Here is a new product of the range, it is the Lovense Ferri! With Kitty, we decided to launch into the reviews of the products of the Lovense brand that we had not yet had the opportunity to review! At the same time, when we know that Lovense offers sex toys in the top-tier, it is a normal for us to try to review them all! It’s a bit like catching all the Pokemons! It’s an adventure!

On the Lovense side, we have already reviewed a good number of models, with as last one, the Lush 3, the new and improved version of the connected vibrating egg! But some time before, we had the chance to review the Domi 2 wand, which is also excellent! Otherwise, if you want to discover other Lovense sex toy reviews, you also have the Hush butt plug review, the Edge prostate massager, the Ambi clitoral stimulator or the Osci G-spot stimulator! And that’s only part of it, because we reviewed many others too! For example, the Lovense Diamo!

This time, the Lovense Ferri is a clitoral stimulator for your panties! Well, I should say your clitoris in your panties! It is clearly a competitor of the We-Vibe Moxie that we had reviewed some time ago! Moreover, it was really not bad at all and quite innovative in a sense! But here, Lovense is in charge, it could be really good, with a powerful engine, good vibrations and surely a connected part! But to know that, we have to test it! So without further ado, we offer you the Lovense Ferri stimulator review!

Lovense Ferri packaging

To start this review, as usual, we will talk about the box! It is the same type of packaging as for the Lush 3, with its new design! In fact, the front of this cardboard and white box, presents a wave that changes color, from blue to pink, to remind us that Lovense offers “Good Vibes” or rather, that it vibrates and that we can have fun with it via the finger application! For those who know the application, it is precisely the type of ripple that can be seen when you have fun to “scratch” with your finger in remote mode.

But otherwise, it’s still the same box concept, with product information on the back, and some placements of the Lovense logo! It is once you lift the lid of the box that you discover its contents, which is always a great moment! Anyway, I love to discover the inside of a box! There is something mysterious about this operation. Here we find a foam mold, with the Lovense Ferri sleeping inside. Shh, we must not wake him up just yet, then next to it we have a small compartment that contains the power cable. And there is a magnet that will allow you to clip the Ferri in your panties!

Now, Lovense has understood one thing well, it is to add a storage pouch! And just like the Lush 3, this is the case with the Ferri! So we also have a magnetic USB charging cable, handy to charge it anywhere and easily. You also have a complete manual and a second one oriented to quickly start using it. And finally, we have an additional magnetic clip! Just like the Moxie at We-Vibe!

Lovense Ferri physical details

So no, the Ferri of Lovense has nothing to do with the presenter Karine Ferri! Yes, I had to do this one. It’s a very small clitoral stimulator that looks mostly like the Moxie. There is a part where we find a magnetized zone, black, rather oval, then next to it, another black oval, with this time, a button “Power” all pink and two metallic points for the part charging by induction.

If we look at it in more detail, we can see that it has a curved shape and especially underneath it, streaks of different levels. Its shape makes it less thick on the side of the control button and thicker on the side of the magnet. Of course, the second magnet is attracted by the first one. The goal will be to put the second magnet on top of the panty so that it attaches well to it.

Stimulator size

So, I might as well say it, it is simply the smallest sextoy at Lovense currently! Indeed, it measures 8 cm (3.14″) long according to my calculations and not 7.45 cm (2.93″). After, it depends where you take the measure. But on my side, I calculated its length starting from the ends. For its height, I calculated 2.1 cm (0.82″) for the stimulating part and 2.3 cm (0.90″) at the top. And 2.1 cm (0.82″) wide for the stimulating part to 2.7 cm (1.06″) at the widest with the curvature. Yes, it is even smaller than the Ambi stimulator which was already very small!

Other details

For its weight, this is an information I could find in the manual! This one weighs only 35 grams! I might as well tell you that it is really very light! It’s quite confusing, because we don’t even have the impression that there is an engine inside. And for its color, guess what, it is only available in pink! It is often the case at Lovense! Either the product is black or it is pink. Maybe it will change, because I know there is a blue vibrator, which is called the Mission.

