It seems that a stimulator is making a lot of noise right now, it’s the Liberty by Lily Allen from Womanizer! Yes, a stimulator in the name of the English singer Lily Allen in partnership with Womanizer! I learned the news one day before its official release, so I asked to receive a copy to tell you more about it!

You may not know it, but Womanizer is not a first collaboration, since not so long ago we reviewed the Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro 40, a re-release of the excellent Womanizer Pro 40. This time it is the Womanizer Liberty which is associated with Lily Allen to promote sexuality, well-being and access to orgasm through a stimulator that is almost no longer to be presented. That’s how the Lily Allen Womanizer Liberty was born! So logically, it should be the same model as the original, but with exclusive colors! But as there were differences between the Pro 40 and the Lovehoney version, it was necessary to test this model as well.

A bit of history about Womanizer

Before going any further, I wanted to take a look at the Womanizer brand! I’m not going to recite everything, because I already detailed everything in the Liberty review, but basically, Womanizer arrived on the market with the W100 model, a real revolution! Then a W500 model, the Womanizer 2GO, the +Size, the Inside Out, the Duo, the Classic, the Premium and the Starlet and Starlet 2 and I think I’m forgetting one by the way! I might as well tell you that Womanizer is not at its first trial run, especially that lately, it is under the Arcwave range that WOW TECH has finally released its first masturbator with the Pleasure Air technology, under the name of Arcwave Ion! Let’s go for the review of the Liberty by Lily Allen!

Liberty by Lily Allen packaging

Of course, if there’s one thing that changes for this version, it’s the packaging! Special Lily Allen version obliges, we have the POP singer present on the front panel, notably on a detachable element added for the occasion. Behind, same thing, we find Lily Allen, Womanizer in hand, indicating its benefits as well as several small pictograms to indicate the capacities of the toy.

Once the cardboard part is removed, you can see the Liberty by Lily Allen in a windowed area. And as soon as you open the box in drawer mode, you discover the product and a small compartment that holds the manual, the charging cable, an extra large stimulating head and a small storage pouch! 

Liberty by Lily Allen physical details

For sure, we are not really going to be surprised by this Womanizer Lily Allen! Yes, it is the same model, visually, as the Womanizer Liberty! So you have a contactless clitoral stimulator with on one side, a hole to deliver air pressure, this is the basis of a Womanizer. And on the other side, the control part!

Its shape looks a bit like a miniature version of the Classic and Premium, but is closer in size to the Starlet 2. There are slightly curved buttons and Womanizer logo on the back of the toy.

What marks the most is its shell! The first time we saw such a shell was on the Pro Traveler from Satisfyer and then later on the Liberty.

The dimensions of the Liberty by Lily Allen

Once again, no change with the original model! This Liberty by Lily Allen stimulator measures 10.4 cm (4.09 inches) in total length for a maximum diameter of 4.8 cm (1.88 inch) and a height of 5.5 cm (2.16 inches). Yes, it’s a compact stimulator, perfect for traveling, we understand why this model was chosen for this partnership.

Other visual details

Of course, if there’s one thing you can see very clearly on your model, it’s its color! The Liberty is available in four colors: blue, burgundy, pink and lilac. We already have the Liberty in blue and another one in burgundy, so here we are with the special color for Lily Allen.

It’s little name is “Rebellious Pink”! Nothing surprising about that, by the way. We find a pop orange color for the inside, a pink circle that surrounds the head and a pop pink shell for the outside and the shell. Apart from that, it still weighs 90 grams, that hasn’t changed!

A word about Lily Allen

Who doesn’t know Lily Allen? I confess that I know this singer by name. It’s not really my musical cup of tea, but Lily is known to be a singer and songwriter. She is a woman described as authentic, rebellious and appreciated for her outspokenness.

It was especially at the end of her world tour for her concert following the release of her album “No Shame” that Lily published an autobiography called “My Thoughts Exactly” sharing her personal journey towards a life filled with sexuality and how Womanizer played a big role in it.

Liberty by Lily Allen materials

As it is a model rather oriented for moderate budgets, it is not a silicone Womanizer! Here, it is mostly ABS plastic! The outer shell is therefore made of plastic and even if it is plastic, it is a healthy material for the body.

But of course, the stimulating head of this Womanizer is made of silicone! This is the case for the whole range! What is even better is that it is a head that can be removed, whether to change it or simply clean it.

Liberty by Lily Allen use

If Lily Allen can use this Womanizer, anyone can do it too! Of course, if you don’t have clitoris, it’s going to be complicated to use such a product! Because yes, this is a clitoral stimulator and not something else! Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know to use your Womanizer properly!

How do I charge this Womanizer?

Don’t worry, everything is designed to make it easy for you to recharge your Womanizer. Just use the magnetic charging cable that clips onto the two magnetic points and the other part onto a USB port or AC adapter. It will take 60 minutes to fully charge for 120 minutes of average autonomy! Again, the ratio is pretty good! In addition, you have a LED that is present to show you its charging status.

How to handle it?

With only two buttons on the stimulator, it’s hard to go wrong! You have a “+” button and a “-” button. Moreover, the “+” button is a bit bigger than the “-” button, so you can recognize the buttons without even looking at what you’re doing!

