Finally here is the We-Vibe Wand, the clitoral stimulator in the shape of a wand! To think that We-Vibe has been around for years and that their first wand is only coming out now! I’ve always wondered why We-Vibe hasn’t released their wand too! Lelo has released the Smart Wand Large and the Smart Wand Medium! Doxy has also released several wands, such as the Doxy Die Cast and the Doxy Massager or the Doxy Number 3! Fairy, Japanese manufacturer who released very good models at the time like the Fairy Mini, the Fairy Turbo, the Fairy Black Exceed and a few years later, the Fairy Future! And I’m not even talking about the Lovense Domi, the Europe Magic Wand, the Vive Shiatsu or the Fifty Shades Freed wand!

So we’ll see how We-Vibe Wand is positioned in relation to this big market and what more it can bring. For this review, I am accompanied by my dear and sweet Kitty so that I can give you her feedback during our tests! By the way, if you haven’t read our We-Vibe Chorus review, this is your chance, it just came out too! In short, let’s not waste any more time and let’s start this We-Vibe Wand review!

We-Vibe Wand packaging

Let’s start with the box! It is a rectangular box made of hard cardboard with on the front, the wand with colors that mix, between purple, turquoise blue and a midnight blue. On the back of the box, you will find some information about the use and capabilities of the wand. Once you open the box, you discover the We-Vibe Wand lying in its white mould. However, you should know that this box is still impressive! It’s even one of the biggest boxes for a wand I’ve ever received! On the other hand, there is a plastic protection before the access to the wand, which is not at the top for ecology.

A USB magnetic charging cable and user manual can be quickly discovered. But, we don’t have a storage pouch. That’s too bad, because I throw away a lot of my boxes. On the other hand, we have two accessories supplied with our wand in a cardboard box! In English, “Fluttery” and “Stroke”, a kind of cockring and a rounded part  with lots of little tabs on the sides. These are not really their names, but you have understood that you will have two elements that you can add to the wand to vary the sensations. Usually you have these kinds of accessories on other models of clitoral stimulators of this kind, but you have to buy them on the side. I’m thinking for example of the Genio and Genius for the Europe Magic Wand. Here, they are supplied as standard.

We-Vibe Wand physical details

Of course, since this is their first wand, the We-Vibe Wand doesn’t look like any other toy in the range! It is not a Gala with its two ears, nor a Wish in the shape of a pebble, nor a Vector or a Ditto and even less the Melt. It is clearly a design that changes, which we are not used to seeing at the manufacturer. As soon as we see it, we know right away what we’re dealing with. It’s a wand type clitoral stimulator, where is name come from!

Its shape is quite curved, a bit like Lelo’s Smart Wand for a better grip than a straight tube. In the same way, we can see that the head of the We-Vibe Wand is not removable and that it has the symbol of the We-Vibe brand logo inlaid. It is a silicone head directly integrated into the handle in one piece. On one side we have the control buttons and on the other side we have the two contact points for charging the wand. In fact, there is a button that is very different from the others, which can be controlled by touch, in the form of a rising slope or a joystick. It’s a small revolution in the field, but I’ll tell you about it a little later in this review.

The head is flexible on the other hand, quite flexible, without being too flexible. We can also note just under the head, a pink part, in glittery plastic, to give a style to the wand. It’s a gadget, but I think it gives a certain charm to the whole.

Dimensions of the wand

Is the We-Vibe Wand imposing? Yes! Is it compact? No! Yes, the We-Vibe Wand is not a clitoral travel stimulator. In fact, it is 31 cm long (12.20″) and has a maximum height of 8 cm (3.14″). The 8 cm (3.14″) corresponds to the distance between the head and the handle in height. The stimulating head has a diameter of 5 cm (1.96″).

In terms of accessories, for the one with the wings, they are 2.5 cm wide (0.98″) for the penis. It’s quite small, we’ll see how the silicone react at this level. And they are 3 cm high (1.18″) and 6 cm long (2.36″). This is the size of the contact area with the penis. For the accessory with the petals, the smaller ones are 1 cm long (0.39″), while the larger ones are 2 cm long (0.78″).

Other details on the wand

As for the other details of this wand, there are two things to know. On the one hand, this one is only available in purple! It’s a bit of a shame not to have more choice on this detail, besides, it’s the same type of color as for the Smart Wand from Lelo, also available in purple, but also in other colors. And finally, its weight, displayed at 440 grams, which is neither too heavy nor too light for a wand. There is also something else to mention, especially about the handle. You have small striations that seem to be present to provide a better grip on the handle. We’ll see that in practice. For my part, I have the impression that it’s more a question of visuals.

