Here is finally the Vixen Holster penis sleeve, the third penis sleeve from VixenCreations that I wanted to review and present it to you! Indeed, it’s the big return of a famous manufacturer of quality silicone dildos, but here with a third sleeve. Why third? Because I already had the opportunity to review the Vixen Colossus sleeve, the biggest and longest and the Vixen Ride On sleeve, the thinner and smaller one. But, you have another sleeve in the range of the red fox, it is the Vixen Holster sleeve, which is between the Ride On and Colossus sleeves.

But maybe you’ve never heard of VixenCreations? However, there are several reviews of Vixen dildos on the website! The first was the Vixen Spur, then the Vixen Goodfella. Then there was the Vixen Outlaw dildo, the Mistress, the Mustang, the Vixen Aire, the Vixen Royale, the Johnny dildo or the Bandit and the Maverick! Yes, this is not the first time I have seen, touched and reviewed a Vixen product. I love this brand and that’s why I’m very happy to offer you the Vixen Holster sleeve review!

Vixen Holster penis sleeve packaging

Vixen Holster - 1

The sleeve in its cylindrical tube

To my knowledge, VixenCreations offers two types of boxes! You have the cylindrical box and the rectangular box. The best boxes are the cylindrical versions and for several reasons! First of all, you can see the product without opening the box. And this is valid for both types of boxes.

Vixen Holster - 2

You can see the product right through the box.

In addition, the cylindrical box has a small hole on top to allow the air inside to escape when the lid is closed. And on top of that, the can can can be held vertically to prevent the silicone from touching the walls of the plastic box, which can slightly deform the glans of the sleeve for example. Good news, it’s a cylindrical box!

Vixen Holster - 4

A handmade product by Vixen Creations

However, you won’t get a manual, storage pouch or lubricant sample offered, here we have the essentials and nothing but the essentials. Too bad we find plastic for the box. Maybe one day, Vixen Creations will change its mind. Keep this one to store the sleeve, that’s really a tip!

Vixen Holster physical details

Vixen Holster - 3

The penis head of the sleeve, imposing

As soon as I saw this sleeve, I was not out of place compared to the Colossus and Ride One model. You end up with a well known design, composed of the sleeve and the “cockring” part to wear it well and keep it in place. As soon as you start to touch it, you realize the quality of the product! A Vixen product, it’s really apart from the rest! We find many details, at the level of the penis head, well marked veins, its realistic color, it’s really well done! It’s quite different from Lovehoney’s Mega Mighty sleeve, the Fat Boy sleeve, the Kokos Extreme Sleeve or the Small Spikes version that I’ve reviewed on the French website.

Vixen Holster - 5

A realistic sleeve!

As you can see on the pictures, it’s a kind of dildo, but with a hollow tunnel inside. At the ring, we can slide our testicles and place our penis into the sleeve so that it is securely in place and held. In short, it’s a little marvel!

Holster sleeve dimensions

Vixen Holster - 6

Not a very long sleeve, but a gain in width!

As I indicated at the beginning of this review, the Vixen Holster sleeve is between the Ride On and Colossus sleeve in terms of its dimensions. The sleeve measures 20.5 cm (8.07″) in total external length for an insertable length of 14 cm (5.5″). The internal length of the sleeve is 10.5 cm (4.13″), while the internal diameter is 3 cm (1.18″) for an external diameter of 5.2 cm (2.04″).

Vixen Holster - 14

The Vixen Holster sleeve, next to the Ride On and Colossus sleeve

Of course, the whole thing is stretchy thanks to the texture of the sleeve. To give you a little more detail and allow you to compare the sizes of the Ride On, Colossus and Holster sleeves, here is a comparison chart!

Vixen Ride OnVixen HolsterVixen Colossus
Total external length (inch)8.668.079.05
Insertable external length (inch)
Internal length (inch)3.934.135.51
Inner diameter (inch)0.981.181.37
Outside diameter (inch)1.732.042.24
Thickness (inch)

So it’s a mix between the two sleeves. As shown in the table, the Vixen Holster sleeve has the same sleeve thickness, i.e., 0.5 cm (0.19″), which allows you to increase the diameter of your penis when wearing it, but also to obtain sensations when using it.

Other details of the sleeve

Vixen Holster - 8

One part for inserting his penis, the other for the testicles.

To give you more details about this sleeve, as you can see, it is the beige, light-skinned or “vanilla” version at Vixen. But you can also find this sleeve in “caramel” and “chocolate” versions. As for its shape, it is not really curved, but the glans is quite imposing! It is almost as big as the one of the Colossus sleeve. The veins are also less prominent than those of the Colossus sleeve, but they are still clearly visible.