Lovense Ferri materials

The Ferri from Lovense uses two main materials! On the one hand, we have silicone, which is the neon pink part of the toy! It is a matte silicone, soft and quite thin, as it is primarily a layer. And for the other material, it is ABS plastic, which are represented by the parts in black. So at the level of the controls and for the magnets. These two materials are healthy for the body, so there is no risk to the body.

Lovense Ferri use

Even if the use of Lovense Ferri is intuitive, it is not a usual sextoy! Finally, let’s say that there are few clitoral stimulators for panties on the market! In any case, good stimulators! I remember the Nex 1 from OhmiBod, which was not too bad, but apart from the Moxie, I don’t think there are tons of them. Anyway, since this is a connected product, we’ll go over the possibilities of use and the basics of how it works.

How to charge the Ferri?

To recharge the Lovense Ferri, you have a charging cable in the small cardboard compartment. Simply clip the magnetic part on the stimulator, then the other part on a USB port or a power adapter. The charging time is 60 minutes for a continuous use of 3 to 3.5 hours! I admit that the ratio is really excellent! You will have an LED that will light up at the level of the “Power” button and that will remain fixed during the whole charging period. As soon as it goes out, the Ferri will be charged. Moreover, you should know that in “Stand-By” mode, it will empty its battery after 100 hours.

How to handle it?

To use the Lovense Ferri without the connected part, you will simply have to keep the “Power” button pressed for 3 to 5 seconds. It will start to vibrate for a very short time to let you know that it is operational. Then, by pressing the same button, you can navigate through the default modes present in the stimulator.

How to set up the Ferri?

The Lovense Ferri is designed to fit in your panties easily! This is the purpose of the product! Otherwise, you could put anything inside, even if some sex toys can be used so, but with less stability. I think for example of the We-Vibe Touch X to give you an idea! Anyway, here, to properly place the Ferri in your panties, just put it in place and use the magnetic clip on the outside so that the magnetized part of the Ferri is attracted and the two parts are well stuck.

Jump around a bit, walk around with it, in short, test that it fits well and is secure. After that, you can do what you want, either stay in your panties or put on a pair of jeans to go outside and play in public! Of course, you’ll have to connect it to a smartphone first, it’s more fun to control it than to put your hand in your panties! In any case, it will be more discreet!

What are the available vibration modes?

At Lovense, you have predefined modes, here, there are only three default (constant) and 4 predefined models! This is quite surprising, because usually there are more! You have three constant modes with low, medium and high intensity. Then, 4 pattern modes that you can find below. But you can store inside, up to 10 vibration patterns, either the ones you’re going to create, or the ones you’re going to download in the app! In short, you can customize it with the modes that interest you the most!

Lovense Ferri vibrating modes

What about the application and the connected part?

To use the Ferri in connected mode, it is the same concept as for other sex toys in the Lovense range! You have a short distance mode, then a long distance mode, depending on the case. But first, you will need to connect your Ferri to your smartphone.

The Ferri with your smartphone but not only

I have already detailed several times, in other Lovense sex toy reviews, how to connect the toy to your smartphone. So I’ll go pretty quickly on the subject. You will simply have to install the Lovense Remote application on your compatible smartphone to make the Bluetooth connection with it and activate the position (GPS). It’s very simple to do and everything is intuitive to guide you through these steps. But you can also connect the Ferri to a computer, either Mac or Windows through a Lovense Bluetooth dongle! This is especially useful for people who use Lovense sex toys in camshows to make the sextoy react according to the tips received.

If you want to connect it to a compatible device, such as your smartphone or a tablet, you will need to have iOS 9.0 or Android 4.3 or higher. And it goes without saying, have a Bluetooth enabled device with the 4.0 standard to ensure connectivity.

Short distance use

Once the Ferri is connected to your smartphone, you will be able to use the application to control it. Indeed, once the Ferri in place you can control it while being located at 13 meters maximum, facing the person wearing the stimulator and if you are located behind him, you will have only 9 meters maximum. If your partner is sitting, the maximum distance is between 6 and 7 meters, although Lovense indicates 9 meters maximum. You have to take into account the clothes and the fact that the person wearing the Ferri has crossed legs or not. But we must admit, it is largely sufficient in most situations.

