Here is another masturbator that I have already reviewed, the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole! Indeed, recently, I had the opportunity to review the Kyo Bound Kohai Onahole, which is part of the same range as the Kukuru version, except that here it is a vaginal sleeve and non-oral one. We will see if one model is better than the other. I also reviewed a few days ago, the Kyo Jeans Girl Onahole, a buttock masturbator!

As a reminder, Kyo is a brand created by Motsutoys and it is not the first time I try one of their products. Indeed, I already had the chance to review the huge masturbator Kyo Torso, but also their automatic masturbator, the Kyo Piston. But today is the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole that I will review for you. I hope it will worth it!

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole packaging

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 1

The masturbator’s box

Obviously, between the Kukuru and Kohai models, there will be a lot of things that will be identical from one to another. I will try to make it short. For the box, we always have the right to a hard box, with an opening system with a drawer. There is also a rope knot on the box, as for the Shibari.

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 2

The “vagina” sleeve

The only thing that changes is the red sticker announcing the masturbator model. It is also on the other side of the box that we will see the vaginal model as well. For information, the rope is not delivered with.

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 4

The masturbator in its “recyclable” bag

There is always a mold to hold the masturbator and a plastic film that seems recyclable to protect the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole. No change between the two models. Be careful against the tab. It breaks easily. Well, nothing serious either.

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole physical details

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 5

The masturbator, still in its pocket

If the Kyo Bound Kohai did not please me visually because I do not like the design of mouth-shaped masturbators, here I find a vulva and I find that the rendering is better. However, this is not a stunning realism either. Again, the pussy is more like a hole than anything else. It’s a shame because we lose realism. On a Fleshlight masturbator, we still have a working pussy opening. I would have liked something more realistic.

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 6

The hole of the Kyo Bound Kukuru masturbator

Otherwise, like the Kohai model, we have a narrow shaped masturbator, with a portion containing the entrance of the vagina-shaped sleeve, with the vulva on the outside. Then, the tunnel part, which from the outside, represents the white part, in the form of sausage well tied. This is the “bondage” side as if the sleeve had been surrounded by ropes. At the back of the masturbator, you have a small hole on the side, which will evacuate the air and at the same time, evacuate the remaining lubricant and sperm after ejaculation.

Kyo Bound Kukuru onahole size

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 7

The outer sheath (in white) is much harder than the pink part

No surprises compared to the Kohai model, the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole has the same dimensions. So we have a masturbator that measures 15 cm total length (5.90′) for a 14.5 cm insertable tunnel (5.70′). At the outer diameter, it varies from 6 cm to 8 cm (2.36′ to 3.14′) depending on the location. For the inner tunnel, the diameter is 0.5 to 1.5 cm (0.19′ to 0,59′), but the material is largely stretchable. We can therefore use it, even with a penis with a 5 cm diameter (1.96′) and even a little more.

Other informations on the Kukuru model

To give you some information on the Kukuru model, I can tell you that it weighs 410 grams, a weight quite suitable for a pocket masturbator. It can also be seen that the white TPE part allows to take it well in hand, but also allows to press on it to put pressure on the penis during its use.

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole materials

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 12

The orifice has few details

Like the Kohai model, the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole consists of a double layer of TPE. I’ve already talked about it in the Kohai model review, the double layer TPE is not new. I had already had the opportunity to review it on the Puni Ana DX Fuwataro for example.

Double Layer TPE

As you could read in my previous review, but also observe on the product photos, we see very clearly two layers of different colors. But that’s not all, because these two textures do not have the same properties. One is firmer, the other softer. It can be seen that the outer TPE part is white, while the inner part is more skin and pink color. The TPE used internally is therefore softer and the outer TPE harder and almost does not catch dust, hair or cat hair.

The vaginal tunnel

If the Kohai model has an oral sleeve, the Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole uses a vaginal sleeve, with a fairly tight channel. Once the entrance port, there is a tighter area, including a firmer part. Then, once this passage is passed, we discover a stimulating zone with several large ridges on the walls.

kyo bound kukuru onahole sleeve

Cutting of the Kukuru sheath

Then we discover a second zone divided into two parts. The first is covered with small suckers, while for the second, you have a big bump that represents the G-Spot. We can also use the masturbator with this big bump up or down, according to the feeling that the we want to get. Then, there is a third part, a little more organic, with lots of ridges that slide on each side of the sleeve. And finally, at the end of the tunnel, which becomes even tighter, an area stimulates the penis head and gently press on it. That way, it makes you want to try it and see what it’s worth in the action!