Inside the sleeve, there are also streaks, several centimetres apart. These are very small striations, grooves to be more precise. I guess they are there to stimulate the penis internally, but also to provide a certain grip between the penis and the sleeve.

Vixen Holster materials

Vixen Holster - 11

A premium quality silicone, at the top, flexible, almost perfect!

With VixenCreations, the texture and therefore the silicone used is the magic element of their product! In fact, Vixen could almost be summed up to their silicone, the Vixskin! It’s a premium silicone, ultra-realistic, which gives an effect comparable to skin. It’s really one of the best silicones I’ve ever had the opportunity to see with Mr. Hankeys Toys’ silicone, like on the Lampwick dildo! At realism level, it’s perfect! This premium silicone is of course hypoallergenic, latex and phthalate free and healthy for the body.

Vixen Holster - 12

The glans is harder than the rest of the sleeve…

Once again, we find this fabulous material as soon as we touch it! It’s supple, a little soft, with a harder inner part. It’s really quality and once you’ve tasted the texture of VixSkin silicone, it’s hard to go back!

Vixen Holster use

Vixen Holster - 9

An imposing penis head

To use a sleeve, it’s not very complicated, but there are still several things to know to use it properly and understand its usefulness! First of all, it’s a product that you use together. Wearing a penis sleeve to make it pretty or to masturbate with, it doesn’t bring anything. Moreover, this sleeve can be used by any man, whether or not you have erectile dysfunction or real erectile dysfunction. And I would even say, men who are premature ejaculators.

Vixen Holster - 13

The Ride On next to the Holster sleeve

The hoal is to allow an element to be used as its own penis in the case of malfunctions. But, in my case, to increase the thickness and length of my penis, temporarily, to offer its beloved a different penetration. In my case, this will allow me to penetrate Kitty with a wider and longer penis. But let’s take a look at how to put this sleeve on a penis.

How do I put the sleeve on?

Vixen Holster - 15

The installation of the sleeve is the same as for the two others

Putting on a penis sleeve is like putting on a cockring, but with an extra step. The first thing to do, to facilitate the insertion and what I recommend, is to put water-based lubricant in the sleeve. This will make it easier for your penis to slide inside and not feel any friction during movement. Next, you should put your testicles first in the ring, like a cockring. You pass one testicle first, then the second, before bending your penis down to slide it into the sleeve. Of course, your penis must be at rest or semi-erect to do this. When everything is in place, your testicles will be surrounded by the sleeve in the open air. Also, when you slide your penis into the sleeve, be careful to press it firmly in front of you so that the internal air inside the sleeve can escape.

What lubricant to use with?

Since it is a silicone sleeve, it is best to take no risks and choose a water-based lubricant. Depending on whether you will be using the sleeve for vaginal or anal penetration, you should choose a lubricant accordingly. For example, the YES But, the Pjur Back Door Aqua, the Tyo from Motsutoys, the Sliquid Sassy for anal. And for vaginal penetration, why not a Sliquid H2O, Pjur Aqua, Sliquid Satin or Buck Angel’s.

How to clean the sleeve?

Vixen Holster - 10

The details are still very good

Once you have finished using your sleeve, simply run a little water inside it and a little soap on the outside to clean it. It is also possible to use a sextoys cleaner, like the Sliquid Shine that I still use to this day. Then dry it in the open air.

Vixen Holster efficiency

Vixen Holster - 16

One sleeve on top of the other, three different models!

Now, let’s get down to business! Of course, my goal here is to use the sleeve with Kitty! I’m not sure why, but it’s really a type of product that I like to review and use. In fact, as soon as I knew we were going to receive this sleeve, I couldn’t wait to try it! I love thinking that I’m going to be able to penetrate my dear, sweet Kitty with a bigger, longer penis. But for that to happen, this sleeve has to fit my penis! Remember, the Ride On sleeve was too small for me. So I hope the Vixen Holster sleeve will fit my cock!

The ergonomics of the sleeve

The first thing to mention is how well this sleeve fits my penis. Yes, I take my penis as an example, but depending on the size of yours, it might be different. For my part, the Vixen Holster sleeve fits me well. Indeed, on the Ride On sleeve, I had a lack of diameter. I couldn’t really place my penis correctly in this one.

With the Holster sleeve, I can insert my penis without any worries, although I have to admit that an extra centimetre would have been a bit better for me. However, the Vixen Holster fits me well, I can easily insert my penis into it and still make sure that it is securely in place. It’s the testicle ring, in particular, that provides a good support. I won’t say I get a second skin effect, but not far. It’s different from a more basic sleeve that gives the impression of having a piece of plastic on the cock. Here, the sleeve fits perfectly, without having too much weight, it’s really a pretty good balance for me. All in all, on the ergonomics of the sleeve, it’s really a good point.

A good sleeve size for me?