To turn on the Womanizer, simply press the “+” button for 2 seconds. And if you want to turn it off, you will have to do the same thing. When it is on, the “+” button will increase the intensity level of the stimulation, while the “-” button will decrease the intensity. As soon as you change the level, the LED on the stimulator will light up.

You also have on this Liberty by Lily Allen, an automatic stop function. If your stimulator stays on when you are not using it, it will turn itself off so as not to drain the battery. If you get several orgasms and fall asleep, it’s pretty handy!

What are the current modes on the Liberty Lily Allen?

As this is a small version, you only have 6 levels of intensity on this model! The same number as on the original Liberty, so so far, no change to note. It is a model rather oriented for transportation, travel or quick use out of sight. With six levels, it is already enough, but to go further, a model like the Classic or the Premium will be a little more interesting. It is therefore a single constant mode with six levels of intensity.

Which lubricant to use with?

As a reminder, lubricant is not mandatory to use a Womanizer! If you feel like putting a little on your clitoris if you are a little too sensitive, it is quite possible. However, the head of the Liberty by Lily Allen stimulator is made of silicone. Therefore, you will have to use a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging it.

Currently, we still use several water-based lubricants such as Sliquid Satin, Organics Natural or even Organics Sensation! As long as we have Sliquid lubricant left, we use them all! But in your case, take the water-based lubricant of your choice.

How do you clean your product?

Very easily! Indeed, this Womanizer is 100% waterproof! You can therefore put it in water or use it in water without risk. It is also IPX7! As for me, I remove the silicone stimulating head, I pass it in warm water with soap and dry it before putting it back on the toy. And for the outside, a little bit of cleaner or simply a non-abrasive cloth to clean a little. This is clearly not the most annoying step compared to other sextoys to clean, especially masturbators.

Liberty by Lily Allen efficiency

So far, apart from the color specially designed with Lily Allen, there are really no changes between the Liberty model and this Liberty by Lily Allen! This is a good thing because they are the same products at the base! But sometimes there are surprises, good or not so good. So I tested again this stimulator on Kitty to have fun with it but above all to check that it is the same product, the same power as the Liberty Original! So here are our returns with Kitty on this special model!

Handy, quiet and waterproof

Yes, it’s a pleasure to find this Womanizer again! Once again, it’s a model that is a bit debated and yet, Kitty really likes her new toy! With two buttons to manage, we can’t say that this Liberty by Lily Allen is complicated to handle! Already, it is really compact, which allows to handle it more easily and comfortably in all circumstances. Certainly, it is a little less powerful than the higher end models at Womanizer, but I can tell you that it is largely effective, you will see it a little lower down.

Like other models, you can also change the head for the larger clitoris. The head is not the one that adapts the most to the morphology, but for Kitty, like the original Liberty model, no worries to note. In terms of noise, certainly, it is a Womanizer, but we don’t hear it that much. You’ll see it again a little lower down, in another room, you can’t hear it. And finally, you can use it underwater to increase its power tenfold, which allows you to push the product even further in its capabilities.

Performance and situation setting

To test this Womanizer, I played a little game with Kitty! Indeed, Kitty is not the kind to try sextoys alone. So I decided to incite her by ordering her to test this Liberty by Lily Allen as well as the Galaxy dildo from Lovehoney and then to give me her report. While I was working on the PC, during the afternoon, I could hear the sound of the Womanizer, faintly enough to realize that Kitty was enjoying herself, door closed, but not completely, getting chain orgasms! 

Hearing her enjoy and moan without seeing what she does, just by imagining, excites me to the point! The orgasms followed one another quickly! Kitty was probably looking at the time since after the 5th or 6th orgasm, she said she still had time to have a orgasm before the end of my work day.

Same thing the next day, I had recharged the Liberty by Lily Allen for another round and once again, Kitty was having orgasms, moaning! I love it, I was very excited to hear it, for the little I was able to listen to.

Kitty & Mogwai

Liberty by Lily Allen final thoughts

Yes, the Liberty by Lily Allen stimulator doesn’t invent or change anything! We are well in front of a version that simply changes colors for a special edition in partnership with the singer. So why? I simply think it was necessary to continue the Womanizer’s momentum to inform as many people as possible of the existence of their products! It’s a communication plan, but it’s also a way to reach a wider audience!

As I was saying, everyone knows Lily Allen, at least by name, but not everyone knows Womanizer yet! It is certain that with this launch, Womanizer is likely to be even more on everyone’s lips! Yes, the Liberty is not the most powerful model, nor the most complete. It’s a compact, portable model, once again to be used for a big, quick orgasm before turning it off and going back to everyday life. For me, it is one of the most practical models for that and that is surely what will make you choose a model like this one rather than a Classic, Premium or Duo model!


  • A Lily Allen special version
  • A compact, small and transportable stimulator
  • Powerful despite its different and less powerful head
  • To the IPX7 standard
  • Very easy to use
  • Delivers orgasms in an easy way
  • Two heads of different sizes


  • No AutoPilot or “Smart Silence” mode
  • A head that adapts less well to the morphology
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