The two accessories of the We-Vibe Wand

To finish, I will tell you a little bit about the two accessories present with the We-Vibe Wand! The first one is rather oriented for the clitoris, in the shape of flowers, with petals, but which are not all of the same size, nor as numerous. Indeed, we notice that one side of this accessory has more small tongues and more or less spaced! That’s great, because when it comes to stimulation, there’s bound to be a difference. When the We-Vibe Wand is equipped with this accessory, it reminds me of the Bodywand 360! Let’s hope that it will be more effective than the Bodywand 360.

As for the other accessory, it is clearly a model for the penis and even the penis brake. Indeed, it makes me think of the Fun Factory Manta, but also of the Man.Wand!

We-Vibe Wand materials

We-Vibe is known to offer a very good silicone quality. Of course, this is still the case on the We-Vibe Wand! Indeed, we have a soft, hypoallergenic silicone, containing no BPA, latex or phthalates. This silicone is medical grade, silky smooth and doesn’t attract dust. It is once again a success story, on this level, We-Vibe does not disappoint us. The accessories are also made of silicone! However, when I opened the box, there was a kind of strong chemical smell, a bit like paint.

I think that’s not very normal, because usually I really don’t have any smell on We-Vibe products. I think the Wand had just left the factory before I received it. You should know that the smell dissipates after a day in the open air. I don’t think you’re going to encounter the same phenomenon I did. However, if this happens to you, leave your wand out in the open, along with these two accessories to make it disappear.

You got some ABS plastic on the We-Vibe Wand. It’s especially the pink part, the circle under the head that is like this! But don’t worry about the ABS plastic, it’s a healthy material for the body.

We-Vibe Wand use

Now let’s see how we use this wand! Indeed, it is a clitoral stimulator, but a connected stimulator that can be used with an application like most of the latest products from We-Vibe. This is not the first connected wand on the market, the Lovense Domi was there before, but we will tell you everything about this connected wand.

How to charge the We-Vibe Wand?

Before you start using your wand, you will need to fully recharge its battery! To do this, you have a magnetic charging cable that you can clip onto the wand to start charging it. You can use an AC adapter to speed up the charging process. It will take 90 minutes to charge for an average of two hours! That’s a good ratio, because the charging time is less than the usage time. When the LED flashes quickly, the Wand is charging. If the LED does not light up, it means that the cable is not properly connected. And finally, if the LED stays steady, charging is complete.

How to handle the We-Vibe Wand in manual mode?

The We-Vibe Wand has three parts to control it. You have a round button that allows you to turn the wand on or off. To do this, you will need to hold the button down for 2 seconds to do either operation. Then, to change the mode in use, you have a “~” button that will allow you to do it in one press.

And finally, in order to change the intensity level, you have a special button that you have to move. It’s a special button that looks like a joystick, which allows you to increase or decrease the intensity very simply! It’s not like the knob in the days of the Fairy stimulators, it’s different. I’ll tell you more about it later in the review.

Last point, if you wish to deactivate the “Smart Silence” function, you must keep the “~” button pressed for 5 seconds. You will have to do the same to reactivate it when you want. I’ll talk to you about this function later.

How do I use the wand in short-distance connected mode?

To use the Wand in a connected way and at short distance, you will need a smartphone compatible with the We-Vibe application. When you will launch the application, you will need to connect the wand to your smartphone through a pairing operation that is easily done through a configuration wizard. This is done by preparing the wand by pressing the “Power” button for 5 seconds. Once the wand is connected to the smartphone, simply navigate through the menus to start playing with it. Before that, there will be a short tutorial to show you the basic functions of the product.

The range should be about 10 meters as for other We-Vibe sextoys, but this information is not communicated. It goes without saying that the range is the same as the other products of the same generation, released previously.

How do I use the long-distance connected mode?

For long distance use, we are on the same principle as other sextoys of the brand! It will be necessary to send an invitation through the application to your contact (who also owns the application) in order to give him access to your wand so that he can control it remotely.

What are the available vibration modes and intensity levels?

As far as intensity levels are concerned, it’s not just levels, it’s an intensity scale from 0 to 100, so it’s innovative, but not that innovative. It is as I said above, between the range of Fairy stimulators like the Fairy Mini or the Fairy Black Exceed equipped with a wheel to increase or decrease the intensity. And between the step button system.