As I was saying, in terms of size, it’s much better than the Ride On sleeve. The length is good and so is the diameter. As I said, it lacks 1 cm (0.39″) of length for me, so I’m 100% compatible with this one. So I have to be careful to put it on properly and be a little careful while using it, so that my penis doesn’t bend when it goes into Kitty’s vagina. In reality, it is when there is resistance, pressure that is exerted, that the penis can bend very slightly. But once Kitty is wet, I don’t have to worry about penetrating her with the sleeve.

In oral use

We have tested this sleeve several times and each time in vaginal penetration, but not only that, because the first contact with this sleeve was oral contact. Strangely enough, I put the sleeve on just after lunch and just before dessert, a little speculoos ice cream. I pretended to prepare this one, so I went to the kitchen to put my sleeve on, coming back to the living room, sleeve in place on my dick and two bowls of ice cream to accompany it.

Once the bowls were on the table, I would take my new kind of cock, bigger, a little longer, and present it to Kitty. When I saw it, I could tell that it made her want it. Needless to say, I thought it was a very real thing to see Kitty suck that big dick in front of her, making her suck it properly. On another occasion, I even took out the Vixen Maverick dildo, which was a bit bigger, for her to suck the two big cocks facing her. I alternated my sheathed cock and the dildo, playing with one or the other, in order to excite her as much as possible.

For vaginal penetration

After letting Kitty play with her two new dicks, I started to finger her, watching her sex get wet at high speed. Kitty took care of those two big cocks, pushing one of them down her throat, while caressing my testicles. This is an important point, because it is the only direct contact possible with my sex, once the sleeve is in place. While she was sucking my new big cock, I use the Maverick into her pussy, going back and forth quickly and energetically to fill it up in two places at the same time.

Once we are both excited, I order her to get down on all fours, giving me access to her dripping pussy. I then inserted the big glans of the sleeve, at the beginning, without inserting it too much, then little by little, more deeply. The sight of this silicone sex inserting itself inside her, giving her so much pleasure excited me. I don’t count the orgasms she obtained, but I know she couldn’t resist them. Sometimes, depending on the orgasms, I could feel that she was taking a lot of pleasure. Notably, when she’d say “Oh, shit, shit…” it was a sign that she was having a big orgasm that she couldn’t control. I love it when she does that, she’s very expressive and it excites me even more to give her so much pleasure, a pleasure that she can’t control. I love it.

What more can I say about this Holster sleeve?

Quite frankly, this sleeve is really good. Giving Kitty deeper and wider penetration is really exciting for me, as it is for her. It’s really different than putting a dildo on her. Here the feeling of fucking is really there, I have more of a feeling of actually penetrating her by wearing a sleeve than by using a dildo by hand. Just like Kitty who doesn’t hide her pleasure when I arrive with my penis and her new sleeve. Needless to say, the Vixen Holster will serve us regularly.

I find it offers a completely different experience. The psychological and visual excitement is really there, whether it’s for vaginal penetration or oral use. On my side, the sensations are reduced, it’s not the same as when I’m not wearing this sleeve, but I must admit that you still feel something. Enough to be able to come and get an orgasm for the wearer as well. For Kitty, I don’t need to say more, she is a greedy girl who doesn’t hide her pleasure and I love to see her like that. A sleeve that Kitty asks for again with great pleasure, just by writing this part of the review, I want to put it on, turn Kitty over and fuck her with it to give her a maximum of orgasm with it.

Vixen Holster final thoughts

Vixen Holster - 7

Once again, a very good sleeve of VixenCreations

I think we’ve done a complete review with a maximum of feedback on this Vixen Holster sleeve. It’s really very good quality compared to what you can find on the market! Between the longevity of the product, the quality of manufacture and the orgasmic sensations that it generates for Kitty, it’s a great success! I love using a sextoy or an erotic accessory that allows me to give Kitty even more pleasure. I can’t imagine being the only one to enjoy the pleasure, for me, Kitty’s pleasure comes before mine, because when she gets more and more pleasure, I get just as much.

Certainly, for some men, a sleeve like this can raise questions. I know I sometimes get messages from men asking me how to react to the fact that their girlfriend/wife seems to get more pleasure out of a bigger cock than they naturally have. In reality, it’s just a plus, another way to have fun together, and I don’t see it as an enemy, a competitor, on the contrary. Once again, this Vixen Holster sleeve is a sure value! And if you are looking for a sleeve, I strongly advise you to take an interest in it. To this day, I haven’t had a better experience than with a Vixen sleeve.


  • The quality of Vixen silicone
  • A beautiful, well-designed sleeve
  • A good size
  • The pleasure of offering more
  • The games you can play with
  • An excellent sleeve


  • Less sensation than without a sleeve
  • You have to be a little careful when using it.
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