New version, here is the Lelo Enigma Cruise, a novelty that is not very surprising! Indeed, Lelo, for some time, likes to offer a “Cruise” version of their sex toys! This is how we saw the Sona and Sona Cruise, then the Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise. But this is also the case with the Lelo Sila and Sila Cruise and now Lelo is bringing its “Cruise” function to the Enigma, a dual stimulator (clitoris/G-spot). Good or bad thing? We can ask ourselves the question! Basically, the “Cruise Control” mode is interesting and it is true that it has never been a flaw. Therefore, we can only expect an improved version.

The first Enigma was clearly on the market to compete with the Womanizer Duo and I must say that between the two, the fight is very close, but does not necessarily affect the same users. Because one is more appealing than the other depending on what you are looking for. The first Enigma was already a success, we will see if the Enigma Cruise follows its path! Here is our review of the Lelo Enigma Cruise!

Lelo Enigma Cruise packaging

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 1

The front of the box

As always, it’s the box that we’ll talk about first. As I often say, this is the first contact with the product, so we might as well talk about it from the start. Once again, this is the usual Lelo box, the black one, cardboard, sturdy, with golden writings. Before accessing this box, it will be wrapped in a fabric film.

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 2

The back of the box

On the front of the box, we have a windowed area to see the product without opening it. We also have the name of the sextoy and the Lelo logo. On the back of the box, we can discover a description of the Enigma Cruise as well as its features. It is by removing the stickers that we can finally reach the contents of this box.

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 4

And here is the Enigma Cruise, housed in its mold

So, once the lid is lifted, we have the Enigma Cruise lying in a mold, with underneath it, a satin storage pouch, but also a warranty card, a sample of lubricant and a small leaflet telling us once again to download the manual from the Lelo website. And finally, in a small compartment, we have, wrapped in plastic, the USB charging cable to recharge the battery of the sextoy.

Lelo Enigma Cruise physical details

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 5

The entire contents of the box, with the Enigma Cruise of course

Whether it’s the Enigma or the Enigma Cruise, you’re not going to be confused, as it’s exactly the same product, visually speaking. Once again, it’s a curious mix at first glance, but it works well! Indeed, we have on one side of the product, a clitoral part that takes the same shape as the “Sona” range of Lelo. It is a curved shape, on which we have three control buttons that are familiar, since they are the buttons of the range “Insigna” which is already many years old. So we find a “+” button, a “-” button and the “()” button.

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 6

Same shape, same size

Regarding the location for charging the internal battery, it is at the bottom of the stimulator. And again, we have a slightly oval area, made of ABS plastic, which has rainbow effects that give it a crazy charm! I like this design better than the gold part we had on the old Lelo.

Of course, the G-spot rod is still there! It is always in a constructed form, with a rather thin rod at the beginning, but which widens with time and with a very good flexibility. This rod has, on the sides, two hollows, in short, nothing has changed between the previous and the new version.

The size of the Enigma cruise

Is the Enigma Cruise different from the first Enigma? Still not! You have understood that visually, it was the same thing and in terms of its size, no change is to be noted. Indeed, I calculated again its dimensions and the conclusion is clear! When it is not unfolded (at the level of its stem), the Enigma Cruise measures 16,5 cm (6.49″) length for 10,5 cm (4.13″) width. I am talking about its dimensions when I put it flat on a table.

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 14

No changes between the two versions in terms of its dimensions

Concerning the part that stimulates the clitoris, it is 5 cm (1.96″) wide and 10.5 cm (4.13″) long. The stimulating head is 2 cm (0.78″) wide, but the hole is only 1.1 cm (0.43″) in diameter. For the rod that will stimulate your G-spot, it is 12 cm (4.72″) long without being unfolded (for its internal face) and 18 cm (7.08″) on its external face. And for the insertable part, when the Enigma Cruise is in place, we have about 14 cm long (5.51″), which is more than enough for your G-spot. And last but not least, the diameter of the vaginal shaft is 3.5 cm (1.37″) at its maximum.