In terms of vibration modes, we have 10! You have the “vibrate” mode, the constant mode in short. Then, the “pulse”, “wave”, “cha-cha”, “tease”, “ramp”, “tempo”, “massage”, “step” and “heartbeat” modes. Here is We-Vibe’s schematic of the 10 present modes. Next are the modes that can be created in the We-Connect application. By the way, let’s talk about it!

we-vibe wand - modes

What can be done with the application?

With the We-Connect application, you can do a lot! With the We-Vibe Melt, it was disappointing, because there were many restricted functions, but with the Wand, we have access to all the possibilities. So you can create your own vibration modes and share them. You can activate or deactivate the “Smart Silence” function, check the battery level of the wand, change the intensity, especially with a finger in Touch mode, and invite a person to take control of the Wand. This is what you need to do to use it from a long distance as explained above.

Here, there is no mode that reacts to music. You can also lock the maximum intensity level of the wand in the options. This is really good for not exceeding a certain power level during a session. You can also specify a maximum length of time before the Wand goes into sleep mode, if you forget to turn it off after use.

How to use both accessories?

With the Wand from We-Vibe, you have two accessories that you can attach to the head of the wand! Already, it’s really nice to have two attachment tips, because most of the time, these attachments are available for sale separately. Here, it’s very simple, you just need to put one or the other on the wand at the head level. It’s no more complicated than that. Please note that the Smart Silence function must be deactivated in order to use the accessories correctly. This is because the “Smart Silence” function only activates the vibrations when the head of the wand comes into contact with something else!

Which lubricant to choose with this wand?

I feel like I always say the same thing, but that’s what being a sextoys reviewer is all about. When you have a silicone product, in order to avoid any possibility of damage to your wand, you must use a water-based lubricant. You have an incredible number of lubricants on the market, it’s up to you to choose! For my part, I have a weakness at the moment for the Tyo from Motsutoys, the Satin from Sliquid or the Sliquid H20 for a water-based version.

How to clean the We-Vibe Wand?

With a waterproof wand, you don’t have to worry about it. A quick cleaning operation under warm water with a little soap will be sufficient. You can also use a little bit of cleaner on it, like Sliquid Shine for example, which I’ve been using for a while.

We-Vibe Wand efficiency

Now let’s get down to business! To review this new We-Vibe creation, it is of course with my dear and tender Kitty that I tested this one. We did several tests with and in several situations in order to have a maximum of feedback to share. So I tried the accessory on my penis, the other accessory on Kitty’s clitoris but also my penis and of course the wand itself on Kitty. With or without the application and even the wand on my penis, directly, without the accessory! Here is our feedback!

The wand joystick

The first new feature we have to say no to is the joystick to increase or decrease the intensity. I am both disappointed and satisfied. Let me explain. I originally thought it was a sensor control system. Basically, you had to slide your finger on the slope of the knob to increase or decrease the intensity without abrupt changes or steps.

In reality, it’s a mini-joystick, which you have to push forward or backward to change the intensity level. So you go from one level to another when you go up or down this joystick. But you can also keep the stick up or down to apply a gradual rise or fall of the vibrations. I’m both disappointed and satisfied, because once you get the joystick in your hand, it’s still more practical than classic “+” and “-” buttons.

And I find there’s a little latency you don’t get with a button. It’s not as responsive as this. Afterwards, it’s a detail, because I like the idea of increasing the intensity levels through a joystick! It’s a bit different from just pressing a button.

The grip of the wand

When we used the We-Vibe Wand on various occasions, one of them was when I was at the wand control. I had started a cunnilingus to get Kitty ready, so I was holding the wand by the handle, facing her. The grip is pretty good, especially through the shape of the wand itself.

On the other hand, holding it this way is not the most pleasant, because you keep all the weight of it by the handle and the buttons are not directly accessible this way. In any case, not all of them. On the other hand, it remains quite usable. It’s easier when the wand is vertical, the head pressed against the clitoris and the handle, perpendicular to the belly.

Vibrations in the hand

On the vibe side, I’m going to talk about it from my point of view. On the stick, we feel them a little bit, but it’s quite light. In fact, since there’s a part of the stick that’s better suited to be used to hold the stick in place, We-Vibe controls the vibrations in the hand by moving it away from the head. As a result, there is less vibration propagation in the handle and in the hand. If you pick up the wand with your hand higher up, you feel the vibrations more.

You feel that there is power in the engine, but you don’t get vibrations that go everywhere. They are well located in the head of the wand.

The Smart Silence function

I think it’s a great feature! First of all, you never hear the wand running on the air! It saves the battery of this one and it is more pleasant for our ears. But on top of that, you can create a surprise! As the vibrations are triggered only in contact over a relatively large area (it does not work on the tip of a finger), you can easily surprise your partner.

