Let’s discover together, the Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks! Yes, another Fleshlight masturbator to be reviewed on the website, but this time, for the actress Maitland Ward with an anal model! I don’t know how many Fleshlight I had the opportunity to review since the opening of the website! So I looked for the information in my archives and I realize that this Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks is the 37th model that I review! You could say that I have reviewed a lot of Fleshlight masturbators!

This time, it’s an anus model, based on the actress Maitland Ward, who has a good reputation in the porn world, hence my choice. If you have never read a review of a Fleshlight masturbator, lately I had the opportunity to review some recent models, like the Dillion Harper Crush or the Emily Willis Squirt model!

But that’s not all! I had the chance to review also, the Adriana Chechik Empress model or the Lana Rhoades Karma to name a few! I hope that this model based on Maitland Ward is a success, to know if this one will join the top of the best masturbators that I had the opportunity to review! To find out, here is my review of the Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks!

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks packaging

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 1

The Tight Chicks box

I’m not going to tell you that Fleshlight has completely redesigned its packaging, no one would believe it! Indeed, despite some subtle changes for a while, it’s still the same for Fleshlight masturbators. Indeed, we always find ourselves with a rectangular and cardboard box, white and gray with a windowed part on the front.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 2

You can see the structure of the sleeve on the box

On the other side of the box, we have the actress Maitland Ward showing us her model, as well as some information about the actress herself, like her measurements. On the other side, we have the cutout of the sleeve, which allows us to see what is waiting for our penis. To open it, we will have to detach the two seals to have access to its contents.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 3

A windowed area to view the product

Inside, we have the elements that we are used to find, that is to say, a small promotional booklet of the Fleshlight range, a sample of Fleshlube, the masturbator and even a small golden card Fleshlight VIP that I had discovered in the Kissa Sins Insatiable model!

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks physical details

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 5

And here are the contents of the box

Well, here again, you should not expect a revolution! All the Fleshlights, except for the smaller models like the Go Surge or the Quickshot Riley Reid to give you some examples, are all identical, seen from the outside. Indeed, we find this famous shape of electric flashlight, with on one side, a cover and on the other, a cap. The shell is white, a little pearly and once the lid removed, we discover the anus of Maitland Ward!

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 6

The most famous electric flashlight

It is a model molded on the anus of the actress, as all models based on a porn actress in the range “Girls”. So we have a cap, which can be unscrewed more or less to bring air inside the sleeve. The plastic rod will have to be removed, it is present only to keep the sleeve intact on arrival, avoiding that it sticks on itself, among other things.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 7

On the shell, we find the term Fleshlight Girls

On the shell, we find a grip made with the Fleshlight logo and stripes. On the back of the sleeve, we can read the name of it and on the front, we have the signature of the actress engraved on the material. In short, classic, there are no surprises.

Size of the masturbator

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 15

The standard size at Fleshlight

Same principle, why change? Indeed, it is a Fleshlight Girls, which has the same dimensions as the other models in the collection. As I said, except for some models that are a different size, it’s still the same concept! So we have a masturbator of 25 cm (9.84″) total length for a penetration of 22 cm (8.66″) at its maximum. This means that all penis sizes can use it.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 8

All the interest of the product is hidden inside

The shell is 9.5 cm in diameter with an internal sleeve of 6 cm. And to finish, the orifice is around 1 cm, but as you certainly knew, can stretch to let your penis pass.

Other details

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 12

The name of the sleeve is indicated at the bottom of it

What more can I tell you? Oh yes, I know! First thing, its weight! This masturbator weighs about 800 grams, which is neither too heavy nor too light, although depending on the duration of your masturbation session, it can be a bit heavy. At least for me. And second point, you also have a model based on Maitland Ward, which is called “Toy Meets World” which is based on her pussy.

A word about Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward is known for her red hair, quite rare in the porn world, which allows her to attract attention! Her real name, Ashley Maitland Welkos is American and funny anecdote, began his career at 17 years, in 1994 in the series Love, Glory and Beauty. As what, one can go from a “soap” to the porn!

It was in 2017 that she started her career in pornography, so it’s quite recent! She is an actress with an exclusive contract, which is really rare these days and has even won a few awards, including for AVN and Xbiz.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks materials

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 13

The sleeve out of its shell

As always, with this Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks, we find the famous Real Feel Superskin, a patented material that we know well by now and we still have ABS plastic for the rest of the product, apart from the sleeve.

The Real Feel SuperSkin

For those of you who don’t know, back in the day Fleshlight used SuperSkin, a patented skin-like material. Since then, there has been a change, as we have Real Feal Superskin, a material with a skin-like effect, but softer than Superskin. Beware, whether it is one or the other, these two materials are porous. This means that bacteria for example, can enter the material.

If you are alone to use it, no worries, you will just have to take care of its maintenance. But it is not recommended to lend it to a third person. And as I said, the rest of the product, that is, the shell, the lid and the cap are made of ABS plastic.

The Tight Chicks sleeve

Maitland Ward Tight Chicks sleeve

As you know, the most important part of a Fleshlight is the sleeve inside! Because in reality, all Fleshlights are identical in this range dedicated to pornographic actresses. First of all, it is called “Tight Chicks”, which immediately evokes the fact that it is an “anus” sleeve and there is a good chance that it is quite tight.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks use

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 4

To open the box, you must remove the seals

Again, whether it’s the Lisa Ann Savage, Mia Malkova Lvl Up or the Madison Ivy Wonderland, the principle of use remains the same! There is nothing complicated to know to use a Fleshlight masturbator, but as you know, my work and my passion push me to give you details in order to use it at best.