At long distance, it also works

When I speak of long distance, I am talking about a Ferri connected to your smartphone with a third person who also has the Lovense Remote application. To do this, you must first add it to your contacts through the application and send him an invitation. When it is accepted, this person will be automatically added to your contacts. You can chat with it via the integrated chat and then give him control!

And the Lovense Remote application in all this?

Here we will find the functions that we know well from the Lovense Remote application! The first function is to control the Ferri via your smartphone. This is the basis. You can control it with your finger, moving it up and down to vary the intensity. There is also a music mode that will make the stimulator react to the music you choose. A mode that I really appreciate is the microphone mode! In this case, the Ferri vibrates according to the noises and intensity of the latter captured by the microphone of the smartphone! It is a very interesting mode to create surprise effects, especially in a public place, but not only.

It is also possible to see the battery status of the Ferri, couple it with another Lovense sextoy to have a double stimulation! For example, having the Lush 3 egg in place for the G-spot and the Ferri for the clitoris! You can also enjoy the library of modes created by the community or create your own modes. And it is even possible to integrate up to 10 modes (7 in reality because there are three by default) in the Ferri to use them in disconnected mode. You can also set an alarm to trigger the Ferri at a specific time. Honestly, the application is really complete!

Which lubricant to choose ?

If you want to add a little lubricant on your clitoris, before using the Lovense Ferri, you will have to choose a water-based. I do not find it necessary, but for the most sensitive, do not hesitate, without putting too much either, because I remind you, the Ferri is not an insertable sextoy. It will be in direct contact with your clitoris and your lips. So avoid soaking your panties with lubricant, you will have the opportunity to soak them with pleasure while using it.

How to clean it?

Since the Ferri is IPX7 rated, it is waterproof and won’t look bad if you run it under water to clean it. You can run it under warm water with a little mild soap or use a sextoy cleaner if you prefer! However, don’t boil it, it’s not made for that.

Lovense Ferri efficiency

We have had the Lovense Ferri with us for a while. But it is only now that we give you our verdict. We have to say that we have quite a few products in stock, some of which need less time than others to review. And as we like to try properly the products we receive, we had to test it several times to be sure of our verdict. Kitty was able to try it out and compare it a bit to the Moxie, which, once again, is clearly the direct competitor of the Ferri. Want to know more? Here is our review of the Ferri by Lovense!

Ergonomics and stability

Let’s start with an important point about the Ferri! Does it stay in place and does it fit the wearer well? First of all, the magnetic clip does its job perfectly to hold the stimulator in place. On this point, the magnet is powerful and allows the Ferri to be hooked and held in place in panties, thongs or even shorts.

Then, standing, walking, sitting, the Ferri always stays in place! However, if you wear it while running a marathon, I can’t say for sure that it will stay in the right place for a long time. At the same time, that’s not really when you’re going to use it.

With its slightly curved shape, allowing the Lovense Ferri to fit between the lips of your vagina and wedge on your clitoris, you will inevitably notice its ridges. Indeed, on it, you have several ridges, including the middle, which is the most prominent. You will see that in a sitting position, you will appreciate this ridge, it will press on your clitoris and will allow you to rub on it to, depending on the situation, get an orgasm. Overall, the Lovense Ferri is easy to wear, is not disturbing or unpleasant, it is a success!

The noise

If usually, the noise of a sextoy is not necessarily a major problem, for a toy that will also be used outdoors, it becomes much more sensitive. Announced as being silent, with a maximum of 43 dB, we can not say that it makes a lot of noise. However, as soon as it will be used in public, it will be necessary to take more precautions. Already, in the application, you can reduce the maximum level of the Ferri, which will not exceed a desired sound volume. But we can’t say that the Ferri is completely silent either. In a quiet place, you will hear it.

