya Wave placement

Here too, it’s well studied. We find the same thing again between the Soraya 2 and the Wave model! It is true that on the first Soraya, the clitoral stem was not necessarily placed in the right place according to the morphology of the person. Since the second model, this element has beenfixed and it is therefore with pleasure that we find the same stem, even if it is a bit different because it is slightly wider. This will allow the slightly larger clitoris to benefit even more from this clitoral stimulation.

Once again, when I pushed the Soraya Wave into Kitty’s pussy for a second try, it still fits just as well, whether in the vagina at the G-spot or in the clitoris. The clitoral shaft can be placed just below the clitoris or let it rest on top of the clitoris to have less pressure exerted on it. The stem can therefore always be adapted to a large number of different morphologies. But, it’s another thing with the Wave part!

The stimulation of the Soraya Wave

When Kitty used the Lelo Soraya Wave, she was able to get orgasms, but it takes time to cum with it! And each time, you still have to come to get the orgasm ! Whereas with the Soraya 2, no need to go deep inside, it almost comes by itself ! Certainly, the Wave model fills the vagina quite well, even a little more than the Soraya 2. For the vibrations, they are of quality and deep, the rabbit is rather quiet but audible, but it is really the Wave part which is not great.

What about the WaveMotion effect?

Frankly, it’s pretty disappointing. Let’s just say it’s not very well done. Indeed, this wave effect is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. For example, if you want to use the Soraya Wave as a double vibrator, with vibrations in the clitoral stem and the vaginal stem, the WaveMotion part has to be in action! In short, it cannot do what the Soraya 2 offers.

Moreover, the wave effect lacks power or possibilities. When the G-spot starts to be stimulated, it’s soft and quite slow and you wish you had more! The concern is that the WaveMotion part moves the positioning of the Soraya Wave and as a result you can lose contact with the clitoris. And that’s still boring for a rabbit! So Kitty preferred to use the Soraya Wave rather than the WaveMotion part with the Smart Wand 2 Large for her clitoris! And since we can’t really turn the vibrations on/off as we want, because everything is determined by the present modes, it’s pretty boring.

Kitty & Mogwai

soraya wave lelo - 17
soraya wave lelo - 18
soraya wave lelo - 19

Lelo Soraya Wave final thoughts


In the end, we’re not going to say the Lelo Soraya Wave is no good. But between the Soraya 2 and Soraya Wave, our choice is made ! In reality, it’s its price that’s not right. With almost 100$ of difference compared to Soraya 2, we wonder what we gain in exchange ! In fact, we find that we lose ! Lelo usually offers good products and here, we don’t understand why.  There are so many small problems but above all a not really interesting difference between the Soraya 2 and Soraya Wave, that we are a little disappointed with the result. If you have the budget, why not? If you like to pay the brand, why not? But we still advise you to go for the very good Soraya 2!


  • The adapted clitoral branch
  • Lelo quality
  • Deep vibrations
  • The WaveMotion part (but without the clitoral part)


  • We’re a little bored with
  • Random and pre-defined modes
  • We can’t just shut down one of the two engines like we want.
  • The shaft and the golden part that collects the lubricant and secretions
  • You can lose control with the clitoris when the Wave part moves
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