It’s the turn of the Womanizer Starlet 3, the small clitoral stimulator, to come back on the market! After the Classic 2, which replaces the Womanizer Classic, and the Premium 2, which naturally replaces the Womanizer Premium, Wow Tech has also revised its copy of the Starlet model!

Indeed, a first Womanizer Starlet was released some time ago, then we had a much better designed version with the Starlet 2 and so the Womanizer Starlet 3 replaces this second model by offering some additions, without really changing the product, nor increasing its price!

You’ve seen a lot of Womanizer sex toys on the website! Since the first Womanizer W100 until today, this must be the 15th model we’ve reviewed! Indeed, between the Womanizer Duo, the 2GO model or even the Premium Eco or the Liberty Lily Allen, different models, redesigned or improved, you could enjoy them. But today, we will focus on the new model, recently released, the Womanizer Starlet 3! Here is our review!

Womanizer Starlet 3 packaging

As always, we start with the product box that does not change much between the second model and the third. At least, visually, because nevertheless, there is a 41% reduction of plastic! It’s always nice to note it! Depending on the model you received (its color), the box will have the same tone!

Indeed, here, we can see that the box is purple and pink with this time, not a windowed part as on the second model, but a complete cardboard face! This is part of the 41% less plastic. Once the sticker is removed, the box can be opened by a system of compartments that can be slid (like a drawer) in order to have access to its contents.

So, we find the Womanizer Starlet 3, on one side, in a kind of cardboard mold, then next to it, the USB charging cable, wrapped in paper. Again, we no longer have the plastic protection around the Starlet 3, which further reduces the presence of plastic. Underneath the cardboard mold, we have the user’s manual, as well as a small precautionary booklet! However, we don’t have a storage pouch, nor an extra head for the slightly larger clitoris.

Womanizer Starlet 3 physical details

Is Starlet 2 or Starlet 3 the same thing? Let’s find out! First of all, let’s talk about its general aspect. If the first Starlet was not very pleasant to the eye, this Starlet 3 is identical to the second model, at least visually.

It is a small model, which looks more like a toy for children than a toy for adults, with a shape closer to a Womanizer Classic than a Liberty for example, but smaller. On the latter, there are two buttons, with a “+” and a “-“, slightly bulging, next to the Womanizer logo, present just above.

At the bottom of the Starlet 3, we have again, two magnetic points, in order to recharge the internal battery by magnetic charging. Then, we have a tip for the clitoris, of medium size, because as indicated, we do not have a second tip for larger clitoris. It is therefore a model identical to the second model!

Starlet 3 dimensions

Is the Womanizer Starlet 3 bigger, smaller, longer or thinner than the second model? Not at all! In fact, whether it’s the second or third model, they’re both identical in that respect! In fact, the Starlet measures 11.7 cm (4.6″) in total length for 4.6 cm (1.81″) in width and 4.7 cm (1.85″) in height at the most, especially at the level of the stimulating head.

To give you an idea, compared to the Liberty Lily Allen, the Starlet 3 is a little longer, but thinner! Anyway, it is a transportable model, you can easily take it with you.

Other details on the Starlet 3

If the second model of Starlet offered only 2 colors, this Womanizer Starlet 3 offers 5 new ones! In fact, it’s mostly five new colors! Before, we only had a coral version and another one in sapphire blue. This third model now offers us a turquoise version, but also an indigo version, then we have a version in purple, pink and gray!

On our side, we received the purple version! And another element that changed between the second and third model is its weight! Indeed, the second model weighed 70 grams, while this third model now weighs 80 grams! It’s not a big increase, nobody will really feel the difference!

Womanizer Starlet 3 materials

Starlet 2 or Starlet 3, it’s the same fight… well, it’s the same materials! We don’t have a product made of silicone, don’t dream, we are here on a Womanizer product, oriented on the entry level. It is therefore quite natural that we find ABS plastic, less expensive than silicone, but just as healthy for the body. Knowing that this is an external stimulator, this is not a problem.

However, ABS plastic is less luxurious, it is pleasing to the eye, but less so to the touch, as you feel the plastic effect. You can’t have everything either. On the other hand, at the level of the head, we have silicone, fortunately, of medical quality and we can always take it out of its body to change it!

Womanizer Starlet 3 - image 9
Womanizer Starlet 3 - image 12

Womanizer Starlet 3 use

If you’ve ever read a review on a Womanizer stimulator, you already know how it works! There’s nothing complicated about it, since we only have 2 buttons here, with a “+” and a “-“, so you don’t need to have studied at “Saint-Cyr” to understand how it works. But we will look at some details on how to use it.

Charging the Starlet 3

Before playing with the Starlet 3, you will have to charge it first! For this, you have a USB magnetic charging cable and an LED that tells us the battery level and the status of its charging in progress. This LED can be found on the stimulating head, as on the second model.

For its charging time, you need to count 30 minutes for 30 minutes of autonomy! Yes, it’s not much, but that’s the concept of this model compared to bigger Womanizers. Here, it is a practical version to make you cum once or twice before having to recharge it. For us, it’s a travel/transport model first and foremost.

How to use the Starlet 3?

It’s the same principle as for the second model! That way, you are not lost! We have a “-” button and a “+” button which is a little bit bigger than the other button. The “+” button will turn on the Starlet 3, but also increase the intensity of the stimulation, while the “-” button will lower the intensity level. And it will be possible to turn it off just as easily.

Womanizer Starlet 3 - image 5
Womanizer Starlet 3 - image 11
Womanizer Starlet 3 - image 13

What are the available intensities of the Womanizer Starlet 3?