Other details

Do we at least have new colors for this “Cruise” version? No, not yet. Here we have the same colors as the first model, that is, a black version and a deep pink version! As we received the deep pink version, this time I asked for the black version, so you can now compare the two (in fact, we received the same color again). And finally, regarding its weight, this one weighs 196 grams, again, like the first Enigma.

Lelo Enigma Cruise materials

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 16

Always flexibility for the vaginal stem

Whether it is the Enigma or the Enigma Cruise, the observation is identical here! The materials are always of very good quality! At the same time, this is one of Lelo’s strengths, even if the price is affected in the end. It is still a very soft silicone, non-granular, but still catches a little dust. Well, after that, we have a storage pouch, so feel free to use it. As for the rest of the product, especially the part on the back that forms a rainbow effect, it is ABS plastic. Whether it is one or the other, both materials are healthy for the body, containing no latex or phthalates.

Lelo Enigma Cruise use

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 9

A double stimulator (clitoris + G-spot)

Do you think there will be differences between the use of the first version and this “Cruise” version? I’ll let you think about it for a moment. Once again, despite the addition of the “Cruise” part, the use of this dual stimulator will be exactly the same as the first version! Well, in a way, it’s not a bad thing, because the ergonomics and the use of the first model were already very good. So why change? We’ll explain it all to you, just in case!

How to charge it?

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 12

The place to recharge the internal battery

Before using the Lelo Enigma Cruise, the first thing to do is to charge the internal battery. At Lelo, it’s a proprietary cable! I think it’s a shame not to offer a more generic charging cable, especially since they are not given away when you buy them! If you have another Lelo product that charges, you can use this cable on the Enigma Cruise, it will work.

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 15

The Enigma Cruise uses a proprietary cable from Lelo

On the Enigma Cruise, you have a small hole to plug the cable, the other side will be plugged into a powered USB port or AC adapter. While charging, you will have an LED pulsing at the control buttons. When the charge is finished, the LED will glow slightly. The charging time is two hours for a battery life of two hours. And if you don’t use the Enigma Cruise anymore, it will turn off after 20 minutes without activity instead of 60 minutes on the first one. Concerning the “Stand-By” mode, so turned off and without use, the battery can last 90 days before being completely emptied.

How to use the Enigma Cruise?

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 7

Three buttons to use it

I don’t even ask you if you already know what changes between the first and this latest model, it’s obvious, nothing to change. So, yes, we have the “Cruise Control” function that has arrived! But in reality, this will not change anything in the way you use this dual stimulator. We have the same buttons, the same functions, only the “Cruise Control” mode has appeared. And to use it, you don’t have to do anything! So, finally, nothing changes.

Indeed, the “Cruise Control”, which means “Speed Regulator” is not there to help you not to exceed the authorized limit, but to keep 20% of power in stock when you press on your clitoris. In short, the change of pressure does not make you lose intensity at that moment. This will prevent you from being annoyed by a sudden drop in intensity when you want to have more!

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 13

Focus on the three buttons of the Insigna range

In short, to use and enjoy the Enigma Cruise, you must first disable the Travel-lock mode. To do this, you must hold down the “-” and “+” buttons for 3 seconds. An LED will light up at this time to indicate this. Then, to turn on the dual stimulator, hold down the “+” button for a short time so that it starts. If you press the “+” button again, the intensity will increase. Pressing the “-” button lowers the intensity by one step.

The mode change is done through the “()” button, but again, this changes the two stimulating parts. You still can’t control the clitoral part and the vaginal part independently. It’s a pity, because for a new version, I would have liked to see this change. Finally, if you keep the “()” button pressed for a few seconds, the stimulator will turn off.

What modes are available?