But concerning its noise, it is more the person who will wear it who will hear it, than the people around. Indeed, Kitty could hear the noise more than I could, while I wasn’t necessarily paying attention to it. I think the more you focus on it, the more you feel like you can hear it. But it is true that between the Lush 3 and the Lovense Ferri, there is no comparison. The Lush 3 is inserted into the vagina, the body already acts as a noise reduction. Here, the Ferri is outside, which generates more noise, it is logical.

If this is your first sextoy for public use, you might as well start with the Lush, you’ll feel safer. On the other hand, if you are a player, the Ferri will be more exciting. I advise you to use it alone at first, in the street for example, to get used to its noise and gauge the acceptable level for you. You have to be excited, but also feel safe, to be able to enjoy it in this situation.

The vibrations

And in all this, what can we say about the vibrations of Lovense Ferri? First of all, it’s powerful! For such a small engine, we recognize the know-how of Lovense. However, the vibrations of the Ferri are more “buzzy” than those of the Lush. For us, the Lovense Ferri is more to be used in jerks/shocks than continuously. It is more fun and existing to make the other person vibrate without them expecting it, by surprise, at a specific moment. This allows to generate a situation between pleasure and embarrassment/excitement to be surprised.

We also don’t advise you to use it at its maximum intensity all the time. Instead, vary the intensity, otherwise you’ll end up with a numb clitoris. Kitty likes the second level of intensity and then finishes with the third level. If she’s sitting down, the vibrations are stronger and she can feel her thighs contracting slightly. Her clitoris throbs, with increased blood flow and orgasm not far away. Remember the central ridge of the Ferri, in a seated position, you will love it. On the other hand, in a public setting, the vibrations will surely be less intense (compared to the noise) and again, these are not super deep vibrations.

Moxie or Ferri ?

To finish, let’s talk about the comparison between the two tenors in the field! First, important point, the control system. The Lovense Ferri absolutely requires the use of a smartphone with the Lovense application. I can’t see Kitty putting her hand in her panties in public to change the intensity or switch from one mode to another. The Moxie, on the other hand, has a remote control independent of the smartphone, which is more practical depending on the situation.

Then, between the Moxie and the Ferri, at the level of the application, Lovense is one step ahead. The application is clearly at the top, more complete than that of We-Vibe and in addition, the Ferri supports much better the disconnections. Then, in terms of vibration, the Moxie offers deeper vibrations than the Ferri, but less powerful overall. The Lovense Ferri is more “buzzy” than the Moxie at low intensity, but at the highest intensity, both are rather “buzzy”.

However, in terms of raw power, we can say that the Ferri is 10% more powerful. And don’t forget the Ferri’s ridges, which add more pressure on your clitoris and better targeting. In short, if you want more power, the Ferri will be the choice! If you want more serenity with regards to its noise, the Moxie is better placed.

Kitty & Mogwai

Lovense Ferri - 17
Lovense Ferri - 18

Lovense Ferri final thoughts

To finish, we can say that the Lovense Ferri is a real success! And I will go even further, it is even better than the Moxie (on several points, but not all) which is already very good. Its shape is better than the Moxie, with its ridges, it holds very well and offers good vibrations, even if they are more “buzzy” at low intensity than a Moxie. Concerning the application, Lovense is always at the top!

As for public use, for a first sextoy, it is not necessarily the one that will reassure you, so you might as well take a Lush 3, more discreet. However, it is not as noisy as one might imagine. You will simply have to use it differently, on a lower intensity in particular. The only small negative point is that you absolutely must have a smartphone, otherwise, you will lose a lot of possibility and ease. For us, the Ferri is a step above the Moxie, but it depends on what you prefer as indicated above. In short, a safe bet!


  • The Lovense quality
  • The hyper complete application
  • Very few disconnections (if any)
  • Small but powerful
  • The peaks present on the Ferri
  • The magnet works perfectly
  • A replacement magnet
  • Teasing that works well
  • Achievable orgasm, more in private though


  • It is essential to use a smartphone with
  • A little too buzzy at high intensity
  • It is not the quietest connected sextoy
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