Just blindfold him and have fun playing with the expectation and surprise of the wand’s vibration triggering. This is really a good novelty in the world of clitoral stimulators of this type. It’s the kind of feature we saw on the Womanizer Premium. It’s the sensors in the head of the Wand that make it possible!

The Power of We-Vibe Wand

We’re not gonna lie to each other, We-Vibe’s Wand is a powerful wand. But compared to Kitty’s feedback and my own use, it is true that the stimulation is softer than on other models. For example, the Doxy Number 3 is rougher in its stimulation because the head is smaller and the vibrations are more concentrated. Here, with the We-Vibe Wand, we have powerful, quality and deep vibrations, but they are more diffuse because the head is wider and more imposing. So it’s two types of wands that don’t really bring the same sensations.

The penis attachment

As you know, there are two attachments with the Wand, and that’s rare enough to point out. The first is the Stroke. For me, just like the Man.Wand or the Fun Factory Manta, it’s an accessory that allows you to place the brake of your penis in the center, with the wings that hold the tip in place.

But that’s not the most successful! Like the Man.Wand and the Manta, it lacks pressure. You can’t easily press the brake on the penis when using it. Personally, I find the size of the tabs insufficient. The penis tip is not completely encircled, it tends to come out of both wings. For me, I would need a cockring-shaped accessory that holds the penis tip in place.

On the other hand, without the accessory, it’s more or less the same principle. I can come and stimulate the brake of my penis directly via the head of the Wand and I find that the vibrations work even better this way. So is this accessory so indispensable? Maybe not. For me it’s a plus, but it’s not indispensable. In any case, the vibrations are not the same, the distribution of the vibrations is different, which still changes the stimulation.

The accessory with petals

As for the petal-shaped accessory, the “Fluttery”, it’s pretty good. I tested it on Kitty, just after a little cunnilingus to warm her up. The vibrations are there also different, diffused differently and they are not the same if you use a small petal or a longer one.

The concept is for us to spin the petals so that they slide over the clitoris, but also the lips. That’s pretty good according to Kitty, even if holding the wand horizontally (sideways) is not very practical. In any case, Kitty liked this accessory, not at all, because she took back a few minutes later, the wand with the accessory in question to use it alone in front of me. And she got an orgasm with it ! I love it!

And she later tested the accessory on the brake of my penis. It’s nice but it doesn’t bring me to orgasm either. Here too, the vibrations are distributed differently.

The Wand directly on the brake

I also tested the We-Vibe Wand directly on the brake of my penis, next to Kitty, while she stroked my testicles at the same time. It’s very pleasant, no worries on this side, but compared to my tastes, I find that the vibrations of this wand are not as brutal as with a Doxy Number 3, which has a smaller head. This was also Kitty’s reflection on this wand compared to the Doxy. It’s something else.

Moreover, despite using my brake for more than 10 minutes with Kitty caressing me, I did not have orgasms. It was great, be careful, but it is not the wand that will be the most suitable for me for this practice!

Kitty & Mogwai

We-Vibe Wand final thoughts


In conclusion, the We-Vibe Wand is still a great success for the manufacturer. It is its first try in the field and it must be said, it is rather good and even very good! After the Lovense Domi, one of the first connected wands, it’s We-Vibe’s turn to take over! Of course, the two extra accessories are not essential and not having them with would have perhaps lowered the final price of the product.

Because yes, We-Vibe’s Wand is not cheap! But at the same time, it is a luxurious, quality product, with several interesting functions such as the control joystick, the Smart Silence function or the quality of the vibrations offered. It’s an investment, but it’s a good investment! And then, you still have the connected part which remains nice depending on the situation! In short, after the very good We-Vibe Chorus, the Wand is a good surprise too!

The accessories are not indispensable, but change vibrations directly from the head of the wand. It is not as brutal wand as others could be, it will suit most people and still allows you to do a lot of things with it! It is indeed a success from We-Vibe and I will even say WowTech!

We-Vibe Wand - 29
We-Vibe Wand - 30
We-Vibe Wand - 31


  • We-Vibe quality
  • A connected wand
  • Deep and quality vibrations
  • Two attachments, but…
  • A nice joystick
  • The “smart silence” feature
  • Quality application


  • The two dispensable accessories
  • The accessory for the penis is too small
  • The joystick, great, but not as responsive as a thumb-wheel.
  • A little expensive.
  • The chemical odor on arrival, disappears quickly.
  • Accessories that often require the wand to be held horizontally
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