As previously mentioned, with this Startlet 3, we get 6 levels of intensity instead of 4! This is a nice addition, because when you know that other Womanizer models are much more extensive at this level, 6 levels is at least what you need to see some choice and increase the intensity by notch when necessary.

But is it more powerful than the Starlet 2? Yes, but not much! Indeed, on this third model, we have mostly one more level (which makes the difference with the second model), but it seems that the second level of intensity in addition is on lower intensities. Basically, there is an extra level among the 4 previously present, which makes the transition from one level to another less abrupt than on the Starlet 2.

Which lubricant to choose with the Starlet 3?

You already know the answer! Even though the use of lubricant is not mandatory, if you must use it, you must absolutely use water-based lubricant. Since the stimulating head is made of silicone, for compatibility reasons, silicone-based lubricant should be avoided. If you do use lube, you don’t have to use tons of it. It will be above all to have a little more comfort, no more, no less. Nothing penetrates, everything is on the surface!

How do I clean this stimulator?

In fact, it’s the same principle as with the Starlet, the first of the name, the second and of course this third model! I will even say more, all the “Womanizer” models can be cleaned in the same way. Already, the Starlet 3 is always 100% waterproof and IPX7 standard. Fortunately, because the second model had already brought this novelty compared to the first Starlet. Then, the fact that it is waterproof, allows two things!

One is to allow its use under water, in your bath, which will have the effect of increasing tenfold the effect on your clitoris. Indeed, as it is about wave propagation in a certain direction, they propagate more easily in water than in the air. The other is to allow a simple cleaning, without headache. You can run it under water, but I prefer to advise you to remove the silicone head and wash it and once in a while, give it an overall cleaning. In reality, it is mainly the silicone head that you will need to clean every time you use it.

Womanizer Starlet 3 efficiency

Now, let’s see the result! Actually, we didn’t expect much, considering the changes between the second model and this Starlet 3! We had already seen the difference that it produced on the Classic 2 and Premium 2, no reason that on this model, the gap between the previous and this one is more important. We give you our verdict!

6 levels of intensity now

This is the most important point in our opinion, the move from 4 to 6 levels. As we mentioned, we are not on 2 extra levels, but rather an intermediate level and a level above the second model. This is something we noticed more easily with Kitty, compared to Classic 2 and Premium 2. Here, we feel it is not 2 levels above Starlet 2, but 1 level with an extra in-between. Is this a good thing? Yes and no. It depends on you!

Indeed, we’ll detail this a little further down, depending on your sensitivity, you may find this Starlet 3 a little too light on what it offers. If you already have a Starlet 2 model, frankly, the switch to the Womanizer Starlet 3 will not be sufficient or interesting. But we’ll explain that in a bit more detail below.

The grip

You can imagine that on this point, it will be the same as for the second model! It is practical to use, small, versatile and transportable. In short, a good little practical stimulator. It is always waterproof, which will allow you to use it under water, without complication, in a natural way. I might as well say it, this Starlet 3 is still as easy to use as ever.

The head of the Starlet 3

Here, no change between the number 2 and 3! It is a model close to the shape of the Classic/Premium, more oval than on the old models. I am talking about the first waves, with the W100 and W500 in particular. Remember the head of the Starlet, first of the name, you will understand!

Starlet 3 stimulation

As mentioned above, we have 6 levels now! The sensation it provides is pleasant, we can cum with it, but for Kitty, obtaining an orgasm is longer with this Starlet 3 than with the Liberty and even more than with a Premium 2! Here, the stimulation is not too intense, we start slowly, with a gradual rise, but we are not at the level of the others.

That’s why for some users, the Starlet 3 will not be up to the task, especially if it’s not your first contactless clitoral stimulator and you already have a superior model. Just like those who already have a Starlet 2, the increase in technology is not enough to change it.

Kitty still manages to get an orgasm with it, but several, but we feel that she has to take more time, playing with it, to achieve it. When you are used to something faster, it is true that you find this Starlet 3, a little soft. But at the same time, with a 30 minutes battery, you can’t have as much power as a higher model. If this were the case, the battery would be empty in just 15 minutes, while it is already on a 30-minute battery life.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Starlet 3 final thoughts

What to say? It’s always a bit complicated with Womanizer, because every release is an event, but sometimes for not much. But in this field, they are still the leader! Here, it is mostly an update of the second model, with a stimulator that has been optimized, seeking to get the most out of it, going from 4 to 6 levels, without draining the battery in no time! Displayed at the same price as the old one, so we get more for the same money! That’s great news!

Here, the Starlet 3 is really the entry-level Womanizer, less powerful than a Liberty in our opinion, but also 1/3 less expensive, it’s a question of choice and the sensitivity of your clitoris. For some, the Starlet 3 will be more than enough to reach orgasm without worry, for others, you’ll have to be more patient than with a model above it.

But once again, if you already have a Liberty, a Classic (or Classic 2), or a Premium (or Premium 2), the Womanizer Starlet 3 is not for you. For the others, who are looking for a transportable model, quickly rechargeable, but with the autonomy to go with it, it is a model that will make you discover without problem, the stimulation without contact! A success all the same, for a targeted public that wants to discover the Womanizer brand, at a small price.


  • Easily transportable due to its size
  • It is a stimulator that remains relatively powerful
  • 2 additional intensity levels
  • 41% less plastic in the packaging
  • A good grip
  • Magnetic and waterproof charging
  • Its new colors
  • Two buttons to control it
  • No price change


  • Only 6 intensity levels
  • ABS plastic which gives a playschool look
  • Low battery life (30 minutes)
  • No second tip
  • No storage pocket
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