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 10

Several modes to enjoy it

Do we have any news about the modes present on the Lelo Enigma Cruise? Considering what I told you since the beginning of this review, you should know that there will be no changes in this area! And indeed, nothing new in the tropics! And in a way, it’s a bit of a shame. I admit that I was expecting a mode or two more, but unfortunately, we have identical modes from one model to another. And once again, to have details on the proposed modes, you have to get up early! We still have a very evasive description of the modes.

We have “from the teasing whisper to the pleasurable pulse”! Indeed, it helps us to know that! To my knowledge, among the first players on the market, only Fun Factory continues to offer vibratory patterns. So we find a mode by small jolt, modes that play with the expectation and stimulation, slow and fast climbs, waves, rollercoaster, with large rises and falls, continuous, etc. … We have a total of 8 modes and 8 intensity levels! It’s all the same!

Which lubricant to use ?

Since the Enigma Cruise is made of silicone, to avoid any compatibility concerns, it is preferable to use water-based lubricant. This is not a requirement, it will depend on your needs according to our natural lubrication. The lubricant may be more interesting for the vaginal shaft, as this is the part that will go into your vagina. For our part, we really like the Sliquid line, despite a certain budget, it’s really what we prefer. But really, you have a whole bunch of lubricants on the market, it’s up to you, as long as it’s water-based.

How to clean it?

It is true that cleaning is not what you are most interested in! Nevertheless, it is necessary to go through it, before or after use. Since the Enigma Cruise, like the previous model, is 100% waterproof, cleaning it will not be very complicated. I advise you to wash it under warm water, with a little soft soap. Then, you dry it in the open air and that’s it!

Lelo Enigma Cruise efficiency

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 18

The Enigma Cruise next to the Classic 2 and Classic Eco

New version, new report, but don’t expect a revolution! It’s still the same product, but with the “Cruise” function and this one doesn’t change much in the end. However, Kitty enjoyed using it, just like last time, but what does she think of this “Cruise” version compared to the first model? Here is our review of the Lelo Enigma Cruise!

Handling and ergonomy

It is exactly the same shape, the same buttons, nothing has changed! Therefore, I don’t see how the handling of the product could be worse or better! Even though we are not big fans of the Insigna control system, this is not the first time we have encountered it.

To be honest, there must be more than a dozen Lelo sex toys that we reviewed with this design. As we mentioned, you have to press the “()” button to turn off the Enigma Cruise, whereas usually we think of the “-” button, but this is just a detail, once you understand, it’s a piece of cake to not make any more mistakes. It is always so simple to use it, to place it correctly and to play with it! On this point, as I said, it is the same product, so there are no changes to note.

Morphology, adaptation and insertion

Again, whether it’s the Enigma or the Enigma Cruise, there is no change to note regarding its insertion or the fact that it adapts well to the morphology! Often, some Lelo products can be criticized for lacking flexibility! This is the case for the Ina 3 and the Ina Wave 2 that we reviewed some time ago. Here, to insert the vaginal stem, it is really simple, it is very flexible. It is easy to insert the bulb intended for the G-spot, but it is necessary to wet a little before or to use lubricant.

However, we noticed, even if it seems obvious, that the insertion while standing was not easy, you can see what is going on. Kitty is much more comfortable using it while lying on her back. In short, the G-spot part is really flexible, you can’t really end up with a misplaced product, the amplitude is more than enough to correctly place both the clitoral and vaginal part. In addition, the vaginal part is always curved to slide on the G-spot when the vibrations are active and diffuse them correctly. In short, once again, very good ergonomics for the Enigma Cruise!

Kitty uses the Enigma Cruise in familiar territory

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 11

Same product, but with the “Cruise Control” function

To get her feedback, I charged the Enigma Cruise, as usual. Then, I placed it in its storage pouch before putting it in the kitchen, during the Sunday aperitif. After a while, she noticed the pouch, wondering what it was! Upon discovering it, Kitty tells me it’s beautiful and that she loves the shiny, colorful side with a purple and pink hue. Well, it starts well, it was already the case on the Enigma, she remembered it more. Well, at least Kitty is consistent in this case, since she already liked this point.

