What do I see, wouldn’t it be the Lelo Ora 3? Yes, it’s the oral sex simulator comeback! Indeed, the first Lelo Ora was reviewed on the french website in March 2014 and it’s only today that we offer you the review of the third model! Who says a third, necessarily says second. However, we didn’t have the opportunity to review the second model, the first one did not really convince us at the time. 5 years later, I try again the experience with the third version.

Right now, Lelo is very active in product releases! Indeed, recently, we reviewed the Lelo Sona 2 and Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, two models that are gradually replacing, the Lelo Sona and Sona Cruise. Then, you may have been able to read the Lelo Soraya 2 review, a model that fix issues in the first model. And finally, the first connected and programmable masturbator, the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit Red! It’s therefore with a certain impatience and curiosity that we are going to offer you the Lelo Ora 3 review!

Lelo Ora 3 packaging

We start with the box, the first element we discover about the product. Once again, Lelo offers its Ora 3 in a fairly thick cardboard box which consists of a windowed part at the front. We can therefore see the product directly. Once you open the box from above, you discover the Ora 3, installed in its foam mold. Then, behind and next to it, other elements such as a USB charging cable and a satin storage pocket. Then, a product warranty card and a small piece of paper that tells us to download the manual from the Internet.

There is also a lubricant sample offered with, even if on the Lelo website, we can see that it is no longer mentioned that a sample is offered. Well, it’s just a sample, whether it’s there or not, it doesn’t matter. Otherwise, we find behind the box, several information on the product.

Lelo Ora 3 physical details

It’s true that the Lelo Ora 3 is not ugly. It has something captivating in its shape, but I can’t quite understand why. Maybe because it doesn’t look like a sex toy at first. Maybe because it’s rounded and we wonder what this thing can do? It’s really a strange feeling, but visually I like it.

So it’s a kind of ball, but between the ball and a flat circle, if you know what I mean, within its center or almost, an area allowing to slide one or two fingers to manipulate it. We find the trademark of the Insigna range, that is to say, the golden part of the center, which shines brightly. It’s ABS plastic, but it looks classy. Then, we notice the three buttons, the input to charge the product and of course, the external stimulating part, which seems much more prominent than on the first model.

Lelo Ora 3 size

Little or no change, in any case, I don’t have the impression that anything has changed, the Lelo Ora 3 is identical to the first model. At the time, I did not take the measurements and I did not necessarily indicate the dimensions. It was the beginning. But having the two next to each other, you don’t see a difference, except for the stimulating external part as I said. The Lelo Ora 3 therefore measures 7.5 cm in length (2,95′) by 4.3 cm in width (1.69′) and 8 cm in height (3.15′). As you can see, this is a compact sex toy, which will not clutter you up.

Other things about the Lelo Ora 3

Still want information about this new Lelo sex toy? Very well ! Note that it weighs 117.5 grams, although I have seen other values, around 120 grams, but whatever, it’s light. And you can find this new Ora in three colors! You have the “Aqua/Ocean blue”. There is also the “Midnight Blue” version, which is the same color I received for the first model. And finally, there is also the “Deep pink” version. My favorite version is the ocean blue version, but this is the “Midnight Blue” version that we received. So this is the same color as in the first model of Lelo Ora that I received at the time.

Lelo Ora 3 materials

Lelo has been offering sex toys using quality materials for a very long time. This is no longer to be proven and it has also been their trademark since the early days. Again, this is ABS plastic and medical grade silicone! These two materials are healthy for the body. In addition, silicone is hypoallergenic, free of phthalates and latex. It is soft, silky, of quality, with a mat finish. Lelo continues to keep their promises! The silicone does not catch dust, it does not stick, it’s great, it’s very soft!

Lelo Ora 3 use

Should I tell you how this Lelo Ora 3 works? I think so ! Already, even if I already announced it a little at the start of the review, it is a clitoral stimulator, but also stimulating the clitoris adjacent areas. Its principle is to offer a kind of stimulation, which could look like a cunnilingus!

How to charge the Ora 3 ?

The first thing to do when you receive your Lelo Ora 3 is to charge it. I know you want to try it, but you have to do it to make your battery last longer. Besides, it’s a 420 mAh Li-Ion battery, which recharges in two hours of time for a maximum usage time of one hour. It all depends on your use. Two hours of charging time for one hour of use is not great, but it’s not bad either.

The Ora 3 can remain in standby for up to 90 days before its battery is completely discharged. When you go to charge your stimulator, an LED will flash for the charge duration. When the battery is full, the LED remains steady. Then, if your battery is very low, the white LED will flash again.