How to use a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 11

The sleeve must be well placed in the shell

It’s a manual masturbator, that you have to move by hand, so you might as well say that it’s ultra basic! Already, take care to remove the plastic tube inside. If you are in a hurry to use it when it arrives, it is essential, otherwise, you may have problems, I won’t draw you pictures. Another point, I advise you, to clean the sleeve well when it arrives. Indeed, there is often a kind of white deposit inside, it’s maintenance powder that has dried, that it’s better to remove. After that, the rest is obvious, a little lubricant, on his penis and at the entrance of the sleeve and you’re ready to play with!

What more can be done?

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 9

The anus of Maitland Ward!

Of course, depending on what other sex toys or accessories you have, you can do a little more than that! For example, you can insert your Fleshlight into a plush toy, like the Kyo Plush so you have a body to hold, admittedly plush, but it’s not bad at all!

You can also place it in the Fleshlight Launch, which allows you to use it automatically with an engine, but also to synchronize it with a synchronized porn video! You can even use VR porn, although the configuration is a bit more complex.

You also have an accessory for Fleshlight that allows you to use it in the shower by attaching it to a wall. And finally, why not use it with a Dakimakura pillow! There are surely other situations that can be set up depending on your ideas and imagination. If you are a couple, it is also your partner who will be able to move it for you!

Which lubricant should I choose?

To start, remember that you have a sample of Fleshlube available! That’s always good for a start, but it’s only a sample. After that, you’ll need a water-based lube to help your penis slide in and out. As for me, I often use the lubricants I get, so it depends on the time.

Cleaning the Fleshlight

And finally, concerning the use of this masturbator, it is its cleaning. This is surely the step that few people appreciate, because it’s always a bit boring to take care of it, but it’s essential to keep it in good condition, not to mention the hygiene. Depending on what I have available, I use several techniques.

The most usual one is to take the sleeve out of its shell, wash it with water, cleaning well the inside of the sleeve, the most important part. Then I place the shell vertically, with the cap underneath, hardly screwed, then I place the sleeve in the shell, not completely, in order to let it dry. The water can then fall into the cap that I only have to empty afterwards.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks efficiency

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 14

The signature is present on the sleeve

So would Maitland Ward be tight? Would she have a small ass? Not used to being sodomized? To tell the truth, I don’t know! Indeed, I only know this actress by name, even if I could discover her in some VR porn videos, but I don’t know more about her performances in general. That’s what we’ll see right away, in this Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks review!

A little explanation about this sleeve

I might as well tell you, this Maitland Ward Tight Chicks is a pretty unique structure compared to what I’m used to review. On one side, we have a series of spikes along the entire length of the sleeve and on the other, a sort of track with mounds that follows the same snake or wave-like road. The spikes are 4 mm (0.15′) long and are visible from the entrance of the sleeve. The other part starts at 2 cm (1.57′) from the orifice.

A sleeve to play slowly with

If there is one important thing about the Tight Chicks sleeve, it is that it must be used in a certain way. This is because this sleeve is not structured for quick use. If you use it like any other sleeve, for a quick session, doing quick back and forth with it, you may be disappointed.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 19

Comparison between two anal models

Here, with this sleeve, it is necessary to play on the slowness of the movements in order to use it at its real potential. With the Tight Chicks, you have to take your time and have fun with it over time. Thus, we feel well the pimples, the mounds, which bring a real plus to play on the part “Edging” and “Milking”, by remaining on the edge of the orgasm by saturating the glans and the penis of sensation, but on the duration, all rises crescendo.

A good anal sleeve?

Yes, certainly, because it has all the charm of an anal sleeve. First of all, you have to have a real hard-on to get your penis inside. Indeed, as soon as you enter, with an anus open on 2 mm (0.07′) of diameter, you feel a narrow side, typical of an anal sleeve where you have to force to find your way. The stimulation will be quite constant, with few variations, but intense over time.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 17

The Tight Chicks and the Squirt model

It even feels like your penis is surrounded by an inner ring, which gives the sensation of being stroked at the glans. This can be felt by using a good amount of lubricant and going slowly.

The stimulation

When using the Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks, in addition to the narrow and tight side of the sleeve, you can feel 3 to 5 cm (1.18″ to 1.96″) from the entrance, the mounds, which depending on the orientation of the masturbator, allow you to come and rub at the brake of the penis, a little bit like if a thumb (smaller) was massaging this area.

Then, when we arrive on the first curves, we feel this repetition which operates on all the length. Moreover, what there is of good on this sleeve, it is that one can benefit from all its potential, that it does not matter the length of your penis, since it is a model which repeats itself.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 18

Anal or vaginal version?

We can also feel a suction effect, but once again, by going slowly, quietly and not in a bully mode inside. As far as structure is concerned, we can say that this sleeve is as detailed as the Kissa Sins Insatiable, but still less “ticklish” than the Stoya Destroya. It is also tighter than Mia Malkova’s Lvl Up, despite its narrowness for a vaginal sleeve. All in all, it is a very good anal sleeve, which can be appreciated over the duration of a session.

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks final thoughts

Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks - 10

Excellent model (PS: the small white spots on the sleeve are maintenance powder)

In conclusion, this Fleshlight Maitland Ward Tight Chicks model is a very good anal sleeve, which is not always the case! It is a model which, however, is not used to cum quickly, it is not its goal. Here, its tightness and its constant stimulation are appreciated over time and that’s where it makes sense! If you like tight anal sleeves and where the stimulation increases over time, this model is for you!


  • A model for Maitland Ward
  • Handy with its grip
  • The signature of the actress
  • A tight sleeve
  • A good anal sleeve
  • Very good for edging and milking
  • Interesting on the whole length
  • Suitable for all penis length size


  • The screw on the cap
  • Cleaning a bit boring
  • Few variations
  • Must be used slowly to fully enjoy it
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