So I left her with her toy, watching her. Kitty had a little more trouble inserting it than last time, but then again, standing up is not the easiest thing to do. Once in place, she started to play with it, the vaginal part fits very well and the clitoral part too, always in a natural way. At the level of the sensations, the two parts are always as effective, but with a less present part.

Indeed, on the side of the clitoral stimulation, the level is good, powerful, but it is true that Kitty prefers a Womanizer Premium 2 on that plan. The vaginal part, is it relayed a little in the background, it has not changed. The vibrations spread well, they are also powerful, but it is true that the clitoral part takes over.

We also feel that the vaginal part lacks a little width, Kitty does not feel as full as with a dildo. But here again, it’s better than the Womanizer Duo for example, where its vaginal shaft is not as good as that of the Enigma Cruise. Otherwise, in terms of sound, the Enigma Cruise is at the same level as its predecessor, which is very decent for a dual motor system. Kitty was also able to try the hands-free mode, by wedging the Enigma Cruise between her thighs.

But the “Cruise” function in all this?

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 17

The Enigma Cruise next to the Lelo Ida Wave

So what can we say about this “Cruise” function? It is a nice addition, which allows you to keep 20% of power to deliver the loss caused by a too strong contact with your clitoris! But is it a good thing? To tell the truth, it all depends on you. In the absolute, we can say, why keep 20% in reserve and not use it when you want? Why can’t we deactivate the “Cruise” mode?

For some users, keeping the 20% in reserve will either allow them to not lose intensity as the orgasm approaches, or to allow a softer stimulation over the whole range of intensity. The pressure wave part of Lelo is quite strong, the most sensitive may find it easier to use the “Cruise” mode. Otherwise, if the “Cruise” function doesn’t change much for you, the addition is questionable. Let’s just say that if the “Cruise” function wasn’t the only thing that changed, we would have preferred it.

For example, you cannot control each engine independently, either on the basic version or the “Cruise” version! Why not? And above all, why continue to make releases without “Cruise Control”, and then add it 6 months later (even if I’m exaggerating), increasing the price in the process? I must admit that I have a little trouble with this way of doing things. The “Cruise” function has been around for a while now, it should be a standard feature in the first model. Here, it really feels like a “garbage” product release, adding an already known function, to make a new version. It’s a shame. But in absolute terms, the Lelo Enigma Cruise is an excellent dual stimulator, which does not change its performance.

Lelo Enigma Cruise final thoughts

Enigma Cruise - Lelo - 8

A very good double stimulator

What can we conclude? Yes, the Enigma Cruise is better than the first Enigma. But I have to admit that it is a bit disappointing to end up with a product like this one that only adds that to the previous version. As much as when Lelo first released its “Cruise Control” mode, its addition was sufficient from one model to another, but here, it’s a bit of an abuse. Why did Lelo once again release a version without “Cruise Control” and then a year or so later, a version with “Cruise Control”! Honestly, I expected a little more from this version, like new colors, an even more interesting autonomy and the fact that I could control each part independently.

But apart from that, the Enigma Cruise is really a step up from the first model, as the “Cruise Control” brings the 20% of power in reserve so that you don’t lose power and no one will argue with that. Do you need to get this new version if you already have the old one? No, certainly not. However, if you haven’t jumped on the Enigma yet, now might be a good time to venture into this area. Yes, Lelo, it’s not cheap, it’s a budget, but it’s true that it will pay you back well! Once again, the Enigma Cruise joins the Enigma in the top sextoy of the website!


  • Powerful waves and vibrations
  • The rainbow side of ABS plastic
  • Great flexibility for the G-spot shaft
  • Very good adaptation to the morphology
  • Mixed orgasms that send you away
  • Once again, a very good dual stimulator
  • The addition of “Cruise Control
  • Auto shut off without use at 20 mins instead of 60


  • Lelo specific charging cable
  • Still no details on the present modes
  • Not possible to control each game independently
  • No other improvements
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