How to use the Lelo Ora 3 ?

Like all products with three buttons, you should not press everywhere hoping that it will work as you want! Indeed, each button takes care of a precise function or almost. Already, the first thing to do is to remove the “Travel Lock”, the security mode to not start the Ora during shipment. To do this, keep the “+” and “-” buttons pressed for three seconds so that the LED lights up and indicates that the security has been removed.

Then, if you press the “+” button, the stimulator will power on. If you press it again, you will increase the vibrations intensity. Then, to change the vibration modes, you will have to press the () button. If you want to lower the intensity level, you will have to press the “-” button once. And finally, when you want to turn off the Ora 3, you must keep the () button pressed for 3 seconds.

The modes and intensities on the Lelo Ora 3

Let’s start with the Lelo Ora 3 operating frequencies! Quite frankly, the information is not clear. On the Lelo website (English), the operating frequency is announced at 11 Hz. However, in the manual, this is indicated at 100 Hz. So, what should we believe? The website or the manual? For my part, I will keep the information present in the manual because 11 Hz, it seems very weak compared to what it offers.

Then regarding the available modes, there are 12 modes. Some modes are classic and constant, others do not use vibrations, but only the tongue rotation and we also find the random, algorithmic mode that we have already discovered on the Sona 2, Sona 2 Cruise and Soraya 2 In addition, the vibrations intensity can be adjusted up to 12 levels. On the other hand, Lelo no longer provides diagrams on the available modes, whether on the site or in the manual. Difficult to illustrate these for you. In any case, there is something for everyone.

Special functions and technologies

The new technology in Lelo Ora 3 is a combination of sensory sensors and intelligent algorithms that analyze how you use the sex toy to adapt to your needs. In addition, it also has CruiseControl technology, which keeps some of the engine power as a backup if you have power loss when the toy is too much pressed against you.

Otherwise, the most important part is that the Lelo Ora will stimulate your clitoris or other areas in contact with its rod/tongue protected by a soft silicone area! And this by rotations! Like a rotating tongue !

The differences between the first and third models

I haven’t reviewed the second model, so I won’t say anything about it. But compared to the first model, we go from 10 to 12 intensity levels. We also go from 10 to 12 vibration modes. The stimulating area is now wider, faster in its execution and firmer for more pressure exerted. This is particularly due to the presence of patented PreMotion technology.

Movements are now 25% faster! And this, compared to the second model, so surely more than the first one. Like a more rhythmic cunnilingus! So these are a few things that have been improved, hoping that it’s for a good cause. The other points, that I’ve already mentioned, the sensors and the CruiseControl.

Which lube to use with?

As always, if you don’t want to damage your new toy, you’ll need to use water-based lubricant. Honestly, it’s not an obligation, it is just to have more comfort. It’s up to you to choose your favorite water-based lubricant. For my part, I often recommend the Sliquid range, such as Sliquid H2O, Sliquid Satin or even Sliquid Organics Sensation, but you can use the one you prefer.

How to clean the Lelo Ora 3?

Simply by rinsing it into the water! Knowing that the Lelo Ora 3 is waterproof, you do not need to take any precautions. A few seconds under lukewarm water with a little soap to clean the area where the rod is present and voila. You can also use it in the bath or shower. Do not immerse it more than a meter deep and do not leave it for hours in water.

Lelo Ora 3 efficiency

At the time, I wrote an article (on the French website) to give you some ideas on how to improve cunnilingus with sex toys. Is this the case for the Lelo Ora 3? Admittedly, cunnilingus is best enjoyed without sex toys, but adding an extra toy is sometimes not bad at all!

Certainly, here, I don’t think that the Lelo Ora 3 is better than me in this area! Because even if it now uses sensing sensors and intelligent algorithms to satisfy you, it’s not easy to master cunnilingus techniques! So I reviewed this new model with my dear and tender Kitty, who will tell us if the Lelo Ora 3 is good or not!


When we reviewed this new Ora, I first took control. Despite the strange shape of the latter, it’s very handy. The loop makes it easy to hold with two fingers. In reality, it’s a very natural shape, it doesn’t seem to use a vibrator or a stimulator with conventional shapes. Here it’s more organic, I’m not sure how to describe it.