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole use

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 15

The Kukuru next to a Fleshlight

I have almost told you everything in the Kohai model review, but for those who arrive on this review first, I’ll do a little reminder to not get lost in all this information. It will not hurt you!

What can we do with this masturbator?

The first thing is to go back and forth with your penis in it. It’s the base and it’s the easiest thing to do. But as previously stated, you can press the TPE texture to bring even more pressure during use. You can also have fun, attaching your masturbator with a Shibari knot. It’s fun, but it also helps to tighten the tunnel even more.

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 10

The hole, a simple one

The last thing is the “air management” part that is done with the small hole on the other side of the vulva. We can insert a penis to the end, close the hole with a finger and go back and forth that will become even tighter with a suction effect. We will see in the facts later if this is the case.

Which lube to use with?

If you do not know yet, using a masturbator requires a water-based lubricant. Moreover, from my memory, I do not know a masturbator that allows to use silicone-based lubricant, without damaging it. You can choose one. But I recommend using a lubricant like Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu, a thick lubricant in large quantities. You also have Pjur Aqua, Yes Bio or Sliquid H2O according to your preferences.

How to clean your Onahole?

Here is just like the Kohai model, it will take a little attention. I advise you to do the same thing for the Kohai sheath. Do you remember more about my advice? Here is a small summary. For my part, I run water in the hole with a little soap. Then, I empty the water and I rub with the brush that I received with the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. It will then be necessary to dry the masturbator. For my part, I make sure to keep the hole down for the water to flow. Then, from time to time, I add some maintenance powder or corn flour to keep it soft.

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole efficiency

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 8

The tiny hole in the back of the sheath

Now let’s talk about what everyone is waiting for, the moment I’m getting back to you about using this product and what it’s all about at the stimulation level. For this time, I reviewed the masturbator alone to see what it gives in real, but also to compare it to the Kohai model.

The choice of the material

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 9

Small in hand, but easy to hold

Like the Kohai model, the Kukuru has double-textured TPE, one softer than the other. Outside, the sleeve is quite hard, it is all the white part, while the pink part is softer. However, I find that the outer sleeve is too hard, we can’t easily pressure it, as if there was too much material between the outside of the sleeve and the internal tunnel. Another point, I find it more difficult to penetrate the orifice than on other masturbators. This is due, again, to this harder texture surrounding the masturbator and revealing a tight channel, maybe a bit too much for me.

The vaginal sleeve stimulation

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 13

The Kukuru and Kohai model, one next to the other

Here it’s average. I did not appreciate it more than that. If you havd to choose, even if it is not what is best, the Kohai Onahole is a little better. Here, I find the sleeve too tight for me and not necessarily the most stimulating I had the opportunity to review. I found all this, not bad, but not fantastic. The penetration is not easy, again by the internal tunnel width, but also by the hole, a small hole of 1 cm (0.39′), which does not facilitate to thrust this Onahole. The penetration is not easy either, I feel like having trouble getting my penis in and the tunnel is straight, so that I have no ease to penetrate this masturbator compared to others where I really do not care.

The other important things about this masturbator

If you want a narrow tunnel, you’re in the right place, but beware! For my part, same problem as the Kohai sleeve, I have a concern for the Onahole length. Indeed, if I penetrate the masturbator thoroughly, to the maximum, energetically, my penis head passes through the small hole present at the back of the sleeve, a very compressed small hole, which crushes my penis head when it goes through it. It’s a shame, because 4 to 5 cm more (1.57 to 1.96′ more), would not have been luxury.

Kyo Bound Kukuru Onahole final thoughts

kyo bound kukuru onahole - 11

An average masturbator, correct, but with defects

In the end, I did not find that this masturbator was at the top! It is average and I find it even a little worse than the Kohai model that I appreciated more than this one. The idea is interesting, but here, between the total length sleeve size, the texture too hard to penetrate properly and a medium sleeve, no big surprise, I already saw better. So it’s ok, average, I have not been especially conquered. It remains affordable, thankfully, but it’s really not the kind of masturbator I prefer. On the other hand, if you want a tight sleeve, I can tell you that it is the case. But that’s not everything!


  • A double texture (if we like the white part)
  • Easily transportable
  • A practical box to store it
  • Handy


  • The exit hole is too firm
  • A lack in length (for me)
  • Difficult penetration
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