Anyway, you can easily handle it, change the modes and intensities and above all aim correctly. I had no trouble to correctly place the Ora 3 where it’s needed, which is not always the case with a contactless stimulator like a Womanizer Premium, where I must from time to time, make sure that it’s well in place when I use it on Kitty. Also, when Kitty used it alone afterwards, she told me it was easy to use. So it’s a success on this side.

Stimulation of the rotating rod

Here too, it’s a success! Indeed, the first model had a barely visible rod/tongue. The stimulation was very gentle, you had to concentrate in order to feel the movements of it. On this third model, we can very well feel this rod which turns around the clitoris or above depending on its placement. The pressure that can be exerted on the clitoris is stronger, it’s firmer and therefore more pleasant. Finally, the stimulation is up to what you would expect from a sex toy like this.

The rod is no longer set back and takes over the general stimulation. We also feel that the rod movements are faster, more intense, it’s stimulating and this time works perfectly. The rod does not stop working at any time, even when the Lelo Ora 3 is properly pressed against the clitoris. So it seems that the PreMotion technology works well and really brings what was missing on the first model.

Vibration stimulation

The other stimulation is vibration. Already, know that these are of quality. We hardly feel the vibrations in the toy and even less in the hand. This is sometimes the case with excessively superficial vibrations or when the motor is incorrectly placed. Here, we feel that the vibrations are powerful without quality loss when we use the highest levels.

There is no power loss, especially via CruiseControl. This one never seemed to lose power, nor vibrations quality, when it’s barely in contact with Kitty’s vulva and clitoris or when it’s well pressed and maintained on them. And at the maximum level, I can tell you that the vibrations are strong, despite the toy size. It’s quality, the one we like to see at Lelo.

Sensory sensors

The Lelo Ora 3 have sensory sensors. However, I haven’t really seen any specifics related to these. I think it’s the algorithmic mode (the last mode present) that uses the sensors to change its rhythm, because this mode really seems to choose on its own what it does. We don’t recognize precise vibration patterns, it’s a kind of random stimulation, which must adapt according to the Ora 3 movements and the pressure exerted. This is also the same mode that can be found on the Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise or the Soraya 2 from Lelo. A mode that makes the difference compared to the usual vibrators and stimulators.

The noise

Announced with a 50 dB maximum sound level, you can’t say it’s really noisy, but you can hear it. It’s especially the rod, which generates a mechanical noise which can perhaps disturb the most sensitive ears, because the vibrations remain discrete, even at the highest level. For Kitty and myself, it didn’t bother us and it’s not a sound level that will wake everyone up. It remains fairly quiet.

A good surprise

Yes, the Lelo Ora 3 is really a pleasant surprise. When I used it on Kitty, I enjoyed playing with it. It’s not a sex toy to had an orgasm in 2 minutes like the Womanizer, Satisfyer and stimulators like that. Here, the Lelo Ora 3 allows you to build pleasure little by little, to increase your desire until you give up to your pleasure. The rise in orgasm is quite slow, without being too long. Kitty succumbed to a first orgasm after 9/10 minutes.

Then, the following orgasms happened more easily thereafter. It’s a really good sex toy, a nice surprise, because the first one was still disappointing in what we can expect from a sex toy like this one and the promises it kept. Besides, it’s so pleasant, that barely 5 minutes later, just before going to make a coffee, Kitty used it alone to enjoy it again. That shows that this Ora 3 can become addictive.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lelo Ora 3 - pic 15
Lelo Ora 3 - pic 16

Lelo Ora 3 final thoughts

At the time, the first Ora was an interesting, but not satisfying, curiosity. Today, the Lelo Ora 3 is catching up on its mistakes. However, its concept is not the most obvious to sell, nor the easiest to realize on the toy construction. But Lelo persevered in their ideas and it was a good choice. To tell the truth, this third model does not really have any defects, except, perhaps, the noise of the rod which remains a little too mechanical. But otherwise, it’s a very good stimulator and it’s finally a version that I recommend to you with a doubt.

Right now, Lelo has released some great products, well, let’s say new versions of their old toys by improving them. The Soraya 2 has caught up on its error in adapting to the body morphology. The Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise have fixed the concern of excessive power and getting blocked time to time The Lelo F1s is a success and a risky novelty that works very well. This Ora 3 follows the same direction and it’s a pleasure to find Lelo as in its heyday, with the Mona 2, the Smart Wand Large and many others.


  • A beautiful toy
  • The overall Lelo quality
  • The new, much better stem/rod
  • The quality of the vibrations and their power
  • The gradual rise of pleasure


  • Lack of information on available modes
  • Manual only on the Internet
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